Lesson for Me and Them


After reading some stories about daughters I have my own I would love to share. Jacking off has been a great thing in my life from the age of 18 Although sex was also not talk about in my family growing up, I knew it would not be that way in mine now. I have been pretty open about nudity in our home with a son and a daughter. .
A major sporting event was coming up in the mid west a couple of years ago and my 29 year old daughter knew I wanted to go, so she took me to it and paid for almost the whole thing. She arranged a place for us to stay from some friends she knew in the area. We arrived a day or two early so we thought we would take in some sites in a major city near by. It was far enough away that we had to get a hotel for the night so we could have the whole next day to sight-see. After we had checked in that evening we talked about see a movie to kill some time but by the time we got a bite to eat and put down a few hard drinks it was to late. Beside we were definitely feeling no pain. We went back to the room where my daughter said she was going to take a shower and put on her pj’s. I told her I would do the same when she got done. While she was in the shower I figured I would get a quick tug on my rod before she got out, she always took quite a while when she showered. I had my pants pulled down and no shirt on laying on the bed handling my cock with a nice even flow, stroking it slowly all the way from top to bottom. There was a mirror on the wall coming out of the bathroom that would look into the rest of the room. The water was running in the shower, so I had thought she was in it, but she had forgotten to get her pj’s from her case.

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   She opened the door of the bathroom and though the mirror she saw me working this engorged erection, I caught her out of the corner of my eye, not knowing how long she had been watching, I froze, she said to me”can I watch”, and I didn’t know what to say, I said “if your OK with it, sure”. She had nothing else on but an open short robe with no waist tie. She came out and sat on the other bed across from me. My cock was now in a semi state but as she got closer it became harder then ever. She started to fondle herself as she sat down. She said “when did you first start beating off “I said “masturbating” she said “masturbating, beatin off, jackin off, chocking the chicken, you know what I mean, how old were you when you started?”. I told her “I was about 18 years old and it started with a real good wet dream that sent me though the roof. I knew what masturbating was, what a wet dream was, and all that, but once that happened I was handling this cock every night for a long time or when ever I could”. All this time we were talking I kept stroking my cock slowly up and down with these long top to bottom strokes and she kept tickling her clit but now with two hands, it was just making me get harder, it was feeling so good.
She then began to tell me about her first time and how it happened. She said it was with me when it happened to her. As she told the story it all came back to me I remembered the night. She said she was 14, You see she always like me to rock her in the rocking chair while she was growing up as she got older the rocking times would get farther apart. This night she asked me to rock her. She was getting taller so she had to straddle me by putting her legs down under the side arms of the rocker.

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   At the time I did not think much about it, but as we rocked the motion gave me a semi hard on, she was sitting directly on my cock, she had her head on my shoulder and I thought she had started to fall asleep. I was hoping my cock was not going to go into full extension so I tried to think of other things. After about 18 min. of this rocking motion she gave out this little sleep groan and a second later she just shuddered for about 18 seconds or so, I thought it was just a chill that came over her. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she was going to go to bed, it was late. She got up and went to her room. After she had walked way I had this wet spot on my crotch where she had been straddling me. I was wearing a very thin pair of sweat pants, so of course I thought it was my own pre cum from the semi hard rod I was withholding, which by the way it did not take but a second or two for it to become rock hard when she got off of me, I was hoping she would not see it pop up. I immediately went in the bathroom to jackoffbecause I was so tense from think she could feel my semi erection, I blew my wad so hard in front of the sink that it hit the medicine cabinet mirror. Now she tells me at the time she felt kind of embarrassed because she had squirted on my pants, and that shudder was not a chill it was a full on orgasm. When she went to her room that night she had worked herself up again by rubbing herself with her finger. She had talked to a friend that told her she would know when it happened and to use her fingers lightly or any way it felt good, and oh yes she saw my cock through my pants in its full glory as she walked way, she told me.
While we were talking about our first times we were still stroking ourselves. We adjusted ourselves so we were now looking at each other over the top of our genitals in between our legs from one bed to the other. I had a clear view of her facial reaction looking over the top of her very wet cunt and she had a clear view of my facial reaction looking over my iron hard cock and balls.

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   The sensation was on the highest level of intensity, watching myself jackoff and over the top of my cock see her on the other bedfinger banging herself and looking at me. We stroked ourselves for quite awhile just enjoying this great sensation, when all of a sudden she squirted three big shots of her cum that almost hit me on my bed. I could see her facial reaction was priceless. It was such a turn on for me I unloaded two huge shot of my own cum that arched up in the air and hit my face and chest, it was dipping down all over my legs and stomach. I seriously did not believe this was going on with me and my daughter, but man it was great. Her bed was so wet from her squirting that she had to sleep on my bed. We cleaned things up and went to bed it was about 1 am in the morning. At 3:30 I felt this tug on my cock she wanted us to do it again, just knowing she pulled on my cock I was erect in no time flat. So we did it again this time on the same bed with me at the head of the bed and her at the foot of the bed. The only time we touched each other was when she tug on my cock to wake me up.
When we went home from this trip she had to fly out south and I had to fly out to the west. She is now married with two kids living some 2200 miles away. I hadn't’t thought about our trip much lately until we hooked up on a video Internet call about two weeks ago when she call me for fathers day. She brought up the subject of our trip and it immediately made my cock stand on end. As we talked about it she told me she was getting wet, and out of the blue asked me if I had a hard on yet.

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   I told her I was way ahead of her and was rubbing my cock through my pants as we speak. She suggested we get naked and adjust the cameras so we could watch each other jackoff one more time. It was my gift for father’s day she said. So we fixed the cameras so we could see each others face and genitals. When I saw her squirt cum again that night of great feelings came back to me. I shot my load so hard I hit not only the monitor in front of me but the wall behind it too. I asked her if she always squirt cum like that, she told me that is why she wanted to do it with me again because she has only done it while watching me, and god knows she said she has tried a number of times.
Sometimes I think I should feel a little guilty for doing this with her. But,a thought about the time I came home from work early to see my 18 year old son beating off while lying on the dinning room table. All I thought of was how embarrassed he must of felt. So I told him to stay where he was at and I dropped my pants and started stroking my limp cock. We talked about masturbating a few minutes while we stroked our cocks and I showed him what I could. He was surprised at how fast my cock went from limp in my hand to full staff. He said he loved beatin his cock off and shootin a load when he could, I told him to never hurry a good masturbating session. Before we knew it we were both laying on our backs on the floor shooting a big load of cum all over our stomachs.

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   It was great. In the months to come we jerked off together a number of times. He has told me thanks for the lessons and the bonding experience we now have.

Son or Daughter we have had this great experience that ties us together in a most wonderful way. They are now in their twenties and thirties and have an outstanding sex life with their partners. Do I feel guilty? Not on your life.