Lessons in lust with Allison pt 2


Lessons in Lust From Allison
Part 2
Allison grinned up at me as my boxers landed on the floor. She wrapped her hands around my hips and my skinny adolescent ass and practically shoved me backwards onto the couch. My cock jutted out rapidly in front of me, and she eyed it hungrily. She moved up the couch until her lips were on my cheek. Her hand ran gently through my hair as she whispered, “ I think you’ve earned a reward for all your work tonight Greggy. You like the sound of that?” I nodded frantically. She giggled sweetly and then placed her lips on mine, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. She broke away, and began to kiss me all the way down my chest to my stomach before finally stopping at my crotch.
She laughed naughtily as her eyes met mine. Her tongue emerged and starting at the base went up the full length of my engorged member, and traced a long slow circle around the tip. An intense shudder of pleasure rocketed through my body, and I sighed deeply. Her mouth wrapped around my cock and slipped down my shaft as her tongue kept working on my tip. She began gently massaging my balls. She stopped occasionally to stroke my cock. I thought my eyes would roll back in my head. I was grunting uncontrollably and my hands gripped the couch cushions until my knuckles were nearly white.

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“Hmmm, you like that Greggy? You like having big sis suck you’re cock?” She asked as her hand pumped up and down.
“God! Yeah! Oh fuck yeah Allie! It feels great!” She took me back into her mouth and I relished its warmth and moisture.
It didn’t take long. After about 5 minutes at most of Allie working on my shaft, I felt my orgasm building. My eyes wrenched closed and a groan escaped my lips.
“God Allie! I’m gonna cum!”
She grinned fiercely at me as her hand pumped on my member.
“Yeah, fire your hot jizz all over big sis
It only occurred to me later just how skilled Allison was. The way she spoke these dirty lines so naturally in her sultry near whisper. I lost it. I exploded, sending cum all over Allie’s hand, face and mouth. Rivers of sweat poured off my body as I sat sprawled on the couch panting.
After a moment had passed, my eyes slowly parted and I could see her gazing at me. The sweat glistening on her body in the near dark of the room gave her a pixie like glow. There was a sparkle in her eyes that reminded me of a jungle cat looking at its prey. It occurred to me that as much pleasure, as she had gotten from me going down on her, this got her off much more.

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   Watching me, her innocent virgin younger brother, writhe in pleasure beneath her touch, seemed to give her more satisfaction than even the greatest of orgasms.
She cleaned most of the cum off her hands and face with her tongue. I was exhausted. The sheer amazingness of all that had happened in the last half hour or so was crashing onto me. When Allie crawled towards me and asked, “You liked that did ya?” All I had the strength for was a week nod.
She laughed, “aw! Seems like I wore you out!” I smiled at her and petted her cheek.
“God I love you Allie! You really are incredible!” The faintest hint of a blush appeared on her face, and a moment later we were locked in a passionate kiss. When we broke she was gazing straight through me.
“Why don’t’ we call it a night, and tomorrow we can hang out all day, and then at night,” She tickled my now flaccid member, “I can teach you some more important lessons. Sound good?”
“Sounds fantastic!”
We rose together slowly, gathering the clothes up beneath our arms and heading up the stairs, still naked, hand in hand. When we reached my door we stopped and regarded each other’s bodies. Allison placed her hand on my shoulder. She leaned in and kissed my forehead.
“Night Greggy, you were really great tonight!” I told her goodnight then laid on top of my sheets letting my sweat evaporate. My brain swam and sleep didn’t come for an hour or so.

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The next morning I woke up feeling like it was Christmas, springing out of bed. I seized my robe and headed for the bathroom. As I reached the door I could hear the shower running. Instinctively I turned to head back to my room, but the revelation of last night flashed over me and curiosity made me turn back. Cautiously I turned the doorknob and poked my head into the doorway. Steam hit my face as I peered in towards the drawn shower curtain. A moment later Allison’s face ventured around the curtain smiling.
“Morning sleepyhead!” She said brightly. I smiled back at her silently.
“Wanna grab a shower with me? You can wash my back for me. ”
“Sure. ” I entered the bathroom and dropped my towel on the floor. I could sense the blood swelling in my dick as it did most mornings, but now it was doing so on double time. I excitedly pulled back the curtain and stepped under the warm, flowing water. I stood there for a few moments just staring at her wet, nude form from behind.

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   She turned and looked at me over her shoulder.
“Enjoying the view, you perv?” she teased. I shrugged, “What can I say? I know what I like and I like what I see. ”
“Clearly,” she said, regarding my wood with amazement.
We played with each other beneath the water for a little while. Lathering each others bodies as we joked with one another pleasantly. After teeth had been brushed, bodies scrubbed and hair washed, she turned the flow of water off and turned to face me. A dripping hand glided to my cheek, and around to the back of my head. Her open mouth descended, and locked with mine in a wet passionate kiss. Slyly her hand caressed my member, sending a slight shudder through my body. When the kiss broke she said, “You might want to take care of your situation, it’ll be a few hours until we get to have our fun. ”
After grabbing towels, we each headed to get dressed. I immediately took her advice and saw to myself. The day passed entirely too slowly for my liking, and Allie’s blatant attempts to drive me wild did nothing to make things better. She walked around the house wearing tight, tight, low riding jeans, as well as an extremely low cut, form-fitting shirt.

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   Several times she “accidentally” dropped something and bent over to pick it up, whilst giving me a brilliant view of the top part of her ass. She’d then turn and grin at my flushed and sweaty expression.
Finally the sun began setting, as I sat in the living room pretending to watch TV. Around six o’clock, Allison walked slowly up behind me, and I felt my heart rate double. She placed a hand gently on my shoulder and I felt the heat of her body as she bent over the back of her couch towards me. She placed her lips by my ear and, in a sumptuously, seductive whisper said “ Why don’t you join me in my room for your next lesson Greggy?” My muscles tensed and a bizarre cocktail of emotions washed over me. Nervousness, anticipation, affection for my loving older sister and of course, lust for her gorgeous body. I rose, my body trembling with adrenaline, and followed.
She closed the door to her room as I sat down on the bed and took in the familiar view. Band posters on the walls, clothes piled casually on floor, TV at the foot of the bed. The only thing I noticed as new was the rather sizable stack of dirty books, magazines and DVDs, spilling out of her duffle bag. I guess she saw me eyeing he collection of smut because she said, “You caught me Greggy. Big sis is quite a horny gal. I smiled as I looked back at her. She was beginning to cross the floor from the door to the bed now.

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“Nervous?” She asked, her voice compassionate. Shrugging I said,  “Honestly, yeah, a little. ”
“Aw, just relax. I’ll be nice and slow with you, follow my instructions and have fun, ok?”
I nodded.
“Now then,” her fingers began to work on the buttons of her shirt.   “Why don’t you loose the shirt?”
I slid the shirt off my pubescent midsection and swiftly felt a deluge of blood to my between my legs, as her shirt fell further and further apart. I’d seen her completely nude twice already, but I still couldn’t help staring as her top fell to the floor and she gently ran her hands along them to her nipples. Then they landed on the button of her jeans, and a second later she was stepping out of them, towards me, naked as eve. Quickly I slid out of my shoes and socks and kicked my jeans to the side. As She sat down next to me my body became flush with warmth and the feel of her skin next to mine was dizzying.
“Now Greggy, I want you to just sit and watch. ” I nodded stupidly and watched as she laid back on the mattress and placed her head on the pillow. Her hands slid down her chest and over the orbs of her breasts, her fingers drawing circles on her nipples. One hand stayed wrapped around her breasts while the other made its way down her body to her crotch. Her legs were bent and spread.

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   Her hand ventured down the neat strip of pubic hair to the slit of her pussy. She petted herself gently and her fingers rested on her clit. They slid up and down deliberately on that nub of flesh she’d shown me the night before, making fast and short circles on it. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth open in a small “O”. Her breathing quickened, and red rushed into her pale cheeks.
I was transfixed, my eyes shifted rapidly from her hand to her face. I was more aroused than I’d felt before, to the point I actually felt a dull ache and throb between my legs. Her pussy was beginning to glisten with moisture, and I could hear the soft sound of her fingers moving over wet flesh. Her eyes closed tighter and her mouth opened wider. A low “mm,” escaped her lips, as she began fiercely pinching her nipples, and her head rolled back on the pillow.
“Jesus!” She whispered sharply, “I’m cumming Greggy!” you watching?!” I leaned in on my elbows to watch her orgasm; I could smell the juices of her body faintly as she tensed with delight. A second or so passed and she relaxed a bit, her eyes parted gradually. Still panting she said, “Greggy, go to my dresser, go in the top drawer and pull out a condom. ” I wasted no time following the order and within thirty seconds the condom was open and resting on her palm. “Now, I’m on the pill and I know that neither of us have anything we need to worry about catching.

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   But I want you to learn how to use a condom, and to get used in the habit of using them in the future. Also I think using a condom will help you last longer, alright?”
“Sure. ” I said, nodding.
She beamed at me, her face still flush from her climax.
“Lay back. ”
My head touched the pillow and I could feel my heart rattling my ribcage. I looked up at her as she nimbly placed the condom on the tip of my cock and slowly began to unroll it down to the base. A moment later she was crawling on her knees over me, her hands lying firmly on my shoulders. Once she was in position she began slowly lowering herself. I could feel the warmth of her vag enveloping my dick as I slid inside of her body. I sighed lowly and felt my eyes flutter.
She grunted slightly as the walls of her pussy descended inch, by inch around my shaft. Her eyebrows rose as if in surprise and she cooed gently. Finally she reached the base, and began climbing up again.
    I was overcome by the sensation of her tightening muscles wrapped around me, contracting and pulsating.

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       She began pistoning up and down, getting faster and faster. Instinctively I seized her hips, and began to buck my body upwards into hers, spearing her with my manhood. My heart was pumping at a jackrabbit pace and I heard Allie drawing in short, choppy, panting breaths.
    “Mmm! Yeah, that’s it Greggy. That’s really good!” She encouraged, in a dreamy, blissful voice.
    “Allie…mmmm…it feels SO good!” I exclaimed, an ecstatic smile spreading on my face. Her head fell backwards and she exclaimed,
     “God I know Greggy! Fuck me! Fuck big sis! Make me cum!”
    I was already approaching the edge. The condom was keeping the orgasm at bay but I knew I couldn’t take being ridden much longer. Fortunately she began to slow down and finally came to a stop. She looked down at me, face bright red, breathing harried.
    “Alright…. get on top of me…. Fuck me hard. I want you to pound your cock into my tight wet vag Greggy!” She slid off of my pole and a moment later was on her back, her legs spread, her feet held acrobatically above her head.
    “Lucky you, you have a sister who took six years of gymnastics.

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      ” She said giggling. I could see her pussy dripping with wetness and began leaning over her, fumbling to get my cock into position. I slipped inside of her with extreme speed and she breathed in sharply then sighed. Slowly I slid backwards, and then abruptly thrust back in. The inner walls of her body were massaging my throbbing shaft.
    “Mmm, yeah, harder,” she instructed. I increased my force and she grunted again. I felt a brief, painless slap to my ass as she again demanded “Harder!” I picked up speed and vigor and began rocketing in and out of her. Her tits bounced up and down and the beds headboard began pounding against the wall. Sweat poured in rivers from my body as I sunk deeper and deeper into carnal euphoria. She seized my head and nearly broke my neck as she pulled me into a deep kiss. She threw herself up into me now, matching the gyrations of her hips with my own. I was so close now. I was holding on by the skin of my teeth. I would loose it at any moment.


       She stared at me once the kiss had broken, her face wracked with pleasure, our eyes linked.
    “Jesus Greg, you’re so fucking deep inside of me! Your cock feels so good! Ah! How does my pussy feel?”
    “Allie you’re so tight and wet…fuck it feels incredible! I love you so much…uh! I’m…I’m…!”
    “That’s it little brother, that’s it! Shoot you’re load inside me!”
    We both practically screamed as I thrust forward final time and violently orgasmed. I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her. Her legs and arms encircled me. Long moments passed, as we stayed entangled with one another, breathing, softly caressing each other’s hair and skin. Finally, being careful to make sure the condom stayed on. I slid out and rolled off of her. The cool air of the room felt soothing on my sweat soaked skin. My hand unconsciously found hers, and I laid staring at the ceiling. It was her who broke the silence.
    “Greggy, let me just say, I have popped a few cherries in my day, and you are by far the fastest learner. ”
    “Really Allison? You aren’t just saying that cause…. ”
    “I’m you’re sister?”
    I nodded sheepishly.
    “There are grown men who have never pleasured a woman the way you just pleasured me Greggy. With practice you could be a master.

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    I gushed with pride. “Wow Allie, that’s nice of you to say. You we’re absolutely incredible. I’m so glad my first time was with you. I’ve dreamt about this so long!”
    She grinned at me warmly. “You really are a sweetheart you know that Greggy. Tell you what; you ought to talk to mom and dad about spending a weekend with me up at college sometime. I have some girlfriends up at school that would love to meet you. ” She said, then added, “Besides like I said, practice makes perfect. ”
    “That sounds fantastic Allie, but how would I sell it to mom and dad?” She seemed to ponder this for a moment, then a naughty little smirk came to lips and she said, “easy, just tell them it would be a ‘learning experience. ’” That night we slept next to each other in her bed. When the dawn broke we both got ready hurriedly for our parents return, dressing, cleaning and tidying the house. When they got home at around three in the afternoon, suitcases and souvenirs in tow, everything seemed just as it had.
    “So,” said my mother setting down her travel bag, “What did you two get up to this weekend?”
    Allison and I exchanged a brief smile, and then Allie replied “not a whole lot, I helped Greggy study a bit actually. ”
    “Really? That was nice of you Allison.

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    “Yeah, I tried to be gentle with him. He’s a bright kid mom. ”
    “Well that’s sweet of you, I just hope you didn’t ride him about the whole time dear. ”
    The End



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