Katie Kat's in Trouble: Part Two


Marcy looked at Katie and shook her head, "No one can help me now, I. . . . . I think I'm pregnant. " Katie looked shocked. She knew where babies came from, but she couldn't imagine either of them getting pregnant. She stood there unable to speak. Her friend continued crying, her whole body shaking from her sobs. Katie told Marcy she would get her a pregnancy test. "Everything will be okay Marcy, I promise," Katie said, but deep down she knew things would never be the same. If Marcy was in fact pregnant, her family might disown her, and if the truth came out about her incest with Scott, all hell would break loose. When Katie finally returned from the store with the test, Marcy was on pins and needles. The two girls holed up in Marcy's private bathroom and began reading the instructions. Neither of them had ever seen a pregnancy test before, much less used one.

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   Finally they figured it out and Marcy peed on the test stick. The two sat and waited as patiently as possible. The three minutes dragged by. "I can't look at it!" Marcy cried. Katie took the test and turned it over. She looked up at her friend, tears welling in her eyes. She nodded silently. Marcy once again erupted in tears. She was shaking violently. She had to tell Scott now. He was going to hate her. This would ruin him as much as her. Katie tried to comfort her friend, but nothing she said or did could help Marcy. The girls sat there like zombies awaiting Scott's return from soccer practice. When he entered the room, they dropped the bombshell.

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   "How in the hell do you know that I'm the one who knocked you up?" Scott demanded angrily. "It could have been one of those little pricks at school. " Marcy was hysterical. "You're the only one who ever fucked me without a condom, dear brother, you must have been the one who got me pregnant. " "Well we have to get rid of it," Scott stated, "that's the only way. " "I'm 14, who in hell will give a 18-year-old an abortion without parental consent?" Marcy retorted. "Fuck, why in hell did this have to happen?" Scott seethed, "I should have never fucked you in the first place, your pussy sure as hell was not worth going through this shit for!" His words stung the young girl. "Well you're a pretty sick fuck taking advantage of your little sister anyhow, couldn't you get any from the girls your age?" Scott reared back and slapped his sister hard across the face. She blinked back tears. Inside Katie was smiling, her plan was working all too well. The next day Marcy called Katie on the phone. She told her that she had decided to tell her parents that she was pregnant, but wanted Katie to be there for support. There was no way Katie was going to miss this, after all she had worked so hard to make it happen. She hurried over to Marcy's house and waited for her parents to return. "Are you going to tell them it's Scott's?" Katie asked.

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   "No fucking way!" Marcy exclaimed. Katie only nodded. She knew that the truth was going to come out tonight, whether Marcy wanted it to or not. The girls heard Marcy's parents pull in the drive. When they entered, Marcy called them into the living room. "Mom, Dad, I have something I need to tell you. . . " Marcy began. Her parents exchanged glances. Katie smiled. Here it comes, Marcy was going to get her just deserts. "I. . .

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  I'm. . . I'm pregnant!" she blurted out. She expected her parents to scream and shout. She clinched her eyes and waited, but there was only silence. When she opened her eyes, her parents were smiling. "Didn't you hear me, I'm pregnant!" she exclaimed. This time they both laughed. She looked to Katie for some help, but she was laughing too. "What's so fucking funny!" she demanded. Her dad spoke up, "You're not pregnant, you foolish little whore, we tricked you. " Marcy looked confused. Her mom began to explain, "You see, we knew you were fucking your brother, Katie told us. We figured since you didn't invite us to join in the fun, we would fuck with your mind a little.

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   Force you to come and tell us yourself what a dirty little bitch you are. You've been taking your brother's cock all this time and we thought you were a goody-goody. Your father wanted to pop your cherry long ago, but I was afraid you wouldn't go for it. Seems like you're a real cock whore just like your mom!" "Not just cock," Katie interrupted, "She's a terrific pussy eater as well. " Marcy's parents and Katie both laughed hysterically. "Why did you tell?" Marcy asked Katie, feeling betrayed. "Well, one night after fucking you I came to the kitchen to get a drink. Your dad was up as well, he could smell the sex on me. He cornered me and began rubbing my wet pussy with his fingers. He accused me of fucking Scott, but Scott was at his friend David's that night. So then just like you two did, he blackmailed me. He said he would tell my parents I had been trying to corrupt his innocent daughter with my lesbian ways if I didn't let him fuck my little pussy. So I did. He started fucking me but when he discovered I didn't have my cherry anymore, he asked who had taken my virginity.
    I told him everything.

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       So when he and your mom cooked up this plan to teach you a lesson, I was all for it. I slipped you one of your mom's birth control pills in lieu of an aspirin so you'd miss your period, then I gave you the wrong results on the test. You were so distraught you never bothered to check! The rest just fell into place. " Katie smiled, pleased that the plan had succeeded. "Now, it's finally my turn to enjoy the benefits of a nasty little slut in the family," her dad said, pulling out his dick. Katie grabbed Marcy by her hair and shoved her down to her knees. She forced Marcy's mouth down around her father's cock and began to pump his dick in and out of her small mouth. Meanwhile her mom removed her daughter's panties and positioned herself so she could taste her precious child's juices. She snaked a finger in and out of Marcy's little snatch and licked it clean, savoring the taste of young girl pussy. She had been sucking on Katie Kat's slit for the past two weeks in preparation for this day. Marcy began to climax the moment her mother's hot tongue pierced her tender cunt. Her moans were muffled by her fathers hot dick moving rapidly in and out of her mouth as he fucked her sweet face. Katie removed herself from the circle so she could enjoy the show. She pulled her panties to one side and began to work furiously on her own love button. She watched intently as the family fun began to switch into various positions of erotic pleasure.

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       Marcy's father was now slamming his cock deep within his baby girl's pussy, while her mother was forcing the girls face into her musty, wet snatch. Katie roughly masturbated to the scene until she felt her pussy erupt all over her exploring fingers. She licked her cum off and sat there in the bliss of satisfaction. Marcy's dad was still furiously pounding his daughter's cunt. The girl exploded into an intense orgasm, coating his dick with her juices. She cried into her mom's wet gash. Her mother continued applying pressure to the back of Marcy's head, grinding her pussy all over her daughter's face. She came hard and Marcy lapped it up like a bitch in heat. This caused Marcy to climax again. Her second orgasm made her pussy clinch tightly on her father's dick. This was too much for him. He was about to cum so he pulled out, spun his slut daughter around, and forced his dick down Marcy's throat. He instantly began shooting jets of thick cock cream into her mouth. She swallowed greedily, enjoying the taste of her daddy's cum. The three of them collapsed in a pile of naked, sweaty, flesh.

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       Katie clapped in approval for the show. Then the door swung open. "Mom, Dad, I'm home," Scott called out. . . . . . . . . .