Last daughter, last chance.


First Ch.  
  It started thirty-nine years with my wife. When we first met, I always noticed that her dad a deep passion for his girl. I never knew then what that look was about until my wife, lover, mother of my children, best friend, and soul mate died of cancer ten years ago, Rebecca. It was the hardest and lowest point in my life. However, I had to pull it together and raise our two twin daughters by myself. Of course, her family, friends and mine wanted to help. I knew deep within my heart that it was my resposibility to raise them for my wife.  
   Both of our daughters, Samatha and Tabatha, were just mirror imagines of my deseased wife. They were young when Rebecca, their mother died. Today, they are sixteen and have all the physical traits of their mother. They each are five foot six, tight ass, c-cup breast, and toned bodies. It was hard to get the imagine of giving baths as little girls and now they lay out beside the pool to tan in barly nothing. Because of my job is at home as mstock trader I can spend all day at home with. When they get home from school they get their home-work done, have dinner, and then they go to the gym to work out in the basement. Their routine is to go upstairs change and then go downstairs to workout.

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   Except tonight, they came down the stairs in just thongs and bikini tops. My dick got harder than stone.
They smiles and continued to the basement to the gym. . I will say one thing about my girls they are hard workers and competitive. They play every sport, however, their favorite is tennis. I think it is because of all groating and moaning. Back to the basement, I started to hear noises from downstairs. I wasn't sure if one was hurt or not. I proceeded to the stairs and the noises weren't pain, they were moans of pleasure. I never told the girls about the in-home security cameras. By luck I had one down there. I went to my office and to my computer, boy did  I get shock. There was Samatha on the exercise bike with a towel wrap around her mouth. She was just standing enough to have her ass off the seat.

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   She was naked and her tits were hitting each other as nshe peddles as hard as she can. Tabatha is standing behind her with huge fucking dildo. I'm just tuning in when she rams fucker in her pussy. I zoomed in to see Samatha's reaction, she let out a silent scream, fearing they would be caught by me. I zoom out. Tabatha grabs her long dirty blonde hair and slaps her ass adn digs her finger nails in her sister's right cheek. My eyes are glued to the screen and my right hand has already pulled out my cock. At that moment, I realized that my daughters were having sex and I'm stroking my cock. However, most parents may run down there and stop them or get sick at the fact that they were getting off watching their children having sex with each other.
   I stare down to my nine inch cock and see my hand slowly jerking it. I notice precum gushing out, I look at the screen and click the volume. My baby girls are getting their daddy off. I sercum to the moment and watch Tabatha fucking Samatha hard with that dildo. I zoomed in on Samamtha's ass and got a close up of her pussy being impaled by that rubber dick. I see her cum starting to pour onto the dildo and dripping onto the seat.

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   My little girl, Samatha, is still peddling hard on that exercise bike. However, I forgot about my sexual habits. When Bebecca and I would fuck each she scream as she came and I moan just as loud. My girls were trying to be discreet about fucking each other. As I watched Tabatha fucking her sister's nasty pussy, I turned up the volume and leaned back and to hand fuck my cock. The only thought that ran through my mind was how would their pussies feel around my cock. I lost focus on the screen and dreamed of fucking them. Occassionally, hearing their muffled moans. I started to moan softly, and then my moans turn into "FUCK DADDIES COCK YOU NASTY BITCHES!".
Moments later I shoot buckets of cum straight up in the air.  My cum fell on the desk, my lap, my face, the floor, and on my chin. It felt like I was on top of the world for hours. Unoticed by was the fact both of girls heard me. When I opened my eyes and looked forward I saw both of girls staring at me. Tabatha asked if they had to clean the mess with buckets or tongues? I looked at them and their thongs were soaked, stretched tightly between their clits.

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   Samatha was dripping with cum onto the floor. I asked, like a fool, do you need daddy to fix that. Tabatha responded  by saying, "get that thing hard again and fuck me so I'm not the only one who hasn't had an orgasm. " They both turned and went to take baths. I couldn't believe what just happened. Then, I thought to myself this is wrong, my daughters are lesbain lovers. I just realized why my father-in-law always had that look at my wife as a young girl. It was the sight of virgin pussy always walking around him as a man in house with five women in his house. My wife always hinted that her dad treated her special and got womanly treatment. Now I now what she meant, but its wrong top fuck your kids. However, the they had no problem watching me get off. I need to talk to both them before they get in the shower.