Kelly & Daddy (Part 1)


Although Kelly had developed into an attractive young woman, I had never looked at her in a sexual way. I was simply proud of her appearance and her personality. I saw her as a specially prized possession, a trophy of great value, and loved to have her on display. People often remarked:“What a fine girl. ”“What a lovely daughter. ”Words I loved to hear. I could not deny that Kelly was hot, and I suspected she was a bit ribald, but I considered her hot only as it applied to the boys and young men she dated or hung around with. She could take care of herself. I often thought it would be a lucky guy, with a wretched fate, that finally landed Kelly. She would fulfill every fantasy he ever had, but she would also eat him alive. There was no one who had the fortitude to control or dominate her. She would most certainly be the alpha dog in any relationship. The panties changed all that. Her panties were all folded neatly in the laundry room, stacked in a basket, ready for delivery to her room. The erotic underthings brought images to my mind that fathers should never have of their daughters. My conscious mind was screaming, “Stop! Pervert! She’s your daughter!” My sub-conscious wasn’t listening, and the images of Kelly wearing those panties, one by one, flooded my mind.

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   At the same time, my cock was growing thicker, longer and harder. I fought the urge to stroke myself. I walked quickly out of the laundry room, and tried to put those taboo thoughts and images out of mind. Over the next few days, whenever I saw Kelly, I imagined her naked, or wearing one of those sexy panties. I imagined her in front of me, bent over, and panting, as I entered her doggie style. I pictured her riding on top, her back arched, her head thrown back with her long blond hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back, her mouth slightly open, her tongue licking her upper lip, her hands cupping her tits, fingers and thumbs pinching her erect nipples. I could feel myself thrusting into her. I could imagine her tight pussy clutching my engorged shaft, and yielding warmly, wetly and hungrily to its fervent assault. I was ashamed, and felt guilt, as I tried to cleanse myself of those impure thoughts. Nonetheless, I often stole away to my bedroom, where I would loose my cock and jerk off furiously until my balls erupted, sending jets of warm, slippery cum up my cock, and out into the air, arcing like fireworks, shot forth from an angry, explosive cannon. Then, one morning, not unlike most, I was doing some paperwork, paying some bills, and generally puttering about the house. Kelly’s mom had gone to work a couple of hours earlier, and Kelly had left about fifteen minutes ago. I still had several hours before my shift started down at the plant, so I hadn’t even begun to get ready. I was wearing a pair of running shorts and a tee shirt that I’d slipped into when I got out of bed. I always slept in the raw, and liked the feel of the nylon shorts against my naked cock and balls.

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  I needed the phone. I had to call a local vendor about an order I had been expecting that had not yet arrived. The portable phone was not on its cradle . . . as usual. I pushed the “find” button on the wall mount and heard the phone begin to chirp from the direction of Kelly’s room. Approaching her door, I could tell clearly that the sound was coming from inside. I pushed open the door and went in. The phone was on her dresser, just next to her bed. I walked over, picked it up and shut off the chirping. As I was about to turn and leave, I noticed her top dresser drawer was slightly open. Not much. Just an inch or so, but just enough to see the black lace panty that thrilled my imagination. I couldn’t help myself.

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   I had no control. I didn’t even realize what I was doing as I pulled open the drawer. I reached down and touched her panties. They were all here. I was struck by an instant fear. I must not mess them up or she’ll know someone has been in her drawer. I have to put everything back the way it was. Still, I picked up the black lace and lifted it up to my face. I stretched it across my face and breathed in deeply. Then, as I lowered the delicate garment my eyes fell upon a vibrator, lying in her drawer, where it had remained concealed by those fuck me panties. I couldn’t believe it! My baby! My little girl! How could she have such a thing? And my mind filled with the image of her lying in her bed, her legs splayed open, as she fucked herself with this cock shaped toy. I reached in and took it. It was cock shaped, about 8 inches long, and thicker than me. It was soft, and squeezy – a gel cock with a vibrating motor inside it. Through the translucent neon teal gel, I could see the vibrating motor and two triple A batteries.

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   The base contained a screw on cap, to access the batteries. As I twisted it, the vibrator switched on with a low hum. I could see and feel some dried fluid on the shaft. Kelly’s dried juices! The nectar from her sweet pussy! I lifted it to my nose and whiffed. It had a very faint aroma, and it sent my head spinning. This had been inside that hot young pussy. This was her juice and I had to taste it. I licked it, imagining I was licking her vulva. How did it feel to have that inside her? I imagined Kelly again, her pussy filled with her gel cock. Her hand working it inside her. I felt hot and was beginning to breathe rapidly. How ecstatic she must feel as this wondrous thing brings her closer and closer to orgasm. I wanted to feel what Kelly felt. I wanted to feel that same fullness inside me. I wanted to be fucked by it, just as my baby gets fucked by it.

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   With no thought of what I was doing, I stripped off my shirt and shorts. My cock was rock hard, and throbbing like it never had before. I lay down on Kelly’s bed and began stroking my cock, with her lace panties still in my hand. The texture of the lace felt rough, but so good, as it moved up and down along my shaft. With her vibrator in my other hand, I used it, vibrating, to caress my balls, and that place between my legs, behind my balls, between them and my anus. I don’t remember having ever been so turned on. I poked my butt hole with the tip of the vibrator, and found it closed, too tight for any penetration. My other hand continued to stoke my cock furiously. I spit on the tip of the vibrator and tried again. Didn’t work. I put the head of it into my mouth and bathed it lavishly with my saliva. I tried my ass again, and was able to stretch open my tight ass hole just enough to allow about an inch of the vibrator to enter. It hurt! The only thing that had ever been inserted up my ass hole was my wife’s finger, and that, only rarely. I was too tight, but I wanted that thing inside me. I wanted to be fucked, like Kelly.

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  I looked back into her drawer and found a bottle of KY lubricating oil. I opened it up and squirted some into my butt crack. I massaged it in, and put more into my hole. I squirted more on the vibrator, and rubbed it all over it. Again I tried. Ahhh . . . It was a little rough at first, but the head slid in with only nominal resistance, and then, working it in and out with short slow stokes, I was able to massage the oil deeper inside me. With each stroke I achieved deeper penetration, until I had the whole thing deep inside my ass. I began working it in and out slowly, with long strokes. I was lying on my side with one leg up, and bent at the knee, so I could fuck my ass with that firm but spongy cock, while my other hand continued to work my own cock, jerking off with that lace panty. I was startled, and instantly alarmed by the sudden brilliance of the electronic flash. I jerked my head up and looked to the open door, where Kelly was lowering her digital camera. “Daddy, what are you doing?” she yelled.

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   Why are my panties in your hand, and why is my vibrator in your ass?” I flashed crimson, and froze. I was caught in my shame and humiliation. I started to stammer as my cock went limp and the vibrator popped out. Then I saw her impish grin. “You are such a perv! I forgot my security badge for work, and when I get home, here you are, going through my things and fucking yourself with MY dildo. I always knew you were a pervert. Now I have proof! Does Mom know what a filthy disgusting piece of shit you are?”“I . . . I . . . uh . . .

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   no . . . she doesn’t . . . please . . . Kelly . . . no . . .

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  ,” I babbled. “Are you queer,” she demanded? “You’re fucking yourself like a little queer. ”I could barely move. I tried to cover my nakedness and my shame. I continued to mumble. “No, . . . uh . . . no. I was just, uh . . .

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  uh . . . ”“Wait just a second there, Daddy-o,” said Kelly. You’re not going to get away with this. No sir. Let me see that cock. I’m going to watch you jerk off, and I’m going to take pictures. And you’re going to fuck yourself some more with my didldo, and I’m going to take pictures of that, too. ”“No, Kelly . . . , please, no,” I begged. “Sorry, old man. You’re busted.


   Now get on with it, or Mom gets to see what you do after she leaves. ”I had no choice. I rolled onto my back and slowly spread my legs open, exposing myself to Kelly. “That’s better. Now show me what you like to do with that cock. ”I felt my cock stir, and it began to grow, as I reached for it and took it in my hand. I began to stroke it slowly, this time without the panties. It was hard again in a flash, as I felt my daughter’s intent gaze on it. I think I even saw her lick her lips as she lifted her camera and began to snap some more pictures. “That’s better, Daddy. See, it’s not so bad. You’re having fun and so am I. ” I relaxed a little as I continued to beat off, a little faster now. Kelly moved around and continued taking pictures. She got some close ups, and some shots from different angles.

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  “Now, use the vibrator,” she commanded. “Put it back in your ass, and fuck yourself with it. ” I did as I was told. I inserted her vibrator and felt my excitement grow. Kelly was moving about pretty quickly now, taking lots of pictures. “That’s good, Daddy. Do as you’re told and nobody has to know. Aren’t we having fun?”Although I was still deeply humiliated and embarrassed, I was having fun. My cock was rock hard and I was nearly ready to cum, as I performed for my evil little girl. I could tell Kelly was breathing hard. Her words were starting to come out in sharp breaths. “Ok, Daddy, pick up my panties again. Use them to beat off. I want to see you cum in my panties. ” Hearing those words, I almost ejaculated right then.

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   It was all I could do to grab up her panties and wrap them around my cock as I felt my cum begin to well up. I felt my balls tighten, and then my load exploded out of my cock, as I jerked furiously and grunted. Again and again, I pulled on my cock, squeezing all my cum out. The panties were a mess. Cum had spilled out on my hand and wrist, and was dripping on my leg. The vibrator had come out of my ass as I convulsed in orgasm, and now lay vibrating quietly behind me. “Oh, Daddy,” cried Kelly. “Look at this mess you’ve made. You’re gonna have to clean it up. Just look at my panties. ” Her panties were soaked with my cum. “Ok, now clean your cum out of them. ”“Huh . . ?” I uttered, stupidly.

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  “You heard me, Daddy. Clean my panties. Suck your cum out of them. Do it!”I did as I was told. I put Kelly’s panties to my lips and began to lick and suck my cum from them. I did this for several minutes while Kelly snapped a few more pictures. I could tell Kelly was turned on by this. She was continuing to breathe hard, and every now and then I saw her squirm and rub herself through her jeans. “What are you going to do with those pictures?” I asked her. “I don’t know yet,” she replied. “I guess it kind of depends on you. ”“What do you mean?” I replied. “I’m not sure yet, Daddy, but you can bet your ass this isn’t the end of it. We’ll see. I’m going to have to think about this for awhile.

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   Right now, I’ve got to get to work. You’ve made me late, and you’ll have hell to pay for that, later. When I get home, you better have all this straightened up. You better have my dildo all cleaned up and put away. And, you better wash it good. I don’t want to stick it in my pussy after you’ve had it up your nasty ass, so it better be clean. Oh, and you’re going to have to wash my panties, too, but not just yet. I want you to wear them to work, cum-soaked and all. And don’t think you can slide out of it, because I’m going to check. ”With that, Kelly came over, gave me a kiss on the lips, picked up her security badge from her dresser, turned, and carried it, and her camera, out with her. “Bye, Daddy,”More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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