Kelly...My Bad Little Girl


I am in my mid thirties and just lost my wife of ten years to cancer. When we were married, she had a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Kelly. I raised her just like my own and because her father was a real piece of shit and wanted nothing to do with her I was the only dad she ever had.

After we lost her mom, things were tough. Kelly and I were both hurting, we talked, but it always ended up in lots of tears…from both of us. I found myself working double shifts to support us, and drinking more than I had in years to help ease the pain. Kelly found her comfort in young boys…much to my dismay. One night I came home early from work with a headache to find her sitting on the couch with a much older lad with her top off, him sucking her breasts and his hand up her cheerleader’s skirt.

I went fucking nuts. After I kicked him out of the house, I returned to Kelly and yelled at her. She started to cry, ran to her room, and locked the door. I tried to talk to her…to say I was sorry for yelling at her, but she would not answer me, She stayed behind her locked door for the rest of the night. I sent her several text messages to try to get her to talk, but to no avail. Early the next morning as I left for work she did ask me… or let me know that she was staying home from school. I agreed and said we would talk when I got home from work.

I came home early to see Kelly, I felt really bad about yelling at her.


   I also wanted to talk about finding her with the young man. I decided I was going to talk to her and take her out to dinner. I walked around the back and let my self in the back door. As I walked down the hall, I could hear strange sounds coming from her room. It is the sound of passion! I peeked into her room, and here she was with that no-good son-of-a-bitch on her bed. He was finger fucking Kelly and eating her pussy! Kelly in turn had his cock out and was kissing, licking, and sucking it.

I felt the rage building in me. . . but I could not take my eyes off of her. I was fucking turned on watching my pretty little girl be so bad. She had grown into a stunning young woman, with 34 C breasts and she had been shaving her pretty pussy…God she was hot! Kelly was really turned on by him and he was groaning with pleasure, her long sexy legs jerking with lust. She started to moan as he was eating her pussy with great passion. He said he was about to cum and she told him that she wanted him to shoot his load all over her bare tits.

I could not take it any longer.

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  . . I rushed in and grabbed the little bastard by the neck and pulled him away from her. He was no match for me. . . after all, he was disrespecting my little girl! I pulled him by the nap of the neck down the hall, and threw him out the back door and locked it. I told him I would fucking kill him if he ever came back.

When I got back, to Kelly’s room, she was still naked on the bed and sobbing. I told her that she had been a very bad girl, she was better than that, and that you were going to be severely punished. She said…fuck you, what can you do to me? That is when I lost it… I grabbed her ankle, and pulled her over to the edge of the bed and flipped her over onto her stomach. Kelly’s beautiful bare ass was right there. . . so I took off my belt and doubled it up and smacked her ass as hard as I could.

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   She screamed out in pain. I dropped the belt and sat down next to her on the bed. I pulled her across my lap and gave her three more hard swats with my bare hand. Then the guilt set in…

She was sobbing as I pulled her up to look me in the eye. I told her how sorry I was for hitting her, and that I was very pissed off at her, because I knew she was better than that, and she did not need to act like a slut…because I LOVED HER. She buried her face in my shoulder, and I cupped her beautiful face with both hands. I started to kiss her tears away. She told me that she loved me too, and asked me what she could ever do to make it up to me. Then she reached over and softly grabbed my cock.

Suddenly we were on the same page, I stood up and took my shirt off. She un-did my pants zipper and dropped them to the floor. My stiff manhood stood at attention right in her face. Kelly said she was going to suck my cock just like she did his…. only better, because loved me…and she always dreamed of me making love to her.

Kelly took hold of the thick shaft and kissed the angry looking head.

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   She kissed and licked her way down the length of the shaft to the base, and did the same working her way back to the head. I moaned my approval. I asked her where she learned to do that…she said Daddy don’t ask… Your cock is much bigger and thicker than any I have seen. She smiled up at me, and took the entire head of it into her mouth and sucked me with as much passion as I have ever felt.

I sighed with pleasure as she worked her magic with her lovely mouth. Kelly worked my cock deeper and deeper into her hot mouth twirling her tongue around the head, and every now and then licking my balls as she took a brake from my enlarged manhood. As she took my cock back into her mouth, I held her head and begin to force my prick deeper into her mouth. I brushed her hair back so I can see that pretty face. I start to work my hips and it feels to her as if I am almost fucking her mouth.

Kelly looked up at me and saw the pleasure on my face as I forced my manhood deeper into her throat. She was playing with my nut-sack with her free hands. I slowly pushed myself deeper into her and she gagged. This caused her throat to clamp onto the head of my cock and I loudly moaned with lust. She took me as deeply as she could and increased the speed that she worked me. She could start to feel my cock tighten in her mouth and my balls tighten in her hand.

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Kelly sensed I was going to cum. I asked her if she wanted me to shoot my load all over her tits like that little fucking boyfriend of hers was going to do, but she said no. Kelly told me she loved me and wanted me to cum in her mouth and she was going to swallow my entire load and the lick my cock and balls clean. Hearing her say that really turned me on as she deep-throated my cock and returned to a rhythm that insures that I won't last long.

As I started to cum, I felt like I am going to pass out with pleasure. I moan Kelly’s name and then swear in lust. The first blast of my hot cum hits the back of her throat and she swallowed it all. As Kelly did it is replaced by another sweet mouth-full and she swallowed that followed by the next and the next. She was pulling on my nut-sack and almost milking every last drop of my sweet seed from me. After my orgasm subsides she cleaned my cock and balls by lovingly kissing and licking every last drop of my cum from them. I pulled her up to me and gave her a long and deep passion-filled kiss, tasting my own seed, as her reward for the pleasure she had given me. I told her now it is my turn to give her pleasure. . .

I lay her back on the bed.

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   I strip down and then got in beside her. I ran my tongue over her lovely breasts. I cup and softly squeeze them. Next, I lick and softly bite the nipples. First Kelly moans, then she gasps as a real man pleasures her. I kissed my way down her firm belly to her lovely soft lower lips. I inhaled her musky perfume and at long last, I slide my thick tongue into her sweet womanhood. I fucked her with my mouth and lips like that little asshole had tried to just do shortly before. In no hurry, I slowly lick her pussy and flicked her clit with my tongue. I flick her clit until her hips start to dance with pleasure on the bed. Kelly moans that she has never felt pleasure like I am giving her. I tell her that I am just getting started as she grips my head and purrs I love you Daddy.

I slowly insert two fingers into that tight pussy and stroke them back toward me with that come-here motion. This brings your g-spot into play. She lets out a loud moan, and grabs my hair, and pulls it in passion.

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   I suck her enlarged clit into my mouth and while it is between my lips I hum giving you the sensation of a home made vibrator. This makes her gush your sweet honey into my mouth as her hips buck as she tries to fuck my face and hand. And just when she reaches that point of no-return, I lock my lips on her clit and swiftly finger her g-spot until she loses all control and screams out in lust. Her entire body goes stiff and then she starts to quiver and shake with passion. I hold her tight and keep working her until she calms down somewhat, and then she starts to giggle. She tells me between giggles that that was the most wonderful feeling she has ever felt. I am not done with her by a long shot though…

I roll her over on top of me, with both of her legs tightly pressed on each side of my body, with her heavenly breasts firmly pressed to my chest, our lips pressed together and our tongues dancing in a sweet waltz. In that position, I thrust my thick prick into her waiting passion pit making her whimper in lust.
    My smooth thrusts bring us to a new understanding of our love and lusting for each other. Because of the closeness of our bodies, she meets each of my thrusts with a little thrust and twist of her own. We both quickly arrive at the edge of a shared orgasm. But instead of going over the edge I lift and twist her so that she is now facing toward my feet in the reverse cowboy position. The change of angle and depth of my penetration makes her pussy grasp my cock and milk it as her juices flow in a gush out onto my nut-sack.

    I sit up and press my chest into her back as I reach around and cup those wonderful tits. Kelly begins to ride me like a out of control horse at the rodeo, bucking and grinding my cock all the way into her love nest.

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       I stare at the belt mark across her beautiful red ass. Just when we reach the edge for the second time together, I tilt her over onto her side. I kept my cock deep inside of her, and then rolled her over flat on her back not missing a stroke, so that we are in the missionary position.

    I am feeling very lusty now and I slowly fuck her with long deep strokes hitting the back of her tight wet pussy with each thrust. Kelly would let out a sexy whimper and a little grunt each time I bottomed out inside of her. As her pleasure built, she wrapped her long, sexy legs around my back and held my ass cheeks with her hands, pulling me deeper into her with each thrust. I in turn enjoyed my large warm hands cupping her breasts, rolling her nipples between my thumb and fingers as we slowly fucked, with our eyes gazing into each others in a all-knowing lust full stare.

    The feeling was like none other we have shared, I feel her sweet pussy enclosed around my rock-hard cock. Kelly could feel my cock as deep as any man has ever been in her with my balls pressing her sweet asshole. We enjoyed this feeling for a long time kissing and talking dirty softly to each other, then as if we were reading each others minds I begin picking up the pace of the long but slow and deep strokes that soon turn into thrusts that slap my balls against her asshole. Kelly was now loudly grunting and moaning, I was cussing and swearing in lust.

    She timed our strokes perfectly, meeting each thrust with a thrust of her own and a little moan. She snaked her hand down between our sweaty bodies and started to play with her clit. I looked down and the site of Kelly playing with herself, and my cock shining with her juices, sliding in and out of her sweet pussy was so fucking erotic! There is no stopping this time.

    I feel her pussy tense up, starting to squeeze the cum out of my prick like a milking machine gone wild.

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       She started to shiver and quake with the most intense orgasm of her life. Kelly let out a loud scream of passion just as she felt my cock swell as if it was growing half again its size. I was pounding her pussy hard now as my balls felt the spasms just as my cum exploded inside of her. I felt her cum join mine and squirt all over my red-hot member as I shoot 3,4,5,6 hell countless hot jets of my sweet cum into her. I held her sexy ass in both of my hands and slow down the pace back to the long deep strokes that bring us both a sweet afterglow as our combined cum oozes out of her.

    She moans into my ear that I was the first man to ever cum inside of her and how fantastic that felt. What if you made me pregnant? Don’t worry my love, I tell her I would love nothing more that to spend the rest of our days together raising our kids. She hugged me and then kissed me as I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. All the while, we stare into each others eyes with a deep respect for the pleasure and love we have just shared. Almost on que, we smile at each other that little grin that only we can share. I say to Kelly…your were a very good little girl…but honey when you are a very bad little girl you are better. "

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