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I’m not really sure as to why it bothered me, I was watching porno, i think it just might be the fact that I have been caught. I decided to go and make my self a sandwich, but as I walked down the hallway I passed Michelle’s room. The door was ajar and I looked at it as I walked by I caught a view of her topless, and stopped in my tracks, I watched as she moved and her breasts jiggled from her movement. I watched eagerly to see more. I had seen my sister topless many times before, once when she was in the pool and her top came off, and once when there weren’t any towels in the bathroom and she had to peek out and grab one. I wanted to see more though. I wanted to see her pussy, and her perfectly round ass. She began to unbutton her pants. she let them drop to the floor. She pulled her panties down just about an inch or so when the phone rang. The phone made me jump and I quickly ran down the hall so if she opened the door she wouldn’t think I was watching her. My cock was in full erect and I reached in my pants to rearrange it. I picked up the phone and it was my father. He told me that he and mom where stuck at the airport in Toronto and wont be able to leave until tomorrow night because of a snow storm. He also told me Michelle was in charge. Just as I was hanging up she walked out in a tight shirt and dazzy dukes.

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   she always wore that kind of clothing around the house, it drove me crazy. “ Who was that?” “Dad. ” “And?” “ And there stuck in Toronto ‘til tomorrow night. ” “ Oh great I suppose I have to look after you. . ” “ No, I’m 18 years old I can take care of my self. I just need some money. ” “Chaw don’t look at me, you want money go get a job. ” “ I’m too young. ” “Get a paper route. ” “ Anyway, isn’t there something I could do, for you to give me money” “hmmm, you could clean my room, oh and do my laundry. ” “ For how much?” “Ten bucks. ” “ Ten, aw fine. ” So I went up to start cleaning her room. It was a mess, I thought only boys have dirty rooms, she had papers and clothes all over.

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   I started to pick up putting the papers in a pile and throwing her clothes in a hamper. I came a cross a thong that I slipped into my pants. She has like 18 different colors for her bra’s. As I was cleaning near her bed I put my hand on something wet and sticky, I lifted my hand up, there was a condom stuck on my hand, I quickly shook it off, “Michelle,” I yelled “ What the hell is that?” “ What the hell is what?” I pointed at it. “ Oh oops sorry, that’s a left over from last night. ” “ Oh god thats disgusting. ” she left the room, and I continued to clean. I reached under her bed and felt something long and hard, I pulled it out it was a nine inch vibrator. I smelled it, my cock became aroused at the sweat aroma. I put it back under her bed, and continued to clean hoping to find something else that had her sweat smell on it. I sniffed every pair if panties I came across. After I finished I put her clothes in the wash and returned to the living room. She walked in and I asked her for my ten dollars. “ Is my laundry done?” “No”“Then no, not until it is dried and folded. ” I jumped up and demanded that she give me ten dollars.

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   “ Hey do I look like mom and dad I don’t give in when you ask for things. You have to earn it. ” She pulled out a ten dollars bill, and taunted me with it. I snatched it out of her hands and started to run. She chased me to my room and knocked me on my bed, she tried to grab it from me but I rolled over on top of it. We began to wrestle her trying to get the money a way from me, me trying to keep it from her. She rolled me over and continued to try to get it from me. She sat on me just a little lower then my waist. As I bucked up and down to try to get her off of me, I realized it look like we where having sex, my cock began to get hard. I hoped she couldn’t feel it. I also notice her tits where bouncing like crazy and as I watched them she managed to grab the money from me. She sat back and sat on my cock. She jumped right back up, “What the hell, Oh My God. ”“Look I can explain. ” “ No, no need to explain.

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  ” She climbed off of me, and started to walk out. “Michelle wait, I. . . I don’t know what to say, I think your very pretty and all I’ve ever wanted was to be one of those guys who come over almost every night. ” Realizing what I said I looked up at her to see her expression, she just starred at me. “ I just want to have sex with you, you probably think I’m some kind of sicko now. ” I looked at her again and I saw her mouth begin to move. “ Why didn’t you just ask?” confused I looked at her “ All you have to do is ask. ” she pulled her shorts down and took her shirt off. She wasn’t wearing any panties or a bra. My mouth dropped in aw as I saw her trimmed pussy and her beautiful firm breasts. She came back over and straddled me again, she pulled out my cock. “ Wow Tim your almost as big as my vibrator. ” She started to message my cock, then she bent over and inserted at least 6 inches into her mouth on the first try, she continued to bob up and down taking in more and more until her nose was jamming into my body.

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   Since I almost came earlier, it didn’t take too ling for me to fill her mouth with jiz. Since I knew I would need a little more time before I could get hard again I offered to eat her out. She gladly flipped over and spread her legs, as I got closer I could smell that sweat aroma. It got stronger as I got closer. When I was right in front of it, I felt like I was high. I began to lick her pussy, she grabbed my head and pushed me in closer. My tongue dove into her pussy, and I found her clit and I played with it with my tongue. All though I had only eatin pussy two times before I seemed to be really good this time. As I played with her clit, I felt her leg quiver and then she had an orgasm. By now my cock was rock hard and I asked her if I could put it in her pussy, she happily nodded and I asked her if she had any condoms, she told me I didn’t have to use one if I pulled out before I came. I said ok and began to lower my cock into her pussy. As soon as my head entered her, I felt a surge of orgasm in my body, I put the rest of my cock in and started to pump in and out of her wet pussy, at first I didn’t put all my cock into her, but she told me to and I did as she said. When I put all eight inches inside her she screamed in pleasure. Her body bucked and I tried to follow her movements. I leaned over and started to suck on her tits.

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   I squeezed the other with my hand. She continued to buck and luckily my cock fell out of her as I came. I jizzed on her stomach and up to her tits. She cleaned it off with her finger and then licked it off her finger. We lay there a while before she broke the silence. “You where better and bigger then anyone I’ve had before. Huh who knew my baby brother would be the best I’ve had. ” “ I just laid there and didn’t say anything. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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Batumi, Georgia, on the Black Sea, is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and a bustling centre of tourism, nightlife, and a fascinating fusion of European and Asian cultures. Batumi's escort females are an integral part of the city's nightlife and contribute to the city's particular character.

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