Kidnapping Keri


Kidnapping Keri - Part Four
My sister Keri and I continued to be ardent lovers, and she continued to be my sweet sex slave. Our times together, alone, seemed to always involve my having some sort of sex with her, with her in a vulnerable position, generally restrained in some way. I enjoyed imposing my will on her, and she was enthusiastic about being my “victim”. For a while I continued to allow Damon to participate. Things change however. I graduated from high school and was headed to college.
Keri was distraught at my leaving. We made love the last night I was at home. She slept with me in my bed, until about four in the morning. She got up and went tearfully to her bed before our parents awakened and caught us together.
Fortunately, we were never caught, however, there was one close call. At the time it could have very serious, but as I think about the occasion, it is very arousing.
It was fairly early in the morning. I was 18, almost 19, and getting ready to graduate from high school. Keri was a ripe and beautiful 16, going on 18 On this particular morning our parents had already gone to work. Keri was in the bathroom.

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   She had showered, finished styling her hair, and was completing her make up. As usual, she was naked, as I required, and her bathroom door was open so I could see her. We had gotten to the point that she was wearing high heel shoes whenever we were alone. This morning as I watched her, I could not imagine a woman being more beautiful and erotic. I decided that I wanted to wanted her. What better way to start the day.
Without her knowing, I went to my athletic bag and retrieved several strands of rope. I had taken a shower and was still nude. My cock was rising at the prospects of playing sexual games with Keri. I walked into to the bathroom and stood behind Keri. Leaning forward, I kissed her on the back of her neck, while my left hand went around her body and was cupping her left breast. Keri closed her eyes, enjoying the early morning attention. Then, without her expecting it, I moved my left hand back and used it to capture both her arms, bringing them behind her. Keri gave a token resistance, but submitted as I bound her wrists behind her back. As was my custom, I quickly ran a second rope around her elbows, pulling them together in the small of her back, and binding them there.

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   Keri looked down at her breasts as the protruded from her body because of her bondage.
I turned her around to face me. I hugged and kissed her, pulling her body tight to mine. My rigid cock was pressed against her smooth tight stomach. She kissed me hungrily, and pressed herself tight to me. I walked her into my bed room, and made her stand in the middle of the floor, while I retrieved a secret purchase from my athletic bag. Her face registered both surprise and curiosity about what I had in my hands.
It was a curious contraption which consisted of a small leather harness and a rather large plastic cock, a dildo if you will. I had her approach me, and stand directly in front of me as I sat on the side of my bed. I buckled the belt part of the harness tightly around her narrow waist. A crotch strap was connected to the center front of the harness. The dildo was mounted to that strap. Keri watched, helplessly, as I installed this device on her.
I ran my finder into my sister’s pussy, and found it to be moist and hot, ready for the insertion of my special dildo. I made her spread her legs, and pushed the plastic cock into her delicious passage.

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   She closed her eyes and groaned, deeply, at this phallic invasion. When I had it full inserted, I pulled the crotch strap tightly between her legs, pressing the dildo even deeper into her. Turning her around, I buckled the crotch strap to the back of the waist belt. To insure that she could not remove the crotch strap and plastic invader, I used a small padlock to secure the buckle. Now, even if her hands were not tied behind her back, she would not be able to removed the dildo from her steaming pussy.
“Oh, Jack, I feel so full down there. But, how are you going to put your cock in me? My pussy is full now”, Keri said with more than idle curiosity.
I looked up at her, smiling I replied, “Oh, sweet slave, I have ways to handle that. ”
Up to this point, she had failed to notice that there was a small electrical switch on the bottom of the dildo. Yes, it was electrified. As she looked down at this harness and the attached tormentor, I put my hands between her gorgeous legs and flipped the switch “on”. Keri reacted immediately.
“John, what have you done? It’s alive!”
She closed her eyes as she tried to absorb the impact of this vibrating dildo in her pussy. In fact, this dildo had another unique little feature. Not only did it vibrate, it moved.

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   On the top side of this plastic cock, there was a little knob, or nubbin, which pressed directly on her clit. So, not only was the dildo working in her heated passage, it was pressed against, and vibrating on her clit. This was maddening to her.
I then made her get on her knees, in front of me, and take my rigid cock in her mouth. She was struggling. The dildo was doing it’s job, and she had a job to do. She was vigorously sucking me, and beginning to hump her hips to the actions of the dildo. I reclined, looking at my delightful sister, watching as she was sucking me deeply in her pretty mouth.
Suddenly, I heard the front door to the house slam. I heard my father yell, “Hey! Is anybody home?”
I answered back, “Yeah, Dad, I’m up here!”
Quickly, I jerked my cock from Keri’s mouth and helped her stand up.
“Hurry, get in the bathroom, I’ll close the door!”
Keri ran into the bathroom, stumbling as she went. Her wrists and arms were tied behind her, she was naked, wearing high heel pumps, and had a rather large dildo fucking her. I closed the door behind her, jerked a pair of running shorts onto my body. Grabbing a text book from my nightstand, I covered my erection with it.
My father entered my room, apologetically saying, “Hey, I forgot my report to the Board.

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   Whatcha doin, Guy?”
“Oh, nothing, just reading this physics book, getting ready for school”, I replied.
“Great, good work. Where’s Keri”, he asked.
“I think she is in the bathroom. I heard her in there a little while ago. You know how girls are”, I laughed. My Dad laughed, nodding his head.
It was obvious that he was not being nosy. It was just unusual for him to be home at the time of day, and he was just catching up on what his children were doing. He was a good man, and I sometimes felt guilty because Keri and I were deceived my hard working parents about our sexual exploits.
“Keri, I’ll see you tonight”, he spoke to the bathroom door.
From behind the door, in what I detected to be a rather shaky voice, Keri answered him, saying that she had just got out of the shower and was undressed.
“That’s OK, Baby. I’ll see you guys later. Have a good day”, he replied.

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   With that he was out the door to his work-a-day world.
As soon as I heard his car drive away, I opened the bathroom door. What I found was an erotic surprise. Keri was lying on the bathroom floor. She was completely helpless with her hands and arms still tied behind her back (when I tie her, she stays tied). Her sweet naked body was writhing to the vibrations and movements of the dildo which was still working diligently in her cunt.
“Oh, Jack, please, turn it off, turn it off!. It’s driving me mad”, she pleaded.
“Keri, quit complaining. It can’t be that bad. I can see that you are humping it. You must like it”, I chided.
“Oh, noooooo, here it comes again”, she cried!
It was obvious that she was having a climax a she gritted her teeth, groaned loudly and started to spasm into a delicious cum. She closed her eyes as she was humping her body as if she were receiving a cock from a invisible lover. Her delicate bound hands seemed to be grasping for that invisible lover.

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   I waited until the climax was over, and then I reached between her creamy thighs and flipped the switch to “off”.
I stooped down, and picked her up, carried her into my bedroom and laid her on my bed. She was still gently moving her pelvis in the aftermath of her cum
“Oh, God, Jack! That thing made me have at least four cums. I did my best to be quiet so Dad couldn’t hear me, but it was driving me crazy. ”
Smiling, I reached between her thighs and switched it back “on”. Keri stiffed and bit her lip as her body started to experience yet another climax. As she reached her zenith, she let out a scream of release. As she came down from this climax, I again turned the switch to “off. ”
“Oh, please, Jack, let me rest. Please, don’t turn it on again. I can’t catch my breath”, she pleaded.
I rolled her onto her back and straddled her body, on my knees. Keri’s bound arms were pinned under her, raising her breasts up towards me. I eased forward until my cock was at her mouth. When the tip of my cock touched her full lips, she opened her sweet lips and closed them around the head of my cock.

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   Her delicate pink tongue was lashing the head of my phallus, causing it to throb in her mouth. I had seen too much this morning, so I started to fuck her pretty mouth. As I closed in on my climax, I reached back and flipped the dildo switch to “on”. As I was humping my cock into Keri’s mouth, filling it with my issue, she was humping the devilish dildo and experienced yet another cum!
Well, I had to go to college, so I moved out of the house. I had a full scholarship and had saved sufficient money to be able to rent a small two bedroom house near the college. I was hoping to rent the other room to another student to help defray my monthly rent costs.
Keri was beside herself. Her love, and “master” as leaving her immediate life. She was lost. I promised would come home every weekend, and we would see each other. My little house was only about 20 miles from our parents home. I made sure she knew she could visit me anytime she wanted to. To be honest, I did not want to leave her. I loved her, but I needed to go to college. Back in the dark recesses of my mind, I thought that I could, perhaps, move Keri into my little house.

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   With the spare bedroom, we could use the ruse that we were siblings and she was living there in my spare room.
As the school year started, Keri was having trouble with her grades. She, too, wanted to move into my house near the college. After one semester, her grades were suffering, and she was depressed. I had a talk with my parents, and told them I would tutor her and help her raise her grades, but, she would have to move in with me, and attend high school near where I was living. After much talk and deliberation, they agreed. They even consented to pay half of the rent on my little rental house. Keri was overjoyed. To her credit, she did her best to contain her enthusiasm.
Things were looking up for us. Now I could attend college, and have my sister, my lover and sex slave living with me, full time, with total privacy.



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