Late Night Surprise


I stifled a yawn as my feet slowly dragged me down the stairs towards the kitchen. It was finally Saturday, no school and no homework. My fingers found the handle on the fridge and I gave it a soft tug. The light from inside the fridge hurt my eyes at first and I stood there a moment, allowing them to adjust. Like usual, our fridge was empty. Mom was constantly working and my dad never bothered shopping, because he felt that was a woman's job. A little disappointed, I shut the fridge and walked to the living room, trying to ignore the growling in my stomach. My tiny body flopped down on the couch and I reached for the remote on the other end of the love seat. Before getting comfortable I pressed the on button settled into the cushions. I looked through the guide. Nothing was on. With a sigh I slid to the floor and scooted towards the entertainment center and began shuffling through the DVD's. As I picked up a case a lone disc fell to the ground. Curiously I picked it up and turned it over to reveal the front- it was a porno. The title read 'Taboo' and it looked like an incest porn. I instantly felt that familiar wetness between my legs form at the thought of incest.

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   I looked around to make sure the ghost was still clear and popped it into the DVD player. I quickly moved back onto the couch and pulled the blanket hanging over the back over myself. Eager to get to the good stuff, I fast forwarded to the first fuck scene.

I turned the volume down before pressing play and slid my right hand down the front of my pajama pants. I started by slowly rubbing my clit in circles with my middle finger and pinched my nipples with my left hand. I continued to watch the porn, imagining it was me being fucked like that. I may have been 13, but I was no stranger to sex. I'd lost my virginity just a year earlier with the neighbor boy and usually had sex three or four times a month with him whenever his girlfriend was gone. As the scene on the screen got hotter, so did I. My middle finger moved from my aching clit down to my hole and I thrust it in. My thumb found my clitand began rubbing it as my middle finger moved in and out of my soaking pussy. I moaned before I could stop myself. Lost in the pleasure, I closed my eyes and bit my lip and continued to finger fuck myself. My hips began moving in slow circles, making it feel so much better. Before I knew it I was cumming and my body began shaking with involuntary spasms.

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   It was once my body settled down that I realized the movie was on pause and I could hear a soft sound, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Slowly I began searching for the remote and when I stood up to look under the blanket, I caught my dad standing next to the love seat. Startled, I wrapped myself in the blanket and stared at him as he watched me intently, his hand moving quickly up and down along his huge dick. Cum began shooting from the tip of his dick onto the love seat. Never once did he stop looking at me.

Minutes went by and all we did was stare at one another. Watching him jack off had gotten me right back in the mood, and yet even though I had just fingered myself to an incest porno, I felt embarrassed and a little scared. I hadn't known until I took a big breath that I had been holding my breath. "Dad, I'm so-", before I could finish whatever I was going to say, my father held his index finger up to his lips and shushed me. Completely naked, he moved from around the side of the love seat and approached me. My heart began racing and my pussy began aching. As wrong as it was, I wanted that deliciously huge cock in my pussy. Now. He lifted his hands and brushed hair away from my face. The moment his fingertips touched my neck, I felt my nipples harden beneath my shirt.

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   His fingers moved up the sides of my neck and dug into my hair and he gave it a tug, pulling my face back to look at him. I didn't realize it was possible, but my heart began pounding harder and my body involuntarily moved closer to his. His face slowly moved it's way towards my neck and I could feel his hot breath on it. Chills ran through my body and I moaned softly. His lips founds my neck and they began kissing their way up my neck, to my jaw, then to my lips. He never let go of the hold on my hair and instead used that hold to guide my head. Our kiss was anything but soft. It was hard, passionate, and rough.

My arms reached around his neck and my fingernails began digging into his shoulders. He released the hold in my long brown hair and moved down my body to my ass. His strong arms lifted me up and my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. He began grinding his body into mine and we both made a sound of pleasure. He turned us towards the love seat where he dropped me. Being out of his arms and away from his lips left me feeling a little cold. "Get your pants off," he commanded, his voice rough with pleasure.

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   Without being told twice I lifted my body off the couch onto shaky legs and slid my pants and underwear to the floor, where I quickly kicked them away from my body. I sat back down on the couch and looked up at him, expectant. My father moved onto his knees in front of me and slid his hands up my sides, under my shirt, and began lifting it over my head. When my shirt was removed, he threw it behind himself and quickly moved his mouth over my erect nipples. I moaned as he licked and bit them softly, he even flicked his tongue back and forth over them which left me with mini orgasms. His mouth and tongue moved back up to my lips with pure hunger as his fingers found my pussy. I was absolutely soaking and so excited that when he shoved two fingers in my hole I let out a soft scream, which was muffled by his lips.

Fingering myself was one thing, but having my father's fingers deep in my hole was brilliant. My hips began pushing back on his fingers while he finger fucked me and in the midst of pleasure I reached around my body to his cock. I thought he was big before, but now he was absolutely huge. I wrapped my tiny fingers as far around his cock as they would go and began jacking him off. He groaned into my mouth and moved his hips in a circular motion causing me to take a firmer hold on his dick. But then everything stopped. He removed his fingers from my pussy and lips away from my mouth and his dick from my hands. Slowly he placed the fingers that had just previously been in my pussy into his mouth and licked them clean.

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   I watched him, my chest rising and falling quickly, trying to urge him with my eyes to just fuck me. He watched me just as intently, his own hand moving to his dick and he slowly jacked it off. "You want me to fuck you, sweety?" The only thing I could manage was a nod. That nod seemed to be fine with him, because he stopped jacking himself off and got up onto the couch. He lay his body down and patted the spot in front of him. I slid my body along his and lay with my back to him. I bit my lip in anticipation.

My pussy throbbed as he slowly traced his fingers down my leg. He stopped at my knee and grabbed hold of it, lifting it above us. When he let go of it, I kept it held up for him. With his now free hand, he grabbed his cock and teased my hole with it, hitting my clit with it and rubbing it back and forth before he lined it up with my pussy and slid it in. I can not fully describe how wonderful it felt to have my dad's cock buried in my tight pussy. The arm that had been beneath me now came up to squeeze my undeveloped boobs and his other hand had a strong hold on my raised leg. Unmercifully he began fucking me. All the times with the neighbor boy could never compare to the way my dad could fuck.

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   Every inch of his cock was buried in my and stretching me out. It had hurt at first, but so quickly it had been replaced by absolute pleasure. Moans, groans and grunts quickly filled the living room as his cock moved in and out, balls slapping my ass, each thrust better than the last. "Yes daddy, fuck me. Fuck me!" And he did. Wet slapping sounds were all I could hear other than our moaning. He let go of my leg once again and used his fingers to slap and rub my clit in quick motions. My first orgasm grew and grew and finally exploded all over his cock. I stopped moving my hips and shook with it. He stopped fucking me, but did continue to rub my clit. When my orgasm had packed, he slid out of my pussy and whispered in my ear for me to lean over the cushions. I slid to the ground and got on my knees, my upper body leaned against the cushions. He got behind me and lifted my ass just a little and slid right back up into my pussy with his fat dick.

The back of the couch kept hitting the wall everytime my father pulled out and reentered my soaking pussy. My father lay across the back of me, his mouth next to my ear where he began nibbling my earlobe while he fucked me, his own daughter.

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   "Tell me how much you love daddy's dick. " His dirty words urged me on and inbetween breaths I moaned, "I love your dick so much, daddy. " I began moaning over and over just how much I loved daddy's dick. He lifted his body and grabbed my waist while he rammed into me over and over. I felt another orgasm building between my legs and with just one more thrust from him I was once again exploding in pleasure. I felt wetness drip down my legs as he continued to fuck me, even while I orgasmed. It was a strange feeling, a good kind of strange, to have him fuck me while I rode my orgasm. My clit was being rubbed against the material on the couch while he fucked me, which made all of it almost too much. I felt his rhythm begin to falter as his release approached. "Oh god," he said over and over before I felt his hot cum begin filling my pussy. Another orgasm hit me with his final thrust and I shook more violently than I had before. After a few grunts from both of us, he collapsed on me, dick still inside of me, and he gently began kissing my shoulder. His hands began rubbing my body and I felt his dick begin to harden just a little. He began moving his hips just a little and whispered in my ear, "ready for more?"



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