Like Father, Like Son part 4


Like Father, Like Son part 4
For the next two days I heard nothing from Helen and I feared the worst, that this was the end of a promising relationship and all because I couldn’t keep my cock to myself at a crucial moment. Finally I had a phone call and a request to see Joe and me together at home. From her tone of her voice she was not pleased and I had the feeling it was not good news. Joe also told me that Kimmy had been keeping a low profile, but he expected things to blow over. He seemed to have forgiven me for fucking her, but then I guess that the horny little bastard had plenty of other girls on the go, unlike me.
At work it had been torture as Jane my inquisitive secretary was dying to know how it went. I could hardly tell her that we’d had incredible sex on our first date, then she bumped into her naked daughter in my apartment who I happened to have fucked a few days earlier.
"She’s just your type, isn’t she?" she said, looking for clues.
"Uh-huh, very nice". "Very nice! She’s got boobs any woman would die for, and all you can say is very nice! I don’t believe it!"
Well, what else could I say?
And so the appointed hour came around two days later and Helen joined Joe and I, drinking tea in my kitchen. She looked gorgeous in casual jeans and a white tee shirt that showed her voluptuous figure off perfectly. Joe was clearly trying to keep his eyes focussed anywhere but on Helen’s ample chest after being told off by her the last time that they met.
"I’ll start," she said. "I’ve been talking to Kimmy and she says that you are good to her Joe, and she wants to carry on seeing you. I’m prepared to let her do that. She also told me that she had gone to bed with your father and enjoyed it, but was feeling bad about it for my sake and yours.

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"Now" she said, turning to me. "I’d like to see you again, but it doesn’t seem right that you’ve had sex with me and my daughter and we need to even things up. Plus, I don’t know if I can trust you again. This might seem crazy but I want to have sex with Joe. If you can handle it then there will be no need for anyone to be jealous and we can all carry on afterwards in a normal way. "
"Normal!" I exclaimed. "That’s not normal, that’s revenge".
Joe however had a stupid grin on his face and looked very pleased with himself.
"Sounds wicked to me" he smiled at Helen. "Come on dad, I haven’t made a big deal of you screwing Kimmy behind my back, it’s only fair. "
"Shit, I haven’t really got a choice have I, because I really like you, Helen and I want to keep seeing you. "
"Well then young man" said Helen to Joe. "Kimmy’s told me that you are as big as your dad so let’s see what you can do with it. Jim, you stay put please. "
With that she stood up, took his hand and led the grinning youth, who clearly couldn’t believe his luck, off to his bedroom.

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   I was going to have to grin and bear it back here while they had their revenge.
For the next five minutes I heard giggles coming from down the hall, before I heard Helen’s commanding voice say:
"Well, you really are a big boy, aren’t you?" followed shortly after by: "Not yet you idiot, lick me first".
Silence followed before I heard Helen’s sexy deep breathing and an "mmm, oh shit, yes on my clit…. . " from her. Christ this was torture!
A few minutes more and I heard the familiar rhythmic thumping of his bed headboard on my bedroom wall and I knew that my son was now banging my new girlfriend. It was no use me fighting my voyeuristic tendencies, I decided that I had to listen more closely and I went out of the kitchen with the intention of listening to he two of them as they rutted together. Instead I found Joe’s bedroom door slightly ajar, with the light from his room clearly visible. I couldn’t help it but had to look and when I did I felt so turned-on and so jealous to my stomach simultaneously.
There were clothes casually thrown around the room, including Helen’s white Sloggi sports bra and thong. Helen was on her back with her curvy thighs widespread, occasionally humping her arse into the air and raking her hands up and down Joe who was on top of her. The lucky lad was above her with his skinny butt facing me, and fucking Helen like he was wired into the electricity mains. His pale white buttocks bounced up and down and his over-sized bollocks swung to and fro with his frantic thrusting. The kid was incredible, but clearly wouldn’t last long like that.
"Oh shit, oh shit, I think I’m gonna….

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WHACK! Helen had reached around and slapped his arse with her palm, leaving a vivid red mark.
"Oww!!" he howled, partly withdrawing his giant cock, giving me a tantalising view of his juice-slicked dick half jammed into Helen’s shaved honeypot.
"You’re not in a bloody race!" said Helen. "God knows what this does for my daughter. Now slow down and find a rhythm that works for both of us. "
"Okay" mumbled Joe, and eased his cock more carefully into my girlfriend’s snatch. He looked absolutely huge to me, and the same old question was on my mind, -who was biggest? Plus I now had a new question to add, - after his sex lessons with Helen, who would be better in bed?
With Helen’s hands guiding his buttocks he fucked her with a new consideration. I could see his head dipping down to lick her fabulous breasts, but my view was obscured by the angle they were at from my view.
"Oh, suck my nipples" I heard Helen moan, as Joe began to hit a groove.
"Oooh, more, I love it. Don’t you love my tits?" she breathed, the tremor in her voce indicating her orgasm was closing in.
"I love ‘em, they’re huge - I’ve never seen any like ‘em before" said Joe, his pace quickening gradually over the next few minutes as he sensed it was approaching time for both of them to cum.
"Okay, fuck me harder now big boy. Give me every inch of your lovely cock. I want it, I want It, I want it!!" she shouted in time to Joe’s eager fucking.

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"Helen, you’re incredible! I’m oh- yes – now! - huuuhhhgghh"…. He didn’t finish his sentence as his buttocks clenched in the throes of orgasm and he buried his load in her hungry, horny twat. She responded with a sharp grip on his arse as she pulled him tightly into her, to feel every inch of his huge tool as it shook and spurted into her.
"Oh, sweet Jesus!" wailed Helen in ecstasy as my son collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing heavily as they hit sweaty post-orgasmic bliss.
Joe collapsed back on to his bed with Helen settling her head onto his chest, totally unselfconscious of her big boobs squashed between their bodies. She held his subsiding cock in her hand, still as big as many men erect and studied it with fascination.
"Do you know I can’t decide who is the bigger?" she said with curiosity.
"I’ve never thought about it. But I know you’ve got alot bigger tits than Kimmy has, they’re the best I’ve ever had my hands on Helen. It’s funny how Kimmy is only a 32A. "
"Well, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it, as the cliché goes, young man. Now it’s time for a scientific experiment!"
With that she looked-up and shouted towards the door "Jim!! Come here, you’re forgiven now!"
Joe looked uneasy and I couldn’t believe my ears. She wanted me to join them! I gave it a few seconds before moving into the bedroom so it was less obvious I’d been watching the performance all along.
"I know it’s on your mind, so if you want to, this can be comparison time. Are you up for it?!
"Well, why not" I said.

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   "But shouldn’t we be under the same conditions?"
With that, she sat up, her lovely boobs swinging free from Joe, and reached for the fly of my jeans. Deftly she unzipped me and brought out my cock. Handling it carefully with one hand she went to work with her tongue, before plunging her mouth down over my purple cockhead. Looking down over her I became hard in seconds from the erotic overload, noticing that her other hand was on Joe’s cock, not letting him go soft.
Shit, Helen was such a hot woman! She was completely confident with two well-hung men in her control, both enjoying her attention. Joe was fascinated at a mature woman’s superior technique, clearly having had the shag of his life, and now being treated to something very different. I’d had a threesome once before in my life, but had never been so turned on as I was in this cock-to-cock competition with my own son. I stripped off my clothes around her to give her complete access to my heavy balls and tight buttocks. Joe was fully erect again and at last we could see how we measured up.
"Well, I don’t know" she said. "In simple inches there’s nothing between the two. "
She dipped her head and briefly took Joe’s dick in her mouth, wanking him gently with her right hand. She then withdrew with a filthy slurping noise and pronounced:
"I think your cock Joe is slightly smoother and the head is fatter, and yours Jim," she tuned and licked the tip of my phallus, looking me in the eye with a mischievous expression:
"…. . is more veiny and your cock is a little wider all the way down.

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   Are you both satisfied now?"
"Except that my balls are going to burst any second now if I don’t cum soon" I said laughing at her cheek.
"Well, I can’t leave you two in such a delicate state, can I? Joe, lie flat, you’re going to get the best blow job of your life!"
Joe did as he was told, his member sticking straight into the air without needing his hand to hold it. Helen leant on all fours over him and began her expert cocksucker routine on him, licking up and down his 18-year old’s shaft.
To me she presented her exquisitely curvy arse for a good seeing-to. I wasn’t sure about having my cock where Joe’s had been and toyed with the gooey labia, dripping with her juices and I guess, Joe’s spunk.
Whilst she made more slurping noises on Joe’s tool, I had an idea and got my cockhead good and wet, dipping it into her cunt then using it to lubricate her butt crack and pink anal ring. With her wetness spread around I inserted a finger into her anus up to the knuckle, being rewarded with an "ooh, yesss, you cheeky bastard. "
I knew what I was going to do now and pushed a second finger in, stretching her to feel comfortable with the intrusion. Helen clearly had twigged I wanted to fuck her in her fabulous butt, and momentarily left her snacking on Joe’s cock to turn around to say:
"Be careful Jim, I’ve never had anything that big up there before. "
"Don’t worry babe I’ll take it easy" I reassured her, as I introduced the purple, blood-engorged glans of my cock to the starfish of her anus. When you decide to fuck a woman in the arse, there is less room for messing about, as she has no natural lubrication. Once you are greased up and she is too, you have to go for it at some point, without hurting her. As she’d taken two fingers in her I thought that it was time and I pushed my cockhead into her anus, feeling the tight ring first fight, then accept my width.
Helen emitted a slight "uuh—uuh" as the first inch went in. Gently I scooped some more girl-juice from her quim and lathered my shaft in it to make my cock more slippery.

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   If I was going to have her arse, I wanted every inch into her and so I carefully pushed as two-three –four inches were in. An averagely built man might have been satisfied with this, but I wasn’t average and for the sake of my own satisfaction wanted to squeeze a few more inches into Helen’s arse.
Fortunately she seemed to be enjoying herself as she continued to hoover up Joe’s prime cock, and she wiggled her butt in satisfaction. With this encouragement I began to fuck her gently, gradually easing more of my pole into her tight hole by spreading her buttocks. Despite the slow pace I was having a bloody good time and set to playing with her clitoris with a free finger as a test of her concentration. Joe too with his arms outstretched was playing with Helen’s mighty breasts as the pace of my fucking was causing them to swing over his groin, adding further to her sensory delight.
"Oof" said Joe as Helen reacted by increasing the pressure on his cock, bringing him close to boiling point. She was so lost in the pleasure she was receiving from two hung men that she was swallowing his cock whole, whilst keeping up a fast wanking motion on his shaft when out of her mouth. His breathing was becoming more ragged as his orgasm loomed and I was determined not to lose out. My cock was plunging so far into her rectum on my in-strokes, that my cum-filled balls pressed against her dribbling pussy and hung to her labia by loops of girl-juice and semen.
Soon she could take no more and lifted her mouth from Joe’s dick, while fortunately remembering to keep masturbating his huge pole with an elegantly manicured hand.
"Huh –huuh – hooh, I think I’m, ooh, yes keep fingering me Joe" (as if I’d stop now!)
Her hips were pushing back, eagerly anticipating my claiming her arse for my cock, while I kept up the light pressure on her clitoris. Joe continued to mash her breasts, massaging her nipples into small hillocks of pleasure as I guessed he must be close himself. It was all too much and she came frantically as I pounded into her butt.
"Eeeyesss, ooohhhoooh, Jesus fucking Christ!"
This lovely woman talking dirty while I fucked her in the arse was just too much and I emptied my seed into her bowels with a crashing orgasm that saw me smack her arse in sheer pleasure as I shot three, - four, - five jets of hot cum into her.

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I just avoided passing out as I heard Joe shout out with his own orgasm as Helen’s expert hand-job made him send a jet of semen a clear five feet into the air, landing on the far side of the room. The rest of his teen sperm she claimed with her mouth.
"That was fucking incredible!" said the horny young stud as Helen swallowed his load and rolled over on to the bed, thoroughly fucked and looking utterly ravaged with her make-up smeared all over her face.
"Well don’t think that will happen again!" said Helen in mock-seriousness. "That was strictly a one-off because your father was such a naughty boy. Anyway, I expect my daughter will take care of all your needs from now on, although how she ever gets one of these up her (and with this she gently fondled both our dicks) is beyond me. "
"I’m not sure what I think", I said bravely. You and Kimmy may look nothing like her, but you are two of the horniest females I’ve ever known. It might be boring to go back to you and me, Joe and Kimmy. "
"Pervert, you can have too much of a good thing you know. Just keep that tool of yours under control now!"
"Okay, I will, I will" I promised. Actually, with Joe’s improving technique, maybe it would be better to stick to a simpler life in case she preferred the stamina of the younger man.
For the next couple of weeks Helen and I saw each other regularly, dining, clubbing and doing an awful lot of fucking. I discovered how she liked to be taken with my cock in her sweet cunt and a little toy in her anus. I found that she liked sex out of doors and we made love on a walk in the local wood and she let me shave her pussy as we showered together at her house to keep it as hairless as the day we met.

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Kimmy and Joe resumed their relationship and the two horny teens divided their time between my flat and Helen’s house. I was a lot cooler than previously about the racket that they made during their love-making and both of them had clearly benefited from the expert tuition thy had received from the adults. Kimmy’s wailing now audibly led to sheet-shredding, bed-pounding orgasms, and I once walked in on them in the lounge when I came back late, with Kimmy now blowing Joe’s nine inches with a new expertise and attention.
"Hey, don’t stop on my account" I said as Joe hurriedly attempted to stuff his massive erection back into his jeans, coming close to catching his balls with the zip and Kimmy pulled her tee-shirt over her bra-less breasts. She was as much of a flirt as ever, and it was a supreme effort of will that stopped me from picking her up and fucking her brains out when I caught her drinking milk in the nude in my kitchen one morning. Kimmy was winding me up with a little wiggle of her bare butt, which I resisted by smacking her on her perfect derriere just hard enough not to mark. All in all however, life was going pretty smoothly.
On a warm Sunday lunchtime, all four of us were unusually in Helen’s house. I had stayed over and we were planning on shopping for new clothes for me, and underwear for her. Joe had come around to pick Kimmy up to go to some concert in the park, but instead we all found ourselves watching some dumb movie on the TV. Helen was next to me on a couch, and Joe was sitting on the floor between Kimmy’s legs, with her on a chair behind her, wearing one of her dinky little micro-mini skirts and a halter-neck tee shirt.
There was nothing particularly erotic about the film, but I noticed Kimmy was pushing her crotch into the back of Joe’s head, and his hand as snaking its way up and down her lower leg. I nudged Helen and nodded at the kids.
"That girl is so horny I should throw a bucket of water over her" said Helen, who did nothing of the sort and moved up closer to me on the couch where my right hand now fell naturally over her breast. I surreptitiously began to trace small circles around her nipple, whilst pretending to watch TV.

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"I’m so bloody horny" whispered Helen into my ear, then cheekily poking her tongue in, making me try super-hard not to squirm and draw attention to ourselves.
"My cunt is so wet. Don’t you want to feel how wet I am? Don’t you want to lick my little clit, it’s poking out all for you Jim" she continued to whisper in my ear.
"Helen, you’re driving me nuts" I murmured under my breath back to her.
"Well check out the kids then".
Wow! Joe had turned around and was kissing Kimmy passionately. She had her little mini rucked up exposing white panties and was making little "mm –mm" noises as they played tonsil hockey. His jeans were "tenting-out" as his young dick naturally expanded with this encouragement.
The least I could do was to kiss Helen and she hungrily latched on to my mouth, pressing her breasts into me and running a hand up my trouser leg.
"Err, shouldn’t we go to your room Helen. I have to fuck you soon. "
"No way, we were in there all last night, I want a change of scenery. Those two can skip off. "
"Those two" however showed no sign of going anywhere, and Joe’s hand was now in Kimmy’s crotch, fingering her little slit I guessed over her panties. She had a hand in his shirt, running a hand over his skinny chest.


   It was still only their kissing that kept them from doing their usual bedroom orgy soundtrack.
"What the hell?" I thought and deftly lifted Helen’s top off exposing those wonderful globes, this time encased in a hot black bra whose half-cups showed off her curves to the full. I reciprocated by removing my shirt and Helen ran her manicured hands over my muscular chest, breathing deeply and concentrating hard on my flat stomach. She leant forward and kissed around my navel, before her fingers strayed over my bulging crotch and she began to work on the buttons of my trousers.
On the other side of the room, Joe had his head buried in Kimmy’s squirming crotch, and the little blonde was pulling at her halter-neck to allow him access to those sensitive little A-cups. Her legs were spread over Joe’s shoulders and her hips bucked as tremors of pleasure passed through her body in response to his attentions to her sweet cunt. Kimmy’s breathing was shallow and rapid as waves of pleasure stretched from her clitoris to her brain and she seemed totally unaware of the orgy that was developing around her.
Joe too was lost in his own world as he pulled down Kimmy’s tiny thong and mini-skirt together leaving the girl naked, her little hips bucking slightly and her eyes closed as if waiting for a cock to satisfy her. He stood up, dropped his jeans and boxers and pulled Kimmy’s hips towards him on the chair, pushing her legs back and wide open. Her lovely pink cunt was glistening, her dark-blonde pubes slightly matted from Joe’s saliva and her vaginal juices already.
"Oh Joey I want you, please fuck me, I need it so bad" the little blonde said, trying to sit forward and grab Joe’s rampant shaft.
"Hey, I’m in charge for this one" he said, and pushed her back into the couch, sitting up on his knees and lining-up his weapon with her dripping pussy.
Helen at the same time had my trousers undone and pulled off, and was doing mind-boggling things to my cock with her mouth, raising me to my full nine and a quarter inches with a look of satisfaction on her face. It was only then that she looked around to what was going on behind her as Joe readied to fuck her daughter. Whatever misgivings she had were too late as all four of us were abandoned to lust by now and Helen returned her gaze to me.

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Wordlessly she held on to my shaft with one hand and with the other undid the buttons on her wrap-around skirt. And flicked it over the room. She was wearing no knickers at all and her gleaming pussy lips were already parting, showing me her rose-pink labia unfolding in expectation. She knelt above me, straddling my cock wearing only her black bra.
"Jim, don’t mess around. I have to have you now, I’m so turned on. I’ve got to have you inside me. "
"Okay babe, but not this way. Take your bra off and lie forward against the couch. I want you from behind, but I want you in your pussy, not your bum I promise".
With a little encouragement, I had Helen leaning on her knees across the couch, within touching distance of Kimmy. Her breasts were squashed against the cushions and her lovely arse was in the air. I too couldn’t hold off and I had to take her now, the atmosphere was so sexually charged.
I looked over to Joe who sank his cock into Kimmy’s tight little hole at the very same moment I pushed deep into Helen’s wet and welcoming pussy. I was rewarded with a throaty, sensuous "oooh, yee-ess lover" from my woman, whilst Kimmy gave her usual higher-pitched "eeee! –ooohh -oh –eeyess Joey, fuck me baby".

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Both of us set to the requests of our lovers, Joe showing a new-found sophistication as he slowly filled and released Kimmy’s sensitive little love-hole, whilst holding one hand behind her butt to steady her and licking her delectably sensitive little nipples to further drive her to distraction. Helen was going bananas as I filled her with every last inch of my dick from behind. Her big boobs were squashed repeatedly into the couch as I forcefully mounted her, pulling her cheeks gently apart to get the best view of my cock as it entered and withdrew from her wetness.
"Oh lover" she moaned. "This is incredible. Put a finger up my bum please!"
"You’re sure?"
"I – oh Jesus, I think I’m on the edge of something amazing, oh what you do to meee-eee ohh she-itt!!!"
A split-second after I had inserted my finger into her anus she orgasmed mightily, her brown hair thrashing around her back. I however was far from ready and slowed down a little to let Helen recover, but otherwise continued to push all nine inches of my cock into her, enjoying the feel of my heavy balls against her upper thighs, before gently withdrawing and starting the process all over again.
"Oh my hunk" she said whilst recovering her breath. "I want to feel you cum inside me so badly. Give me a second then let’s do it again. "
The scene to any outsider would have been completely bizarre. Two couples, one mature and in their late 30’s, the other teenagers and on a big learning curve were holding on to each other in passion. We were two parents, with our own kids in the same room, fucking our respective brains out next to each other. Helen and I were past caring, and to tell the truth proud and turned on by what our kids were doing to each other.
Talking of the teens, they meanwhile were working their way up to an ear-splitting climax.

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   Both had learned to move their bodies in subtle adjustments to achieve maximum pleasure. Kimmy had moved her pussy forward to the edge of the couch and her legs high into the air, to allow the maximum of Joe’s tool to penetrate into her. In addition she was determinedly playing with a finger on her clit as she gazed in awe at her teen lover as he took her to orgasm.
"Kimmy are you close…. ?"
"Ooh yes lover, fuck me please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee!!"
And with that the little blonde screamed out in pleasure as Joe took her past the point of ecstasy, he in turn bellowing out her name in delight as his young prick spurted load after load of teencum deep into her eager pussy.
"Baby yes!" he roared as his giant cock dislodged from her wet honeypot, sending a final burst of semen onto her stomach where it lay, then dripped down onto the couch while the girl lay back panting.
"My God I wish I was their age again" I said quietly to Helen.
"Oh, why bother? We can still show them a thing or two" she said and waggled her arse hornily back into my slightly softened cock.
"You haven’t cum yet and I can’t have my man not satisfied, can I? I have a reputation to maintain. "
Helen reached behind her to grab my cock and pushed with her bum to make me sit back up on my knees.
"Don’t move" she ordered me as she shuffled backwards and I realised what she was doing. With her legs either sides of her and mine, back to me, she raised her hips up and sat down over my prick, her super-slick cunt easiily engulfing my nine inches. This was a great position as my hands were free to play with Helen’s splendid breasts now, while she set the pace for our fucking from above me.
"I love these boobs" I told her as I lifted them and pulled her back into me through gentle pressure.
"You don’t think they are drooping too much now?" she breathed, whilst gently fucking me by slowly raising and lowering her hips over my crotch.

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"No way!" I said, responding by kissing the back of her head and circling the dark areolae and chunky nipples on her DD boobs with my hands.
"Helen, you have the breasts of a goddess and I adore them".
"I didn’t know you could do it that way" said Kimmy’s little voice, as we turned and saw both the kids watching our performance.
"Yeah, there’s a lot of things we haven’t tried yet" said Joe with a cheeky look on his face.
"Kimmy, can I fuck you in your other hole?"
"What! My bum! No way, it’ll hurt like hell. Mum, won’t it hurt?"
Now this was weird! Helen slowed and looked thoughtfully at her well-fucked little girl.
"Well honey, if you must know, Joe’s cock isn’t ideal – he’s too big really for a first time. But it can be fantastic if you are both careful. You feel like you are being filled completely. But you must make sure you are really lubricated or, yes it will hurt like hell. " Then she added, "and by the way Joe, if you hurt her I will rip your balls off".
"Okay, okay, I’ll be careful" he said anxiously.
With that she resumed her fucking of me. Well! What a woman and what a mother to give her teen daughter such considerate advice!
Joe he used his finger to transfer the sticky goo seeping out of Kimmy’s vagina around to her anus.
"Kimmy, I’ll be really careful;" he said as he pressed the tip of his phallus to her anus.

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"Oh!" said Kimmy anxiously and held her hand out to her mother for reassurance. However, Joe kept up his gentle pressure and Kimmy’s trust in him and lust for him allowed her to gradually accommodate the massive cock until maybe five or six inches were in.
The little blonde, still holding her mother’s hand started pushing back at her lover with a look of wonder on her face. The boy had the good sense to play with her clit as a little distraction to help her along the road to orgasm.
"Is it all in Joey"?
"No babe, only half. Can you take any more?"
"I don’t think I can, It’s tight, but I think – ooh – it’s okay. Fuck me slowly though. "
The scene in Helen’s lounge was now utterly depraved as the mature brunette bounced up and down on my cock, while her blonde daughter was being anally impaled, both women being fucked by a well-hung male and his son. This was like something from a book!
Helen was losing it and her huge boobs began to fly around as I asserted myself by grabbing her hips and fucking her hard through a desperate need to cum. The kids too were enjoying their anal experiment and I gazed over at Joe as his face began to contort in pleasure, seeming not too disappointed that he could not get all of his length into Kimmy’s secret hole. The lounge was filled with the sound of balls slapping against thigh and arse as our fucking of our women approached a crescendo and both of us let out gasps of pleasure and relief. Kimmy squealed in delight as her hot-tooled hero gave her his second load of teen sperm of the evening, this time into her rectum.
"Ooh mummy it’s lovely, I’m cumming" she squeaked, tightening her anal muscles onto Joe’s cock and her grip on her mother’s hand, as she had reassured her though the whole experience.
Helen too was orgasming for the second time and I held on tight to her as she ground down on my cock, shouting out loud:
"Oh you bastard, you lovely big bastard. I love your cock, I love it when you fuck me.

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Well, that was all I needed and I roared out loud "Helen, oh you are amazing" as I sent a long awaited torrent of semen into her. For some reason I gave her rounded arse a little smack as I reached my peak and she gave a whimper of pleasure as she enjoyed the sperm-bath into her womb.
We all collapsed from the effort of our wild copulation and the whole room stank of sex and sweaty bodies. After the noise of four lusty bodies satisfying each other, the silence was blissful.
From the doorway, someone coughed. Everyone turned their heads in unison and standing there was a tall, casually dressed young woman, a well-rounded blonde with close-cropped hair and a disgusted look on her face.
"Well, what a pair of fucking whores you two are" she uttered, in a curt and dismissive voice glaring in turn at Kimmy and Helen. With that she turned on her heels, left the room and a few seconds later the front door.
"Oh my God!" said Helen, reaching for her clothes
"Who the hell was that?" asked Joe.
"That was Sally, my sister" said Kimmy. "She was supposed to come home from university tomorrow. I guess she came home early".



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