Lindsey's Lusty Lesson ~ Lesson 2~ Wet Works


kissed her stepfather passionately,her tongue flicking around inside his mouthlike a small kitten might lap over its Mother'snipples, hungry for milk.
With one arm Dean encircled her waistdrawing her against him, her nipples nowpainfully erect and hot, rubbing againstthe fine silver hair covering his chest.
Using his left hand he pressed two fingersinside the slippery crease of her sex andhooked them sharply against the roof ofher cunt to hold Lindsey steady upon the sink and secure against his body.
"I want you to fuck me good and hard,"Dean gasped as he pulled his lips fromLindsey's hungry searching mouth.
Dean began trailing his fingertipsalong the velvety drenched wallsof his stepdaughter's pussy. Those firm yet slow and teasing strokesthat always made her young vaginalmuscles clasp and clinch as he'dcome to adore in these intimatemoments of foreplay between them
"Dad, I feel like I'm going to pee,I need to use the toilet now," Lindseygrunted holding back the heavy flowof urine and trying to slip off thesink basin.
This was exactly what Dean had beenwaiting for.   His constant manipulationwithin her after her climax that wouldcreate this urgent need for release. Dean once more knelt before hisstepdaughter allowing his face to becomelevel with her sex soaked cunt.
With his hands he spread the vaginalfolds obscenely wide and exposed the pinkslender protrusion of her urethra. Using his tongue he began pressingthe tip against the tiny opening teasingand stimulating it until it began to widenand the first tiny droplet of pee formedat the entrance.
"Oh fuck, Daddy, I'm not going to be ableto hold it back. "
"I've got to go bad, right now," Lindsey saidas she grimaced trying to hold the heavyliquid burden of her stream inside.
"Let it go angel, let it all out, I want to taste ithot, right from the source,"  Dean moaned ashe pressed his mouth over Lindsey's vaginalwell and continued stabbing at the openingwith his tongue.
Her hand reached out to at first try andpush Dean's face away.   As he continuedto use his lips and tongue to tease herrapidly widening perforation she foundherself instead drawing him even furtherinto the heated wet opening of her womanhood.

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Lindsey's fingers ensnared the thick curlsof Dean's coffee colored hair at the back of his head and drew him to her as she beganto urinate.   The warm tart liquid hissed outin a steady rivulet and Dean felt it splash overhis tongue and begin filling his mouth.
"Ummmmmm, don't stop Daddy, suck itall out of there," she moaned with swellingrelief at finally voiding herself.
The honey tinted warmth began slidingdown the back of Dean's throat as he gulpedgreedily to keep pace with his stepdaughter'sdischarge.   His tongue dove through theamber waves of Lindsey's spray lashing frantically at the now fully dilated piss slit.
Breathing through his nose he suckled theexpanded opening and swallowed theyoung girls pee.   He savored it like somerich exotic wine, the taste somewhat sweetand only slightly acrid from the family's steadyregimen of drinking only purified waterand non acidic juices.
"Shit, I feel so damn filthy pissing in your mouth,so fucking free to do anything I want," whimperedLindsey as she reveled in this new perversionwith Dean.
Hearing his stepdaughter speaking this way onlyfueled Dean to a greater lust, his thoughts spiralinginto visions of all they could enjoy with one anotherin this unique and private world they now shared. Springing to his feet he gripped his bobbing erectionand pressed the knob atop Lindsey's piss slit. The simmering golden mists spraying the tip and dribblingdown the rigid sex tube in powerful streams.
"That's it baby girl, spray on Daddy's cock, soak thatdick with those sweet pee juices," Dean moanedas he began slamming his prick over the hardenednub of her clit.
Gripping his penis with his fist he raked the thickstalk between her folds, the warmth of her own peecoursing down its length and heating the vaginal lipsand making them engorge and tingle from the body regulated heat.
Dean would punch then forward dipping the saturated head into her cunt only allowing her to clasp at the point and withdrawing it before it fully engulfed him.
Lindsey felt light head at the sight of Dean's enragedorgan pressing between the sodden lips.


    Leaning backto brace herself against the mirror she continued to voidherself not caring any longer where the rushing sprayswould land and what they may drench in the process.
As Dean continued to thrust and withdraw the smolderingdome of his piss slick cock, he watched another spray cascade into the air to land just above his navel then rundown his flesh and soak his balls which swung heavilybeneath him.   The heat from Lindsey's pee washingover him made his own need to release himself all themore urgent.   Pulling back he once more began slappingat the drenched fleshy hood covering Lindsey's clit.
"Hold the skin back and rub that hot little button off,"he demanded.
"Rub it until you cum off again you sweet little bitch. "
Lindsey's fingers flew to the buzzing knot resting atopher pussy.   Her fingertips wet with her own urine anddancing over the slick surface of it.   She squeezed thetight bud between her fingers, rolling them on eitherside of it just as Dean had taught her two Summer's ago. Pulling them upward and sliding them back down asshe'd learned to do  from watching Dean jerk himself offwhen they would tease each other up to the point ofsheer madness.
"Open your eyes honey, watch me piss on thatsexy little lust bump," he groaned.
"Don't you dare stop until you can't cum anymore!!!"
Focusing and pressing the muscles against hisbladder Dean began to work his own urine up thetube of his penis.   He'd been practicing at pissingwith an erection for just this scenario when he'ddecided to initiate Lindsey into the pleasures ofpee play.
Dean angled his cock toward Lindsey's pussy forcingthe first few droplets of pee to leak out and land onthe rug beneath his feet.   The next squeeze resonatingdeep within his abdomen started the flow roiling outwith a solid pressure and spurting out over Lindsey'stummy.

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    Her breath caught as she felt the warmth ofDean's pee splatter against her skin and run downover her hands.
Lifting his cock upward he created a looping arc ofamber tinted fluid that splashed over Lindsey's quiveringbreasts.   He watched as the honey hued droplets clungto her nipples and the tiny ripples of his urine flowed downher belly and soak the thin sheen of hair nestled atopher cunt mound.   As he continued to pee Lindsey's bodybecame anointed with his steamy liquid scent.   Markingher in this ritualistic manner that would only strengthenthe bond they had already forged so long ago.
Lindsey felt that deep throbbing inside her loins as she watched her stepfather saturate her flesh with his hot wetbrand against her body.   Her fingers twisting at thesodden button and almost brutalizing it with herfrantic machinations.   Her hips lifted above the sink basin,fighting to raise herself up to feel Dean's steamy piss floodthe depths of her dilated sex chute.
"Piss in my cunt Daddy, fill it fucking full, " she hissedas the first wave of her orgasm rocked her backward andshe reached out to grab the edge of the sink to prevent herself from slipping off.
"I'm marking what belongs to me, work that pussy little girl,shove your fingers in there and let my piss flow right inthere," Dean ranted.
Lindsey spread her lips open forming a deep oval tochannel the stinging liquid inside her.   Hooking her fingersbeneath the slippery crease of her folds she continued touse her thumb to press down firmly on her clit and rotate the tip to enhance her climax.
"Unnnnnnnnnnnnn-Oh mother---------- fucker here it comes," she howled in between her labored panting.
Dean's flow began to ebb to a miniature trickle as he stabbed forward once again plunging the mushroom point of his prick inside Lindsey.   Allowing her only the head to encircle as her sodden heated lips clamped him just under the ridge of his cock crown.

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    In essence a rigid fleshy plug to trap his pee within her as she continued to masturbate for her pleasure and all the more for his.
Lindsey's arms reached out grabbing for her stepfather’sneck as she began to slip off the piss wet counter beneathher.   Her climax still hammering away at the very fabricof her being although she was no longer touching herself. She pressed her warm damp body against his as Dean'scock slipped out with a subtle wet sucking resonance.
His urine felt like a watery living fire as it raced down herinner thighs and splashed across the top of her feet, tothen pool beneath them.  
Dean cupped her slick ass cheeks pulling her body againsthis, both their flesh still  warm and damp with each othersessence as he ground his body against her slender frame.
Lindsey's licked at her stepfather's nipples, chewing on them as her orgasm began to recede like tiny waves rushingback out to sea once having kissed against shore. Her breath now slowing in shuddered moans as her knees began to buckle beneath her, only being held in place by Dean's firm grasp.
She felt Dean's hands slide up over her shoulders, his fingersgripping her tightly as he pressed her down to kneel uponthe soaking wet rug beneath their feet.   Looking up shewatched as if from some vast distance separating them,his words harkening her to his needs, his every desire.
"Take me in your mouth Lindsey, suck your old man off, I want you to pull every damn drop out of me," Dean ordered.
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