Kyle And Kylee


Their father was a very large man weighing in at 210 lbs and a solid wall of muscle. When Kylee didn't clean her room, the first thing he did was beat her senseless. Then he would force himself on her. Kylee was terrified of her father. One look from him could send her scampering in fear. On the other hand he cold be gentle.

Rarely. Only would he be gentle if you did EXACTLY what he asked. "Kylee!!" yelled her father from the foot of the stairs. "Shit, dad's home," said Kyle. "No shit, Sherlock. "Kyle and Kylee went flying down the stairs. Kyle had spent all day cleaning everything in the house but Kylee's room. That is why he told her to do it. When they got down the stairs, they stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of their father's expression. "Why the hell is this house not clean?!?" said their father.

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  They looked around as Kyle and Kylee exchanged puzzled looks. "All right, who'se turn was it to clean the house?" asked Tom, their father. "Kyle's. ""Mine. ""Ok, Kyle," said Tom. "You have had enough leiniency. Get in the chair. This time it's YOUR turn. ""Dear God", thought Kylee. "He's gonna rape Kyle!!"Thanks for your time. . . Next time the GOOD stuff happenes. IF you like it. Let me know.

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