Lindsey's Lusty Lesson (Interlude)


came the piercing cryresounding down the hallway of the Stevens home.
"What happened to my AOL?" demanded Lindseyas she stormed toward the bathroom where herstepfather was shaving around his Van Dyke beard.
Turning to face the sixteen year old,Dean couldn't help but notice the way her darkhenna hair spun out in long tendrils as she cockedher head with disdain.
"It's been cut off until you can get your gradesback on track and start showing some respect fornot only your Mom and I but yourself as well. "
"What's that supposed to mean?" Lindsey shotback, grasping for a Malboro Gold cigarette fromthe pack in the pocket of her silken peach bathrobe.
"Well, that's a part of it right there, your smokingwhen we've both told you to not do it in the house;if you absolutely had to smoke at all. "
"Fuck that, I'm old enough to do what I want andMom never had a problem with it until you madea big deal out of it!", challenged Lindsey.
"Your Mom also found your MySpace page andthe pictures of yourself you'd posted up there. "
"Flashing your tits and showing your crotch forevery swinging dick with a pc must be a realimportant part of your growing up process I guess?" Dean asked, wiping the shaving cream from hisface as he moved toward Lindsey.
"We also read your blogs on there and I haveto say for someone your age you seem to havequite the grasp on what men and women bothlook for in a young girl these days. "
"That's bullshit, I was just having some fun, it'snot meant to be serious and besides it's justa game we all play online for something to do,"Lindsey sputtered with an edge of embarrasmentslipping into her tone.

Dean gripped Lindsey by her shoulders, her robefalling open to reveal her puffy breasts, their barely ripebubble gum pink hued nipples taut and thrusting up fromthe center as the silk brushed against them.
Pressing her up against the bathroom wall, Dean leveledhis gaze directly at Lindsey. There was no mistaking hishostility at being challenged nor his demand for being given the respect he felt was due him.
"You want to play like you're all grown up, then so be it. Just like they say, education begins right in the home andI'm ready to take you to school little missy," Dean hissed.

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Lindsey could smell the minty Scope mouthwash on her stepfather's breath as he spoke those words, his lips brushing over hers, he was so close in her face. His fingertips dug into her shoulders through the robe, her back pinned firmly against the wall, the robe havingfallen open to expose her nakedness to Dean.
Sticking out his tongue, Dean took a long slow swipe at his stepdaughter's slender throat. He could still taste the Jessica Simpson Creamsicle Dessert perfume infused within her skin from the last time she'dworn it to school.
He began to nibble at her throat, his teeth pulling the soft flesh between them as he reached between her thighs and felt the warmth of her having just come from her bed.   His finger finding the hood concealing her already swelling clit and lifting the tender skin up to expose the heated button.
"Fuck, I could hardly wait for Mom to leave this time, I love it when you force it from me and make me your dirty little girl," Lindsey moaned as she pressed her lips against her stepfather's.
"Do me real nasty this time Daddy, I want to give you everything you want," she whispered licking his earlobe as she pressed her breasts against his firm hairy chest.
Dean continued using his finger to swirl over the point of Lindsey's enflamed clit.   Slow circles drawn with just the fingertip and applying a very light pressure to keep her always wanting more. He was keenly aware that this lanquid but consistenttorment would have the young girl craving release andbring out her most primal of needs in order to obtain it.
He loved watching her face flush and contort as she'd bite down hard on her lower lip just as she began to cum.   Those tiny mewling sounds that came from her chest when it hit her hard and her hips thrust upward to meet him when hefelt his prick bathed in her sweet young juices.
The beauty of that faint red tinge of the sex rash which would spread just above her breasts when she became so hot her skin would actually pass the raw heat into his fingers or chest.
"I think that little kitty between your legs is starting to purr just right," he uttered into her chest as he leaned down to take a plump nipple between his warm lips.

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"You make it more than just purr Daddy, I love the way you spin me up and make me do all those nasty things when we play like this," Lindsey groaned.
"Go sit on the sink sweetie, spread your legs nice and wide and show Daddy that pretty little pussy of yours. "
"Hold yourself open and I'll kneel down and give it a goodwashing up with a warm wet tongue!!!"
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