Keeping It In The Family


She stood there for what seemed like an age. He worked harder at his task and as his climax came, she watched as a stream of cum sprayed from his cock and he collapsed onto the bed. She left him and went to her bedroom, and lay on her bed thinking about what she had seen. She was so wet that she found herself frantically pulling her panties off and thrusting her fingers into her swollen mound. . . God she was so hot. . thinking about her fathers cock . She came with such an intensity that she had to bite the pillow so she wouldn't be heard. Later Claire crept into his room and found the magazine that her father had been looking at. As she turned the pages looking at the naked women she felt a twinge of jealously. . . . she was as beautiful as any of these women.

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  . . . . . why didn't he feel like that about her. . . . she would show him that she could be sexy. The next day after school she went to the mall with her savings and bought some new pink satin underwear and a pretty low cut top. That night after David and Mary had been put to bed she sat on her daddy's lap and whispered to him. "I got some new clothes today daddy would you like to see?" "Sure" he smiled. She ran to her room and changed as fast as she could. Looking in the mirror she was pleased, her new bra pushed her breasts up and the top showed lots of cleavage. 

   She wore a short skirt that showed her tanned legs off and barely covered her bottom. As she walked into the living room she felt her stomach turn over. He sat in the chair watching as she gave a twirl. "What do you think?"she jumped into his lap. "Do you like my new bra?" she leaned towards him and undid a button on her blouse so that he could see her breasts pushing out of there confinement. He smiled at her and looked a little red in the face. "Look I've got matching panties. " She laughed and pulled up her short skirt to display her tiny new panties that were pulled up tight over her pussy. She parted her legs slightly as he gazed at her. "Oh dear,"she cried. "You cant see them properly. With that she stood up in front of him and undid the skirt. He watched unable to speak as she slipped it over her hips and stepped out of it. She pulled the top over her head and allowed him to see her beautiful body, then she slowly lowered herself into his arms. She could feel his hardness.

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   "Kiss me,"she whispered gently and there lips met. This was a real kiss, he was urgent and his hands moved over her body as she felt his tongues wetness in her mouth. He kissed her neck and she felt her bra strap slip from her shoulder. Then his lips were on her nipple kissing and sucking. . . . . she was overwhelmed and responded by feeling for his hardness through his pants. Suddenly he jumped up and walked out of the room stammering "no . . no. . this is wrong!!" She sat for a moment trapped by the moment and then the tears began to flow down her cheeks and she ran to her room and sobbed into her pillow. Claire fell into a deep sleep and when she woke she felt cold.

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   She was still in her underwear. The door opened and he was there. "I cant sleep baby, can I get in with you? We need to talk. " He lay on his back, she cuddled close to him and stroked his chest. "Why wont you let me love you daddy?"she asked "You have know idea how much I want you darling, but its wrong. " He sighed and lay there for a moment, then she turned to him. "I don't care, I love you and I don't care. " She kissed him and this time there was no resistance. She moved on top of him as he kissed her lips and neck. She could feel his hardness against her leg and she reached down and began to stroke his cock. It was the first time that she had held one and she was astonished at the size of him. He groaned as she began to run her hand up and down its length. She moved lower and he suddenly longed to feel her soft lips against its tip. He gently directed her lower and shifted his body so that he could watch as she responded to his coaxing . She took his cock and ran her tongue along it and then took it in her mouth.

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   He let out a gasp of pleasure. "Oh baby that feels so good!" He ran his fingers through her blonde hair as she warmed to her task. After a few minutes she look up and smiled, her mouth was wet and he lifted her up and kissed her hard. She sat back and removed her bra, her 18 year old breasts stood out invitingly and she smiled at his expression. Enjoying his reaction she stood on the bed and slowly removed her panties. As she stepped out of them, he ran his hands up her legs and drew her down to him burying his head between her thighs. He licked passionately at her virgin pussy, parting her lips with his tongue tasting her sweet juices. Then he could wait no longer and moved her lower to feel her pussy against his eager cock. He allowed her to dictate the moment of entry. She rubbed the head of his cock against her wetness until she felt it slip inside, and then she slowly lowered herself onto him. There was no rush . . . . this was too important for both of them.

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  . . . a moment of pain. . . . and then deep pleasure. . . . . she moved with him. . .

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  he stroked her clit with his fingers. . . . . . her breathing becoming deeper, faster. . . . . and then he reaches his peak and she feels his warm cum as he thrusts deep into her. . . .

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  . it was all too much and she shuddered as her orgasm shot through her in waves. She fell into his arms and there are tears and kisses as she lay with her head on his chest. . . . . nothing would be the same. For the next 12 months Claire and her dad had sex at least twice a week, usually in his bed at night or first thing in the morning. Occasionally they would take a chance and fuck somewhere risky. Once after school they were driving home, it was a hot day and Claire took off her school tie and unbuttoned her blouse gently caressing her warm breasts. She sighed and looked at her dad, then she put her legs up on the dashboard in front of her. Her skirt slid up her legs and put her hand between her legs. It was then that he realised that she was naked underneath. She began to probe between her lips and then she put her finger in her mouth.

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   She smiled as he gave her that look that ment she was going to get fucked. He pulled into a quite country lane and got out of the car, she followed and he pulled her into a field behind some bushes. There was no hesitation he was too turned on, he needed her. He lifted her skirt exposing her bottom and reached between her legs fingering her wet pussy. Then lust took over and he buried his full length inside her. He watched his cock thrusting into her sweet young pussy and it really seemed to drive him crazy, he shot his load with a loud animal groan and then sat in the grass. She straddled him and he licked her schoolgirl clit until she also came with a violent climax. Then they collapsed laughing in the grass. When Claire was about 18 and a half a new women moved in to the street where they lived. She was dark and sexy and she took a liking to Claire's dad. Debbie would find excuses to come around to the house and her dad seemed to find her fascinating. One night Claire crept into her dads room and into his bed. It was late and she was half asleep. As she cuddled up to him she suddenly realised that someone else was on the other side. She peered over to see that Debbie was lying there with a sweet smile on her face.

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   She was naked. "Hi" she whispered, "your dads asleep. Come over this side. " Claire thought for a second and then walked round to the other side of the bed and slid under the covers. Debbie pulled her close and Claire felt her soft warm body close to her. Debbie's hands wandered over Claire's body and she felt a familiar tingling in her stomach. Then Debbie gave her a soft kiss on the lips and Claire responded using her tongue. Then they were fondling and kissing, sucking and stroking each other. As she licked at Debbie's large erect nipple, Claire realised that her dad was awake and was watching. He smiled at her and began to suck Debbie's other nipple. The covers had been kicked off the bed and Claire could see that he was hard and Debbie was stroking his cock. He moved down to Debbie's dark thatch and began to lick her thighs and lips. Claire straddled Debbie's face. She needed to be licked too and this new women new how to do it really well. She expertly found Claire's most sensitive spot and teased her till she was dripping with excitement.


   Claire moved her hips and rubbed her pussy against Debbie's tongue, she watched her father kneel up and begin to masturbate furiously as he watched his daughter and girlfriend grinding away. Before Claire could come Debbie sat up and opened her legs, she grabbed at John's cock and pulled him into her. For the next 18 minutes Claire watched her dad give Debbie a good hard fuck and she found herself getting really turned on at the sight of her dads thick cock sliding in and out of Debbie's soaking wet pussy. She rubbed her clitty hard as she watched them fuck and she noticed that her father was enjoying the sight. Then Debbie suggested that he should give Claire a fuck so they changed position and he slid his wet cock into her tight cunt and Debbie encouraged him to fuck her hard until he came with a loud cry. After they were all spent the slept together and in the morning Claire and Debbie enjoyed a long 69 licking each other out while John watched. Sometimes Claire was surprised that she felt no jealousy towards Debbie but they became very close and enjoyed having sex with each other and with John. They tried to keep there sex sessions secret from David and Mary. One morning they were in the kitchen and Claire was sitting on her dads lap. She was practically naked and was kissing and fondling him when David came in. His eyes nearly popped out of his head because he could see her breasts and she was only wearing little pink panties. It really turned her on to see her brother getting excited and a few weeks later she got an even bigger turn on. It was early morning and she made her way from her bedroom to the bathroom. On her way back she heard familiar noises from her dads bedroom. She pushed open the door expecting to see her dad and Debbie having sex.

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   Instead she got a big surprise, there was her brother, naked, she could see his long thin cock and he was busy sliding it into Debbie's hot pussy. Claire was fascinated by the sight of his lean muscular body as he urgently fucked away at Debbie's swollen mound. She watched for about 5 minutes and then slipped back to her room. She decided that she had to have him. She began to flirt with David a little to test his reaction and one night she decided to write him a note. In it she said that she knew about him and Debbie and would he like her to do a striptease for him . If he did he was to knock on the wall. Then she waited nervously. A few minutes later there was a little tap on the wall. She smiled to herself and prepared to seduce her brother. She stripped and looked at herself in the mirror. She slipped a black thong on and admired the way it hugged the curve of her pussy. She was glad that she'd shaved her bikini line that morning. Then she put on a lacy black bra which really showed off her breasts. She found a pair of tiny hot pants in her draw and also a t-shirt and after putting them on she covered up with a dressing gown. 

   She tiptoed down the corridor and tapped on David's door . He was sat on the bed and she smiled at him and told him to get undressed. She untied her gown and let it fall. His eyes were fixed on her as he undressed, she danced and watched him take off his shirt and shorts, she could see that he was already hard and she decided to tease him a little. She slowly peeled her hot pants down and bent over so that he could see her pussy lips. He began to play with himself and she pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. She took off her bra and he sucked eagerly on her nipples. She wanted him so badly. She stood up and took off her thong and let him lick at her pussy and ass hole. Then she fell onto the bed and began to suck his beautiful young cock while he teased her cunt lips with his tongue. This was everything she had hoped it would be and when he got on top of her a whispered "I love you sis," She was in heaven. Then they enjoyed a long slow fuck, he was gentle and sweet and she crept out later that night wondering what further family fun they could look forward to. .