Katty and Her Dad-Part 2 to the Health Class Story


My dad had just finished helping me experience the most amazing feeling of my life ever, my first orgasm. I was a little worried now, my father stood up and pulled his pants down and out sprung his gigantic penis. I had seen pictures of other ones but my fathers was the biggest penis i'd ever seen. "What are we doing now daddy?" He looked at me with a grin and said "I'm going to teach you how to suck my cock baby" I looked at him funny because i'd never heard of a cock and I didn't know what he meant . . . I looked at him with a confused look on my face "This is my cock honey, my penis, you're going to suck on it" My eyes lit up, I was scared I didn't want to do it, I was afraid I might not be able to breathe. . "Don't be afraid honey, it will be just fine". . I was shaking I was so nervous. . He kneeled down on the ground and told me to get down on the floor with him. . . H told me to treat it like a lollipop, it was dripping with ooze.

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  . . . i was kind of grossed out "Its only precum sweetie, it tastes good" I licked it and it didn't taste bad, I licked it again. . . . then I stuck the tip of his cock inside my mouth and sucked on it a little. . my dad moaned and I stopped, his moaning kind of scared me  "Honey its ok, it feels great, keep going". . I sat there and started to suck some more, then I took more of his cock in my mouth, i guess about 2 or 3 inches, i kept sucking it really did taste good after a while. . . I felt my daddys cock tense up a little.

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"Ok honey you can stop now"
I stopped and backed away and looked at him and smiled. . I got up and started walking towards the stairs "Honey, where are you going? We aren't finished yet" I looked at him, surprised, I didn't really want to do anything else I was tired and really just wanted to go to bed. "Come back here please" and I did as I was told. . . "yes daddy?" Then he grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. . he shoved his tongue in my mouth. . I tried to pull away but my young weak arms and body couldn't get away from his strong grip. . .
 "I'm gonna fuck you whether you like it or not"
"But daddy, I dont want you to, you're going to hurt me" My dad looked at me with no sympathy.

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  . "Its all pleasure sweetie, you'll get a little bit of pain but then you'll feel nothing but great" I looked at him, I relaxed and as he let go of me I ran away, upstairs into my room and slammed my door shut. . I tried to block it so he couldn't get in but it was no use. . He was just to strong. .
"Come here NOW!"
I started to cry I didn't know what else to do. . so I just gave in. . "It will be fine, just trust me you little brat!" I just laid on my bed and cried while he got down on his knees on my bed. . He started massaging my pussy again and it didn't feel good at first but then it started to feel great. .

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  I didn't want him to know that I liked it. . It was just weird. . but then he started using his tongue again on my clit. . . . It was fabulous and I couldn't help but let out a little moan. . "Mmm" I was getting moist again, I could tell. . I looked up at him and he had a grin on his face. . .

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"i'm glad you've calmed down now sweetie, this is going to be a wonderful experience don't worry"
I looked up at him, still nervous about the pain he spoke of. . I wasn't sure what to expect. He took his big cock and gently slid it into my tight virgin pussy. . . I was so wet that it slid in really nicely until it got to a slight pressure point. . He came down to my face and said
"This is the pain I told you about, this is where its going to hurt, but it won't hurt for long i promise baby"
He kissed me and pushed his cock past the pressure point inside me. . As he kissed me and thrusted his cock in me I let out a squeal, it hurt so bad, he left his cock in place, I could feel something trickle down my leg and it was to thick to be my own wetness, it must have been blood from my dad breaking me. . The pain did start to go away, i relaxed a little and my dad started to pump my pussy. . A combination of my juices, my blood and my dads precum made my pussy very slippery and wet.

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  . My dad kept thrusting his cock deep inside me, in and out in and out, deeper and deeper with every stroke. It was amazing. I didn't think that sex could ever feel this good. I was so impressed. . I couldn't help but let out a loud moan "OOOOOH YESS" and then I got crazy "FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME! OH YES!" he then put his finger down on my mouth to shush me, he didn't want the neighbors to hear. . . . I didn't really care but I did as he said. . He continued to fuck me. . It continued to blow my mind this great feeling.

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  . . I was going to "orgasm" again. . . I could also feel my daddy's big thick cock tensing up "Oh baby you're gonna make daddy cum, im gonna cum so hard deep inside you"  then it dawned on me "DADDY NO! I might get pregnant!" just as those words uttered out of my mouth I started to orgasm "OOOOOH YEEEEEESSSSSS, CUM INSIDE ME DADDY" and I felt his seed fill my insides. . then I remembered you had to start menstrating to get pregnant and it ran in my family to develop late so I was ok. . My father collapsed on top of me and we were both out of breath. . "Oh goodness daddy, that was amazing" and he looked up at me and smiled, kissed me and said "Remember you can't tell anybody" I smiled and we drifted off to sleep. . . .

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