When I returned my highschool the main door of my home is closed, I call my mom I think she is on bath. So I go through the side steps and get in the upstairs’ room there is my room and I washed my face and changed school uniform then go to the kitchen for have my evening snacks. When I pass my moms room Lights were seeping through the creases of door, quite evident that she was awake. The door seemed locked from inside…another surprise. I raised my hand to knock at the door. Before I could knock, a faint soft moan filled the silence of the corridor.  

I froze. I had heard those sounds before…not only once but many time…while making love to my lady loves. It was a moan of a female in heat readying for her mate.

What is that I slowly peeped on her room keyhole there I can’t believe it. I backed.

I realized my heart began beating faster. My senses suddenly became very active. I hesitated for a moment, and then bent to my knees bringing my eyes in level of the keyhole.  

I slowly inched my eyes again closer to the tiny hole.

What I saw inside set my adrenalin running high.

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   From the keyhole, I got the direct view of my mother’s bed and everything happening there.  

Inside the room, mom was sitting at the edge of her bed…topless…. (She has heavy boobs like two big size watermelons I think it is more than 45 DD) her gown and bra lying on the floor, while Jay, who was completely naked, sucked her nipples. Mom’s hands were fondling his erect cock, tenderly running along its length.

I couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His homely mother was playing with his cousin’s cock while he sucked on her big tits, and from her looks, it was obvious that she was enjoying it. I never see my mom’s naked body she is a gorgeous woman she has very huge ass cheeks and heavy boobs that will wakeup any impotent man. I saw only it with the cover of her dress but it is a free chance to see my mom’s naked body.

Jay is my cousine he lived with us his father is my father’s elder brother My mom is 45 and he is eighteen years only he is also like her son and same age of me. I withdrew my eyes away from the hole. My heart was beating fast…my breathing heavy. I didn’t know how to react to the sudden revelation. I had never expected to see my own mother in such a condition…exposing her so want only to a man who was not her husband.  

Why my mom doing like this, my father is still alive with healthy body he is also 45. I am confused But I am interested too see what’s going on there.

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   So I keep my eyes on the keyhole.  

Mom and Jay were French kissing each other. His hands were on her huge tits…pinching her creamy bosom while he sucked on his aunt’s moist tongue. Mom’s hands were busy massaging his 8-inch cock. (I have a 9. 5-inch cock it is fat than his)

They broke the kiss, and I heard my mom giggle as she pushed Jay back.  

She remarked something, which I can’t hear, and then she reached down cupping his heavy sacks in her hand. I watched as my cousin’s cock throbbed as mom fondled his balls.

Jay enjoyed the delightful sensation running through his body as his aunt strokes his balls and cock. He bent forward, and began rolling her panties down.  

I held my breath, my eyes continuously glued to the keyhole.  

Mom let Jay’s cock free, and fell backward helping him in removing her panties out of her legs…totally unaware she was being watched by her own son. I licked my dry lips as I looked at my mom’s exposed fluffy hair covered pussy… and her big ass cheeks it is heavy ever I seen realizing for the first time that I was hard…very hard.  

Jay crouched before Mom, gently spreading her thighs to expose her moist cunt. He always loved the way her cunt looked…so delicious…so titillating…so mouthwatering.

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   He considered himself extremely lucky to possess such a gorgeous pussy.  

Jay pressed his hands between her parted thighs, his fingers brushing against the fine glossy hair of her juicy cunt. He ran his fingers along her wet slit, and gently poked his index finger inside her cunt.  

Mom moaned with lust, and again reached for his cock, running her fingers along the length of his mammoth organ.  

Jay felt her slick her pussy lips tightening around his deeply embedded finger as he fucked his finger around in the hot sticky depths of her overheated cunt.

“Honey” mom whispered, feeling his index finger moving in and out of her scorching pussy. “Lick my cunt. ”

Feeling thrilled by his beautiful aunt’s request, Jay quickly lowered his face toward her big crotch. The first whiff of her aroused juicy cunt hit his nostrils intoxicating him with lust. He inhaled the pungent aroma of her pussy. A wild tingle raced up the length of his thick swollen prick when his nose and lips touched the soaked bush covering her delicious slit.

“Lick it,” She groaned huskily as his hot breath fuelled her already simmering cunt. “Stick your tongue inside. ”

Her son that means I am observed through the tiny keyhole, as my cousin’s head disappear between my mother’s thighs. I unzipped my fly, and took my cock out which was raging like a mad bull.


   I gently squeezed the swollen head.

Inside the room, Jay was celebrating his good fortune as he ran his tongue between the glistening folds of her dripping pussy lips tasting the salty taste of her pussy juices. Ever since he began going down on her, he always relished the taste of his aunt’s juicy cunt.  

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…! That’s good, Jay,” She whimpered as she shamelessly pushed her hot slick crotch against his face.

“Lick me… honey. Stick your tongue all the way in. ”

Loving the way she was begging for more, Jay rolled his tongue and let it slip inside her wet cunt reaching deeper. He felt her cunt juices entering into his mouth and he sucked it greedily.

“Mmmmmm…! Ohhhhhhh…! It feels so good!” She cooed erotically gyrating her hips. “Please don’t stop…suck me…Ahhh…Ahhh…suck me good!”

She raised her legs and supported her thighs over his shoulders…grabbed his hair, forcing his head deep into her inflamed cunt.

I observed through the hole, my hands moving along the length of my shaft…my tempo rising with every passing minute as I witnessed the amoral act transpiring between my mother and my young cousin.

Jay was pleased the way his aunt was responding to his tongue’s skillful calisthenics. He excitedly continued his oral massage of the tasty cunt. With every passing moment, He became more aroused as he sucked and licked on her juicy little cunt.  

“Lick my clit…suck it harder,” mom moaned “Stick your tounge in my cunt!”

He took her clit between his lips and sucked it into his mouth, letting his tongue snake between her pussy lips into her hole.


   He slowly ran his tongue along her slit from her anus to her clitoris bringing a cry to my Mom’s lips. Easing apart her cunt lips he plunged his tongue into her hot inner sanctum lapping the juices that flowed freely from her into his mouth. As he drank from her cunt he reached up and massaged her clit with his fingers causing her body to spasm. He continued to fuck her with his tongue as he played with her clit, feeling her body respond to his actions. Suddenly he recessed and lift his head. then he take a long breath . He again buried his face between her thighs and lapped on her juice. His nose rested against her open ass cheeks, and he whiffed the acrid aroma emanating from her anus. He looked at her sphincter…her wrinkled hole…so tantalizingly opened just before his eyes. I never saw any woman anus before…he hesitated for a moment, then stuck his tongue out and touched her buns. He could feel a mild tremor in her body.  

He slowly swirled his tongue around her wrinkled hole, avoiding any direct contact with her anus. But she likes to suck there so she whispered babayssssss I like that but he won’t more suck on her anus. Her body bends and she cried loudly ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! huny it is ccommmmmmmmmiiiiijnnnnnnnnggggggg I aaaaacmmmmmmmmmcummmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnggoooooooooooooooooh!
yes I’m cuming, I’m cuuuuummmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg” her cunt juice
Sprayed to his mouth and allover his face, around his head and as my mom screamed out her release, her thighs locked around his head and her hands pushed his face into her spasming cunt. jay locked his mouth over her pussy and drank and sucked the juices from her.

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I cease beating my cock, looked at my seething mother…almost mesmerized. my cousin’s lips and chin’s were covered with my mother pussy juices, which he was licking so sumptuously. I was suddenly jealous of my cousin. I looked at my cock, ready to shoot anytime now. But I restraint myself…the way things were going inside, there were many more things to come, and I wanted to witness everything.  
Mom opened her eyes and looked at her nephew smilingly. He grinned back at her. They kissed.

“It’s my turn now. ” She whispered.

Jay jumped on the bed, and settled beside her. She gently took hold of his cock between her fingers and began massaging it. She lay opposite to him in such a way that her lips were facing his crotch. jay pulled her legs near his head and placed his head over her thighs. Now her cunt was only a lick away from his lips.

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As he inhaled the musky aroma emanating from her dripping cunt, he felt a moist caress on his prick when mom lowered her hot lips down over his pulsing cock. Excitedly, he stuck his tongue out, and licked her pussy juices sticking to her bush.

He felt his cock being swallowed by his aunt’s hungry mouth, and the sensitive tip of his cock nudging against the back of her throat.

He placed his hands on mom’s head and started pumping his cock into her mouth. She managed to get her nose all the way down to his pubic hairs, sucking him deep into her mouth and throat.  

“Oh, God,” He mumbled and looked at her flushed beautiful face. She was sucking his cock furiously, running her lips over its length…imitating a wet cunt. His cock was big enough for her to take it completely inside her sucking mouth; therefore, she gripped the base of his cock with her fist and engulfed the remaining length of his cock inside her mouth.  

Whimpering with lust, mom sucked his throbbing hard on with a feverish pace…her talented tongue slithering up and down his cock…salivating his entire cock length with her spit.  

Trembling with excitement, he drew his attention to her wet cunt wide open in front of her. She was again dripping. . . quite evident from the way her trimmed bush and thighs glowed with her nectar sticking to it.

She bobbed her face up and down on his cock and licked and sucked.

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   she reached under his cock and felt his balls, squeezing them as she sucked. He reached down and played with her tits and pinched her nipples. She must have sucked on him for a good five minutes and then She felt him start to tense up and she swear that his cock got even bigger, thicker then the cum began to shoot into her mouth. she tried to swallow all of his cum but some of it ran out the sides of her mouth and dripped down her chin.  

As his cock started to lose its size she kept sucking and squeezing his balls.  

and both of them laid on bed I withdrew my eyes from the key hole I can’t believe the amazing show of my mother and her nephew had done my cock is rock hard but I want to see more what’s happening there. So I again reached the keyhole.

There is their next show started .  

I want to see your dick cum again Jay huny she said. She grabbed his cock and started stroking again. He was hard in no time. You want to cum in my mouth again she asked. Sure I said. No I got a better idea. I want you to cum in my pussy this time.



Don"t you want to fuck me huny. Absolutely he quickly returned.
Well then what are you waiting for, she said as she laid back and opened her legs real wide.  
“Put it in me then!. .  
He positioned himself between her legs and found her opening. he pushed the head of his cock forward, he could feel her delicate pussy lips begin to part as his cock began to disappear inside her wet big pussy.

“Yes Honey…yes!” She squealed, unable to resist the motion, the heat of ecstatic sensations forcing her to fuck harder and faster, to devour his thick cock with her hungry cunt. "Oh, God, yes!"

He pumped her harder. His balls were slapping on her pussy as he thrusted his cock in and out of her.

Oh yea aunt I"m going to cum I"m going to cum. fill it huny I want its heat in me fill it in my pussy

Ohhhhhhhh! aunttttttttt its cominggggggggggggg ! its ccomeeeeeeeeeeeeing sssssss

His body shivered and his strength loses he buckled on my moms body.  

Oh! huny! its fine that you done Oh! I love you huny she murmured.

Jay was panting…gasping for fresh air. He lay on her body…completely motionless…only his chest heaving with effort, his cock still throbbing inside his aunt’s cunt but there were no fresh jets of cum.


   His balls were completely drained.  

Both, Mom and jay remained idle for many minutes…slowly getting control of their breathings. mom could feel his cock slowly losing its hardness and their juices dribbling out of her pussy.  

From the keyhole, I watched them relaxing. My cock had also stopped shooting, depositing a large pool of cum at the doorstep. I squeezed my cock to release the final gob of cum out of my semi-tumescent cock.  

Mom was the first to wake from her post fuck stupor. She slid of his body and stood on the floor beside him. Jay opened his eyes and looked at her lovingly…his lips spread in a lewd grin.

“Get up. ”

He looked at her…questioningly.  

“Go to your room…before my son catches us. ”

I got up and immediately scurried to my room downstairs silently.  I didn’t have any plans to tell anything about the incident to my father, I was jealous of my cousin for his good fortune. Last night, when I lay in my bed furiously stroking my cock to another rapturous eruption, I dreamt myself between the delicate thighs of my beautiful mother pumping my cock in and out.


   Nevertheless, I was aware that was my mother, and probably my incestuous fantasies would never materialize. Although mom was screwing my cousin, it was least likely that she would agree to do the same thing with her own son. Anyway watching her getting fucked was a mind-boggling experience in itself, and I looked forward to watch my mother getting laid…whenever it was possible…whether it’s Jay or any one.  

We all are met in the morning all of thing runs as usual but I saw something in my mom’s eyes she don’t face to me I noticed that. Why she act like that. I forgotten that.

Mom cooked the breakfast and served. we ate silently, all of them having different reasons for being silent.  

After the breakfast, Jay dressed and left for his college. I excused himself and retired to my room.  

After half an hour a nock on my door.

I opened the door…my upper body was bare…only a Bermuda shorts covering my lower half. There is my mom stands.

She looked at my semi naked body. I was bigger than Jay…

“What’s it mom?” I asked again.

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“Can I come inside?” 

“Yeah…!” I moved aside giving her passage.

Mom entered inside my room. She was suddenly nervous…her throat suddenly went dry. She pulled my study chair and settled on it. I sat on the edge of my bed, looking at her…quizzically.

“I…I…think you know,” She swallowed her saliva. “Why am I here?”

I looked at my mother.  

“She knows…I was there. ” I thought.  

“No…!” I said plainly, pretending indifference.

“You were there…I know. ” mom realized that there was no gain in beating about the bush. If she had to plead her case, she would’ve to be frank with me. “You saw everything?” 

“I don’t what you’re talking about. ”

She looked at me.

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   I was staring directly at her. Feeling ashamed, she turned her gaze.

“Last night…you…you…were there. ” Her words came out with difficult. “You saw me with Jay. ”

I observed the flushed face of my mother. She was staring down at the floor. The glowing scenes from last night were suddenly alive in my mind. I felt like grabbing my mother, and shove my cock all into her delicious pussy. My cock jerked with a wild twinge.

“Yes…” I said slowly, trying to control my urges.

“So what you think about me?” Her face turned deep red. “A mindless slut…a nymph. ”

“Don’t know. ” My reply was brief.

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She looked at me. My eyes were glued to her…a strange dreamy stare. She felt uneasy…as she again felt the same lecherous waves running through her body.  

“Please…huny, don’t tell your dad about it. ” She finally blurted it out. “It just happened. I promise, I’ll stop everything. Please don’t tell him”

I stared at my mother’s pleading face. Suddenly, I felt elated. Dad…! It never occurred to him. I felt my cock getting stronger.  

“I’m not going to tell anything to anyone. ” I smiled.

“Really…” Her face lit a bit. She moved near me…tears swelled in her eyes.


   “I’m sorry for what I’ve done, but I promise you, I’ll stop everything. We’ll send Jay back to his home…we…”

“That’s not needed. ” I stopped her in between. “I’m not telling anyone. ”

mom felt relieved.  

“Thanks son. ” She sat beside me. “In return you can ask me for anything. ”

“Anything…?” I looked at her, grinning.

“Yeah…anything. ”

Will you really give me anything I want?”
“Promise. ”

“Sure. . . ” She smiled at me.


   “I’ve promised you. ”

“I thought I should tell you my wish. ”

“Okay. ”

I…. . want…… want… 

What you want my loving son tell me anything you ask me I will give it you my son!

Ok mom” “I want…. . you, I want to fuck you like Jay. ”

Mom stood motionless…completely stunned…not knowing what to say or how to respond to my demand. The strange wave again shook her body.  

“It’s not possible. ” Words came with difficulty from her mouth. “We can’t do that…it’s wrong. ”

“But you promised me. ” I came near her.

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Mom was shivering.

“But…but…” She looked at me nervously. Her heart began to beat faster as I moved closer to her. “You know that’s not possible. I’m your mother. We can’t do that. ”

It is very big sin you know It is very wrong you think like that! you are my son ! no it is not possible it is wrong that never happens between us.

“You did it with Jay, he is also like a son. ” I inched closer to her, breathing heavily. “So why not with me. I love you mom…” 

Mom looked at me in stunned silence.  

“Look mom…what you’ve done to me ever since I saw you screwing Jay. ”

I slipped my fingers inside my shorts, and with a jerk pulled it down, exposing my raging hardness to my mother.  

Mom looked at me her naked son, unbelievingly. She tried to turn her gaze, but her eyes got a good view of my huge cock.

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   It appeared so magnificent…jutting out my hairy thatch…probably longer and meatier than my cousin’s tool.  

Oh, god…her mouth was again dry. She stood there…completely motionless…staring at my mammoth dick. Strange tidal waves of wild passion began their journey through her loins. I see it all of in her reddish face and eyes.

“Look mom…” I slipped my arms around her waist. “See for yourself. ”

I took her palm in my hand, and placed it over my rigid cock. She felt the intense heat of my manhood.

“No…no…!” She resisted feebly. “Please don’t do this. ” I am your mother we can’t do this it is big sin you are my own blood it is Incest you know.

She tried to remove her hand from my burning organ, but I tightened my grip over her hand preventing her from releasing my cock.  

“Feel it mom…feel it. ” I hissed in her ear, my hot breath seemed to burn her cheeks.

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   “I know you love cock…look it’s bigger than Jay’s. ”

I forced her hand to massage my cock length, running it up and down. Mom felt her body trembling; her knees suddenly felt very tender…unable to support her weight. She breathed heavily.  

“It’s wrong…son…we can’t do it. ” Please son I am your mother you my own son we can’t do this when anybody know this we both punished . She mumbled, but her hands remained on my cock. I persistence was weakening her resolve. The tidal waves of perverted temptations were slowly overwhelming her; deep in her heart, she longed to feel that fine specimen of me, throbbing so proudly in her hand.  

I was not a novice in the field of lovemaking. I realized my mother’s dilemma. I inched closer to her and took her into my arms, planting my hot lips over her softly parted lips with his eager mouth.

She felt my free hand, roaming over her body…gently feeling her delicate curves…her back…the majestic big globes of her ass. It stayed there for a while, gently pinching her rump; then it moved to her front…caressing her soft belly and finally to her delicate mound of Venus covered only with a thin layer of her gown and a fragile panties.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…!” She moaned softly as my index finger felt her cuntlips my own mom’s mound oh! when I touch there some electricity passed on my body I am so lucky because I touched my own mom’s cunt through the clothes.



“Please…ahhhhhhhhhh…stop…!” Her spoke unconvincingly. “We shouldn’t be doing this. ” my hunyuuuh! you it isss wrongggg pleeeeeese. her words broken.

I broke the kiss.

“You like it mom…!” I whispered in her ear. “You love my hand on your cunt…you want me to fuck you. ”

“No…! No…! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!” No!… it is sin sonnnnn pleeease aaaoooooohh! Her mind warned her to stop me before it was too late, but her body responded to my lascivious touches…she could feel her pussy began dripping with lust.  

I didn’t waste any time; I lifted her gown, and slipped my hand up along the inside of her bare thighs causing her body tremble from my erotic touch. I stroked her pussy through her panties feeling the clearly perceptible wet area in front of her crotch. My fingers slipped around the elastic band of her flimsy panties, caressing my mother’s cunt where I am came there for the first time.

My horny mother involuntarily arched her hips up as my finger slid over her wet slit. She breathed heavily offering her lips to me. I kissed her again, this time sliding my tongue deep in her hot mouth. mom sucked it hard, passionately clinging to my body.


   Her hands still on my raging hard on, she didn’t notice that I had released my grip off her hand.  

I moved my fingers deftly in the slippery folds of her pussy. I further moved my hand inside her panty and cupped her cunt, my palm feeling her soft bush, my fingers slowly probing her moist opening.  
The intense pleasure was greatly increased when I briefly moved my finger up to the top of her cunt to tease her hard, tingling clit.

Mom lost her modesty. She let out a wild moan of uninhibited delight, writhing her body against my when she felt my middle finger slipping deep into her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…! Yes,” doooit! mysonoooooooooohhhhh!

“Does it feel good, mommy?” I whispered lewdly while fucking her cunt with my finger. “You like my finger in your cunt?”


“And you want me to fuck you?” 

She looked directly in my eyes.

“Come on, mommy,” I urged. I helped her to lie down on the bed and gradually moved her nightgown towards her belly. Little by little her soft flesh was being exposed to my hungry eyes and gradually her beautiful cunt opened before my eyes, a big hot cunt between those creamy thighs, thickly covered with blonde fleece. I lustfully gazed at my mother’s beautiful cunt, its soft thick lips, its soft dense curly blonde hairs and its soft moist opening, looking at me in the most tempting manner.

After seeing her most important place, I unhooked her bra releasing her heaving big tits.  
I stared at my mother’s magnificent huge tits. I had seen them before but from a distance, and covering of dress now in front of my snooping eyes they undulated erotically.


   Her nipples were dark and erect,it is very big like bullets standing up from the creaminess of her shapely tits inviting me to tease them…to suck them. my heart is pumped like an engine .

I lowered my mouth and took her one nipple between my lips. Mom moaned when her I licked at her nipples. I pulled a sensitive nipple into my wet, hot mouth, she sighed in pleasure and her hand involuntarily squeezed my cock.

I looked at mom, her eyes were closed and she seemed to be dazed. I didn’t know what she was expecting next. She lay completely naked in front of her son…trembling with shame and lust.

I stopped sucking her tits and enjoyed the naked charming assets of my mother.  

“You’re gorgeous mommy…just gorgeous. ” Mom turned scarlet. She felt ashamed laid so exposed in front of her son, but simultaneously she felt a great tingling feeling between her thighs.  

My eyes were burning with lust. My eyes roamed from her spongy big tits to her sexy hump at her stomach and the exquisitely dimpled belly button. Then I gazed at her curly hair covering her delicious cunt.

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I had seen her cunt last night, but now I appeared more delicious, more mouth watering. Her cunt hair was thick and curly, dense near her slit and somewhat sparse near her thighs. It was almost hiding her slit. I pushed her legs apart and gasped with delight as her inner pinkishness opened to me. I stared at her pink lips…mesmerized; her pussy glistening with wetness…her hard swollen resin poking so invitingly from between those rosy lips.  

My cock throbbed strongly. I took it from the base, and stood near her swaying my cock.

“Look mommy…it"s ready for you. Won’t you kiss it?”

I came forward, and offered my monster to her. She rested her head against the hand rest and took hold of my cock that was wavering so proudly near her lips. She brought her head toward my prick. Flicking her tongue out, she licked the bulbous tip of my cock.

I moaned in appreciation

“Son, you have got a masterpiece. ” Mom was slowly moving my foreskin up and down. “Its so big! she smiled and said to me I wondered.

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   All the matters before she talk she forgotten I am glad she wish to make her.
Then she bent forward and began to kiss the bulbous head of my raging rod. Tenderly she licked the drop of precum of its head and began licking all over the head. I was so excited that soon I felt like shooting in her mouth. I didn’t want that so immediately so lightly forced her head away from my crotch. She could understand and reluctantly she pulled her head away. She bent backward. His eyes devoured her hairy wet cunt.

Mom writhed her hips and lifted her ass, arching her crotch to me.

“Hurry, honey…” She murmured croakily. “I can’t take it any more. Please do it to me! Please fuck me…fuck mommy. ” But I need more times too watch and feel her so iwon’t fuck now.  
Mom’s muff was so thick that it was completely covering her slit and her clitoris. I stretch out opposite to her, my head facing her cunt and my cock near her face.

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   I began kissing her leg, sucking and licking her fingers, then leisurely working my way up her creamy white thighs. At last my nose was nuzzling into her soft curly bush that covered her prominent mound abundantly. I rested my head over her thigh and touched her slit with the tip of my tongue.

As my tongue touched her outer lips mom wriggled in ecstasy, producing a loud moan of extreme pleasure. I breathed the musky whiff radiating from my mother’s cunt; it was mind-boggling. I gently widened her puffy cunt lips and ran my tongue over her inner folds tasting her salty wetness. It was delectable. For a moment I ran my tongue in a slow flickering motion enjoying the salty muskiness, then I started lapping her cunt feverishly.

I thrust my hungry tongue deep inside her pussy and tried to insert it as far as it would go. Soon, my face was covered with her delicious nectar, which was growing by leaps and bounds, with every stroke of my tongue.

Meanwhile mom had laid off her all inhibitions and with every caress of my tongue she was howling unashamedly. I was surprised to sense the amazing change in the mom. Within few hours my mom has converted into a slut from a simple straight housewife. She grabbed my rigid cock into her fingers and was pulling it feverishly; sometimes even causing pain. I was about to remind her to not to cause any harm in the heat of the moment.


   But as a welcome relief, suddenly she bent her head forward and took my shaft between her eager lips. She was licking my cock head in such a way as if she was eating an ice cream cone. She completely turned towards me and lowered her mouth further on my shaft taking more length of my rigid tool inside her hot mouth.

After gulping a larger portion of my pole, she slowly began running her lips up and down along its length, imitating a cunt. She held the base of my cock with one hand and her other hand started fondling my hairy sack. She stiffened her lips to create more friction and began to move them faster and harder.
I felt her fat pussy lips…I played with her clit and then reaching beneath her, her cupped her deliciously heavy ass cheeks…pressing and releasing her magnificent globes.  

I didn’t have any clue about the taste of a woman’s ass and over the period, to me also it had become a sort of repulsive idea. I realized it was no more revolting and I find myself very eager to taste her ass. I really wanted to stick my tongue up to her shit hole and taste its flavor.

My nose rested against her open ass cheeks, and I whiffed the acrid aroma emanating from her anus. I looked at her sphincter…her wrinkled hole…so I had never licked anus before… But I need my mom’s ass madly want to bite and suck everything as possible then stuck my tongue out and touched her buns. I could feel a mild tremor in her body. I know she likes it Yesterday I saw when Jay suck it her face I can read it she loves her ass suck but he hesitate to suck the beautiful big ass. I want it I will give my mom anew pleasure surely.



I slowly swirled my tongue around her wrinkled hole, the circle of her anus. However, the fragrant smell from her anus drove me crazy with lust, and I finally touched her ass hole with my tongue. I licked her hole getting my first taste of a real woman ass. I was happy that it belonged to my mother. The mild acrid taste was mind boggling, and I knew that in future I would never let go an opportunity to enjoy the taste of a beautiful big ass.  

Mom stopped sucking my cock as she felt my tongue licking her anus. She had never been licked like there before, and the feeling of a wet tongue over her sphincter was beyond comprehension. I had seen anal licking in porn movies but never expected that I would ever lick my own mom’s rectum. Her son’s wet tongue over her ass drove her wild with lust.  

She began twisting her head from side to side, rotating her mouth around my cock. First using her tongue, then her lips, she fiercely licked my cock.  

I lost all my inhibitions, and began lapping at her ass hole. Forcing my tongue into her anus, I slipped the tip of my tongue inside her rectum.

Mom mumbled something. Her mouth was stuffed with my cock and she wasn’t in a position to utter anything.

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   She enjoyed my hot tongue fucking her ass.  

I began to feel the pressure. I knew that his inflated cock wouldn’t be able to survive long under the extreme suction generated by her sucking lips.  

- You really like my ass, don’t you Son? I notice you looking at it all the time. she said to me

Oh! Shit she always know all about my gaze. - Do you like my ass baby?
- Yes! I love it!

- Oh I like this son! Fuck your tongue up my ass. Stick your tongue out and rim my shit-hole!

She spread her asshole wide between her fingers She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to meet her anus
Ouuuuh yeah! Nice boy! Lick it good baby! Now fuck your tongue inside!

I stuck my tongue hard and drove it all the way in her bun,
Mom rode my face hard with her big hard butt.

- Yeah! That’s it! Good boy. Fuck your mom’s ass with your tongue. Yeah! Jam your tongue as far up my bun as you can. Oh Jesus! Yeah! That’s it! You are doing great!

Mom took my cock in her mouth again. She slurped it back to hardness. I couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure to feel her cool mouth slurping my dick.

- Ooouuuh!.

Mom yelled at me.

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- Don’t stop tonguing my asshole if you ever want to fuck it, you little pervert! Eat it! Yeah that"s it! That"s a good boy! 

And she went back to suck my hard cock.

Uhmmmmm…! Uhmmmmm…! 

I licked and stuck my tongue up her asshole for a good 5 minutes.

Push your tongue farther in you little brat! Yeah, that’s it! Now tongue-fuck my asshole like that! Yeah!
uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Uhmmmmm, uhmmmmm! I think she can’t control her orgasam. Her body quivering my one finger is inner cunt it tickling her clit she cried 
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh! sssonnnnnn it is coooooooooooooomking don’t stop I lick her anus hardly and my fingers work her clit swiftly her ass lift with my face and slowly downand her legs locked my head and press it more in her anus I can’t breath properly she loudly cried 

oooooooooh!aaaaaaaaaaaah! babyyyyyyyyyyyyy my loviiiiiiiiiiiiing ssssooooooooon it greeeeeeeeeeet my son.

Her cunt muscles vibrating uncontrollably around my tongue, releasing a bounty of her vaginal juice into my mouth. Mom was having a terrific orgasm. I thrust my tongue deeply into her, covering her vaginal opening with my lips; gulping down each and every drop of her sweet juice released from her pussy. I drank hungrily the salty fluid flowing down my throat, enjoying every drop of the sweet nectar. Slowly the trembling in her pussy subsided and her rigid body relaxed. I licked every remaining trace of her honey and then pulled my tongue out of her cunt. Delicately, I licked the wetness of her blonde fur and the area between her pussy and ass hole, tracing any drop of her love juice that might have escaped my tongue. Completing my task, I rested my head on her thigh and tried to catch my breath. After eating mom’s ass for a long period I finally withdrew my tongue. My cock was fully erected now, ready to delve into the darker depths of my mother’s rear chute

Mom lips were still playing with my cock, I could feel the blood rushing to my cock and slowly bringing it back to its fully erected state. I pulled my cock out of mom’s mouth and changed my position, my face facing mom’s face and my growing cock hovering over her willing nest.

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   I kissed mom full on her lips and we both enjoyed the taste of our own juices glued on our lips. Tenderly, I pulled Mom"s little tits, pinching her dark nipples between my fingers. Mom responded with a deep resounding moan. I lowered my mouth and started sucking her nipples. I pulled them into my mouth, rubbing my tongue between and around them, gently teasing them with my teeth. Mom was chanting frantically. I continued nibbling her nipples till my cock was completely ready for a new session of furious my own mom’s cunt fuck. My hands again traveled to her pubic region and felt her dripping cunt. Mom reciprocated with widening her thighs, indicating that she was also prepared for her lustful journey with her son.
I tried to pulled mom near but she stopped me. She gripped my cock and lightly pulled it near her moist opening. She ran my bloated cock head up and down the lips of her steaming cunt. She loved the feel of the swollen head of her son"s cock nudging against her burning cuntlips. With a sob of delight, she ran the chiseled tip of my prick up and down her scalding wet cunt lips; mashing it against her throbbing clit.

I obliged my mother willingly, easing my cock into my mother’s warm twat.


   She felt the bulbous head of my cock parting the lips of her welcoming cunt.

Mom gasped for air. Her mind went wild with extreme pleasure as mom noticed her own son’s cock slowly start its travel down the delicious depth of her pussy. She dug her fingers into my hips as I fucked into her pussy, holding her crotch high for me. Her well-lubricated pussy opened around my intruding organ providing me passage into the most delicious depths of the world.  

My cock moved easily inside her filling her heavenly burrow. Slowly, I was fully inside her; my thick thatches matted with her curly pussy hair…my balls touched the upturned cheeks of her big ass.  

Mom squealed with delight, feeling her horny cunt stuffed with my massive cock. She grabbed and pulled hard at his hips, her cunt pulsating tightly about my throbbing cock.

Neither moved for a while.

My hands on each side of her shoulders, looked down into my mother’s dreamy eyes.

“How does it feel mommy…? Do you like my cock?”

“Yeah…” That’s all she could utter.  

“Better than Jay’s…?”

“Yes…but please don’t stay like that…fuck me. ” She begged. “Fuck me hard.



She herself began moving beneath me, slowly gyrating her hips trying to slide her cunt up and down on my cock. I smiled at my mother’s eagerness. She was behaving like a slut, who wanted nothing but a nice hard fuck.  

I looked deeply into her eyes, and while bracing myself on my hands; I bent my head and kissed her. I liked the way she fucked me.

I finally began to move, my hips going up and down, meeting my mother’s cunt.  

Mom withdrew her hands off my back, and slid them to the cheeks of my ass. She bored her fingers into the taut flesh of my rump, drawing me closer to her body…trying to suck my cock deeper into her fiery cunt.
I fucked her with a slow rhythm. Enjoying and savoring my each plunge into my mother’s hot pussy. Both, mother and me were lost in our own worlds of carnal pleasure. The only sounds echoing in the living room were our passionate moans…the squeals of ultimate rapture.  

I let my weight down onto her, my chest pressing her tits. My ass began to thump, my cock moving in and out of her well-lubricated cunt.

Mom luxuriated in every thrust of my monstrous cock, feeling my cum filled balls smashing against her hot ass cheeks.


   Up and down, up and down…I was slow in rhythm but my plunges were firm and deep, making her cry with lust every time she felt my cock buried to the hilt inside her scalding pussy. She was thrilled the way my cock was penetrating her cunt so enthusiastically.

She locked her delicate fluffy thighs about her son’s hips, scissoring her legs and lifting her body to meet my impaling organ…feeling it reaching the inner most depth of her cunt.  

I enjoyed the soft velvety clasp of my mother’s pussy over my cock. I realized that fucking my own mother would probably become my most cherished memory similar to my first fuck or probably even better than that.  

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…mommy…you have such a nice cunt. ” I moaned, fucking his cock
in and out of her delicious pussy.

She rolled and twisted her ass, humping up and down with me. She closed her legs about my thighs, locking her ankles and squeezing my moving hips. My pace was deliberate and slow, quite contrary to eager and rapid plundering of Jay.  

“You’re such a great fucker…son. ” She smiled at me lewdly. “Where did you learn all this?”
I grinned and began fucking her cunt harshly. My mother’s cunt was just too hot around my swollen, throbbing prick.
I wanted to relish every moment of this great fuck.

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“Harder!” Mom yelped, boring her knuckles into my rump. “Fuck me harder, son! Fuck me…tear my pussy. ”

I liked the way my mother talked. I grunted with pleasure and raised my body between her legs. Grabbing her big ass, I lifted her hips off the bed. Her head was now on the bed and her abdomen was high in air supported by my hands.  

I pumped her pussy harder and faster in the new position.  

Mom unlocked her legs from across my hips, providing me more room to fuck my tool into her pussy.

    “Ohhh… Mommy! Ohhhhhhhhhh!” I was now panting with effort, yet I continued plundering her delicate pussy. I cupped her naked ass mounds to lift her cunt tighter to my cock.

    “Yes Honey…yes!” She squealed, unable to resist the motion, the heat of ecstatic sensations forcing her to fuck harder and faster, to devour my thick cock with her hungry cunt. "Oh, God, yes!"

    Panting, I lowered her ass back on the bed, and began to plunge up and down furiously, my cock fucking deep into her gripping cunt, my balls mashing into her tight ass cheeks with every down stroke. My fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he fucked faster.  

    Mom squeezed my tight ass cheeks with her fingers, grinding and churning beneath me now. Her pussy was searing the taut flesh of my cock, the wetness clinging to me as she thrust her cunt wildly against me.

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    I just stop my movement She can’t control herself She looked me.

    Then she suddenly got up and sat besides me. She forced me to lie down and throwing her one leg over me, sat over my abdomen. Again gripping my rampant cock she ran it across her slit. I realized that my mom wanted to lead this time so I left myself at her mercy and enjoyed my position. She continued rubbing her clit with my cock head and was constantly groaning with delight. After a while she guide the tip of my pole at the opening of her crotch and lowered her body. I could feel my pecker spreading her tight sheath, slowly moving into those worm depths. Mom further moved her hips down, sinking onto my boner till her pussy had swallowed up its entire length; Her pussy gripped my cock tightly, her blonde muff mating with my thick pubic hairs. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pull her onto me with all ferocity forcing my cock to reach the deepest region inside my mom’s pussy.  

    Settling on my cock, mom started moving her ass up and down. I lovingly looked between her thighs, watching her hairy cunt move up and down my cock. So far I was lying silently allowing mom to have all the control but then I started gyrating my hips thrusting my cock up inside her cunt during her down strokes. Mom began to fuck faster. She was riding my cock with great velocity, her hot furry channel moving eagerly over the length of my shaft.

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       With every plunge of her she was wailing with ecstasy. Then she bent her body putting her hands over my shoulder, she increased her pumping. Mom’s pussy dripping profusely as I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft, still her pussy was very tight. I watched intently her tight sheath opening and closing onto my shaft with each rap. Mom was on seventh heaven, constantly moaning and crying as she moved her cunt along the length of my cock
    “Fuck me, mom! Fuck me. ” I gasped in a hoarse voice moving my hip upward to meet her thrust, trying to drive my rigid tool deep inside the sopping snatch. I could feel another summit approaching.

    “Harder mom, harder,” I was panting. “ Make me cum inside your hairy pussy. ”

    “Oh yes! Son,” Mom slammed her hairy slit down onto my cock, crying in fury. “Cum inside you mommy’s cunt, honey. ” 

    I knew I could no longer control my ejaculation. I buried my fingers into her ass fiercely in order to pull her cunt completely over my organ and started plunging her cunt furiously. Mom gave a wild shriek, her whole body shaking with her orgasm building up.

    her sobs of delight growing louder as she released her approaching orgasm.



    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…!” Mom screamed as her orgasm struck her. She arched her hips pressing her cunt hard on my cock. “I"m commmmmiiinnnnng!”

    Suddenly I grabbed her onto my chest, lifted my hip to drive my cock fully into her ravishing cunt and ejaculated. The hot, thick come juice splashed against her soft vaginal muscles; her hairy cunt squeezing forcefully my cock, Mom gave a sharp cry as her orgasm shot through her body, her cunt convulsing involuntarily around my spitting organ. I could feel our mutual spending moving down my shaft and slowly accumulating in my pubic hairs. Once the trembling in her pussy stopped mom slumped forward putting her face over my chest. She licked my chest, which was showing little beads of perspiration. Her cunt was still gripping my cock and was mildly twitching around it. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

    I looked proudly at my mother. Feeling satisfied with my efforts,

    The waves of orgasms rippling through her traveled to my cock, and I slammed into her cunt very hard. Then we change our postion now I am over her but still my cock is in her hot cunt I didn’t withdrew it I felt the first waves of tremor generating inside my balls. I very speedly moved in and out

    “Ohhh…Son…Ahhh…” She moaned, trying to grip my rampant cock with her pussy muscles. “Please cum in me. ”

    The mild tremors slowly mounted into a gigantic fireball.


       My balls writhed and pulled tightly at the base of my prick, and I fucked my mother furiously for the final time.

    With a loud groan, I bore my cock deep into my mother’s pussy. Mom felt the wild uncontrolled throbbing of my cock deep inside her along with the exquisite feel of my hot cum flooding her cunt. She tightened the grip around my cock and whimpered noisily.  

    She reveled in the extreme rapture as she felt my gushing cum spurt into her smoldering cunt with a force she never felt before. I came in abundance, inundating my mother’s starving cunt with my hot white fluid. My cock jerked repeatedly, gushing a fresh load of cum in her pussy.  

    Mom writhed in delight as her cunt squeezed every single drop out of my spitting cock until there was nothing left to extract. After emptying its juice, my cock began deflating in size. I gently pulled my cock out of her pussy. She moaned in disappointed; therefore, I let my cock languish against her thick bush. A final drop of cum seeped out of my pee hole and settled over her wet bush.  

    Mom remained motionless, reveling in the aftereffect of a fantastic fuck with her own son. Her pussy wide open and she felt my cum oozing out of her slit, slowly trickling along the crack of her anus. She slipped her legs down, stretching out on the bed.

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    “That was great darling. ” She took my wet flaccid cock between her fingers and stroked it affectionately. “Mommy loved the way you fucked her. When can we do it again?”

    “Whenever you need it. ” I smirked.

    “Keep it always ready for me. ” She smiled seductively as she stroked my cock. “Whenever no one around…I’d like it inside me. ” better than your dad and your cousin

    I was feeling so guilty for doing such a thing with my own son. Deep in my heart, I knew that I had enjoyed our fuck very much and my pussy was begging for even more. It was that guilt feeling that forced me to say what I said to you this morning. But, when I came to my bedroom tonight on the pretext of sleeping, I almost immediately realized that I desperately needed this massive tool of yours inside my cunt. And I am very happy that I gave in, I don’t feel any guilt now and I really love your big cock that gave me so much pleasure and made me feel so good. ”

    I listened to mom coolly. She was telling the truth.

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       I didn’t know whether I would be able to love any other women as I loved my mom now. She meant everything to me. I removed my cum filled fingers from her pussy and rubbed it over my lips and looked at mom. Without hesitation mom bent her body and started sucking my lips, licking the traces of cum out of my lips. I was surprised that my cock was again getting hard which was not a very common thing. Mom had really driven me wild with lust for her; otherwise it would not been possible for me to regain hardness thrice in quick succession.

    There was nothing to say, nothing to explain. Mom knew what I wanted to fuck her big ass I dreamed it a longer time and it was her wish also. Within a fraction the quilt was thrown revealing our naked bodies. Mom lied down on her stomach. I took a pillow and put it below her stomach elevating her rump towards me for a better access. I looked at those fine big globes of tight muscles and the beautiful crack between them. With my hands I spread those tight cheeks and had the full vision of my mother’s puckered hole. I looked at the soft wrinkled hole surrounded by tiny strands of blonde hairs and tried to think about the delicious depth lying below it. Her dark brown opening was looking at me invitingly, welcoming me to explore it, to taste it and to ravish it.

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    - Did you think you would be fucking your hot Mom’s butt today Son?
    - Never!

    - Well, I never had a 9 inches cock up my butt either. Now I will teach you how to fuck a bitch like me up the ass real good with your huge cock. You gonna fuck this tight ass now my boy!
    - Oh thank you Mom!
    - Thank you my ass! You are gonna do what I say, understand? I am stretched and lubed up, but you are still too fucking big for my shitter. So go slow you punk.
    - Ok, ok.
    - Now put that fucker up my bun!
    Mom guided my cock to the entrance of her asshole with her hand and instructed:

    - Now push it in slow and firm. It’s gonna feel tight and impossible to fit in, but keep at it. Holy Shit! I can’t believe I am gonna get butt fucked by this 9 incher!

    I pushed up her butt crack but the more I tried the bigger the head of my cock got. Her asshole looked so small and I kept missing it.

    - Hold it firm goddamn-it ! Get that cock up my ass!
    - Mom was on a quest to get my cock up her ass. Her kinky persona moved in and she opened her legs and ass wider, arching her wonderful big ass farther back, one hand holding her ass cheek open and another held my dick firmly in her had. She pushed back at my cock with a vengeance. I felt the head pop in.

    - Oh! Ouch! Ouch! That’s in! Oh! You got my ass. Ouch! You got it.


    - Oh Mom that’s so nice!
    - How do you like to fuck your Mom’s ass Son? Ouch!
    - I thought I would never fuck you in my life.

    - - And now you are fucking my asshole, you naughty… Can you feel how tight it is? 
    - Yeah! That’s so damn tight!
    - Fuck! You are so fucking thick! Shit! My ass is splitting! Ouch!

    Mom looked so nasty, with cum all over her face and in apparent pain, with her ass up in the air, the head of my dick buried inside her asshole, another 9 inches to go, one elbow on the bed and one had opening her ass, looking straight back and talking dirty to me.  

    - Ouch, Ouch! ! That’s enough! Go ahead and pump the head in and out slowly!

    - “Don’t worry mom, I’ll be careful. ” Though I had no intentions but I tried to calm her. “If you feel any discomfort, please tell me. I’d stop immediately. ”

    - I pulled the head and suddenly popped all the way out:

    - Oh my ass, you fucking bastard! I said “pump the head” your fucking moron. Not pull it out! Put it back in damn-it!

    I did what Mom ordered. Then I pushed another inch and then another:

    - Ouch! Ouch! My butt! My butt! Shit! son you are fucking my butt! Goddamn-it it hurts! Ouch!

    - My girth was just too much and her butt hole was wider than a silver dollar! My dick was definitely doing some damage to her sphincter.

    - Is it hurting too much Mom? Should I pull out?
    - You wanted to fuck that ass didn’t you son of a bitch? Now you gonna fuck that ass good you motherfucker!
    - You are so tight!
    - Ouch, ouch! Stop it! Pull it out! PULL IT OUT!.

    - I pulled out of her ass and mom adjusted herself, opening her legs and ass farther apart.

    - Dip you cock into my pussy to lub it up.
    I was just taking orders, and this one seemed quite a good one. I was aching to dip my dick all the way but I couldn"t. Her pussy was gonna give me some temporary relieve.


       I shoved my cock all the way into her wet pussy.

    - Oh yeah! That feels good! Yeah! Good boy! Now put it back in my ass!

    It worked! I pushed into her ass much farther now. Mom really knew what she was doing.

    - Yeah! That"s it boy. Go for it! Fuck your mom in the ass!

    I pushed into her ass with 5 thick inches. I held her waist and pumped.

    I inserted my complete cock head inside her ass and let it be there for a moment so that mom could be able to accommodate to the feeling of first cock inside her ass. I worked my cock in and out slowly driving it deeper into her rectum. I could feel her tight ass muscles gripping my cock and it was quite different from the way her cunt had clutched my cock in our earlier fuck session. I continued my slow, steady penetration of her shit hole till the complete length of my cock was buried inside.
    - Oh Yeah! You got it good now! Oh god that’s good! 
    - Oh yeah! Fuck!
    - You fucking pervert! You are fucking your Mom’s up the ass.
    - Oh Yeah, I love it!

    When my cock was fully buried inside mother’s rear channel, I felt her muscles relaxing a bit indicating that she was now enjoying her virgin ass being fucked by her own son’s cock. I slowly started moving in and out. I cherished the tight feel of her anus around my organ as it moved back and forth within her. I loved the sight of my hard prick disappearing into her little puckered hole.


       If my penetration was still hurting her, she didn’t show any sign other than a meek grunt when I pushed my cock deeper into her hole and those grunts also were slowly converting to moans of deep and fervent passion.  

    I increased my fucking and mom responded with lifting her ass more in air to accommodate my thrusts, her ass muscles squeezing around my tool as it moved in and out. My thighs were continuously thumping her delicate back in a ferocious manner, my balls hitting her pussy lips with every down stroke. Mom’s body was no more supported on the pillow; it was rather high in air. Her Big boobs were jiggling and swaying furiously with every thrust of mine.

    My big cock pumping her stretched out asshole and my sperm still all over her pussy inspired her to talk dirty. Mom was gyrating her hips and asshole around my cock. Her big ass was bouncing as it slapped against my balls.

    - Fuck my ass baby! Enjoy your Mom’s tight ass! Enjoy it!!

    Mom sphincter fully relaxed at last and she pushed back hard onto my cock.

    - Let me fuck your cock good with my butt. Let me fuck it. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Your cock feels so good up my ass! Oh yeah! Are you enjoying my butt baby? Do you like fucking your Mom’s ass?
    - Ahh! Holy shit! I’ve got a 9 inches cock up my ass! Son of a bitch! You are stretching my asshole for good! Goddamn-it, fuck! My ass feels so goddamn fucking full! 

    I drove it to the balls and back. I was now making full contact with her ass cheeks. Mom never thought I would fit my entire cock up her bun. But now she was ready to cum, and so was I.

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    - Fuck that ass good baby that I am gonna cum on you cock. Cum on my ass with me baby! Cum on my ass!

    I fucked my 9 inches of dick into mom’s asshole, with long and hard strokes. Mom started cuming
    - - Oh Yes! I am cumming! I am cumming! 

    She shook up all over again. Mom’s sphincter tightened around my cock and I pulled her hip firmly and shoving my cock to the wilt in her super tight butt hole. We were orgasm together and she was crying with pleasure and pain.

    - - Ouaaahh! I am cuming! I am cuming! Oh my ass! I am cuming!

    The extreme friction offered by her anal cavity was finally ready to take its toll as I was feeling another summit approaching. I increased my tempo and at last it reached to a crescendo as I ejaculated with a sharp cry spraying my seed into her anal passage. Without a whimper her ass drank it all, sucking my cock deep inside her.

    - I grabbed mom in my arms, driving my cock far into her, forcing her to again be on her stomach, squashing her tits into the bed beneath her. Mom cried out in pain as if my fat cock tore into her guts. Slowly the jerking in my cock subsided. Mom’s ass continued milking my cock till it was devoid of the last drop of cum. After completely drenching her shit hole my cock started softening. I pulled it out of her ass, still wet with my oozing cum and mom’s anal juice.

    - a river of cum flushed out of her ass.

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       Her asshole was gapping open about a fist size wide.

    - slowly contracting back to its original puckered state and a white gluey fluid dribbling down her crack and slowly moving towards the narrow valley between her crack and her pubic region.

    I slumped beside mom, trying to catch my breath. Mom was still lying in the same position, her head resting on bed. I closed my eyes and stayed there for a very long period. I got back to my senses when I heard mom moving. I opened my eyes. Mom was getting down from bed. She smiled at me, her eyes still filled with lust. I smiled back to her, and rounding my lips I told her that she was a great fuck, without uttering any sound. She read my lips and smiled again and then went to the bathroom. I relaxed sometimes.

    I heard the door of bathroom opening I open my eyes standing there was my mom displaying all her naked charm to her only son. I looked at her and she again came to my welcoming arm. I again pulled her into my arms and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

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       Mom cuddled into my body, her head resting on my arms. I put my leg over her thighs, my flaccid cock resting against her bush. I wished myself good luck. I thanked God for getting me the chance to fuck my own mom; I was happy that my long time dream comes true.

    I froze. I had heard those sounds before…not only once but many time…while making love to my lady loves. It was a moan of a female in heat readying for her mate.

    What is that I slowly peeped on her room keyhole there I can’t believe it. I backed.

    I realized my heart began beating faster. My senses suddenly became very active. I hesitated for a moment, and then bent to my knees bringing my eyes in level of the keyhole.  

    I slowly inched my eyes again closer to the tiny hole.

    What I saw inside set my adrenalin running high. From the keyhole, I got the direct view of my mother’s bed and everything happening there.



    Inside the room, mom was sitting at the edge of her bed…topless…. (She has heavy boobs like two big size watermelons I think it is more than 45 DD) her gown and bra lying on the floor, while Jay, who was completely naked, sucked her nipples. Mom’s hands were fondling his erect cock, tenderly running along its length.

    I couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His homely mother was playing with his cousin’s cock while he sucked on her big tits, and from her looks, it was obvious that she was enjoying it. I never see my mom’s naked body she is a gorgeous woman she has very huge ass cheeks and heavy boobs that will wakeup any impotent man. I saw only it with the cover of her dress but it is a free chance to see my mom’s naked body.

    Jay is my cousine he lived with us his father is my father’s elder brother My mom is 45 and he is eighteen years only he is also like her son and same age of me. I withdrew my eyes away from the hole. My heart was beating fast…my breathing heavy. I didn’t know how to react to the sudden revelation. I had never expected to see my own mother in such a condition…exposing her so want only to a man who was not her husband.  

    Why my mom doing like this, my father is still alive with healthy body he is also 45. I am confused But I am interested too see .



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