Kidnapping Keri - Part Five


Kidnapping Keri-Part Five
I was happy in my small two bedroom cottage. I had enrolled in engineering college, and was doing just fine. I had been awarded a very nice scholarship to pay for my tuition and expenses. This life agreed with me, and I felt that I was beginning to journey through my adult life. Living by myself gave me a delicious feeling on independence. There was a complication.
My sister Keri was my love, and had become my sex slave and obsession. I missed her and what we shared. On a recent weekend visit home, I discovered that Keri was having problems. She missed me. She was depressed, and her grades were suffering. My parents and I talked about Keri, and devised an answer. I offered to have Keri move in with me. I told them she could have the second bedroom in my little bungalow, but I would really appreciate them helping with the rent. I had plans to rent that room to another student to defray my rental costs. For this, I promised I would enroll Keri in a high school near my college, and I would tutor her to bring her grades up to par.

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   My parents were overjoyed at this arrangement. So was Keri. I was very pleased, to say the least.
The following weekend I moved Keri into my house. Even though I put all of her stuff in the second bedroom, it was clear that she would share my bed. We had to keep up appearances for our parents. We were like a honeymoon couple. We were excited to be back together, and now in our own place
As soon as we were alone, Keri ran to my arms. I hugged and kissed my lover and sister. I quickly undressed her, and then myself. We fell into my bed and made love like we had not seen each other for years!
Afterwards, we lay there in the bed, basking in the afterglow of our hot afternoon sex. My arm was around Keri, as I lay on my back. She had her head on my shoulder, lying on her side, facing me. Her sweet breasts were pressed hard against my body and she was softly stroking my flagging cock.
“Jack”, she whispered.

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   “I am the happiest girl in the world. I thought I had lost you. I’m so glad we are here together. ”
I smiled, hugged her, and after kissing her, replied. “Yeah, Baby Sister, I missed you too. But, if we are going to live together, however, I insist on some rules. ”
Keri looked at me, and asked, “What kind of rules? I’m already your sex slave, silly. ”
“Well, that’s the point, Dear Sister. I want us to make sure we maintain that way of life. Like in the past, you are my sex slave. I will tie, restrain you when I want. I will whip and torture you as in the past, and no sex act will be too much for you. I guess we can say you do not have the right to say ‘no’. ”
Keri smiled, “Yes, Big Brother, I know all that, and I accept your rules. ”
“Good“, I commented.

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   “Next, we are going to get your school grades up to where they should be. We don’t want mother and dad to insist you going back home because you grades did not improve like I promised. ”
“I promise”, she said, stroking my now erect cock. “Is there any thing else Master?”
“Yeah, there I”, I said, pausing for a moment. “If the opportunity presents itself, I intend to engage in our “kidnap” games”, I replied
Keri paused, and the asked, “You mean you might give me to someone else to torture and rape?”
“Yeah, that’s what I mean. I really liked us doing that. I would really like to do it again, providing I find a person I want to share you with. Damon and Jerry have both moved away, so we can‘t include them in our activities. ”
Keri was quiet as she continued stroking my rigid cock. Finally she replied, “O. K. , if you really want me to, I will submit to you. . . I love you, Jack.

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Keri moved down my body, leaving a trail of delicious kisses until she arrived at my cock. She used her sweet pink tongue to flick the tip of my cock as she stroked the rigid heated shaft, causing it to throb with my heart beat. Teasingly, she slipped her soft sweet lips over the head of my cock, and started to suck it in earnest To add to the sensation, she cupped my balls with her hand, gently massaging them. I could not hold out long, and soon my cock erupted in jets of hot semen, filling her beautiful mouth. She managed to take it all, not losing a drop. It had been a long day, and with in a very short time we both fell asleep, my sister Keri with my cock touching her lips as her head rested on my stomach. Her soft dainty hand still gently holding my balls. It was wonderful to be together again.
The college year went as usual. I was doing well in my engineering and computer science classes, and Keri’s grades improved. By mid winter, she was ready to graduate from high school in the Spring. We continued to live together. We went to college functions as boy friend and girl friend. Keri looked so hot, a lot of my friends envied my having her as my lover. Little did they know I was living with and having fabulous sex with my beautiful sister.

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During my next year at college, I turned 20 and Keri was 18. We were closer that ever, and at every opportunity I took her deeper into sexual slavery. By now I had purchased many bondage items. There were cuffs (leather and steel), the ever present ropes, whips, nipple and clit clamps, dildos and other paraphernalia to bring us both pleasure. Keri reveled in her sexual slavery. She was virtually my 24/7 slave.
In the Spring of that school year, as I was approaching 21 years of age, and Keri approaching 19, I met Eric. We met on the racket ball court, and became fast friends. Even though he was discrete, it was obvious that he thought Keri was one incredible woman. I liked Eric, and I started to probe his psyche to see if he would the right person to share Keri with. One day, at his apartment, I noticed some bondage porn books and BDSM videos in his closet. When I asked, he readily admitted that he was very interested in the subject of BDSM, but had never had a chance to pursue his desires.
I invited Eric to my house on Saturday evening, and told him to expect something very special in the area of BDSM. He tried to get me to tell him what the surprise was, but I held fast. He would have to wait and see.

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   In the meantime, he and I had several conversations about BDSM and sexual slavery of women. From what I could discern from our talks, he probably thought I knew of a couple of hookers who would accommodate us.
I told Keri about the upcoming Saturday evening with Eric, and that I would be letting him participate in her slavery. She was a little apprehensive, but agreed to obey me. We had not done anything like this since we were in high school. Keri had met Eric and liked him. We both were excited about the possibilities.
Saturday afternoon came. Keri was given instructions on how to dress. She asked what the evening activities would be, but I kept her in the dark. I thought it would be better that way. I had her put on one of her string bikini swim suits. Over that, as instructed, she put on a black strapless bra and matching black lace panties. Then she put on a short skirted sun dress. The top of the dress resembled a halter top, the straps of which were tied in a bow at the back of her neck.

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   To top this off, she put on a pair of black patent leather high heel pumps. Keri was very adept at wearing very high heel shoes as I required her to be naked, wearing high heel shoes, when ever we were alone. Once she was dressed for the evening, you could not tell that she had five layers of clothing on, including her dress. She was just dressed very stylishly, and very beautiful.
When Eric arrived, Keri was the model hostess. She served snacks and drinks, and was very attentive. Eric could not take his eyes off her. After every one had relaxed, I told Keri to go into the bedroom. There, on the bed, she would find a brief case. She was to bring it into the living room. She did as instructed. Eric asked about what was gong to happen. I told him to have patience and he would not be disappointed.
Keri brought the brief case into the living room, and put it on the coffee table. As instructed, she opened it.

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   Inside were ropes, cuffs, gags, and other items needed by a man who “owned” a sex slave. Keri was told to take the penis gag from the brief case. This was a leather strap on which was mounted a rubber dildo. This is inserted in at slaves mouth, with the strap holding it tightly in place. The does a really good job of silencing a sex slave. Keri was told to put it on.
“Keri, make sure you pull the strap tight”, I ordered. She did as I asked.
“Now, slave, put on the steel police handcuffs, and lock you hands behind your back. Make sure the cuffs are tight”, was her next order. Keri did as I asked.
Eric was spell bound. Now standing in front of him was one very beautiful submissive woman, handcuffed and gagged on her own volition. He was silent, at a loss for words as he watched the evening unfold. At my instructions, Keri moved about, posing so Eric could appreciate her bondage and beauty.

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   Her short dress and high heels displayed her great legs, while her breasts were pushed against the fabric of her sun dress.
I stood and walked to Keri. I hugged her and kissed her gagged mouth. While I was kissing her, my hand was fondling her breasts through her dress. Picking a strand of rope, I wrapped it around her elbows, pulling it tight and tying it off. Now her elbows were touching each other, bound tightly in the small of her back, causing her amazing breasts to push out from her chest, straining the fabric of her dress. I unlocked the handcuffs, and used another piece of rope to tightly tie her wrists.
“Eric, you have met Keri, the most important thing in my life, but now I want you to meet Slave Keri. She is my sex slave, and I do with her as I wish. ”
Eric finally was able to speak. “Wow”, he uttered. “I never knew. Wow, She…Keri…uh, she…, Man she’s beautiful”. I noticed from the lump in his trousers that he had an erection. Keri noticed also.

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“Eric, I have a surprise for you. You and I are going to play “strip poker”. The winner of each hand gets to take an article of clothing off Keri. When she is naked, then we will enjoy her. ”
Eric replied, “Wow!”
I answered, “Quit saying ’Wow’, and go to the table where the cards are, and let’s play poker. ” Keri was looking at me with a look of lust, and a little bit of trepidation. It had been a long time since I done something like this to her. I took her by the forearm and escorted her to the kitchen table.
Eric and I sat down at the table, while Keri was made to stand, on display, between us. Eric was excited, and Keri was submissively beautiful. Her pretty blue eyes watching her two captors. The first hand of cards were dealt, and after some maneuvering, I won the first hand.
“Keri”, I said. “Come here. I have won the right to remove your dress.


   Who ever wins a hand can remove an article of clothing from you. When the article is removed, you are to stand very close to the winner of that hand, as he has the right to enjoy feeling and playing with you body. ” Keri nodded her head.
I removed her dress, without untying her. Now she was standing there in a black bra and matching black panties. Eric was enthralled. I sat back down and spent the next few minutes running my hands over her body, paying care attention to her breasts and pussy.
Time to deal the next hand. Eric was not a very good poker player, so I deliberately lost that hand, so he could remove an article of Keri’s clothes. He removed her strapless bra. He was somewhat disappointed that she had on a bikini bra underneath. Keri moved very close to Eric, and stood silently as he took every advantage of feeling and playing with her scantily clad body. Finally, I told him it was time for another hand of poker. Reluctantly, his hands left Keri, and returned to the poker hand he was dealt. Even as he looked at his cards, one of his hands was stroking her delicious ass and fabulous legs as she obediently stood there.

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Eric won the next hand, and removed her panties, leaving her standing there in her string bikini and high heeled shoes. Again, Eric reveled in running his hands all over her body.
I made sure Eric won the next hand of poker. He stood up and walked behind Keri. He slowly undid the ties to her bikini top. The top fell away, and she was standing there with her magnificent breasts on display. Eric’s pulled her back into his body, his hands going around her body, grasping her waiting breasts. He spent nearly ten minutes playing with her breasts and kissing her gagged face. The bulge in his trousers were more than obvious. Keri’s bound hands were brushing against his painfully rigid cock.
The last hand of poker was mine. Keri was standing between us as I removed her bikini bottom. She was magnificent. I ran my hand between her legs to find that her pussy was hot and wet. She moaned softly as I pushed my finger into her heated passage.

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   After a minute or two, finger fucking Keri, I turned to Eric.
“Now, my friend, come with me”, I instructed. I took my naked sister Keri by her bound wrists and escorted her to the corner of the living room. Reaching up, I took a hanging planter down from the eye bolt mounted in the ceiling. Using a long piece of rope, I tied one end around Keri’s bound wrists, and the other end through the eye bolt. I pulled on the rope, pulling it up tight, raising Keri’s bound hands and arms well above her, until she was sharply bent at the waist. I tied the rope off, forcing her to remain in that exposed position. Her beautifully smooth ass was now exposed to be fondled or whipped. Her awesome breasts were hanging, awaiting torment. Eric was just about to learn about the latter.
“Eric, this is my slave”, I said. “You told me you have never whipped a woman before. Tonight, you are going to be privileged to whip the most beautiful ass in this town. Here, run your hands over this sweet ass. ”
Eric ran his hands over Keri’s exposed ass, and than let his hand drift down to her smoldering pussy.

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   He slapped her ass a couple of times, as if to test the texture. He then ran his hand down to Keri’s hanging breasts. He squeezed them, and pinched her nipples. Keri squirmed, as best she could, as Eric twisted her nipples.
I handed Eric a multi-strand whip. He visually measured the distance of his stroke, and brought he whip across Keri’s upraised ass. Immediately, delicate pink striations appeared on the smooth skin of her bottom. Eric liked whipping Keri. She was softly moaning as her ass as assaulted. Eric expanded his area of attack, at my suggestion. He brought the whip down to Keri’s breasts. They shook and trembled under the attack of Eric’s whip. About the time that I thought he was reaching her limit of pain, I stopped him. While he was whipping Keri, I was undressing. My cock was so hard it hurt.

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   I moved behind Keri, and slipped my rigid member into her steaming pussy. She moaned louder, through her gag, as she felt my cock invade her cunt. Eric was undressing as I was fucking my helpless sister. As he finished undressing, I stopped fucking Keri, and untied the rope that held her in the bent over position. Keri was disappointed as I had not brought her to a cum, that she so desperately wanted.
I told Eric to sit on the couch as I removed the gag from Keri’s mouth.
“Keri, my sweet slave, I want you to go to Eric and welcome him to our home with a well executed blow-job. Make it the best he ever had. ”
Eric watched as Keri knelt down in front of him. He was speechless as she leaned forward and kissed and licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock. She then leaned in further, and took his cock into her mouth. Eric nearly passed out. As Keri was sucking Eric’s cock, I moved behind her, and slipped my cock back into her sweet pussy. This was too much for Keri. I fucked her savagely.

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   Before she had a chance to get Eric off, she succumbed to my cock and climaxed. She lost control and let his cock slip from her mouth as she buried her head in his crotch while she had a massive cum.
When she came back to her senses, she looked up at Eric, “Oh, Eric, Sir, I am very sorry. I should not have cum without permission. I am sorry I did not bring you to a cum. I am very sorry. ”
Eric started to say, ’Oh that’s OK’, but I intervened. “Slave, you know you will have to be punished. ”
Keri hung her head, “Yessir, Jack, Sir, I’m sorry. ”
Quickly, I picked Keri up and carried her to my bed. I promptly placed her in the middle of the bed, on her back with her bound hands and arms pinned beneath her. Using two strands of rope, I tied her ankles to the corners of our four poster bed, spreading her legs widely.
“Eric, we have a slave here that needs to be punished. Take this whip and whip her pussy so she will not forget her duties”, I ordered.
At first, Eric was hesitant.

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   He had never whipped a delicious pussy of a beautiful woman before. He was up to the task however, and in a minute or two, had Keri crying, begging to suck his cock. I stopped him at the appropriate time. At my suggestion, he climbed on the bed and straddled Keri’s body. He moved forward until his cock was at her mouth. As she opened her soft lips to receive him, his ass was pressing down on her upraised breast. He started humping and fucking her pretty mouth. Her lips wrapped around his erection as he fucked her face, with no mercy. In a moment or two, he came. The evening was nearly too much for him. His cock exploded in her mouth, sending jets of scalding cum down her throat.
The evening had gone well. Before it came to an end, Keri was fucked again by each of us, and she sucked me to a cum. After Eric left to go to his apartment, Keri and I showered together. She wanted to be hugged and kissed by me.

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   She was able to give me another erection as she soaped and massaged by cock. I fucked her right there in the shower. She was wonderful sex slave, and I loved her.
Well, I am 32 now. I have an excellent career in engineering. Keri and I have moved to Chicago, and live together as man and wife. Everyone who knows us thinks we are married. She is become even more beautiful, and I am the envy of all the guys I know. It is a beautiful life, and I cannot imagine it being any different. Both our parents are gone now, so it is just us, and we love it. We know society would frown on how we live, but we don’t care. We are madly in love with each other.
Oh, yes, Keri is still my love slave, and yes, from time to time I share her with a very close friend or two. Yes, it’s an exciting and satisfying life.

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