Just One Wish


“Rub it!” Violet said excitedly, “common!”“You rub it”, I teased her“If you rub it, You’ll get a wish! She said. “Oh sure! I countered“OK”, she said, “if you don’t, I’ll do your fantasy tonight”“Oh! Fuck!, OK then…Promise?” I couldn’t believe my ears!“Yes, I promise” Violet said looking a little nervous. See my fantasy is to see her get fucked by another guy. Preferably a big cocked, muscular black one, or two. She has promised before, but never was able to go through with it. “OK here goes!” I said as I start rubbing. Nothing happened. “Let me try” Violet said as she grabbed the teapotAs soon as she touched it disappeared. Then out of nowhere the genie appeared. It was small, like a fairy and hovered in the air where the lamp wasn’t. Speaking to me it said that I had one wish, and the only restriction was no one could be harmed. I was in shock, Violet was looking about ready to faint, so we sat down. I asked her if she meant what she said about the wish and she said “Oh god yes, please” I gave the genie the details, being very specific to avoid any tricks. When I was satisfied He spoke to Violet and said “Since this wish affects you, I ask of you to confirm you wish is as his”Violet nodded her head vigorously, But the genie said “You must Speak of your wish”“I want to be what he has wished” she said her voice cracking. “So be it” said the Genie and disappeared. I looked at Violet surprised that nothing happened, no flash, no boom, not even a twinkle.

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  Just as I started to say something, she slowly metamorphosed into an exquisitely beautiful 18 year old girl. She was so small, so petite, her hair was blond and brushed the top of the little bikini bottom she wore. She had the figure of a girl that was on her way to being a woman. She had nice hips, a tiny waist, small but firm breasts and skin as soft as silk. “Daddy!” she squealed, like she hadn’t seen me in years. Her hug was unreserved and very sexual. “Oh my god Daddy, it worked! Look at me” God I even feel 18 again!. I’m even calling you Daddy! God this is wonderful. Pick me up, please Daddy?”As I held her in my arms she felt so light and small, so delicate, so naked. “Take me back to the room, please Daddy? I want to make you happy” Her eye’s sparkled as she said that and my cock became as hard as it’s ever been. “Dou you want to make Daddy happy?” I said, he giggled yes, “OK then run about half way there take your bikini off and then run naked into the hotel room, lave the bikini on the ground though, OK?”“Really? You’d let me do that Daddy? Ok, Last one there is a Rotten Egg!” She ran off towards the hotel. She undid her bikini as she ran, dropping it in the sand giggling. I had expected her to go in the back door, but she went in the main lobby! “My, she is what I wished for!” I thoughtWhen I got to the hotel room there she was, back against the door, still naked, panting from the run “I don’t have a key!” she squealed, “open the door!”Just then a young couple came out of their room and saw Violet naked in the hallway with me approaching. “I’m sorry Daddy! I just went to get some ice, I didn’t think anyone was out here, don’t spank me again” She lied“I told you not to leave the room young lady, you’d better believe you’re getting a spanking. And put some clothes on, for Christ’s sake” Her eyes sparkled at the mention of a spanking, and she glanced over at the couple seductively.

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  As the door closed she asked “Are you still going to spank me?”“Oh hell yes Violet, You deserve one after that” I knew she liked to be spanked, but she seemed even more eager now. “Will you fuck me Daddy? Will you fuck me after you spank me? I’m so horny daddy, I need your cock daddy, please?” I pulled her down over my knee, she reached under my legs and held hers just like she did every time before. The swats turned her ass a nice red and I could smell the pussy dripping down her leg. “Suck me off slut”, I told her gruffly. She was never much of a cocksucker as an adult being too reserved and gagged too easily. But now her tongue was out before she was even on my cock, and the took the whole thing in one fell swoop. To the hilt and swallowed. Her throat stroked my cock and she fucked her throat with abandon. When I came she pulled out to taste it, then went back down, milking me for more. “Get dressed, we’re going out” I told her, “Schoolgirl”Half an hour later she was showered, perfumed and dressed. If I thought she looked sexy before in the outfit, she was a killer now. She had dark sexy makeup on and no Bra, no panties. We brought her old adult ID along and easily When we found a place to sit I looked a her ID, it said she was 21years old, 4’10”, 75lbs, blue eyes and blonde hair. “Nice Fake ID huh Daddy? 21 ? haha, Yea I’m 21” she giggled. “Are you really only 75 lbs?” I asked a little shocked, she was small, but I didn’t ask for any specific weight, just ‘thin’ and that’s pretty light.


   “Actually, not quite” she said “I get a lot of shit about being so small. Especially the guys, they tease me constantly”“Well I LOVE small girls, don’t change for me. OK?” I looked her up and down. She had on the school girl skirt alright, also had on the tie, but for a top all she had was the tiniest little bikini top I had ever seen, but it WAS white! Her nipples stretched the fabric of the top, obscenely. About the time we were finishing our second drinks a group of rough looking guys came in. they were talking loud whistling at the women and making quite a scene. I let them settle in for a bit then told her “OK time to go give yourself to them, just ask them for a drink”“Which one Daddy?, she seemed confused “All of them I said, I want you to let all of them fuck you, anyway they want, don’t ever say no and tell them you like it rough. “All of them Daddy, they’ll hurt me, do you want them to hurt me Daddy? Do you want them to hurt your little girl? I will do anything for you daddy, I’ll ask them to hurt me if you want me to. ”“no no, they can slap you, spank you and fuck you hard, but they shouldn’t hurt you. Now go on…” I watched her walk across the room, she walked slowly, seductively meeting glances, smiling at rude comments about her. When she reached the group they were ready for her. They asked her if she wanted a drink. She got a shot of gin and slammed it. I could see her talking to the guys, they were big, bigger than me, She was nodding and one guy was pointing to himself, then she pointed to the group. They all looked around in disbelief.

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   Then she pointed to me, and waved me down. When I got there one guy asked if she was serious. I said “Yes she is, I told her to do it”“And so she just does what you tell her?” about 5 people said at once, again in shock. “Sure does, watch this. Violet, show the guys your pussy” As soon as I said that she lifted her skirt showing her smooth cunt. “No, not like that” I said, turn around and bend over”“Sorry she mouthed to me” Then dropped her skirt, spread her legs and bent over till her face was against her leg. Her skirt flipped completely open showing her asshole and cunt. I pushed my finger into her asshole, to the second knuckle then pulled it out. I pulled her up by the hair and held my finger in front of her. She looked at it, then each guy in the group then sucked my finger. “Comon guys, show me what you got” she teased “I can take all of you on and the dog too” Before I knew it we were at someone’s house she and I had ridden together but she was sucking off one of the guys while I drove. She was naked except for her shoes as she walked to the house. The house was dirty inside, obviously a guys house. She took her place standing in the middle of the living room. “OK” she said, “We need to make sure we understand who is in charge.

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   Is it him?” she asked, pointing at me. No one seemed sure and mumbled a reply“No”, she said “It’s not him, is it me?” This time everyone agreed it was her. She was in charge. “Wrong, ya bunch of wusses” she laughed. “You are boys. Consider this a freeforall. You guys can do anything you want to me. Any hole, any time, make me lick your ass, anything. Spank me, slap me, hit me. In fact lets have a contest. The first guy who comes over here and slaps me hard enough to knock me down gets to fuck me. Just remember, if you break my jaw I probably won’t be much good at cock sucking” She giggled at that like it wasn’t real which kind of shocked me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Well one guy came up to her and slapped her pretty hard, made her scream. But didn’t knock her down “Oh that was nice” she said, “you’re sweet, Next! But no more fucking sweet ok?This guy really smacked her, she took a step, but didn’t fall.

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   “Aww, you guys are so sweet, I thought you guys were going to be rough, maybe we should do some knitting instead? With that one of the bigger guys stepped in. “Bitch!” he growled and back handed her so hard it took her off her feet and she landed on a pile of porno tapes with a crash. She was dazed and didn’t move for a sec. That was enough time for him to get to her and grab her by the hair. He threw her onto the dining room table like a sack of potatoes He pulled his cock out. “Some one hold her fucking legs apart!” Two guys stepped up and spread her painfully wide. As his overly think cock opened her up I could see it sliding into her swelling her belly slightly. They moved her on the table and another guy stepped up to her mouth and wedged his fat cock into her. As the two guys fuck her the others are pinching her nipples, slapping her tits and talking about what a slut she is. The more they abuse her the more she cums. At one point some guy is buttfucking her and they’ve shoved a beer bottle up her cunt, she really cums on that one. One guy really liked to fuck her mouth. He fucks her then he slaps her, then fucks her some more. Her face is really turning red and she cums and cums. Guy after guy is pumping her mouth full of cum and she drinks it greedily.

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   It spilled all over her face and hair, the slaps sound wet. A new sound fills the air, and she screams “Oh Fuck yes, harder bastard” before getting a new cock buried in her throat. Someone it seems has started whipping the insides of her thighs with a belt, harder and harder he hits her reddening her skin. A slip causes the belt to hit her clit, the guy fucking her pulls out and the clit whipping begins in earnest. She manages a hoarse, “fuck yes!!!” in between throat penetrations screaming around the cock at each whip contact. Most of the guys have fucked her at least once by now and they start using different things from the house. Beer bottles get old quick and soon I see a hammer handle being pushed in and out of her cunt. Someone show up with a golf club handle and into her mouth it goes. They watch in amazement as it just keeps going deep inside her. Two then three are in her throat as she gasps for breath. When they pull the last one out she gasps for air, and chokes out an raspy “More you sick fuckers, More”By the next morning the guys had had enough As we were loading her into the car to take her to the emergency room I asked the guys how old they though she was. They guessed 22, 25, one smart guys did guess 18 but his buddies laughed at him, “she can’t be that young, she was in the bar, 21 minimum! In the car and just before I left I said, “No boys she’s 13” “Bullshit”, someone said, “Why should we believe you”“Well, Because I’m her Daddy” and I left . Turns out she had a broken jaw, 5 broken ribs, cut and bruises too numerous to count. She had internal damage to her uterus and lower intestine and the word SLUT carved into her right cheek with a knife. I asked her “are you OK sweetie?”“Yes Daddy, it was great” she whispered through her wired together jaw, “can we do it again?” To answer her I went and locked the door, turned her over and fucked her ass.

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   Just before I came I pushed my cock between her lips and came in her mouth. When I unlocked the door, the rape officer was there waiting. She reported the rape as two Asian guys in a white delivery van. They were never caught, imagine that. .



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