Last Daughter, Last Chance. Chapter II.


    As both Tabby & Sammy turned to go down the hallway to take their shower. I notice that their workout tights were pulled tight between their legs and up their ass's. It exposed their dangling clits and puckered assholes.

Moreover, they each were stroking each other as they went done the hallway. "YOU FUCKING WHORE! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW I WANT CUNT STROKE", Tabby scream violently at Samatha. Tabatha reached out to slap Sammy, however, Tabby blocked her. Sammy slapped Tabby across the face hard. "I want you to remember one thing Tabs. I call the shots between us, if I want you to fuck me or I want to the shit out of you, then that's my call", Sammy said. Sammy threw Tabby against he wall, put her right hand around her throat, jabbed her entire hand up my litte girl's pussy. "Your pussy is so fucking wet sis, if I did not any better, I might think that this makes you horny. I know that it makes me horny, lets find out", Sammy said. She withdrew her hand from Tabby's pussy, it glistened with cum from Tabby's pussy (that's my girl).
   Soon they went to bathroom to take a shower together. My cock was harder now than the first time I fucked their mother. I got up and took my clothes off.

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   I knew they needed my help just by the look they gave me in my office. I had one hand on my cock and the other on the walls to hold me up. With every step my mind was telling me this was morally wrong. However, after so many  without a pussy enveloping my cock my balls were ready to blow cum forever on my twin girls. Here I am. . . . . . Girls this is your dad Can I cum in?