Katie and Friends


They mostly are married, and I think my work hours and my intentional single life put them off, a bit. There are many children in the neighborhood - most of them girls, as I have come to realize lately - between the ages of 18 and 18 Summer mornings when coming home from work, I have noticed several out playing kids' games, riding bikes, and giggling together, as little girls do. When I get out of my car, they wave and call "Hi!" to me. I always wave back, off-handedly, and go inside. At least, it used to be off-handed, before Katie's first visit. Well, a month or so ago, late June it was, I pulled into my driveway, got out, exchanged waves with the children, and went inside. I stripped off my work clothes, started a steak marinating for my dinner (night man, remember?) and headed for the shower. The doorbell rang. "Damn!" I thought to myself. "Who the hell is this?"I grabbed my robe, shrugged into it, and opened the door, prepared to repel boarders. There stood one of the neighborhood girls, smiling a bit hesitantly. "Hi!" she said brightly. "I'm Katie!" That was when my life changed. "You're Mr. S. , aren't you? we've all seen you coming home in the morning, and wanted to get to be your friends, but you always went inside so fast we never got to say more than 'Hi', and you were gone!" I had stepped back a little, and she came right in as she was talking, as if she belonged here.

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  "We decided one of us would introduce herself, and we played 'Eenie, meenie, minie moe,' and I won. So I came over!" She was wearing a little orange t-shirt, and tight white shorts. I couldn't help noticing that her little nipples were pushing against the fabric of her shirt. "I'm glad I won," she babbled on, "or I would have had to go home! I really need to pee! Can I use your bathroom?"My mind was whirling. The kid, Katie, was talking so fast I had a hard time keeping up with her. "Sure," I answered. "It's right in there," I said, pointing. "Gee, thanks, Mr. S. !" she smiled, as she headed for the bathroom. "It would have been so embarrassing to pee in my shorts, particularly since I'm not wear. . . " her voice faded out as she turned the corner down the hall. I shrugged, and went to turn the steak over in its marinade.

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   I went back to the living room, and heard her call, "Mr. S. ! I can't get it to flush! Help!" I had forgotten that I needed to do a little work on the toilet, and went in to the bathroom. "You just need to hold it down," I was saying, as I went through the open door - and my mind went blank. Little Katie was standing in front of the bowl, jiggling the handle on the tank, her back to me. Her shorts were down around her ankles, and her bare, plump, girlish ass was sticking out in my direction. She turned her head and grinned, wriggling her ass as shedid. I was speechless. She held the handle down, and the toilet flushed. "Ours does the same thing!" she said. "I just wanted to get you in here! Do you like my little ass?" My cock was hardening, rapidly, as I stammered, "Well, sure, kid. It's, uhh, very, ahh, pretty!"She smirked and turned to face me, spreading her feet as far as her shorts would allow. She frowned, then just kicked them off, and spread her feet wider. "How about my pussy?" she asked, rubbing it with both little hands. "If you had come in with me before, you could have wiped it! With paper - or - whatever!"My dick was at full attention, now, and I bent forward a little to let the folds of my bathrobe hide the pulsating bulge, staring at this little girl rubbing the outer lips of her tiny, hairless cunt.

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   I had no notion what was going on, but my body had a very clear understanding of the situation. "Well?" she asked again, "do you like my pussy?" She spread her bare little cuntlips for me, and shoved her hips forward. "Oh, yes!" she smiled. "I can see you do!" She was staring at the bouncing lump beneath my robe. "Come on, Mr. S. ! Let's get this off you, so I can see how much you like my pussy!" She undid the belt, and pushed my robe off my shoulders and down to the floor. My cock bobbed up and down between us, and she stared at it with a big smile. "Mmmm! I think your big cock likes my little cunt a whole lot! And since it hasn't even had a taste, I think that means you do, too!"I began, slowly, to realize what was happening. I was being seduced by this little girl, and that was why she had rung my bell, and said she had to pee, and called me while she was bare-assed.
    I recovered my voice. "Katie? How old are you, Katie?"She looked me in the eye. "Does that matter?" she whispered. "I want to suck and fuck you, and I can see you want to fuck and suck me, and that's what matters!" She looked down at my cock, and took it in her little hand. "I'm almost twelve, and I lost my cherry almost a year ago, and have been fucking every chance I got since then; so the law can't touch you.

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      "I knew she meant the age-of-consent law in this state, which specifies that fucking a girl who is not a virgin is not a crime, regardless of her age, if she consents. Katie certainly seemed to be consenting! She stroked my thick, hard prick, and drew my hand down to her little cunt. "Put your finger in there, Mr. S. " she begged me. "Fingerfuck my little pussyhole!" She guided my hand to where she wanted it, took my middle finger, and slid it into her wet little twat. "Ahhhh!" she moaned. "Yeah!" She hunched down onto my finger, and I thrust it deeper into her tight wetness. All this time, Katie had been rubbing her little hand up and down my shaft. I was close to cumming, and she seemed to sense it. "Go on, Mr. S. !" she said. "Cum in my hand for me! Then when we fuck, you'll last longer!" She stroked my cock faster, and started caressing my balls with her other hand. I put another finger in her dripping pussy, and moved both fingers around inside her.

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       She moaned. I came. I shot my load of cum all over her stroking hand, and up her arm. She sighed deeply, shoved down on my fucking fingers, and came, too. Her cumjuice soaked my hand and dripped onto the tile floor, joining my cum which was dripping from her hand and arm. We hugged each other close with our free arms. "That was good, Mr. S. !" murmured Katie. "You'd better call me Ricky, now!" I answered. "OK, Ricky!", she smiled. "As soon as you're hard again we can fuck, and then I'll call you 'Lover'!".