Kris and I


My sister Kris had always been a rather free spirit.   Our parents just considered her a major screw up.   She had been kicked out of the all girls Catholic school at 16, for wearing her skirt too short, as well as skipping way too much school.   She smoked, cigarettes and pot, she drank and stayed way too late at the clubs too. Often times she wouldn’t even come home.   The last straw for my folks was when she became pregnant.
She ended up having the baby.   Abortion for a staunch Catholic family was out of the question.   Our folks wouldn’t allow her to keep the baby; they forced her to put the baby girl up for adoption.   I think that was the point of no return for her.
She moved out of the house shortly after that and moved in with one of her girlfriends.   She did end up getting her GED and began working as a waitress.   Her apartment was only a few blocks from my parent’s house and that summer my friends and I began to hang out there and go swimming.   She was 18 now and I was 15.   It turned out to be a great place for my girlfriend and I to hang out and fool around when my sister and her roommate were at work.
Julie, my girlfriend, and I would have people over and my sister would always leave the fridge stocked with beer for us.

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    We had started smoking pot with her and she showed Julie and I her stash spot.   Needless to say, they were many drunken nights when Julie and I would pass out there and my sister would generally wake us around midnight, or later, whenever she got home.   That is until the summer was nearly over and we began telling our folks we were staying over at friends.   Julie would tell her folks she was spending the night at one of her friends, I would also lie to my folks about where I would be staying.
Eventually, Kris started just crawling into her bed and allowing us to sleep.   Julie and I had a very active sex life there and most times never got our clothes back on, just sleeping in the nude.   Kris generally wore a large T-shirt and her panties to bed.
One night, after Julie and I had been partying hard and then fucked like crazy, I awoke when I heard Kris come into the room.   I watched her stumbling around in the dark; apparently she had gone out drinking after work.   She was singing and laughing to herself.   She began to remove her clothes and I watched as she sauntered over to the bed.   I watched through the tiny slits in my eyes to see if she was going to put on her T-shirt, but instead she just stepped out of her panties and climbed into her bed with us.
Julie was on the side of the bed against the wall and I was lying closest to the middle on the side that my sister used to enter her bed.   She had a king size, so there was enough room for 3, but it was very close.   My cock began to grow as she slid in next to me.

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    I knew she was completely nude, only inches away.   I was lying on my side, facing her, and as she moved into the bed, my now fully erect cock brushed against her thigh.   Kris let out a gasp, as she finally realized, in her drunken stupor, that Julie and I were in her bed.   I guess in an attempt to find out whom she was laying next to, she began to run her hand across my chest.
“So who do we have sleeping next to me in my bed tonight?  She slurred.
She then propped herself up on one arm, her large breasts just inches from my face, and leaned over to look at me.   I could smell the liquor on her breath as she stared down at me.   As she moved her body closer, now lying on her side, she ran her hand over my head. My now throbbing cock was pressed firmly against her leg, just below her pussy.
“Well hello, little brother. ”  She whispered.   “I see you and Julie have been playing naughty in my bed again.   Or, maybe not!  What is that poking into my leg?
Her hand moved down to where my cock was pressing against her.
“Ugh-oh, little brother.   You really shouldn’t be naked in your sisters bed, you know?”
I was still pretending to sleep as she ran her hand up and down the length of my shaft a couple of times.

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“Well, well, little brother.   It seems you aren’t so little anymore.   Are you awake?”  She questioned.
After only moments of her touching, I let out a soft moan, not on purpose, but because it just escaped me.
“Damn, I shouldn’t be touching you this way, but I’m so fucking horny!”  She whispered.
“Didn’t your sexy little girlfriend take care of you tonight?  Or are you just happy to have me here naked next to you?  Mmmm, you do have a rather long, slender dick here, little brother.   I doubt if you would mind if I had a little fun with it!”  She slurred.
I didn’t know what to do.   I was still a little fucked up and apparently my sister was even more!  I felt Kris slide out of the bed.   I felt a cold rush of air as she gently pushed back the covers.   Then I felt her warm hand touch my cock again, her heated breath surrounding my cock, then her mouth engulfing my raging hard on.   All I could think about was hoping Julie didn’t wake up next to me and find my sister with her mouth now sliding up and down my shaft.
“Damn, Johnny, you do taste nice, but I think I detect the scent of another woman on your cock!”  Kris mumbled.   “That isn’t very nice to fall asleep in my bed with the juices from another pussy still covering your sweet dick!”  Kris mumbled a reprimand.
Kris then cupped my balls in her hand and proceeded to lick up and down and all around my shaft.

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    I knew this just wasn’t right, but what could I do at this point?  Push her away?  Roll over and risk waking Julie, who would surely wonder what was going on?  I decided to just lie there and enjoy the sensation, sister or not.
“I can’t believe this isn’t waking you up baby brother?  Are you awake, Johnny?  Do you know this is your slutty big sister sucking on your nice cock?  Mmmm…. ” 
Kris went back to sucking me.   I know that she had to taste my pre-cum by now,
because I felt like I was going to explode at any minute! 
I opened my eyes just a slit and I could see my sister alternating her hand from pinching her nipple and then disappearing along the side of the bed, where I was sure she was fingering her pussy.
I was beyond any control now.   I moaned and pushed my cock harder into her mouth.
“Ouch!”  Kris nearly screamed as my pubic bone bruised her nose.
“Oh, yes, baby.   Suck me good Julie. ”  I spoke pretending to not know who had been sucking on my dick.   “That feels so good baby, don’t stop. ”  I encouraged.
Either Kris was too drunk to care or too horny to say anything, because the next thing I know, she grabbed my arm and pulled me from the bed and onto the floor with her.   I didn’t try to stop her.   I just lay on the floor and felt Kris straddle me as she shoved my rigid cock into her sopping, wet, cunt!
She slid up and down my shaft a few times before stopping and leaning forward.

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    Her large firm breasts pressed against my chest, as she whispered huskily into my ear.
“It’s not your precious Julie, little brother.   You’re inside your big sisters slutty cunt now!  Don’t say anything too loud or your lovely girlfriend might wake up and see you fucking your sister!  Wouldn’t that really freak her out!”
I faked an, “Oh god, no.   What’s going on?”
“Just enjoy the ride little brother and pretend your fucking your girlfriend.  That is if you want to.   Or, you can think about having your nice cock as far up into your sisters pussy as you can go, and enjoy it!”  Kris slurred.
Kris was beginning to sweat and I could feel the droplets forming a pool between our chests as she continued to lie on top of me and grind her wet cunt on my cock.
I reached my hands around to her ass and took a cheek into each hand.   I pushed her down harder on to my cock and arched my back to plunge my cock further into her.
“OK, little brother.   It seems you are liking this now.   Do you think you can fuck me good and hard without waking your girlfriend?”  Kris inquired.
“Damn, you feel so fucking good Kris.   I don’t want to stop, but maybe we should go into the other room so that we don’t wake Julie. ”  I responded.

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“You aren’t just saying that so that you can quit fucking me are you?  If we separate do you promise we can finish this in the living room?”  She questioned.
“Fuck yes Kris, you know me, and I love pussy and as long as we’ve gone this far, why would I not finish?”  I reassured her.  
“All right then, to the living room. ”  She responded, as my cock popped out of her tight, wet, cunt.
Kris stood and wobbled.   My chest felt cold where she had been pressed against me, and I stood to follow her.
I gently closed the bedroom door behind us, watching my sister’s ass sway as she sauntered down the hall, past the dimly lit bathroom, in front of me.   She stopped and sat with her legs spread wide on the couch.   The patio blinds were slightly open and the bright light from the streetlights filtered in.   I had a clear view of my sisters neatly shaved cunt as I walked up to her.   Her full breasts were heaving with her breath.   Fuck she looked good!  I looked into her glassy, green eyes as I leaned over her.
“What the hell did you start in there?”  I inquired.
“Don’t just blame me, Johnny.   You were the one who was pushing your hard fucking cock into my leg while you were sleeping nude in MY bed.

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  ”  Kris retorted.
Her hand reached out and gripped my shaft again.
“Now tell me you weren’t enjoying fucking me!  I felt you push your cock into me when you grabbed my ass cheeks!  Surely the sign of a man enjoying a good fuck, regardless of who it’s with!”  Kris rebuked.
“Besides, I was so flipping horny, I needed a good fuck tonight and there you were.   So just enjoy it, OK?  It’ll be our little secret tonight.   I promise you’ll never have to fuck me again, unless we both want to!”  She teased.
“I want you to taste my pussy.   My cunt needs a good licking too.   Then I’ll let you finish fucking me. ”  Kris commanded.
She didn’t have to tell me twice.   I loved eating Julie’s pussy and was dying to see how my sister would taste in comparison. I could smell the musky scent of her womanhood as my tongue began to caress her juicy cunt.   Kris placed her hands on the back of my head, pushing my face deeper into her steamy snatch.  
She released her grip of my head and I could breath again.

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    Her fingers began to rub up and down on her silky, smooth and puffy cunt lips as my tongue darted around her clit and into her tasty, wet, pussy.   She threw her head back and her legs clamped around my face as I felt her begin to quake with orgasm.
“Oh, yes, Johnny.   That’s it!  That’s the way to eat your sister’s pussy.   Oh, fuck yes, I’m cumming, yessssssss. ” she moaned.
The juices really began to stream from her cunt.   I had heard of female ejaculation, but had never experienced it with Julie.   I was swallowing every drop of the acrid liquid that flowed from my sister’s pussy!  Damn, her pussy cum was delicious!
Suddenly, Kris pushed my head away.
“Holy shit, that’s all of that I can stand, Johnny.   You really know how to eat my pussy!  I can’t believe how fucking nice that was. ”  Kris spoke stuttering.
“Give my pussy a second to recover and a chance for my legs to quit shaking. ”  She mumbled.
She then lay back on the couch, with her legs clenched tightly together.

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    I watched her body shake a couple of more times, before she began to spread her legs apart and invite me in.
“Are you still willing to finish this, baby brother?”  Kris inquired.
Without answering, I positioned myself between her legs.   She reached up with her hand, wrapped her small fingers around my shaft and pulled my cock toward her dripping cunt.   She rubbed the tip of my cock over her little pebble of a clit several times.   She then released my cock, spit into her hand and smeared the mass of saliva over my shaft.
“I really don’t need any more lubrication, but I just like to be nasty sometimes when I fuck.   And now, I want to get really nasty with you.   Spit on my cunt and stick that fucking cock into my slutty fucking cunt!’  Kris commanded.
I grabbed Kris’s ankles, spread her legs as far apart as they could humanly go, and let a long strand of spit dribble from my mouth and onto her gaping slit.   I then lunged forward with my cock and on the first shot, drove my shaft deep inside her.
It momentarily took her breath away, and then she gasped,  “Oh fuck yes, Johnny, fuck this cunt like you really love it.   Fuck my gawd-damn pussy for all that your worth!  Fuck me hard you nasty prick!”
My sisters cussing and lewd language spurred me on.   I could feel my ball sack slapping hard against her ass as I pounded my cock into her.   Her head was bashing against the end of the couch with each thrust.

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    I hooked her ankles behind my head, leaned forward and grabbed her full breasts with my hands.
“Yea, squeeze my fucking tit’s hard, baby brother.   Squeeze the shit out of them.   Ah, yes fuck me good you little sister-fucker!”  Kris panted huskily.  
I would never have known that my sister had given birth.   Her cunt still gripped my cock as tight as anything I had ever felt.   Her tits were still round and firm and filled both my hands.
“Damn, you are one fine piece of juicy ass!”  I growled to my sister.   “Your fucking tits are so big and your sloppy, wet, cunt is tight as hell!  You are one hot fuck!!”  I gasped.
“So you like fucking your sister’s wet cunt, brother?  Do you really like being so naughty and nasty with me?  Bite my fucking nipples and fuck me as fast as you can, you fucking cock!  Fuck your sister like you’ve never fucked anyone before, Johnny!”  Kris ordered.
I could feel my balls begin to tighten and I knew I was close to cumming.
“Damn it, Kris.   I don’t want to cum yet, but your pussy is so fucking good!”  I exclaimed.
With that Kris reached between us and wrapped her hand around my shaft.   She used her thumb and forefinger to tightly cinch the base of my cock.


“Not yet, Johnny.   I want you to slow down just a little and I want to feel that cum pumping out of your cock and into my wet cunt!  There you go baby brother.   Slower, I feel your cock throbbing.   That’s good.   Long slow strokes into my wet hole.   Now fuck it hard!
I felt Kris tighten her grip around the base of my cock as the cum began to spurt from me.   She held me still and was milking my shaft as each explosion of jism shot from the tip of my pulsating cock.
“Oh yea little brother, my pussy made you cum.   Fill me with all of that hot slimy juice.   Show your big sister how good her pussy made you feel.   Shoot that cum load up into my stomach you fucking sister-fucker.   Do me good.   Shoot all of that milky cream into your brother-fucking sisters naughty cunt!  That’s it baby.   Fill me.   Ahh,  I feel that yummy cream dripping down my ass crack.

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    I hope is smears all over this couch and you have to explain to Julie tomorrow how that big cum stain of yours ended up out here!  Will you tell her how you fucked your sister good and hard?  So fucking hard that I milked all of your love juice out of you for a week?”  Kris chided.
As Kris released her grip from my cock I could feel her cunt muscles begin to loose there grip on my cock.   I was beginning to get soft inside of her.   I fell forward onto her sweat soaked tits, and nearly slid off of her.   We were both drenched.   I could also feel the warm sticky fluid flowing out of her tight cunt, and down my shrinking cock and balls.   The crack of her ass and my ball sack were soaked in our mixed juices.   Damn she was one fantastic fuck!
Our breathing began to slow and Kris wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding me tightly.
“No, I don’t want you to slip out of me little brother!  Try and keep your cock inside of me.   I want to feel you in me.   I want to sleep with you still inside my nasty cunt hole.   Please stay in me baby brother!
I lay there thinking that I would have to get back to the bedroom before morning, but I didn’t want to take my cock from inside of my sister.   It felt like we belonged together.   That her pussy was meant to take my cock and hold it forever.   I lay there and enjoyed the now gentle rise and fall of her breasts against me.

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    Our breathing had returned to normal, even slower possibly.   I felt my self begin to drift into that beautiful just-had-an-out-of-body-nirvana-fuck feeling.   I drifted and Kris must have too…
“OH MY FUCKING, GAWD!  What the hell are you too doing!  That is sick, John!  I’m outa here!”  Julie screamed, as the morning light and yelling brought me back to a harsh reality!
“Just a minute little Julie!”  Kris spoke up from beneath me.   “I could place a call to your dear mommy and daddy and tell them all about where you have been and what you have been doing, on the nights you Lie to them about where you are.   How do you think that would go over?”  Kris questioned in a hiss.
Julie stopped in her tracks.   Apparently she had been on her way to the bathroom, because she was still completely nude.
She seemed to be running the scenario over in her head.   What would happen to her? What would Kris tell her parents?  How much trouble would she be in?
She stood there naked in front us, just staring and starting to cry.
Kris pushed me aside and set up on the couch.   The large pool of mixed fluids spilling from her open legs.   Julie could only sob.
“I can’t believe you two could do such a thing!  I thought you loved me John!  How can you be fucking your sister!  You asshole!”
Kris reached under the couch and pulled out a small joint.   She reached up and grabbed Julie’s hand, pulling her down onto the couch next to her.
“Tell you what little, Julie.

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    This was all my fault.   John thought I was you when I started fondling him in My bed, where you were both sleeping, TOGETHER.   Kris spoke gently.
“Now just sit down here with me and we can discuss all that has happened while we have a little smoke.   I will try and explain all of this to you and lets all see if we can’t come to some mutual understanding.   With that my sister put her arm around Julie, pushed the lit joint into Julie’s mouth and let her hand drop to cup one of Julie’s firm breast.   Kris was gently massaging Julie’s other shoulder as her fingers began to tweak Julie’s exposed nipple.   I watched as her areola began to wrinkle and her nipples harden.   She let her head fall onto Kris’s shoulder, and her legs began to slowly spread.
End of Part 1.



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