Lessons In Family Closeness


I was just learning about my body and was going through the stage of looking at pictured of girls and thinking of having sex until my dick would start to stiffen and grow. A few of the older boys at school would describe having sex and get my young mind going. I would rub my dick when it got hard but had not reached the point of a climax. To my inexperienced mind, the tightening in my groin meant I was doing something wrong and I would stop just short of completion.
Mom worked rotating shifts at her job and had just started a month long stint at midnights, so my sixteen year old sister had to watch over me in Mom’s absence. Her boyfriend used to sneak over  after Mom left for work and they would fool around in the living room while I headed for bed. I would lay in bed and listen to them carrying on and then as my dick grew hard, would begin to masturbate. This one evening was different though, and changed my life forever. Right after Mom left for work, the phone rang and Becky’s boyfriend told her he couldn’t come to visit because he had been grounded for the weekend. She was in tears as she hung up the phone. It was my usual bed time, so I went off to my room. I left my room later to go the bathroom and saw her on the couch, he skirt pulled up and her white panties pulled aside. She heard me at the bathroom door and quickly pulled her skirt down. I tried to act as if I hadn’t seen anything and went back to my room. I crawled into bed and pulled my pajama bottoms down to my knees. I lay there thinking of seeing my sister with her hand inside her panties and immediately grew a hardon.

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   I didn’t notice the door opening and had lowered my sheet so I could stroke my cock. I heard my sister’s voice asking what I was doing. She saw full well what I was doing in the glow from the nightlight in my room. She walked over to stand beside my bed and asked how long I had been masturbating. I blushed and told her I had just started a few weeks ago. She looked at me and asked if I did it till I came. I wasn’t sure what she meant so I asked her. She asked if I had done it till I shot stuff out of it. I told her that I had not done that yet and told her about the feeling in my groin. She then told me that if I kept going, I would get some really great feelings and then shoot some gooey white stuff out of it. She told me to go back to rubbing it and not to stop. I said something about not doing it in front of her, to which she replied that she had done it to her boyfriend a lot and he enjoyed it. She then offered to do it to me. I lay back and told her to go ahead. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to run her warm hand up and down its length.

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   In a few short minutes, the tightening feeling began and I started to say something to her but she kept going. She then did something I had heard the older boys at school talk about. She leaned closer and put her mouth over my dick and began to suck on it. She raised up long enough to tell me that, no matter what happened, not to try to stop her. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking me harder and harder. I suddenly felt myself explode in her hot mouth. My balls pumped out streams of sperm, which she immediately swallowed. My hips bucked and raised off the bed as I filled her mouth with my fluid. After I was drained, she raised up and wiped the drops off her chin and asked if I enjoyed it. I told her it was the best thing I had ever felt. She then asked me if I would do something to her that her boyfriend had done for the first time the night before that. I asked what she meant and she said her boyfriend had put his tongue inside her down there, pointing at her crotch. I looked at where she was pointing and saw that she had pulled her panties down almost to her knees. Her knees were apart as she knelt on my bed and I could see the front of her slit showing through the thin blonde hair covering. I quickly recalled to memory a picture in my hidden stash of two women doing that to each other.

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   Becky looked down and begged me to do it. As she did, she pulled her panties down the rest of the way and slid them over her feet. She knelt beside me and lifted her sweater up over her head and undid her bra, letting her firm breasts fall free. She then worked her rolled up skirt down over her hips and off her feet, leaving her totally nude. I had never seen a naked girl before and looked her body over from head to toe. She had a good figure for a girl of sixteen and the shadows cast by the faint nightlight accented the curves of her firm breasts. I noticed that her nipples had become hard and pointed straight ahead. She held them cupped in her hands and moved her upper body from side to side, giving me a good look at them. She moved one leg over my body and knelt with her pussy inches from my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, testing the taste of her pussy. She begged me to stick my tongue inside the slit. I did as she asked and was surprised by the wetness of her insides. She sharply drew in her breath as my tongue penetrated her. She told me to move my tongue in and out. I placed my hands on her buttocks and began tonguing her slit, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper.

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   Her hips began a slow rocking motion as I pressed my tongue inside as far as I could. She reached down and pulled her lips apart and told me to lick the spot at the top of her slit where the folds of skin covered her clit. As I found the intended target, she begged me to suck it. I began to do as she asked, causing her to begin riding my face as if it were a saddle. She went faster and faster, screaming out that she was going to cumm. She leaned back on her hands and began to shake and moan as her orgasm took over her body. When she was done, she said I was even better at it than her boyfriend.
She had climbed off of me and was laying beside me for a few minutes as her breathing went back to normal. She then turned facing my feet and placed her body over me with her pussy once again in my face. She grabbed my dick and began to suck it, so I put my hands on her hips and began licking her pussy again. We performed oral sex on each other until we both had climaxed again. When we were done, she turned back around and we fell asleep together with our arms around each other.
A little later, I was awaked by her hand on my dick, stroking me back to another erection. She told me there was one last thing she wanted me to do for her. She went on to say that she had been taking birth control pills for about three months and was hoping her boyfriend would take her virginity but had decided not to wait for him.

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   She rolled over on top of me and got into position over me. She then guided my stiff cock to her wet pussy. After rubbing my dick on the wet slit a few times, she held it upright and lowered herself onto it. I felt my dick spreading her lips and the head pushing inside. I felt a resistance as my cock tried to penetrate her hymen. She moved around until, with a strong push, lowered herself even more. I felt the thin membrane parting as my cock entered her wet pussy. She winced at the pain and sat still a moment, then began to move up and down on me. I could feel my hard cock going deeper and deeper with each stroke until she was sitting with it fully inserted inside her. She was tighter that I had imagined, having only had a hand or her lips around my shaft before this. She began moving up and down faster and faster until I felt her pussy tighten even more and she began to tighten and release my shaft in the convulsions of an orgasm. The movements caused me to erupt at almost the same time and I filled her pussy full of  my cream. After relaxing a few moments, we turned until I was over her and was fucking her from above as hard as I could. A second time, I filled her hot pussy full of my sperm and rolled aside to recover.
Becky and I were awakened by the sound of mom’s voice, yelling at us and asking what the hell we were doing.

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   I was on my back and Becky was on her side facing me with one leg raised, resting no me. We both woke up and jerked the sheet up over us. Mom crossed the room and pulled the sheet back down, uncovering us and then grabbed Becky, pulling her off of me. My cock was half erect and was waving in the air, pointing at my mother. Becky was reaching down to grab her clothes from the floor beside the bed. Mom grabbed Becky by the shoulder and jerked her upright, asking how long we had been fucking like this. Becky stood up and made no attempt to cover her nakedness. She told Mom that we had just done it last night for the first time and that I had taken her virginity since her boyfriend had not gotten up the nerve to do so. She also told Mom that it had been my first time as well. Mom had sat on the bed and was now looking at my hard cock pointing up at the ceiling. She then did something completely unpredictable. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around me, saying she hoped Becky had enjoyed such a hard cock. The touch of my mother’s hand had me swelled to the bursting point as she slowly began to rub it up and down. A sultry smile appeared on her face as she continued to stroke me. Mom leaned over and kissed the tip of my cock, poking at the tip with her tongue.

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   I felt my cock being drawn inside my mother’s warm mouth as she sucked and then she asked if she was as good as Becky. My mother had obviously had more experience at giving head and her methods were superior to my sister’s. Mom’s tongue was circling my shaft inside her wet moth and her lips clung to the shaft like Becky’s pussy had done only a couple of hours before. I immediately erupted into a volcano of sperm. Mom continued to suck my cock until I felt as if she was draining my insides. When she had finished, she stood up and began taking her clothes off. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her ample breasts, restrained by a black lace bra. She removed the blouse and then took her skirt off revealing matching black lace panties. She then stood up and allowed me to take in the view of her shapely body, her black lace underwear accentuated by the pair of black laced topped stocking and heels covering her long legs. Her job as night manager at the big hotel in town required that she dress well and she enjoyed dressing provocatively. As I watched, she reached behind her, releasing the catch on her bra and letting it fall forward, revealing her large but firm breasts. The dark nipples stood out more than my sister’s and had dark circles around them instead of the pink aureoles on Becky’s younger breasts. Mom cupped her breasts in her hands and asked if  I liked them. I knew from peeking through the laundry hamper that they were a full “C” cup versus Becky’s perky “A” sized ones. Mom told me to come and pull her panties off of her.

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   I walked over to her and slid my hands inside the waistband of the lacey bikinis and pushed downward. They slid down over her hips and revealed the dark hair of her bush. Mom told me to feel her pussy. I slid one hand down over the dark hair and found her slit to be wetter than Becky’s had been. My finger probed and found her clit to be larger than my sister’s and seemed to be harder too. Mom’s knees weakened as I rubbed the sensitive button. She widened her stance to balance her self. My finger then was able to slid full length inside Mom’s soaking wet pussy. She held me close to her, crushing my face into her big breasts. She then reached down with one hand and grabbed my erection, rubbing it against her wetness. Her dark bush was denser than Becky’s fine blonde hair and I felt my cock rubbing into it, then between her lips inside her slit. She pushed me backwards onto the bed and then climbed on top of me guiding my cock into her waiting pussy. Although not as tight as my sister’s near virgin pussy, Mom had learned to use her vaginal muscles to milk my shaft. Her pussy felt warmer than Becky’s and much wetter. She slowly moved up and down on me several times and then told Becky to come sit in my face.

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   Becky eagerly did as she was told and sat facing Mom while I licked and tongued her. I looked up and saw mom and Becky embracing over me locked in a passionate kiss. Mom had her hands on Becky’s firm breasts and was kneading them and pinching the nipples. Becky did the same to Mom. Holding her hands flat and letting Mom’s bigger nipples rub against her palms, I could see mom’s nipples growing to fully erect. Mom began moving up and down on my cock, faster and faster until she came with a scream, flooding me and the bed with what I assumed was my mother’s pee. She told me later that she was known as a squirter when fully aroused and brought to an orgasm. She told Becky that she, too would learn to squirt as she gained more experience. Mom looked down and told me to lick deep and forward to try to reach my sister’s G” spot”. While I probed and lapped at Becky’s pussy, Mom rubbed a spot above her slit and as Becky approached her orgasm, she screamed and let go with a stream of liquid. Mom told me to try to swallow it as it squirted out but a lot went past me and ran down my face and neck to the sheets. After only a few moments rest, Mom told me to let her see me fuck Becky. She had Becky lay on her back and told me to get between her legs and give her my cock. I got into position and began fucking my sister fiercely. Mom reached beneath my cock and began probing Becky’s ass hole with her finger.

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   Mom inserted her finger well up inside Becky’s ass and finger fucked her while I pounded my sister’s pussy. Becky exploded in an orgasm just as my balls began pumping her full of my sperm. As I rolled off of my sister. Mom took my place  and began licking the sticky sperm off of  Becky’s pussy and inside it as well. Mom turned around until her body was directly over Becky’s and facing her feet. She lowered herself until Becky began to lick at Mom’s pussy, licking up the sperm that oozed from it from my earlier fucking. I watched in amazement as the two engaged in the first lesbian experience either one had ever done. It was not going to be their last.
For the next several years, Mom, Becky and I slept together and made love together until Becky and her boyfriend finally married and then it was Mom and me for a few years by ourselves. We still get together as often as we can. Mom and I moved to a nearby city when she was promoted but Becky still comes by often, bringing her two kids with her but that’s a different story…….



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