Kelly's Plan


As she pushed back she felt her ass cheeks press up against her father. Instead of thrusting, however, he just buried his cock as deep as it would go, while at the same time he slid one arm under Kelly’s neck and the other draped over top of her with the hand gently cupping her right breast. The next thing she felt was her father burying his face in her baby soft hair and his gently caressing kisses on the back of her neck. They lay like this for the longest time as they watched the darkness receed, to be replaced by a glorious sunrise. Kelly notices her father’s cock was beginning to soften, to receed from the depths of her cunt; she wondered why he was not moving, why he was not pumping his cock, priming it to fill her waiting cunt with his sperm. Finally she more whispered than spoke, Daddy, why aren’t you moving, why aren’t you trying to cum inside me? I, so much want you to cum inside me one more time before we have to get up. Oh, Muffin, I, am not moving because I want to be so close to you that I would feel like we were not two people, not even two lovers, but one person. I wanted to be inside you and at the same time envelope your whole being inside me. Daddy, I love you! Me to Muffin.
After a few more minutes, he began to move, very slowly, just some rocking movements to wake up his sleeping member. If he moved more vigerously, he would likely dislodge his cock and poke his daughter in a sensitive spot to boot. So he moved very slowly, but that was more than enough to stimulate his cock Within moments it was back to full erection. A few more slow strokes proved he was fully erect and that they were lubricated and ready. He quickly began pumping his rod in an out of his daughter. Then her father moved his hand to his mouth and licke his fingers. He quickly reached around his daughter and began fondling her clitoris with his saliva covered fingers.

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   Kelly’s clit was, like her mother’s clit, more like a small penis than the normal button sized clit most woman have. He took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and began rubbing it as if it were a cock. In reality, the stroking did not do as much for Kelly as it seemed to do for her father, but none the less, the combination of cock pumping in and out of her cunt, his fingers rubbing her clit, and her father’s gentle kisses on her neck, were more than enough to bring Kelly to climax, not once but a whole series of orgasms. Each one seemed to build on the one before it, like waves building to a crest before crashing on the beach. Kelly was just cresting on her fourth orgasm when her father came inside her. He pumped furiously for some time, responding to his orgasm and pumping Kelly with a full load of his sperm. As he stopped moving he pulled his daughter close and pressed his cock as deep as he could in her cum filled cunt.
Kelly cupped her father’s hand and squeezed it as she purred in pleasure. Sometime later, as he withdrew his dripping cock from his daughter’s cunt, Kelly rolled over and put her arms around her father’s neck and they kissed again, a long tender, and loving kiss. The alarm clock buzzed incessantly, until it finally intruded in their consciousness, pulling them back from what had been a delirious state of ecstasy. Kelly bent and kissed her father’s cock and took it in her mouth to clean off the remaining cum, then kissed him on the mouth and turned and headed to the bathroom. Kelly ran a hot shower and barely stepped in, when her father followed her. They slowly lathered each other, concentrating on the vital spots, caressing and slowly rubbing each other. Finally, they rinsed, embraced and kissed once more, before grabbing a towel and heading to their own rooms to dress. Their goodbye after breakfast was slow and passionate and it left both of them frustrated and panting for breath.

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Do you want me to drop you at school? Her father asked. No I’m meeting Jason and Tim at the corner. They kissed once more and he headed for the car. Kelly stood there thinking that she would have a surprise for her parents this evening. She knew just what to do to make that surprise happen. With a grin on her face, Kelly grabbed her books and headed out the door with a bounce in her step. Tim and Jason were waiting when she walked up, so she did not have the opportunity as she frequently did to sit on the wall and show off her wet snatch, barely covered in her thong for her cousins. She walked up and planted a sloppy wet kiss first on Jason and then on Tim. She managed to brush against their crotch as she did; then they turned and headed for school.
At lunch, Kelly started to put her plan into motion. She asked if her cousins could stop by the house after school and stay for dinner. They looked at each other with big grins on their faces. Obviously, Tim had told Jason what had happened the previous afternoon. Jason said, sure, if we let Mom know before she starts dinner. Then in a very low, almost conspiratorial voice she asked Tim and Jason if they were still having sex with their mother.

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   The boys looked at each other before Tim spoke. Yes, why do you ask? Kelly just grinned and said, trust me, you will see the reason soon enough. Go ahead and call her and tell her she is invited for dinner as well. Tell her to come over about 5. Tim shrugged and walked off to call his mom. Meanwhile Kelly and Jason sat talking quietly. He looked at his very sexy cousin and asked if she and Tim really did the things Tim said you did? Kelly smirked and said that would depend on what he said we did. However, knowing Tim as I do, the answer is probably yes. And further more you are in for the ride of your life tonight, bring your horn dog with you.
At that Kelly got up and headed to her locker, wiggling her ass a bit more than usual. Tim saw her go as he returned; wow she sure can shake her booty when she wants. Don’t I know! What did mom say? She said that is very nice, thank Kelly for the invitation. Kelly seemed thrilled when she heard the news later in class. After school Kelly seemed in a real hurry to get home. Jason and Tim hurried to keep up, wanting desperately to watch her ass and jiggling boobs, but not wanting to be too obvious.

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   Kelly barely stopped as she entered the kitchen door, she knew her parents would be home in an hour and they had work to do. She headed straight to her room calling over her shoulder for Tim and Jason to follow her. Once in her room, Kelly quickly stripped her clothes off almost ignoring her cousins. They stood nearby, stared at their cousin. Tim started to reach for Kelly, but she pushed his hand away and walked out of the room as she said what are you waiting for, get undressed and come in to my parents room. When they walked in the room, both were naked and sporting throbbing erections. Kelly still ignored them and said, help me get the comforter off the bed. Tim you get some towels from the closet and pile them on the dresser. Jason, go to the linen closet and get the box of candles on the top shelf and the matches from the kitchen. Put the candles around the room and put several in the bathroom. And then light them.
After that, she said to Tim, my parents will be here in 18 minutes, go call your Mom and tell her to come to the kitchen door and walk in and follow the voices. Don’t tell her why, just say it is a surprise….