Lego Love


I didn’t usually wear anything to bed but of course she wasn’t going to know that but for that brief moment pictures started running through my head of me walking into my young cousins room tonight in nothing but my birthday suit and of her reaction. This thought stayed with me as I lay on the couch building up a hard on until my trail of thought was broken by my mum yelling that dinner was on the table. We sat at the table, with my mum at the head and me and Kathie at the sides facing each other. We only had salad for dinner as my mum made sure I got one healthy meal a week. The plates were very cold as they had been in the fridge all day and they were clearly having a strong effect on Kathie, as her nipples had grown very hard. I stared at her nipples whilst I ate and had begun to rebuild my hard on, I dropped my knife under the table knowing that she was one to wear short skirts and as I bent down pick it up I glanced across confirming my guess. She did have on a very tiny skirt that I could see right up; she was wearing a pair of white cotton panties that appeared to have a picture of a teddy bear on the front. This sight had aroused me further and I returned to my seat at the table. The table was very low and tight to the chair tops, so as I sat down my solid rod heavily rubbed against the underneath of the table giving me a momentary burst of pleasure. I sat there eating my tea staring at my cousin’s pert tits whilst I rubbed myself off against the table. The fact that I was doing this in front of my mother and cousin was the biggest thrill of all, there is nothing like masturbating right under people’s noses without them having a clue about it. I glanced across at Kathie; she dipped her carrot into some mayo and began to lick it off the end, that did it for me as a grasped the table and shot my load inside my underwear. After eating I went to my room and cleaned up and then waited for night to come. It got to 11pm and I heard my mum heading off for bed, so decided to leave it for 5 minutes then go over there. I stripped down to my boxers and t-shirt and waited for the time to pass. After only waiting two minutes the thought of sitting with my cousin in what I was wearing began to turn me on a bit and I started to develop a hard on.

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   I couldn’t walk in there with a tent in the front of my underwear so I waited for it to die down, which took somewhere in the region of ten minutes. Finally I arrived at my cousin’s door and I walked straight in to find her lying on her bed holding a teddy in just a pair of small cotton panties and a skimpy little pink vest thing. I stood at the doorway completely struck down by how sexy she looked lying there hugging a teddy, in fact I was so aroused by this vision of innocence mixed with eroticism that my member began to grow again. “I was wondering when you would get here”. “Yeah sorry I just thought id wait for mum to go to bed so she didn’t accuse me of keeping you up to late”. “Ok then, shall we start then”, she asked moving towards her television, I nodded and went and sat down on her big beanbag in-between the mass piles of teddies. She put on the video and came over and sat on my lap snuggling up to me. The movie began and despite having her small smooth soft body perched on lap I managed to resist any sort of arousal, but everything went horribly wrong when the movie reached a car chase scene. Instantly Kathie hopped up in my lap and started to act out driving a car and cheering on the good guy, this obviously wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t been bouncing around on my lap rubbing her little firm ass against my groin. The curves of her cheeks continued to grind away on me staff and against all my efforts I couldn’t draw my attention away. Then I what happened next was something that I was expecting, I got another erection. Once my member was fully loaded up Kathie began to wiggle on it trying to discover what it was. She looked at me and gave me of confusion, one that maybe you would associate with long algebra questions. She slid off my lap and stared face to face with the tent in my boxers with an evermore-puzzled expression on her face. She prodded my dick and giggled as it flung back towards her.

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  “Tim what is that”? “Um that’s my dick, its what boys have”“Oh I see. Well can I see it”, she asked. I stared at the roof trying to decide how to respond to her question although as I returned my attention to my little cousin I discovered that it had been a rhetorical question after all. She had yanked down my boxers around my ankle and had begun confronting her first ever penis. She looked so lit up as if she where a child at Christmas, her innocence and exploration thrived me further in this feeling of exhilaration. She recommenced her prodding and grabbing of my member; it had become her own personal toy to play with. “I don’t have one of them see”, she said as stood up and wriggled out of her tiny cotton panties giving me a perfect view of her pleasure pot. “I know you have a hole instead”. “Oh my good its like Lego, can we play Lego Tim”, I looked at her unsure what she meant. She strolled towards me and turned around giving me a peek at her cute little firm ass and then out of the blue lowered herself onto my hard rod taking it fully into the depths of her wet cunt. I was knocked breathless by the feeling of her cool moistening pussy sliding slowly onto my spear, I almost shot my load as the exhilaration hit me. She was sat on my lap and then began to bounce up and down on my cock sending me into a whole new world of pleasure. “See we are like Lego or jigsaw pieces we are made with the ability to connect to each other”, I couldn’t believe it my little baby cousin was fucking me and she had no clue, she thought that we were playing a game or at least it was funny that we joined together whereas I knew the truth and yet didn’t hold back in taking advantage of her innocence. She continued to play her game as I screwed her from behind, each thrust sending me further and further away from resisting such a taboo like I knew that I should. I tried to get up but Kathie just came down on me harder forcing my thrust deeper, I couldn’t turn back now her wet slit had put its spell on me.

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   I slowly moved my hand up her top and to my joy she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, I cupped her small firm breasts in my hands and continued to thrust away inside her. She had become very wet and her juices had covered my lap, she began to pant. “This game is real fun, it’s making me feel really good”, Kathie’s said as she began to reach her orgasm. Her breath heavily picked up and she was almost screaming in pleasure as I continued to fuck her from behind, I started to get worried that my mum was going to wake up and come in here and catch us but in no time at all this feeling of worry changed into a strange eroticism that just drove me on stronger. After I refocused from this thought I noticed that she was hitting her orgasm and her damp tunnel had began to tighten around my cock holding it in there like a vice. Her moans weren’t terribly loud but would still be distinctively able to hear them from anywhere in the house. And then finally she let out one final scream and collapsed onto my as I continued to persist on bringing off my member inside her. She asked to stop saying she was too sensitive in her pee-pee hole and that each movement was driving her out of control. I sulked claiming that it wasn’t fair because my body didn’t get to feel that way and Kathie asked if there was any other way that she could help, I nodded. We moved over to the bed and I stood next to it as she went and lay on it. I showed her how to jerk me off and she began straight away tugging me off with her dainty little hands. Next I asked her to suck the big purple thing at the end referring to my head and without a second thought she did that too. Within no time at all I had taught my cousin how to bring me off perfectly and now I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. She started by just playing with my meat inside her mouth with her tongue but after a while she started to bob her head along my shaft in time with her hand movements. This was it, her technique had driven me to a point of no return and I was shortly going to cum.

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   I asked her to take it out of mouth and lick it from as far away possible but to continue using her hand and yet again she willingly obliged. The quick movements of her delicate little hand along my shaft gave me a feeling of ecstasy, one that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t of refused, I was ready. I tilted my head back and shot wave after wave of hot cum towards her face until my banks were completely empty. I fell on the bed completely exhausted. After a minute or so of lying there I collected myself together and looked at my little cousin, her face, hair, neck and chest were completely plastered in my thick white seed and I knew at that point that I had screwed her good. She smiled. “You dirty boy Tim, taking advantage of a little girl like me. Did you think I didn’t know what sex was, did you think that I was just playing a game”, she said as burst into laughter whilst trying to lick my cum from her body. I looked at her terrified and surprised unsure of what was to follow, then I realised that I had been so caught up in the sex that I didn’t realise that she hadn’t had a cherry. I felt horribly perverted and I knew that no matter what she had in store for me I deserved it. She crawled towards me, my body began to shake with fear, then from completely out of the blue she kissed me. “Don’t worry about it I enjoyed it and I am not going to tell anyone about this as id like it to maybe happen again”, She said completely killing the tension in the room, I kissed her back and left the room. We had sex many more times after that day and if you liked this story I might be willing to tell you about them. .