Late Night TV with My Daughter


Topic: Late Night TV with My DaughterStory "Late Night TV with My Daughter"
This is a true story about a father's growing lust for his maturing fourteen year old daughter. I know what I write about that took place is against the morals of most people but I cannot help but share my most secret sexual experience with others who also struggle to contain these feelings.
Any man with a gorgeous sexy daughter, sister, aunt or even mother is lying if he says he has never had sexual thoughts or fantasies about them. Most dare not act out on those fantasies in fear of rejection or being caught in the act of incest. If there was no chance of prosecution or social embarressment, I'm sure any man or woman would act out on their deepest darkest sexual desires, incest.
My experience begins with describing my sexy young 18 year old teenage daughter. Erin has long straight sandy blonde hair about shoulder length, gorgeous blue-green eyes, stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs barely 100 pounds. She has very smooth skin which tans golden brown very easily. She is very thin, with not an ounce of fat on her sexy little body.
My daughter has this gorgeous mature woman model face. She could very easily pass for being twenty years old but yet she's only fourteen. As her young teenage body developes, she appears more like a woman rather than the young girl she really is. She fills the air around her with pure sexual excitement and she is beginning to realize her effects on every man she comes in contact with.
This is very much a problem for me and every other man who casts their eyes upon her sweet teenage beauty. I've often caught men of all ages stealing lustful glances at her, their eyes devouring every inch of her gorgeous young body and me her father, being a man which her beauty creates the same effect on as with all the others.
In the last two years, Erin has blossomed from a flat chest to a very nice supple B cup.

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   Her hips have widened, her sexy butt is perfectly formed and she is slowly shaping into a very beautiful young woman. This was the start of my problem as although my wife is still very attractive, I found myself starting to take notice of my own daughter in a sexual way. Although I try to fight it, when I look at my beautiful daughter and my cock swells every time.
I'm a thirty-six year old man, brown hair, blue-green eyes and still well built for my age. The small love handles are there but I've heard many women tell my wife how handsome her husband was. I try hard to stay in shape and keep healthy. My sex life with the wife is good but lately, while making love, if I think about my sweet young daughter, it intensifies my orgasm ten fold.
As the days have passed by, I've noticed my daughter's attire getting sexier and more revealing. I just figured she was growing up and to be honest, I was enjoying the view of her soft sexy golden skin as more became visible to my eyes. Erin is simply a very stunning example of blossoming teenage beauty.
I noticed too that if my wife wasn't home, she was just a bit more daring with her choice of clothing, or should I say with her choice of less clothing. It would be nothing for her to prance by me in a loose fitting night shirt and only a pair of sheer skimpy panties. I loved catching glimpses of her sweet little panty covered tush. My cock was practically hard all the time around her now.
She would usually find some reason to bend over in front of me, giving me a perfect view of her sweet little butt.

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   My cock would be rock solid in seconds, but I enjoyed this little sexual game she was playing. I knew as a father, I should tell her to put more clothes on but my raging cock was doing the thinking, not me.
Several days ago, she came in from the pool in this skimpy little yellow string bikini. Now you may ask what's the big deal but in the past she always wore a robe or wrapped a towel around her bottom around me as she left the pool. Today was different, very different and I was pleasantly surprised.
Here she was standing in the kitchen looking in the frig for a drink, bending over slightly as I entered the room. My eight inch cock thickened at the sight of her perfect little globes of butt flesh stuffed tightly in that thin little bikini bottom. Her deep dark golden tan contrasting against the bright yellow fabric of her small bikini was so sexy looking.
For me, a womans butt is the hottest and sexiest sight I can imagine. There is nothing that makes my cock harder than seeing a sweet sexy butt directly from behind and a pussy mound exposed just below it. Erin's pussy mound was encased by the thin yellow frabric of her bikini but it was the ultimate sexual sight for me. My cock was again rock hard in seconds, pressing out against my shorts as I stared at her sweet little ass.
Suddenly Erin turned around and caught me in the act of lusting over her sexy little bottom. "Daddy, do you like my new bathing suit?" she asked as if nothing happened but her eyes moved to my bulging cock and then up into my eyes, smiling as she sipped her soda.
"Your suit looks just fine honey.

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  " was all I could stammer out as my eyes devoured every inch of her sexy teenage body.
She placed her soda on the table. She pulled and adjusted her bikini bottoms, revealing more pale white untanned skin to my eyes, almost to the top of her little pussy mound. " I really like how snug this suit fits me. The fabric is so smooth and soft. Don't you think it does daddy? Here feel it. "
I knew I shouldn't but, as in a trance, my hand reached out to hers as she pulled the material out slightly. God, I could see down into the front of her bikini bottom, my heart was pounding. I could see the fine growth of her dark pussy hair as my fingers moved within inches of her sweet mound to caress the bikini material she was offering to me to feel.
My fingers trembled with sexual excitement as I touched the yellow fabric only inches from her sweet pussy. "That feels very nice honey. " was all I could mutter out as my mouth was so dry.
My thick hard cock was pressing out and I knew she could see the effect her sexy body was having on me as I said, "You're really growing up into a beautiful young lady. " as I started to leave the room as I couldn't take it any more. Two seconds longer and daughter or not, I would probably end up raping my own daughter.

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"Thanks daddy, I'm glad you you like it. " she said in a low tone. She was very happy to see the effects she had on her own father. She felt a deep love and this special connection with her dad.
As I climbed the stairs, I couldn't see anything but my daughter's perfect little pussy and bikini covered butt cheeks in my mind. My cock was throbbing as I entered my bedroom, locked the door and dropped my shorts to my ankles.
I grabbed a bottle of hand lotion from next to the bed, applied a small amount to my huge throbbing hard on, laid back on the bed and for the first time, jerked off while fantasizing about my own sexy little daughter.
My heart pounding with lust, within seconds, I groaned loudly as I shot a huge load of cum into the air, mostly landing on my chest. Some actually flew up and hit my chin. I couldn't remember ever cumming so hard in my life, not since I was a tennager.
I panicked for a second as I thought I heard the bedroom door close and someone outside the bedroom door. I waited a second in silence, heard nothing and then I quietly opened the door only to just barely catch Erin entering her bedroom.
Did she see me or did she just hear me jerking off? Was she standing outside the bedroom door, looking in as I pleasured myself? God, I can't believe I forgot to lock the bedroom door. My mind raced as I cleaned up my cum with a dirty t-shirt and threw it in the hamper.
After that day, it seemed like four or five times a day I would catch my daughter wearing something sheer or very sexy and revealing around me.

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   Whether it was her wrapped in a towel coming from the bath to her room, in one of her sexy bikini's or wearing her long night shirt with a very sexy pair of panties. I was completely enjoying this arousing game she was playing of teasing me.
The last few years, my wife, daughter and I always watched a late DVD movie in the rec room on Saturday night. This Saturday night, my wife was going out early Sunday morning so she went to bed, leaving Erin and I alone to watch our movie.
"Dad, I'm going up to change into my night clothes to watch our movie. I'll be right back down so don't start without me. " she said as she scampered upstairs to change.
"Ok honey, I'll do the same. " I said as I quietly headed up the stairs behind her all the while again looking at her sweet little butt inside her soft little white shorts.
I entered the master bedroom quietly to her my wife breathing softly in a deep sleep. I quickly slipped off all my clothes and put on a pair of sweat shorts and a tank top. Quietly I left the room and headed back down stairs.
Erin was already down there sitting on the chair as I entered the living room. She was wearing a white night shirt, shorter than most others she had so it left most of her sexy legs exposed. I walked over to the TV and turned on the DVD to start the movie.

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   Erin wanted to watch a scary movie so we agreed on "Ghost Ship".
I sat down on the couch and with Erin on the chair to my left, we began to watch the movie. As the movie progressed, there was a part in the beginning where several passengers were cut completely in two by a snapping cable.
Erin was shocked and scared by this so she quickly moved over to the couch with me. She was sitting to my right and was pressed up against me as we continued to watch the movie. The heat coming from her soft sexy teenage body was very intense and I felt my cock swelling harder.
About halfway through the movie, my sexy daughter fell asleep with her head resting on the right side of my chest. My right arm was resting softly on her side, just below her breasts near her smooth belly. My heart was starting to race as my thoughts left the movie as I gazed upon the young sexy little body sleeping next to me.
I studied her perfectly shaped and tanned legs, from her sexy toes up to the last inch of exposed sexy thigh. I took in every inch of her supple and sexy teenage body. I could look down the top of her loose fitting night shirt and see the swells of her firm young breasts. My heart pounded in unison with my throbbing shaft.
She was so sexy looking and I felt this power come over me as I watched her sleep. I knew I shouldn't, but I just had to touch her.

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   Soon she would be all grown up and I'd never again get this chance. All these deprived sexual thoughts ran through my mind.
What I did next, forever changed my life, as I began to softly caress my daughter's side through the soft material of her night shirt. I listened closely for any slight change in her breathing, nothing.
I became bolder as my hand moved slowly and very softly down her side, across her hips, over the seam of her panties as I soon reached the soft bare skin of her thigh. I traced soft light circle touches on her right thigh. Her skin felt electric to my touch. My cock was rock hard as my sexual excitement was beyond belief.
Still no change in her breathing. Was she sleeping deep enough for me to dare to go further. My mind raced what to do?
"Erin, are you awake?" I asked very softly.
Content with the fact she was sleeping, I grew more daring and slowly moved my hand up, under her night shirt, gently caressing her soft virgin skin. Her skin was so soft, smooth and sexy as I softly caressed my way higher.
Higher and higher I moved my hand, up over her hips as her pink panties came into view as I pushed her night shirt up higher. I could see the pink elastic band of her panties and the side of her sweet little butt cheek.

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   I felt pre-cum oozing from my throbbing swollen cock trapped inside my shorts.
Up over her smooth belly, still no change in breathing, slowly up higher as my hand was now just below her budding breasts. My body trembled with pure sexual lust and the excitement of getting caught but I was too aroused to stop now.
I was expecting to feel the material of her bra but was very surprised to find only naked teenage breast flesh as my hand now gently and softly cupped my daughter's soft right breast. I was now crossing the line from father to that of a man aroused beyond his sexual control.
Her nipple hardened and became erect against the palm of my hand, pushing out. I softly cupped and caressed her smooth soft breast, gently pressing it into my firm hand. Her swollen nipple pressed into the palm of my hand as I softly squeezed the soft tit flesh of my own daughter.
Erin's breathing changed ever so slightly as I continued to knead and squeeze her small young teenage breast. I took her erect nipple, tweaked it and very softly rolled it between my fingers. I froze as she took in a deeper than normal breath of air.
Although she was sleeping, her body was beginning to respond to her father's sexual caresses. I softly and gently caressed one breast, then the other. Her nipples were hard little buds as I rolled them softly between my fingertips.
I needed more, I just had to feel her pussy as I was aroused now beyond caring if she woke up and caught me.

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   All the visions of my sexy daughter from the past few weeks raced through my mind as my hand traced soft circles across her belly down to the elastic band of her sexy little panties.
I stopped just above her panties, caressing her smooth soft belly as my mind raced, should I go further? So far I haven't got caught just caressing her soft little breasts. If I go further and touch her pussy? Oh god, I was so fucking turned on I couldn't stop now if I wanted to.
My fingers flattened against her belly as I slid my hand under the hem of her panties. Slowly I pushed downward, my fingers passed softly over a very light growth of pussy hair as I gently cupped my daughter's pussy mound. I could feel her heat and to my surprise, she was moist as my fingers covered her smooth little pussy lips.
I nearly shot my load as I felt her slick juices against my fingers. I very softly and very gently began to run my middle finger up and down her moist slit. I could feel her labia open as my finger spread her sweet young pussy apart. As I reached the top of her wet opening, my finger now covered in her juices, slid slowly and softly over her erect clit.
Suddenly, she drew in a sharp breath as I froze and halted my caresses. Her breathing was now heavier than before but I was sure she was still sleeping. She moved her body slightly as she spread her legs open a little wider. I could now easily cup and caress her pussy but I waited a few seconds for her breathing to become steady again.
Erin's pussy was oozing with her juices now as I began to gently press my fingers up, around and across her swollen clit.

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   I made a V with my fingers and pushed her erect clit between my fingers. Her hips unconsciously pushed upward as she pressed her aroused pussy into her father's caressing fingers.
Her breathing was getting heavier by the second as her sleeping body responded completely to my sexual caresses. I slipped one then two fingers inside her wet virgin pussy, then pulled them out and up across her swollen clit. She was now so aroused I was afraid she would wake up, but I couldn't stop caressing my daughter's sweet pussy.
Erin moved her body now, twisting her upper torso back onto her side, sliding her head down onto my lap. My daughter's mouth was nearly touching my throbbing cock, with only the thin material of my shorts separating her soft lips from my swollen shaft.
I could feel her hot breath now passing over my throbbing cock. She was nearly panting with sexual excitement as I continued to finger fuck my daughter's sweet little teenage pussy. My hard cock was pressing against her cheek as she panted against it. I was so hard, so sexually excited I thought I was going to cum in my shorts.
My mind raced as she was breathing very hard now. She had to be awake but I couldn't stop. My fingers pushed in and out of her wet little cunt. She was now pushing her pussy hard against my hand and squeezing her thighs together.


   Her hot breath caressed my throbbing hard cock as I slipped a third finger inside her tight teenage pussy. I could feel her hot breath making the material of my shorts damp as she panted heavily.
Finally I knew she was awake as she moaned softly and said, "Ummmm yesssssssss Daddy. That feels soooooooo goooooooood. Please don't stop, please daddy!"
There was no stopping now, she was awake and had given consent to my touching her. As she laid her head in my lap, her right hand moved up and touched my stiff shaft still inside my shorts. Her dainty little hand rubbed up and down the length of my thick throbbing eight inch shaft as her daddy fingered her wet pussy. She mouthed the length of my rigid shaft as she moaned with pleasure from my caresses.
"Just lay still and enjoy this baby. " I moaned softly.
My juice covered fingers found her erect clit and softly rolled and caressed it with my fingertips. Her hips were gyrating, humping up against my fingers as she neared orgasm. I now pressed two fingers as deep inside her pussy as I could and as I pulled out, up and across her swollen clit. I did it again and again, faster and faster, pressing harder each time until she tensed up and shuddered with her orgasm.
"Oooooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssssss daddy.

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   I'm cumming. "
I held her dripping wet pussy hard as she bucked and twisted her sexy little body from side to side. She moaned and whimpered softly as her orgasm slowly subsided until she pushed my hand away from her sensitive clit. I couldn't believe what I just had done. How would she react? Would guilt set in and would she push me away? I prayed not.
Erin slowly sat up and looked deep into my eyes, "I love you daddy. I wanted you to touch me for weeks now but I couldn't find a way to get you to. "
"I love you too baby. Can you do something for me now?" I asked softly.
"Anything daddy, whatever you want. " she replied looking up at me with those sexy little puppy dog eyes. Those eyes I could never say no to.
"Stand up and slowly take off your clothes for me. " I asked her.
"Do a little strip tease for your daddy.

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   Please baby. " I asked softly.
"Anything you want daddy, just ask. " she eagerly replied.
My sexy little teenage daughter stood in front of me and tried to look as sexy as she slowly gyrated her hips. She pulled her night shirt up over her head, first revealing a sexy pair of sheer lace pink bikini panties. Next her tight smooth tanned stomach until finally her sweet little pale white breasts came into view as she tossed the shirt of the floor.
Her tanlines were so pronounced with her dark golden tan. She was a vision of pure beauty as she stood there in only her sexy little pink panties. I motioned for her to turn slowly so I could take in all her young beauty.
"Show me butt honey. Bend over slightly and slowly slide your panties off. Yeah, that's it, arch your back and push your butt out. " I commanded.
This was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen in my life.

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   My sexy teenage daughter slowly exposing her perfect little ass, slowly sliding down the pink panties, her sexy thong panty tanlines first then I could see her nearly hairless pussy mound from behind as her panties slid down her long sexy legs to the floor.
"That's it Erin, slid your panties all the way down. God baby, you have one fine lookin ass. " my heart pounding with sexual excitement.
"Thanks daddy. " she said in only a way a little girl would.
She stood up and again posed for me, slowly turning to show her father a full frontal view of his daughter's perfect teenage body. The view was absolutely perfect as she stood waiting for my commands. I pulled my tank top over my head, lifted my butt off the couch and removed my shorts, exposing my thick hard eight inch cock to my daughter's view.
Erin's eyes grew wide as she viewed my very hard cock close up for the first time. I didn't know then, but she was looking through the crack of my bedroom door when I shot a huge load masterbating over my daughter. I held the thick shaft in my hand, the huge purple head throbbing, oozing pre-cum as my heart pounded. I looked lustfully at my naked teenage daughter standing in front of me.
"Erin honey, please get on your knees. " I asked softly.

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She had this scared look as she dropped to her knees and moved between my legs, "Daddy, I've never done this before. "
"Don't worry honey, daddy will teach you how to give a great blow job. "
"Ok, I'll do whatever you want Daddy. " she said as she leaned forward, her face now only inches away from her father's throbbing cock.
"Ok luv, hold it by the base and just lick it up and down the sides like an ice cream cone. " I panted out lustfully.
She did exactly as I asked, her small little hand replaced mine as she held my cock. She leaned forward and I felt her wet tongue sliding up and down my thick throbbing shaft. Oh the sight was nearly too much. My daughter's perfect gorgeous face, her pouting little mouth, soft full lips and smooth wet tongue gliding up and down my huge purple shaft.

    "Oh yeah baby, that's it, make daddy feel real good, uuummmmmmmmm!"
    "Now lick all around the head honey, yeah baby, that's it, lick like it's your favorite ice cream flavor!" I moaned out softly.
    She stopped for just a second to ask, "Am I doing it ok daddy?"
    "Oh baby, you're doing great. Just keep doing what you're doing luv. " I said as she gave a big smile as she went back to licking all around the huge purple cock head, down the shaft and back up again. Her confidence was building as she began licking all over my hard cock.

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    "Ok baby, open your mouth and take the head in between your lips. Oh yessssss, that's it honey. " I moaned as she opened her soft lips and I watched the head of my cock glide into her hot wet mouth.
    "That's it baby, swirl your tongue around it as you take more of my cock into your mouth. Ummmmm, oh yessss, God you're a natural at this baby. "
    My daughter, although inexperienced and awkwardly at times, sucked my cock as far into her mouth as she could. It was a sight every man secretly lusts to see, a beautiful teenage woman sucking his cock. This woman, this girl however was my gorgeous 18 year old daughter. I was more aroused than ever in my life as I felt light headed with lust.
    "That's it honey, you're making daddy feel so good. Keep it in your mouth and slowly bob your head up and down. Hold the shaft loosely with your hand and let it move slowly up and down my cock as you bob your head.
    "Oooooohhhh yesssssssssss, god yesssssssss, that's it!" I moaned softly as she did what I asked her to do.
    I let her suck my cock like that and every time I came close to cumming, I stopped her, making her hold my thick shaft in her mouth. Then I let her start again until I knew if she continued, I'd be bathing her throat with my thick juices.

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    "Ok baby, that's enough. Now it's your turn. "
    "Was that good Daddy? Did I do it right?" she eagerly asked.
    "Perfect hon, you were doing it just perfect!" I said as she smiled from ear to ear.
    "Ok baby, sit on the couch and let daddy taste that sweet pussy of yours!" I commanded.
    We changed positions as I now got on the floor between her sexy teenage legs. I pulled her legs over my shoulders as I moved in and was staring only inches away from my daughter's sweet young cunt. Grabbing her hips softly, gently caressing with each hand, I firmly pulled her pussy to my mouth.
    "Oh my, daddy that feels soooooooo gooooooood!" she moaned as she felt a tongue on her pussy for the very first time.
    "Ohhhhhhh yessssssss daddy. Ummmmmmmmmm!" she moaned out as my tongue spread her open and traveled from bottom to the top of her wet opening. She pushed her cunt up hard into my mouth as my tongue thrashed her sweet young pussy.
    "Oh yesssss daddy, ohhhhhhhhh god, I cant believe how that feels so good. " she moaned.
    I pressed the flat of my tongue very slowly and softly across her swollen erect clit.

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       Her hips jumped up as she responded to my touch. She squeezed my head hard between her thighs as I continued to tongue her sensitive clit. Her hips were wiggling from side to side, gyrating as if trying to escape the pressure applied by my tongue, but I held her tightly.
    I teased her to the point of orgasm, then pulled back, licking up and down her labia. I inserted two fingers into her tight pussy, feeling the walls of the inside of her pussy quiver as I moved back to her now throbbing clit.
    "Oh daddy, yessssssss daddy, there, oh yesssssss, right there daddy, please daddy, don't stop, oh god, oh yesssssssssssss!" she moaned as I flicked my tongue over her clit again and again.
    Her hips were moving in every direction as I brought my daughter to the edge of orgasm again and again. I was driving her crazy with lust as she was now just mumbling, grunting and moaning. Her whole body suddenly tensed, she arched her back and pushed her cunt hard up into my mouth as I clamped down on her clit, held it between my lips and wildly flicked my tongue across it.
    I held on, mouth covering her pussy, clit between my lips as she moaned and bucked in the throws of sexual orgasm. Her pussy juices flowed out as I savored every drop of her sweet nectar. Her sweet little body experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life, at the hands of her lustful father until she was unable to stand it any longer and she pushed me away from her now over sensitive clit.
    She was almost purring like a kitten as she experienced several waves of multiple orgasm. Never in her life did she feel such pleasure. She had touched herself prior to this, let boys play with her boobs and pussy, but this was different, this was so much better than she ever could have imagined.

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    I let her slowly come down from her orgasm as I moved up next to her on the couch and held her naked young body softly in my arms. My cock was still rock hard and I needed relief soon.
    "Wow daddy, that was awesome! I can't believe how good that felt. " she said softly into my ear as I held her tightly.
    "That's only part of it baby. Are you still a virgin?" I asked passionately.
    "Yes daddy. I've wanted to do it and almost did several times, but I never did. " she said with this innocent look on her pretty young face. I smiled as I knew I was going to take her virginity tonight.
    "Well honey, actually making love feels just a bit better than oral sex. Oh baby, they both feel great but if you like, we can go the next step?" I asked, hoping she would consent to going all the way.
    She looked up into my eyes with those big sexy little girl eyes and said, "Yes daddy, I want you to make love to me!"
    "Hold on baby while I put a rubber on. "
    "It's ok daddy, mom put me on the pill months ago. I'm ready and I want you to do it.

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      " she asked passionately.
    Now it was my turn for a smile from ear to ear. I couldn't believe my ears but I was going to make love to my daughter. I was going to take her virginity, to be the first man to penatrate her sweet young pussy with his cock. My cock once again swelled to it's full thick hard length just thinking about it.
    "Ok baby, get on your knees on the floor, grab a pillow to put your head on, arch your back and stick your butt up in the air. Daddy's going to take you doggy style for your first time honey. "
    She did exactly as I asked, I gazed upon one of the sexiest sights I ever saw as my daughter pushed her sweet ass high in the air as I moved in behind her. Her sweet pussy mound was exposed from behind, lips slightly parted with her juices glistening.
    "Ok baby, I'll go slow but this will hurt just a little. Give it a few seconds for your pussy to adjust to my cock. I promise it will feel better once we get past breaking your hymen. "
    "Ok daddy, go ahead. I'm ready. " she eagerly replied.

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    She took in a deep breath as I pressed my swollen purple cock head into her wet entrance. I gripped her hips, pulled her back as I pressed in harder as I watched my thick purple cock head spread her and slowly disappear inside.
    First just the head entered as her tight virgin pussy slowly spread open. I pulled back some, then pushed forward again, going a little deeper each time.
    I had about a two inches into her when I felt her hymen. I let her pussy adjust to the thickness of my shaft, pulled back out and then pushed back in to the same point.
    "Ok baby, this is going to hurt some, you ready luv?" I asked one last time.
    "Oh god daddy, you feel so big like your going to split me in two. Ummmmmmmmmmm. Ok go ahead, I'm as ready as ever. " she panted out softly, putting her face in the pillow and closing her eyes.
    I gripped her hips firmly, pulled her back hard and with one quick move, broke her cherry and was buried to the hilt inside my daughter's very tight pussy. I just held her there as she cried softly into the pillow from the pain of her breaking hymen.
    "You ok baby?" I asked her as she sobbed softly into the pillow.
    As the pain passed, she was now overcome with this feeling of being filled up completely as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock, slowly relaxing to the invading member now deep inside her body.


    "Ok baby, it only gets better from here, ready?" I asked softly.
    "Go ahead daddy, I'm ready now. " she panted out.
    I slowly pulled out of her tight teenage cunt, held only the head of my cock inside her, then slowly pushed forward until her soft butt cheeks pressed against my thighs. I repeated the same motions again, very slow and deliberate as her pussy started to respond. I could tell the feeling was getting better for her every second.
    "Ohhhhhh yesssssssss dadddy, this feels good now. " she moaned.
    "Ok baby, hang on. " I said as I started to increase the pace, driving deeper on every inward thrust.
    Soon I was pulling her back hard into me, thrusting my thick hard shaft deep into my daughter's tight little pussy. I loved the feeling of her soft butt cheeks bouncing off my hips and thighs. I pushed her hips off to the side to change the angle of my thrusts, hitting different nerves inside her pussy, giving her a rush of new sensations.
    "Oh god daddy, this feels soooooooo gooooooooooood. Ummmmmmmmm yessssssssssss!" she was moaning into the pillow as I rammed my hard cock deep inside her over and over again.

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    My cock was swelled as big as it's ever been as the sexy sight of my hot little daughter being impaled on my cock was driving me mad with lust. Her smooth tanned back, small waist, down to her perfect heart shaped ass was a sight like out of a porn movie.
    Faster and faster, harder and harder I rammed my thick cock deep inside her. She was moaning into the pillow, muffling her cries of pleasure as her father's thick shaft sent wave after wave of pleasure throughout her young body. She never felt anything so good in her young life.
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