Lights, Camera, Action.


Topic: Lights, Camera, Action. Lights, Camera, Action. Twenty-eight year old Tommy Davis was overjoyed at his new dream job. He realized thatthis wasn't by any means a long-term career change. He still had his day job at thesteel mill. Nevertheless, this short-term second job was what most young guys fantasizeabout throughout their teenage years. He'd been sceptical when the short, plump man hadfirst approached him. The man was offering Tommy an opportunity to turn his leisure timeinto a nightly orgy of hardcore fucking, with a vast stable of beauties of all ages andbody types, AND EARN IN THREE MONTHS what the mill paid him annually. Tommy couldn'thelp but look about, trying to spot a hidden camera. This had to be one of those hoaxesthat had become popular on television. Either that, or this guy was some kind of weirdo,getting some perverse satisfaction out of the reactions that his bogus offer drew fromhis targets. "Now, I know what you're thinking", the man said, "It's always the same reaction. Youare thinking that I'm setting you up to be the victim of a practical joke. I don't blameyou for thinking that. I'd think the same, if I were in your position. That's why I'mnot going to ask you to take my word for it.

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  "He handed Tommy a business card, adding, "Come to my office at seven o'clock Friday andmeet some of the people you'd be working with, if you should decide to come on board. Meet them, talk to them, ask as many questions as you'd like, then make your decision. "While still sceptical, Tommy went along to the mans office, expecting to find, perhaps,a vacant lot at the address on the card. Surprisingly, he soon found himself standingbefore a door emblazoned with the words, "Phallic Productions". Stepping inside, Tommyfound a modest-sized reception room, where around thirty men and women looked to be enjoying a social gathering of friends. He could see drinks in the hands of most of the group, and the smell of pot permeated the air. The cacophony of voices, as peoplestood in groups, talking, was almost drowning out the soft music that came from twospeakers mounted on the far wall. "Tommy", called the plump man, spotting him standing alone by the door,"Glad you couldmake it. Come grab a drink, and I'll introduce you around. "Tommy was led to a small bar in a corner of the room. After ordering a bourbon and cola,a smiling bartender quickly filled his request before the plump man ushered the newestattendee toward a nearby group of people. Tommy was introduced to the three women andtwo men as a prospective member of the team. One of the men informed him that all inthe group had joined the team a month ago, and had quickly settled into the relaxed,intimate nature of the industry. One woman smiled devilishly as she told Tommy, if hejoined the team, he'd eventually fuck every woman in this room, as well as many morethat couldn't be here tonight. He felt a stirring in his loins when she slowly drewher tongue over her sensuous, red lips. 

   The stunning, young brunette reach out herhand, lightly brushing Tommys semi-rigid member, as she purred that he'd be a mostwelcome member of the team. For a little over four hours, Tommy found himself listening to similar cock-stirringflirtations from the women in the room. His conversations with the men, however, weremore relaxed and reminded him of the reception he got when he joined a local bowlingleague; the greetings he got when he first started on the line at the mill. While hecouldn't deny that he'd like to bonk every woman in the room, he knew that the easy-going, hearty acceptance the men had shown him, was the reason he'd decided that he'daccept the job he'd been offered. Tommy was going to be an adult film actor. Roger, the plump man, gleefully shook Tommys hand, as he welcomed him to the team. Hecalled for silence from the crowd, before announcing that Tommy would join the cast oftheir next production, "Hard Drilled Harlots", due to begin filming Monday night. Aftermuch handshaking (from the men) and kisses/hugs (from the women), Tommy was instructedby Roger that he'd need to be on set at seven on Monday night. The address of the setwas hand-written and pressed into his hand. "I'd advise you to refrain from any sexual activity for at least 24 hours prior to thestart of filming. ", Roger instructed. "You'll be expected to perform with Donna (Tommyrecalled the brunette with the sensuous lips), Suzie (a blonde, thirty-ish babe with huge tits) and another girl that isn't here tonight. "Beaming like a proud father might, Roger continued, "Her name's Kim, and she's just joined the team. "Harlots" will be her first movie, as well. She was invited to cometonight, to meet everyone, but she had prior plans.

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   She assured me, though, that shewould be comfortable with jumping right into the role. She's quite a looker, but notbig breasted like Donna and Suzie. She's around your age, maybe a year or two younger. Your scene with Kim is the most important scene we'll be shooting Monday. This scenehas to be hot enough to make the Pope hard. "A short time later, Tommy made his way home to the apartment he shared with his bestfriend, Mike. A journalist, Mike was currently out of the country, on assignment, soTommy had the apartment to himself. Memories of the many attractive women he had metearlier in the night, Tommy began to harden, as he reminded himself that he would befucking them all, over the next three months. Dropping onto the couch, he released hisrigid cock from the confines of his pants, and stroked it with urgency. He had beenin a state of arousal all night, and needed to unload quickly. Within a minute, heexploded, his cum shooting all over the room. Spurting with more force than he couldimagine possible, Tommy drenched the room with his usual copious quantities of sperm. Ever since high school, Tommy had been notorious for loads that equalled the outputof at least four average guys. He was even a little proud of the nickname he'd beengiven, "The Cum Cannon". Monday seemed to drag by slowly for Tommy, who felt every tick of the clock, eager to punch out after his day at the mill.

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   When his workday finally ended, he rushedhome, showered, dressed, and ate a moderate sized meal. At 6:45, he arrived at theaddress he'd been given by Roger. The "set" was a luxury villa, high in the hills,with views overlooking the city. Entering the house, he discovered that he'd needto tread carefully, negotiating his way passed the cameras, sound gear and lightingequipment that seemed to be set up in every room in the house. He found Roger inthe kitchen, who informed him that Kim hadn't yet arrived and, as his first scenewould be the one with her, he could relax by the pool, until she arrived. Roger handed him a script, telling him that he'd send Kim ou to the pool, when she gotthere, so the two of them could go through their scene before the shoot. As Tommystepped out into the pool area, he met Donna who, completely naked, was headingin to shoot her first scene with Jason, a nineteen year old, skinny kid with apimple-covered face that somehow matched his (barely) five inch cock. "I hope you've got more to offer me, when we shoot our scene. ", Donna pouted. "I hope you're ready for the biggest load you'll ever wear. " Tommy replied, smiling. The look on her face seemed to say, "I've been drenched by the best, rookie. ", buther actual words came out, "You've got two scenes before ours. I hope you can giveme more than a dribble, by then. " She licked her lips teasingly before turning away, heading to the small gym room, where her first scene would be shot.

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  Tommy was sitting with his back to the door, using the temporary solitude to scanthe script, committing the requirements of his first scene to memory. Behind him, he heard a voice, "You must be Tom. I'm Kim. I hope the script has youfucking me good and hard. "Tommy turned, his eyes suddenly widened with shock. Kims expression mirrored his own. "Kimmy, what the hell are you doing here?" Tommy asked, frantically. "Oh God, Tommy. This can't be happening. " Kim muttered, "Oh God, what are we goingto do? If Roger finds out, he'll cancel our scene. ""What?" Tommy asked her, quizzically. "Isn't that the best thing, under the circum-stances?""No, please, Tommy. I need the money, badly. " Kim pleaded. "I'm going to lose myhouse if I don't do this scene.

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  " Tears were beginning to well in her eyes. "But Kimmy, we can't. It's just so wrong. " Tommy reasoned. "Please Tommy. You and I are the only ones that know. Anyway, it's not really us, is it? For the duration of the scene, we're characters from the script. " Kim cried, despair evident in her voice. "I can't let my kids lose their home. We'vegot nowhere to go. "Unwilling to let Kimmy and her children be forced onto the streets, Tommy had nochoice, but to go ahead with the scene. He lifted Kimmys face to look at his own. "Kimmy, for you and the kids, I'll try to become the character I'm playing. I onlyhope I can push the truth back, far enough, in my mind. ", he declared.

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  As he tried to imagine how the scene was going to play out, he found it hard toforget what the awful truth was. And the more he thought about the true situationhe would soon be immersed in with Kimmy, the harder his cock got. He suddenly realized that the truth turned him on. As he admitted this fact to himself, hisshame subsided, and his lust grew. He now knew that he'd not only cope with whathe had to do, he was going to relish every moment of it. He suggested that Kimmy sit down and go over the script with him, not just toget it right for the shoot, but to prepare themselves for what they must do. Totry to become, in their own minds, the characters in the scene. Of course, Tommyhad no intention of "becoming" anyone else. He knew who he was, what he was goingto do, and knew he'd enjoy every bit of it. About a half hour later, Roger called them inside, "You guys ready to give us thehottest scene this industry's ever known?""If it's not the hottest, it won't be from lack of trying", Kim announced, forcingan air of confidence to override any self-doubts, at least to any onlookers. Tommy declared, "How could it not be steaming? Look at my co-star. She could doa scene with Jason that'd make the Pope hard. "Kim, not yet having met Jason, was confused, but Tommy and Roger laughed out loud. They made their way to the kitchen, where Tommy and Kim would play out the scenefor the 45 minutes that the script called for. Kim took her position, at the sinkwhile Tommy stood off camera, in readiness for his entrance.

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   "Action. ", called Andy, the director. Tommy walked into the scene, coming up close behind Kim. "Honey, I'm home and horny. " Tommys character announced, as he lifted Kims dressoff, over her head. Turning to face Tommy, Kims character asked, "What would you prefer, dear, youcan eat dinner, or you can eat me?"Tommy lifted Kim off her feet, sitting her on the bench, beside the sink. He pulledher panties off, forced her knees apart, and buried his face into her smooth-shavenpussy. Licking and sucking with a hunger he'd never known before, Tommy let hislust run rampant, driving his oral actions, regaining control only when the timing,as prescribed in the script, called for their progression to the next actions inthe scene. However, before that time arrived, much to the directors delight, Kimad-libbed the most realistic, hottest looking orgasm he'd seen in his years in theindustry. Only Kim and Tommy knew that it was completely genuine, she felling herbody exploding, he greedily lapping up every drop of the juices that flowed likea torrent from her pulsating pussy. Tommy couldn't help but wonder if, maybe, Kimwas as into the truth as he was. When her orgasm had subsided, Tommy lowered Kim to her feet. Kim continued downward,pulling Tommys sweatpants down as she went. When his hard cock sprung into view, slapping her cheek as it did, her eyes widened and she gasped in awe.
    The directortold himself that this woman knew how to bring a scene to life.

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       What he believed were creative ad-libs, were adding extra sizzle to an already hot script. The truth wasthat Kim had been genuinely surprised by her first glimpse of Tommys erect cock. She reached out a hand, wrapping her fingers around his meat, and began to slowlystroke it. When a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of Tommys cock, Kim leanedforward and licked it off, her eyes cast upward, locked with Tommys. She lickedaround the edge of him cock head, then down the shaft. Kim continued to lick upand down his shaft for a full minute, before taking the head into her mouth. Herlips closed around his shaft, just below the head, and her tongue, once again,worked around the edge of the head. Then, in one fast movement, she thrust herhead forward, taking his full length into her eager mouth. Her eyes still lockedon Tommys, she began to thrust back and forth, deep-throating his cock with eachforward lunge. Tommy had never known such a talented mouth. Her lips held just the right amount ofpressure on his shaft, as they travelled up and down its length. Each time the headof his cock entered her throat, he felt her muscles gently squeezed the invadingknob. And every time his head approached her lips, her tongue worked its magic. Tohis amazement, all this was in addition to a constant, but subtle sucking action. In disbelief, he felt the pressure building, deep in his groin.

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       He had never cum thisquickly in his life. Feeling his cock swell even more, Kim increased her pace, andprepared herself for the explosion that was imminent. With a moan and a shudder,Tommys cock erupted. Kim held his knob as deep in her throat as it could go. Herface mashed into his pubes, she held her throat open, allowing his cum to flowunrestricted, down her throat. To her surprise, his spurts were almost a continuousstream, rather than coming in spasms. The rate of flow, combined with the shearvolume of his cum, was greater than her throat could accomodate. Tommys man-juicewas flowing from her nostrils and the coners of her mouth, soaking the pubic hairthat she held her face against. By the time Tommy finished unloading, Andy was motioning that it was time to moveon to the next part of the script. Until Tommy withdrew from Kims mouth, thedirector was unaware that he had shot his load. When he saw the strings of white,sticky goo hanging between Tommys pubes and Kims nostrils, he almost called "CUT",but noticing Tommys still-hard cock, he kept the cameras rolling. Tommy raise Kim up, lifting her back to her former position, next to the sink. Placing the head of his weapon at the entrance to her fuck-hole, Tommy gazedinto Kims eyes, before plunging it in to the hilt. Giving in to his lust, hefucked her hard and fast. Kim responded by fucking him back, with equal force.


      With the both of them moaning and bucking like wild animals, the atmosphere inthe room was electric. The film crew, all veterans of the adult film industry,were in awe of the ferocity of the fucking before them. None of them had everseen anything like it. Suddenly, Kims body began convulsing in orgasm, her eyesrolling back in her head, as a torrent of inhuman sounds escaped her contortedlips. Andy began to worry that she might be having an epileptic fit. "CUT!", Andy called. He had to repeat his call, much louder, before Tommy heardhim. Suddenly aware of Kims condition, panic filled his voice as Tommy called her name,three times. He instinctively put his fingertips to her carotid artery, checkingfor a pulse. Although her pulse was extremely rapid, he was slightly relieved atfinding one at all. Continuing to monitor her pulse, he began to stroke her facelightly, while softly saying her name. After what seemed an eternity, her bodybegan to relax as her convulsions subsided. One of the crew lay a wet towel uponher forehead. A few minutes later, her eyelids flickered, and a faint sound camefrom her lips, as her consciousness slowly returned. Disoriented and confused,Kim weakly asked what was going on.

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       Tommy was the first to peak, telling her thatshe'd passed out. Andy softly added that she seemed to have some kind of a fit. As she regained her senses, Kim tried to sit herself up, but her limbs felt likejello. Tommy, realizing that his now-flaccid cock was still inside her, took asmall step back, letting it slide from her warmth. Andy suggested that everyonetake twenty minutes, while he filled Roger in on what had occurred. Unable towalk, Kim asked Tommy if he could carry her to one of the recliners by the pool. Once outside, he sat beside her, not wanting to leave her alone until she'dfully recovered. The color had returned to her face by the time Roger came out to speak to both Kim and Tommy. He asked Kim if she was okay, then, satisfied with her reply, he got down to business. "From what Andy tells me, you two gave quite a performance in there. ", Rogerdeclared. "Even though we didn't get as much footage as the script called for,Andy doesn't believe we need any more than we got. He's been in the industryfor over thirty years, so I believe him when he tells me that he's just filmedthe hottest scene the industry will ever see. ""However," he continued, "we don't know what caused your problem, Kim. Couldbe that you have a medical condition that's gone undiagnosed. 

       Maybe Tommy'ssomehow responsible. Because we don't know, I think it'd be too risky to haveeither of you do any more scenes, tonight. I'd like you both to have completephysicals tomorrow, and if each of your doctors give you a clean bill of health, we'll shoot your other scenes later in the week. "Both Tommy and Kim agreed with Rogers precautions. While Kim was concerned thatshe'd had some sort of fit, she hadn't seen how scary it looked. Tommy, on theother hand, had been terrified by what he saw happening to her. "Once tonights footage has been editted," Roger told them, "I'll look at yourscene, and if it's as good as Andy says it is, there'll be bonus checks forboth of you. "Tommy and Kim were both very happy to hears this, and it was apparent by thesmiles they now sported. As he stood to go inside, Roger offered, "Well, seeing as you're both finishedfor the night, you are welcome to stick around and watch the filming, or you can feel free to call it a night. "They thanked him as he left, and Kim turned to Tommy. "I think I'd like to head home. ", she said. "Do you think you could give me aride? That is, unless you want to hang around here awhile. I can always calla taxi. ""I'd be happy to drive you home.

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      " Tommy replied. They walked back to the kitchen, where they'd left their clothes. After dressing,they made their way out to Tommys car. As he drive toward Kims house, Tommy spoke. "Kimmy, I have to be honest with you. I couldn't bring myself to become thecharacter from the script, because I was too turned on by the true facts. "Surprised, Kim shot back, "Really? You too? I came so hard knowing that it wasactually you fucking me. "Tommys eyes widened. "Do you feel any guilt or shame over what we did? I thoughtI would, but I don't. "Placing a hand on his thigh, Kim answered, "No guilt, no shame. I'm happy aboutit. "They looked into each others eyes, and felt a deep love between them. "I have to admit though," Tommy declared, "it scared the hell out of me when Ithought I'd killed my little sister. ".