Looking over at the sleeping young girl, I, as always, found it amazing that she was my daughter.   I mean you see girls like that on TV or in movies, but to have one that is your own daughter always made me feel very lucky.   I mean I was certainly no model myself.   At 18 she was already developed into a real beauty.   Long legs, larger than average breasts and long silken dark brown hair.   I reached out and touched her bare back, tracing her spine down to her perfectly formed silken bottom.   It reminded me of how this all began a few years back.
 Kristy had come home from her first day at Junior High in tears.   I had noticed that she had not been happy about going to the new school, but thought it was just her shy nature to be concerned about meeting new teachers and kids she didn't know.   I was in for a shock.
Apparently she had been teased a little during the summer by some neiborhood girls about the size of her breasts.   Now they were not enormous, but they were a quite large for someone that young.   It had gotten a lot worse in the new school, with a lot of kids she didn't even know joining in on the teasing. I think most of the teasing was sparked by jealousy, but she still was crushed by it.   I tried to comfort her by explaning all of that to her, but logic was not going to calm her down.

  She wanted to sit on my lap and have her daddy hug her and tell her he loved her.

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    I was glad to do it.
 After a while I told her to get up while I made us supper ad watch TV for a while.   After supper she was still really upset, so I told her she could take the next day off school, and we would discuss how she was going to get through this crisis.   Everything was going well (I felt like father of the year) until about midnite.   I had been in bed for about half an hour and was just starting to drift off, when she came into my bedroom, sniifling a little and talking about a bad dream.   She wanted to sllep in my bed so I let her.   She snuggled right up to me and that's when I noticed she was just wearing an over sized T-shirt and panties.   I could feel those large breasts against my chest and her sobbing motion was having a very stange and troublesome effect on me.   After a few minutes of that, I suggested that she move back aways and I would rub her back to help her get asleep.
As I started to rub her back, she started to make these soft sounds of pleasure.   While I am not completely stupid, I simply thought she was enjoying the back massage.   A few miniutes later she requested I massage lower, and I did.   That was the beginning of the end.
      In a very short span of time, I went from a comforting father, to a guy with a raging hardon trying to figure out how to get laid.   I massaged each side of her bottom firmly, but before long I was starting to trace the valley in between.

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        Her response was "Da-deee!"  It was too late.   I couldn't turn back.   I flipped her over quickly, but as gently as I could.   I stared at her and told her how beautiful she was. I then leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth.   She held back for a few seconds, then parted her lips slightly.   I took the opportunity to gently force her lips apart with my tongue.   It was so unusual to be kssing someone that didn't seem to have any idea how to kiss back.   And very exciting.   I cupped her left breast, and the feeling was like the first time I had sex. A mixture of incredible excitement mixed with fear.   I started to lick her right beast at the same time and my hand slid down below her waist where I was greeted by a completely hairless mound of slightly moist heaven.   I was very gentle and backed up a little to look at my angel's face.   Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.  
    "Princess?" I whispered.

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        That was always my pet name for her.   "Are you OK?"
    "What are we doing Daddy?"  She whispered back.
    "I'm not sure " I said, "But I don't want to stop"
    "Me neither" She answered as she closed her eyes and put her hand on top of mine.



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