Learning my body


I am a 25 year old young woman and have an insatiable sexual apetite.   I have been masturbating since I was 4, yes 4, when I did not even know the word and did not know ANYTHING about sex, just loved the feeling of being touched there! I was, and still am an extra-ordinarily beautiful woman. My earliest memory is of all these strange people touching me in weird ways. My family had a large group of friends and one or the other 'uncles' was always touching me and feeling me.
My friend when I was 12 was Becky, she and I were inseperable. Her father was a lawyer and a good looking one at that. He was my first. I had gone to Becky' for a sleep over and Andy, her father would love to make me sit on his lap or next to him and read books or watch TV. He used to touch my thighs and back and brush his hands over my breasts. I was an exhibitionist, i loved having him touch me and often when he was next to me, i would press against him and loved to feel his penis against me, wondering what was that was so hard.
One night, we were watching a show and Becky fell asleep in front of the TV, Andy asked me if I wanted to go upto bed, since he was leaving Becky to sleep down. I agreed. I went up and when i was done I fell on Beck's bed and fell asleep. In the night I felt someone touching my things, moving the nightie up. I woke up and a voice said Shhhh. .

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  . I knew it was Andy. I moved back on the bed on the side, he said he could not sleep since his wife snored and snuggled with me. After a few minutes, i felt something hard against me, he whispered, "do u like it?" I shook my head, yes. He said, "want to see it?" I said yes again. He dropped his shorts and there for the first time I saw a cock, magnificient and gleaming, the head shiny and a little wet. I looked at him and he said, I want to touch you, it is going to mae you feel good, just lie down and do as I say. I said ok. He lifted my nightie higher and spread my legs and moved between them, touching my pussy, first one then the other. I had no hair and was getting wet and terribly excited. He asked, "do u like it" I said yes i was loving it, he said wait and started to slowly lick my clit and rub it. His fingers were slowly rubbing my anus, since i was flowing like a river. He kissed and licked till I could take it no more and then he said, your turn. He pt his beautiful cock in my mouth and taught me how to suck it, it felt salty and smooth and incredibly exciting. I reveled in the fact that I could make this man moan and groan with just a flick of my tongue.

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   After a few minutes, he pulled out of my mouth and picked me up and made me sit on his lap, rubbing his penis, but not penetrating. He asked me if I had started my periods, I said no. He smiled holding my face and said he could make me feel good and i had nothing to worry about since he was all taken care of. i had no idea what he was talking about, i was feeling like i was in heaven. He made me lie on my stomach and kissed and licked me all over, parting my butt cheeks and licking me there, he lifted my waist and started to lick my pussy, I turned and he kept licking my pussy, i have never felt so good as I came for the very first time. He held me after wards and said that we were special friends and that he would teach me new things and show me new things that I could not imagine.
I loved being with Andy, we fucked much later. He was the most considerate person I have known. Even now, thinking of him makes me wet.
I have had several rendevouzs with him on and off, since Becky and I still stay in touch. Andy is still a handsome horny devil and can even now with a touch make me all weak.
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