Like mother, like daughter - Part I


My ex wife and I had a great sex life. From the first time right up until the divorce we fucked.   We never made love, we fucked.   She liked it hard, rough and in any position, any hole or any location.   She loved to be taken and loved to be called a whore, slut etc… you call her names and she’d just start cumming.   You slap her ass or her tits and an orgasm would just gush out of her.
She had fantasies about my oldest son walking in and catching us while I was doing her doggy and him just sticking his dick right in her mouth and down her throat.
She also loved black cock.   Doug, my best friend at the time was Jamaican and he and I were always getting into trouble together.   One night my ex and I had taken Doug to a “bring a single friend party” and as the only black man there, women were flocking all over him.   Watching this just heated my wife up to the point she had to give Doug a try too.   So on the way home after the party she brought up the topic and Doug readily agreed and even volunteered to invite a black woman friend of his over for me.   We had a foursome which lasted about 5 hours and we were all fucked to death!
About two weeks later we had Doug over for dinner, nothing unusual about this… just part of our normal routine.   We all were setting out on the deck and my ex said she’d like to try it again and this time she wanted Doug in her pussy and me up her ass.   I was willing and Doug jumped at the chance.
We all moved into the den and my ex was on her knees in a heart beat, Dough and I both had our cocks out and in her face.

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    She worked us both, one from the other and back again until we were both ready to bust.   She then stood and started stripping down naked… it didn’t take long either because all she had on was a pair of denim shorts and a tank top.   Doug and I were a little slower so my ex just laid back on the floor and started finger herself.   Man it was great to watch her masturbate!
Once we were ready Doug grabbed a pillow off the sofa and tossed it on the floor next to my ex, he laid down and told her to climb on… man, I never saw a woman move so fast! She was on him like a true cowgirl!  And I just loved watching his thick black cock slide up into her pussy!
I let them get into a bit of a rhythm until I saw all her juices coating his cock in abundance.   I then knelt between their legs and started working my cock into her pussy.   As she felt my cock head try to enter she started to complain and I just smacked her ass really hard and told her to shut the fuck up, she was a whore and she’d take it any way she was told to take it.   She just nodded yes.   A little harder thrust and I was in and she let out a long, deep moan.   Upon hearing her moans I pushed all the way in.   Once in, Doug and I got into a nice rhythm.  After about two minutes of this my ex started cumming… and she came hard!  Not quietly but loudly, screaming at the top of her lungs for us to fuck her like the slut she was. At first I was a little worried that she might wake the kids but then they were two floors up so I dismissed the thought and concentrated on fucking her hot pussy.
Once she finished cumming I pulled my dick out of her pussy and started pressing it up against her rose bud.   Now my ex was no stranger to getting her ass fucked. I fucked it at least twice a week so my pressure simply opened her right up and in I slipped.

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    Having fucked her in the ass enough times I knew to wait until she started fucking me before I moved so I sat perfectly still.   It took a little longer than normal because of Doug’s fat black cock in her pussy but finally she started humping back and when she did I started plowing into her.   About ten strokes into it she started cumming again and this time even louder than before.   It was at that point that I noticed a shadow on the wall to my left and as I looked to my right I saw my 12 year old daughter standing there watching us.   She had her finger in her panties and was frigging herself senseless.
At first I was going to say something but then just decided to watch her and keep fucking my ex in the ass.   My daughter made eye contact with me and held it… I motioned with my head for her to come over and she took a few hesitant steps closer, never removing her finger from her pussy.   As she got closer she bent down and watched Doug’s black cock disappear in and out of my ex’s very hot pussy.   She looked over my should and saw my cock slipping in and out of her mothers ass and I thought my daughter was going to faint! She slowly moved back to the door, still unnoticed by my ex or Doug and leaned against the door jam and really started working her clit.  
About a minute later Doug said he was getting ready to fill my ex’s hot cunt with a big load of cum, my ex started cumming again and screaming at the top of her lungs I looked at the sweat pouring off of my ex and then back to my daughter as her legs started shaking and then her whole body started convulsing as she came hard. Watching that sent me right over the edge but instead of cumming in my ex’s ass I pulled my cock out and shot rope after rope of cum all over her back and ass just so my daughter could see me cum.   Her eyes got so big and then she smiled and slipped away upstairs.
Nothing was ever said of that night between my daughter and I and nothing else happened for several years.   My ex and I ended up divorced and my daughter and I had moved into a new house and had settled into a normal routine.   I had a few women I dated, she had a few boyfriends and eventually lost her virginity to one of them.

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About a year after we moved in Doug was coming over for dinner one night and he and I had planned on sitting out on my deck and getting shit faced on rum and cokes.   I had told my daughter he was coming over and that we’d be drinking and that it would be a good night for her to stay at her moms.   She just smiled and said “I don’t think so Dad, I’ll sleep in my own bed. ”  I told her that Doug and I talked nasty when we were drunk and that Doug was especially bad around women because he was just convinced that any woman who hung around two guys drinking just wanted to get fucked so she should just order a pizza and stay in her room.
Doug showed and we immediately retired to the deck, spiced rum was on the table and cold cokes were in the cooler.   Nothing to move for but a piss, we settled in for some serious drinking and bullshitting.   About 30 minutes later the pizza came and my daughter offered us a slice which we gladly accepted.   She ate with us then excused herself and went up to her room.   I watched as Doug watched her walk away then he commented about how fine she look and how all the soccer was keeping her trim and in shape.   I just laughed and nodded thinking that was the end of that.
About an hour and half later, it must have been somewhere around 9:30, Doug and I were feeling no pain and my daughter reappeared.   This time she had on a short denim skirt and a white tank top, the kind with the bra built in.   She had on a pair if high heeled sandals and her hair tied back.   I figured she was going out for a bit but instead she asked if she could have a coke.   I said of course and she poured one into a plastic cup and then Doug offered her some rum for it.

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    I knew this bastard and what he was thinking so I said I didn’t think it was a good idea and she just rolled her eyes at me as he poured the rum into her drink.
She walked around me and sat down across from the two of us and started in on her drink.  I noticed that she was going at it pretty strong.   Before long she was asking for another.   I looked her straight in the eyes and told her that if she stayed her and continued to drink that Doug was going to fuck her.   He was going to do it right there on the deck and right in front of me and that he didn’t care who watched or who could see.   She took her drink and sat down and slugged about half of it back.
Doug had been quite during all of this but you could see his meat starting to thicken up in his pants as he was starting to anticipate fucking this hot teenager.   As my daughter finished off her second drink in less than 30 minutes she asked for another and Doug told her to come and pour it herself.   He said “if you can still stand and pour you can still drink”.   She came around to our side of the table and pulled a cold coke from the cooler and turned for the table.   I’m still not sure if she stumbled on purpose or really lost her balance but she ended up in Doug’s lap.
Without missing a beat Doug pulled her back on his lap so that she was firmly seated on the thick peace of meat in his jeans.   She didn’t comment but tried to lean forward to reach the table to finish pouring her drink.   It was tough reaching forward while keeping her ass firmly planted on his ever hardening cock but always having been determined she accomplished her mission and was soon leaning back against Doug sipping her third rum and coke.

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Next thing I know Doug is whispering in her ear.   I can see she’s starting to flush a little and then Doug very boldly resituates my daughter so that her heels are on his knees and her legs are spread wide apart.   He dips his fingers down into her cunt and realizes something I could see. She had no panties on and was cleanly shaven.   And oh, what a beautiful pussy she had too!
Doug immediately starts rubbing her clit and she just starts moaning and lifting her ass up and down to meet his hand.   I’m just sitting and staring at my best friends black hand rubbing my daughters clit.   Doug then started sticking one finger just barely in her tight little pussy and I thought she was going to go nuts… she let out that same deep moan that I had heard from her mother so often and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was going to fuck us both tonight and nothing was going to stop her.
Doug stated whispering in her ear again and this time it was loud enough for me to hear it.   He said “look at your Dad sitting over there staring at your hot little pussy.   I think he wants to lick it.   Do you think he does?”  My daughter just rolled her head back and moaned again.   Doug persisted, telling her to open her eyes and look at me.   Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me with a want I had rarely seen before in my life.   Doug asked her, “Do you want your Daddy to suck your pussy and get it ready for me?”  My daughter just moaned again and her legs spread open even wider.   Doug said “ask him” and my daughter looked me in the eyes and said “please Daddy, oh please, I want his big black cock in me so bad, please Daddy!”  There was complete want in her voice, in the expression on her face and in her eyes.

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Doug was not going to let her off so easily though, he told her that she had to tell me what she wanted.   She hesitated for only a moment before saying “Daddy, please lick my pussy and get it ready so Doug can fuck me with his big black cock just like he did Mommy!”  In an instant I was down on my knees between Doug and my daughters legs and I had my tongue buried deep in her pussy.   It didn’t take long before she was ready to cum and cum she did.   Just like her mother she started screaming loudly and commanding me to drink all the cum from her slut pussy so she could get that big black cock stuffed up in her.   And drink I did.
Now, I have never touched another mans cock but Doug was having problems getting his out with me licking my daughter and her bouncing all over his lap so I helped him out a little and I ended up holding his hard as hell black cock in my hands.   I knew it was pretty big but I was amazed at how heavy it was.   Regardless I held it straight up in the air and watch my pretty daughter pant and move her pussy in a near state of panic to get that cock in her.   I kept moving his cock around teasing her with it until she finally said “Damn it Daddy, put his fat black cock in my pussy!”  And I did, I held it still with one hand and placed the other under her ass and moved her over until her hole was just touching the head of his cock.   I then placed my hand over the top of her and grabbed her hip and started pushing her down on his cock.   At first I didn’t think it would fit but once the head popped in the rest was a sure thing.   My daughter had about two inches in her before she had her first cum.   After that she was forcing more and more into her until she was fully impaled and her pussy was stretched wide.
I sat back in my chair, pulled my own cock out and just began to watch the show. Doug was telling me how tight her pussy was and how good it felt stretched over his cock.

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    He would ask her how she liked having his big black cock in her and she would just moan and then he’d ask her how she liked getting fucked in front of her father and that would send her off on another orgasm and she would ride him even harder. Man she rode him… from one orgasm to another she came almost continually.   After about 18 minutes he said I’m gonna cum in your tight slut pussy and with those words she started cumming again and that was all I could take.   I shot my first load straight up into the air.
Doug was no where near finished and although my daughter thought that was the end, Doug picked her up and bent her over the table and stuck his still hard cock right back in her and proceeded to fuck her harder than I had ever seen him fuck anybody.   She was screaming and cumming and screaming and cumming.
It took all of about two minutes for my cock to get hard again and I decided to use it to keep the neighbors from calling the police so I walked over to my daughter, grabbed her pony tail and shoved my cock in her mouth.   I thought she might resist a bit but boy was I surprised!  She started sucking on me like there was no tomorrow.   God that girl could suck! A true slut just like her mother!
Before long Doug started to get loud and was back to calling Lindsey names and I knew he was ready to dump another load in her hot pussy and I guess she sensed it too because she pulled my cock from her mouth and started to beg him to cum in her pussy after about three good begs Doug let out a moan and you could see his balls pulsing as he shot load after load in her.
Very unceremoniously Doug pulled is cock from her pussy and commanded her to clean him up.   He grabbed her pony tail and down on her knees she went while she licked every drop of their juices off his cock.   As she finished Doug pulled his pants up, thanked me for a great night and said he’d better be getting home.
I looked at my daughter on her knees still looking like a wanton slut and I was standing there with a very hard cock.   I sat back down and told him to put her on my cock so she could finish with me and he grabbed her pony tail and led her over and without anything else being said she started sucking on my cock.   Doug just high-fived me and left.

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I was really enjoying the attention my slut daughter was giving my cock but I was also wonder just how good her pussy really was.   Finally I spoke out and told her I wanted to fuck her.   She looked up at me over the top of my cock and then said “oh, yes Daddy, please take my pussy and fuck it any way you want. ”
To be continued…



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