Just starting out...


Lexi was just turning thirteen. She had one twin sister, Jenna, who was the same age. Both were just starting puberty, and were not open about sex. They made it through the sex ed classes at school, but when anyone approached either of them about the matter, they would turn away and blush. It was a Friday afternoon and school had just gotten out. Lexi was tired as she had gotten up really early that morning, for *mysterious* reasons. She wasn't her usual talkative self, which concerned Jenna. "What's is that matter?" Jenna asked finally. Lexi turned, and shrugged. "Just 'tired," she replied. It was then that Jenna noticed, perhaps by chance, that there was a small wet spot *down there* on Lexi.

She didn't make the matter known and turned and continued walking. When they got home, Lexi immediately went to her room. There parents hadn't gotten home, as they worked past ten 'o' clock every day, except Sunday. Jenna wondered what was up with Lexi, but didn't press the matter. She assumed that Lexi had really been tired, and just wanted to sleep.

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   But the moans coming (or should I say 'cumming') from her sister's room as she walked by said otherwise. Jenna stopped for a moment to listen, and, without knocking, flung open the door to see what was happening. And there lay her sister, naked, on the bed: fingering herself *down there*. Immediately Jenna was turned on. And instead of turning red, Lexi smiled and looked longingly at Jenna. "Come here, Jen," she said, using the nickname she had given her sister. "But first. . . " she stopped. After a moment's hesitation, she continued, "Can I see you undress?"Jenna was dumbfounded. She, without thinking, started to pull off her top, revealing her training bra. She unsnapped it, revealing small, tiny hills; a sad excuse for breasts, although they were in the middle of developing. And not even two seconds later, her tight jeans were lying at her feet, her pantees falling down. She stepped forward and sat on the side of the bed, looking sideways at her sister.

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  Lexi smiled and moved her hand towards Jenna breasts, starting to play with the nipple. But Jenna, who had never done this before, pulled away. "What are you doing!?" she exclaimed. Lexi shook her head. "Jen, Jen, Jen! What do you think I'm doing? I'm doing what you should be doing! Now come here!" she exclaimed. Jenna sighed and, unwillingly scooted back towards Lexi, until their buttoxes were touching. This really turned Jenna on, and she began feeling herself. "I-I guess you're right, Lexi! This feels really good! I wonder why I had never done it before!" she exclaimed. She then looked over and, without warning, planted a passionate kiss onto her twin sister's lips. When they parted, she stuck her fingers into Lexi's pussy. "I love you, Lex," she said softly,finger-fucking bother herself and her sister. (Stay tuned for more. . . .

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  . . I know. . . dont you hate it when you're left in suspence? >:D).