Lindsey's Lusty Lesson~Lesson 1 Tease & Denial


took two of the plush blue towels from the rack behind the toilet.
One towel he spread out over the top of the damp marble sink to give Lindsey more cushion beneathher bottom and to prevent her from sliding too much once he began his favorite pastime.
The other towel he rolled up snuggly to lay over the faucet and handles of the sink and give her more comfortas she leaned back, her shoulders and back pressing against the cool smooth glass of the mirror behind.
"Place your fingers right along the outer edges of yourpussy," Dean instructed.
"Squeeze the lips firmly and part them as wide as you can. "
Lindsey gripped the swollen flesh of her labia parting herselfjust as her stepfather had requested.   She adored his mastery over her, the way in which he could take her soaringinto the heavens with one hand and  have her plummeting tothe depths of hell's drepravity with the other.
The look upon his countenance when his gaze afixed hers, the way in which his voice could illicit a response by speaking firm commands in a soft and soothing manner seemed to hypnotize her like some haunting melody once heard but never forgotten.
Lindsey knew deep within her heart, that as immoral as their relationship may be in conventional terms, she worshipped her stepfather and adored his every touch, his every word shared between them.
She wanted to be his and his alone, just as her mother, Samantha had pledged herself to Dean upon taking her wedding vows some three years prior.
Dean slid the indigo colored bathroom rug closer to thesink and stepping out of his boxers he placed his knees upon it to kneel in front of Lindsey.   With his lips he began tracing the inside of her thighs, his nostrils flaring to take in her rich hot sex scent as he flicked his tongue over the sensitive flesh leading to her carnal channel.
"Kiss me off Daddy, please take my clit in your mouthand suck it off for me," Lindsey pleaded.
She loved the feel of her stepfather's mouth cupped over her sex, the way his tongue danced over the deliciouslytingling folds, finding their home as they locked upon her clit and his teeth bearing down.  
Those alternating nips and rakes that made it rise andgorge with blood until she felt it would simply burst like anoverripe bloom held too long in check by seasons change stalled.
Dean's large hands cupped the top of Linsdey's thighs, lifting her up slightly, he exposed the small oval puckerof her ass.

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    With his tongue he began an upward stabbing motion, slowly circling it around the outer ring then punchingonce more deep within the humid center.   Time and again he repeated the cycle, threatening to put herover the edge only to back off and torment her with his hesitation.
Lindsey's ankles hooked behind her stepfather's neck spurring him deeper as she kept her fingertips clutched upon the lips of her vagina and wanting so desperately to feel her own fingers delving inside the wetness she knew was poolingwithin her.
"Tongue it real deep Daddy, stick it way up there so I can cum hard for you," she moaned grinding her supple bottom over Dean's face.
Time seemed to suspend itself as her stepfather workedfeverishly with his lips and tongue. His mouth moving from her ass and slowly finding its way back to her weeping entrance yet only softly kissing the folds held by her fingers.   Dean breathed her scent inside him, that sweet yet tart aroma that reminded him of fresh apples warming on a window sill at Summer's peak.  
Brushing his nose over the thin sheen of amber pubic hair covering her mound, he blew his warm breath over the exposed knot of her clit.   Those dainty puffs of heated air lazily tickling the pulsing bud as his lips just brushed that crimson sheath of skin.
"Now angel, finger it for me, stick a finger inside and stir allthat thick honey up for me nice and smooth," Dean orderd.
His erection thrust out before him, the cock dome bloated and weeping heavy strands of pre cum as his arousal anddesire for Lindsey grew stronger and their passion fueled the other beyond reproach.  
Leaning into his stepdaughter his cock hunched at the thick pile of the rug beneath him.   The lengthy blue strands tickling the knob as he pressed down on the rug and continuing to build the sexual frustration within his penis as well as his desire for actual penetration.
Dean wasn't overly long in length, no more than seven inches completely erect but his girth made his cock fill both Lindsey and his wife thickly.   Stretching their fexibleopenings until they could accomodate no more and the supple skin threatened to tear with too vigorous a thrusting.

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    The crown of Dean's prick was heavy and bloated, its color when aroused this wantonly, a deep blush of purple.
Lindsey hooked two fingers of her left hand inside herself. Pressing firmly over her vulva, they formed the image of those who would thrust their hands within the air and makethe sign of metal mania at some ear splitting rock concert. Dean couldn't help but chuckle at the comparison as he watched his stepdaughter go after her own cunt with thesame fury and fervor.
"Get it little girl, get that cunt all juiced up for me. "
"Don't you dare cum yet though, I'll tell you when you can let it go for your old man," he commanded.
Lindsey's heels began to drum against Dean's shoulders as she felt herself nearing such a massive cum that he'd been building within her.   Her fingers running along the slippery roof of her pussy and quickly being coated by clinging strands of sex cream.
Dean knew she was getting close now, he could see thelook in her smoky eyes as they glazed over and her hips began to twitch spasmodically.   He was now rubbing the heavy stalk of his erection with his right hand, leaning his cheek against her inner thigh as he watched this lewd yet still pure display of passion just for him.
      His balls were filling rapidly with semen that threatened to course up the stalk and erupt if he were not careful enough to checkhimself from time to time.
    "Beat it Daddy, jerk that cock cream out and shoot it on me while I cum," Lindsey screamed.
    Dean knew she couldn't last much longer, she always became more vocal right before she lost all control of herself and her body began to shake with small tremors as he saw rippling over her smooth bronze tummy right now.
    He leaned down kissing her belly, his tongue spearingwetly into her navel and fighting for purchase against the piercing of the small barbell running through the entrance.  
    Time and again he kissed and lashed his tongue over and around her abdomen, slowly coming to rest just above her upthrust clit.

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    "Now Daddy, Nowwwwwwwwwww, here it cums," she whimpered.
    Lindsey's stepfather bit down gently on the angry nub, his lips pursing around it as he began to suckle the stiff protrusion.   Licking back and forth over the tip as his teeth squeezedthe swollen sides and slid up and down as if milking a nipple.
    "Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit I'm there now, lick it out of me, take it all," Lindsey wailed.
    Dean continued to abuse the youngsters enraged nub, his tongue lubricating her fingers as they thrust in and out.   He could taste the sex on her fingers, those frothy ribbons of girl cream that came churning out for him when he'd gotten her this enraptured.
    His hand firmly glasped upon her hips now, Dean letgo his hold over her clitoris and pulled her forward to rest upon his face. His mouth beneath his stepdaughter'sdilated opening and relishing the liquid spice flowing over her fingers and down her inner thighs.
    "Eat me out, it's all for you Daddy, every last drop just for you," Lindsey sobbed as she lost herself in the unbridled release of this perverse yet so needed passionthey both fell victim to.
    Her body shook violently and Dean's back and shouldersfelt as if he'd been trampled by some ancient giant whosefeet made his body the clay they trod upon. Lindsey's fingers came loose from within the suctioning confines of her cunt as her muscles tensed and released.  
    Dean gripped her hand and placed it to her own mouth so they both could share the flavor of her sexual gratification between them.
    Eyes tightly clenched she smelled her own sex hot and raw and began lapping the thin tart ribbons encircling her fingers.   Her stepfather's lips pressing against hers to taste it warm and wet from so delicious and yearning a mouth.
    "I love you my sweet angel, you're all I'll ever want or need," he whispered to her as he softly kissed her brow.

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    "I love you too Daddy, I always will, I want you inside meso bad I hurt. "
    "Right where I belong but you'll have to wait for it just as I am, you know how much better it is when we both need it this bad," Dean taunted.
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