Kissing Cousins Pt.2


From this first conversation things moved fast. Soon we were having phone sex constantly, sending sexy text messages, we were always hot for each other. The problem was he lived so far away. We kept saying how soon I would come down to visit and stay with them. He would tease me saying how he would tell his wife we were going to go to the store or some other lie. Then he would take me out in his truck and fuck the shit out of me.

This never really affected my relationship, for me it was just like porn or something. There was no emotional feeling involved, it was pure raw sexual need. And I was more than willing to be my cousin's dirty little slut. Normally I don't act like this,I couldn't believe how I was accepting this and behaving like some gutter whore! I enjoyed sex yes, but i enjoyed 'making love' to my boyfriend. Yeah sometimes my boyfriend and I would get kinky and try all sorts of deranged stuff. But this was pure sex. When my cousin and I weren't talking about sex we acted just like cousins should. Talking with each other about family and fight, the whole bit.

But no matter what we wanted we just couldn't make plans to meet, and eventually life got in the way. Our calls began to diminish in number and our texts eventually stopped.

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   During this long interval my boy friend and i broke up. It was heart breaking for me. I told you, i really love my ex. But i couldn'tcontrol how he felt and he 'fell in love' with someone else and tore my heart out. Now because of this i moved back in with my family, trying to pick up the pieces of my life and move on. I honestly wasn't even thinking about my cousin or sex really, my heart hurt too much and i was trying to heal, but fate intervened.

Our house was absolutely full for the holidays. It had been months since my break up, but i still was nursing my wounded pride. My scattered family around the states usually can't all make it in for events, but this years the house seemed unusually full. I guess even with the bad economy the family was missing each other. Our house was a large two story suburban home, and usually the center for family gatherings. I had been allowed to move back into my old room from high school. It was on the second floor and mostly out of the way so i felt better having some space from everyone else. I prefer to wallow in pity alone.

Since i didn't really feel like celebrating i opted to stay home Christmas eve.

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   Our family convened every Christmas eve at my grandparents place in the country, then Christmas more everyone would trudge to our home for breakfast and presents. I knew i would have to deal with everyone tomorrow, but tonight i just wanted to be alone. My mother was very opposed to this idea, but my surly attitude quickly dissuaded any attempt at making me leave.

As the night progressed i began to regret missing the festivities, but i was comfortable in my pj's watching scary movies in my room with a bowl of popcorn. I had just settled into my covers to watch my second movie of the night when my phone rang.


"Everyone is now nice and drunk and having a good time, i have successfully slipped out unnoticed and I'm standing on your door step. " His smooth voice sent chills straight down my spine directly to my pussy, which seemed to be a tap that was turned on by the simple sound of his voice. My mind quickly registered every implication in his tone and i jumped out of bed racing for the stairs.

"But. . . but, " i stammered, " I thought you couldn't come this year!" I briefly remembered something about his family be stuck close to down due to his wife's work. I made it to the door and flung it open just in time for him to answer me to my face.

"I wanted to surprise you. " I was in too much shock to really register what was happening.

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   Belatedly my mind quickly assessed my appearance. to my horror i realized i hadn't showered all day, my hair wascomplete mess, not an ounce of make-up was on my face and i was in my ducky pajama's i had had since high school. Embarrassed i simply turned around from him in a daze, not sure to react. I heard him shut and lock the door, which sent my heart beating to a frenzy. He came up behind me and first grabbed my hips, then his came up and roughly squeezed my breasts. A slight moan escaped my lips as i quickly forgot about the ducky's. Still in a fog he grabbed me by the hand, "show me your room. " His voice was calm a collected and i was envious.

As we made it into my room, he again turned from me and shut the door. I still couldn't make my mind formulate words. All i did was turn into him as his hands roamed my body. He looked at me, the sexual predator he was, leering down at me; i hadforgotten how impossibly big he was. I was swept up in his arms, his very presence said he was a man who could kill me little effort exuded, but this didn't frighten me, or if it did, it thrilled me to much to care. It only added to the heat that was radiating from me. Then our lips met.

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   My pussy was absolutely drenched, this strong man, my big cousin, it didn't really hit me just how much his i really was. I was his dirty little slut, his whore cousin, who wanted his cock so bad it hurt, and i would do anything he asked of me.

Shivers ran through me, as he tossed me onto my bed behind me. Off came the ducky pj bottoms, i didn't evenStop to think about the fact he had literally ripped them off me. My mind groggily realized we wouldn't even need to get to my top, both of us just wanted this, NOW.

All thoughts left my mind as i heard "zzzziiipppp. " Ice ran through my veins. Oh Shit. This was really happening. He climbed on top of me, i wouldn't even see the cock that had filled my fantasies for months. Part of my mind was bothered by this. I wanted to see, i wanted to worship it, sucking it down my throat, but the rest of my mind screamed 'JUST STICK IT IN!' His head began to rub up and down my slick slit. "Uuuuhhhh" came from my lips in response and i threw my head back, i felt like i would die if he didn't impale me soon. As his head started to slip into my entrance the tiniest bit and my mind was shocked out of its sexual haze.


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  . . " he continued to rub up my slit, occasionally slightly pushing at my entrance, only to pull away frustratingly, "cccooooooonnnnndddooommmm. " The word came out as a moan, god i couldn't even formulate sentences. His hand came up roughly to grope my tit.

"I won't cum in you," his voice was rough and husky, good at least his teasing wasn't just tormenting me. He knew i wasn't on the pill, they made me sick, and neither one of us wanted me pregnant with my cousins baby. I was moaning out of control and before i could form a rebuttal he shoved all ten inches inside me in one shove. I screamed so loud, a piercing sound that I'm sure the neighbors could hear. His moan was loud enough to compete with mine. I was so full, ooohhh so full, I'd never felt this good in my whole life. It took him a minuet but he started pumping inside of me.

"Fuck. . .

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  . uuuuhhhh. . . . you're so fuckin tight!" He could barely get the words out between breaths and moans. I couldn't even think to speak, i was moaning so loud with every stroke. Somehow in the midst of it all my shirt was torn from my body. His mouth sought out my nipple, and he found it, biting down on my sensitive nub. Another scream burst from my lungs as i arched my back up to him. "So. . . you still need that condom. " He briefly stopped his strokes threatening to pull out of me.

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"No!" I almost screamed. One hand went through his hair pulling a Hand full full tight, the other was leaving scratches down his shoulder. My leg's wrapped tight around him as his hips slammed into mine. He began to pump so furiously he left bruises where our bodies slammed together.

"Ahhhhh. . . ahhh. ahhhhh!!!!" It felt so goo, i felt it comeing, the tidal wave that couldn't be held back. "Harder. . . . ahhhhh HARDER! FUCK ME! ahhhhhhh, FUCK YOUR LITTLE COUSINS PUSSY, fuck me!"

"Fuck. .

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  . ahhh, fuck take it! That's right you slut, take your big cousins cock!' His hands left bruises all over my body while my nails continued to rake bleeding trails down his shoulders, back, and sides. His mouth came down on my nipple, biting so hard, that was it, game over.

"AHHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!! I'm cumming!!!, I'M . . . . AHHHH I'M CCCUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGG ON YOUR CCCOOOCCKKK, I'M CUMING ON MY BIG COUSINS FAT COCK!!" Mybody convulsed under him as my pussy clenched tighter and tighter around his cock.

"FUCK!!! Take it!!!!! AAAHHHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKK YYYEEEESSSS!!" He came so hard inside me i felt his dick throbbing and pulsing inside me. He fell on top of me panting, both of us sweaty and beat. We took a long moment to catch our breath. The he looked at me and laughed, "Your the only one i know who could turn me on in ducky pj's. " I lazily hit him in the shoulder. He soon got up and got dressed. He had to get back to his wife.

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   She was probably already wondering where he had gotten to. But i knew he would come up with some lie, he always would. I just lay in my bed, unable and not wanting to move from the best after glow i had ever had. In a flash he was ready to go and he came over to me and softly kissed me, i laughed as he started to pull away. I grabbed his hair and pulled him back to my lips with all the energy i could summon and kissed him with a vengeance.

"This won't be the last time. " I told him fircely and he he laughed as he turned to leave.

"you bet your sweet ass it won't be. " He left quickly. After i heard the door shut down stairs i just wanted to sleep, but i know I'd better go wash this cum out of me. Fucker, i told him we needed a condom. .