Jordan Cums of Age


Jordan Cole was always a mischievous child; she broke the rules only when she was certain she couldn't get caught. So it was natural that her classmates and friends thought she was a bit of a rebel and wise beyond her 18 years.

Jordan was wise in that she had her finger on her goal. She was blessed with beauty and a fantastic figure which she worked at. The coach suggested she leave gymnastics because her breast size grew fast at 14, so she took up softball and volleyball. But her real desire was to become a famous actress. She took vocal classes, she took drama classes and she was in every school performance since she was 7 years old.

Jordan was wise and knew the only thing that could derail her fast track to fame and fortune was a bad reputation. This was why she was very careful with whom she dated. She was also careful about how far she went. She had the normal hormones of a teenage girl, however she realized the boy she gives her virginity away will someday be some local yokel who comes forth for money to one of the tabloids.

So while mischievous, Jordan was also wise. She knew how far to go and who she should let into her inner circle. In fact, in the past few months she was figuring how to become an experienced lover, yet not soil her reputation. She toyed with the prospect of secretly banging one of the school nerds. She developed a plan to ask one of the geeks to her home to tutor her when her parents were out.

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   Then she would seduce him. She knew that no one would believe he got to fuck THE Jordan Cole. He could tell his best friends, but no one would believe him. It was a plan in the works. She just had to pick the right geek; of course it had to be someone she was at least mildly attracted to.

It was Jordan's mischievous nature however that would rock her world.

It happened the week before her parents left for some conference. Mr. Tresman next door, ask Jordan's father to start his car every day. It was a 1964 Corvette convertible and required it be warmed up every now and then as Mr. Tresman was going out of town for a couple of days. When the days turned to several days, Jordan's father handed over the garage and car keys for her to take over starting the car engine. Jordan's father, Paul regarded Jordan as a level headed kid. Still he gave the fatherly warning, "just start the engine for 5min, do not drive the car, it's not yours. "

Jordan knew that.

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   And that Saturday after her parents left for a week, she knew it was mischievous to take the car out. When she picked up her girlfriend Melissa in the corvette, she knew it was wrong. She also knew it was exhilarating, exciting and daring. She thought it would be a good substitute for being the pure virgin and she enjoyed the evening cruising all the hot spots, dressed up, pulling up to the door but never getting out. Everyone clamored around them as they sat in the polished red corvette.

That Saturday was such a success; she decided to do it one more time. Then she backed into a pole. The fiberglass body was cracked and shattered a light. What should she do? Then she remembered that black kid in history class. He said he and his father owned a body shop in town. Maybe he would help her out. Jordan thought, it wasn't too bad, "how much could it cost?" she wondered. It was fiber glass, which was like plastic. She determined it would probably cost about a one hundred dollars to fix it.

She drove the car to Devon's father's shop.

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   Devon and two of his friends were working there. She knew the other two boys; they had both dropped out of high school in their junior year. Seth was a skinny lanky boy who always hung around with the other boy, Kurt. Kurt was born a bully. He was the bully for every grade since kindergarten. He wasn't particular strong or big or tall, he was just obnoxious and like a pit bull, he would just keep fighting.

Devon and the two other boys all looked at the car, and then they mostly stared at Jordan. At one time or another they all fantasized about screwing her. She was out of their league and knew the closest they could get would be in their dreams. Now here she was, asking for a favor. All three of the boys, nearly 18, came to the same fantasy.

"Shit. Yo fucked dis up big time" said Devon. "I gotta order some parts an'shit, it'll take a few days, den we gots to fix it up . .

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  . I say three grand. "

Jordon was shocked. She didn't have that kind of money. She certainly couldn't tell her parents and she had to get it fixed before Mr. Tresman got back.

"I don't have that much. Are you sure, it's just plastic right? Can't you help me out, were friends. " Jordan pleaded.

All three boys thought the same, 'friends', sure now . . . when she needed something. Jordan, Miss perfect, Miss Snooty bitch, Miss Look down at us, now we are friends because she wants out help.

"Yeah plastic, but this piece of plastic and lights belong to a car that is over 40 years old, so unless you want it taped with duct tape, we gotta order the parts" snorted Kurt.

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"yeah" chimed in Seth.

Jordan cried. Why not, it's worked before. She battered her eyes and sniffled, she even considered hugging one of them (but which one she couldn't decide).

Kurt saw an opportunity. He gathered the boys around in a huddle and discussed the situation with them. Jordan heard just whispers, an occasional groan and one or two snickers. The boys all nodded in agreement and Kurt walked up to face Jordan with the two other boys behind him.

"Okay sweet thing, me and the boys agreed to buy the parts and fix it for you. You don't even have to pay us any money" snorted Kurt.

At first Jordan felt elated. It all worked out, she had them wrapped around her finger. Then the smile started to fade slowly away as she saw the growing smiles on the boys and she knew something was going on . . .

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   something she was not going to like.

"Yeah, we decided we can pool our money together, buy the parts and spend our time instead of making money to spend it fixing your car. Just one thing you gotta do for us. A fair trade since you have no money or ability to fix it" Kurt smirked.

Jordan gulped. She had an idea what they wanted. They wanted what all boys wanted, but just how much she didn't know. She decided to reverse from the 'damsel in distress' to the offensive. She put her hands on her hips and stood tough, staring them down.

"And just what would that be" she dared them. "

"Not much, just three dates, with each of us . . . and of course a fuck" smiled Kurt.

Devon and Seth just smiled and nodded their head.

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"Are you serious? You would treat me like some kind of hooker? I wouldn't fuck you guys for a million dollars" an angry Jordan spat.

Devon and Seth broke their smiles. Seth feeling embarrassed, bent his head down staring at his shoes.

"Yeah, but we ain't talkin bout a million dollars, we talkin a deal where you get your ass saved by giving us some ass. Spend the night thinking it over; we'll still be here in the morning. " Kurt then turned his back on Jordan walking away and motioned for Devon and Seth to walk with him.

Jordan left the car at the garage, too afraid to do more damage to it. She needed to figure things out. There was no way she would let one of them take the virginity she held on to for so long. She wondered if her brother Sebastian had the money to help her. She doubted it, he was just two years older than she was and going to the community college while working as a waiter. He was barely able to pay the rent on his small one bedroom apartment. But he was always resourceful and clever; perhaps he can help her find a way out of this mess.

Sebastian was surprised to see his sister at the door. When he first moved in, she would frequently drop by as a sanctuary from doing homework or dealing with her parents.

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   She was always scheming something. But he knew his parents were away and thought for sure Jordan would be having her girlfriends over the house.

Jordan hugged him and cried into his shoulders. She wailed her story of woe and bad luck. Sebastian didn't like the idea of these three thugs blackmailing his sister into sex. He certainly didn't have the money or any way to get that much. He did immediately think about going down there and kick their asses. He knew he could beat the shit of Seth, probably bully Devon with a fight, but he knew he was out matched against Kurt. Still he offered to go down there and do just that.

Jordan wiped the tears from her eyes and asked him not to. She didn't want to make matters worse by getting her brother hurt. Jordan always looked up at her brother. He was always there for her and never tattled taled on her even when they were kids. She then looked at him as he paced up and down the small living room. He was rubbing his head trying to figure something out.

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   She watched his muscular arms, the firmness of his rear end, and he was always sensitive with a good heart.

"Sorry sis, I just can't think of a thing, I know Tresman has a bad temper, but maybe you can soften him up" her brother offered.

"Ha. Even if he didn't blow a lid, even if he didn't call the cops, it would be mom and dad who would be hurt the most. I can't do that, my life from then on would truly be hell" moaned Jordan.

Sebastian agreed. It was very likely Tresman would call the cops and it would be their father that would jail her in her room till she was able to move out of the house at 18.

"Well I guess you made your decision. Spend the night with each of them. Shit, they'll probably just last a few minutes with you. " Sebastian gulped these words.

As much as he hated the thought of these guys touching their foul hands on his sister, he had to admit, it was just sex. Hell, he's had sex with a couple of women he wouldn't have touched, if it weren't for the beer.

Jordan had come to that conclusion already. But she just couldn't let either of those three deflower her.

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   She needed someone she loved and trusted. Her last date with Ian Branson came to mind. She had only two dates with him. He was nice, but she really wasn't physically attracted to him. She went out with him because her girlfriend Dana dated his best friend. They got along, but it wasn't love.

Jordan took Sebastian by the hand and brought him to the couch next to her. She held on to his warm hands for support as she looked into his hazel eyes. She smiled. She realized she needed to move slowly for this.

"Bro," she always called him bro.

"I can do it. After all, it's just sex right? I mean, I am still the same person. You wouldn't think bad of me would you" she softly spoke.

Sebastian smiled and gave her a hug.


   He wondered what more was going on in her head, and now he realized that his sister was probably thinking he would consider her a whore and look down on her. She was going through all this torment because 'she was worried what he would think about her' he thought.

"Sis, not of all. I really could care less about who you have sex with. I mean, I will always love you, you're my sister. You can't do anything to ruin that silly. " Sebastian smiled, feeling good he was able to set her mind at ease.

"Well I am glad to hear you say that. It's just one little thing . . . I need you to do for me . . . can you .

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  . . would you . . . you know . . . teach me"? She whispered.

At first Sebastian didn't grasp her request. 'Teach her what?' He wondered. Then it hit him.

"You mean . . .

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   you mean you're a. . . " he nodded his head toward her.

Jordan looked down at her hands still held in his as she slowly nodded and whispered "yes, I'm a virgin. "

"But you were always such a wild kid; I thought you had lost by 18 I mean . . . you've had boyfriends, what about your boyfriend now . . . why don't you . . . you know.

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   I mean . . . I'm your brother furchristsakes. "

Jordan stood up with her back toward Sebastian as she wiped away her tears and composed herself. She had to tread slowly here.

"Well I never wanted a bad reputation. Never connected with the right guy, someone I trusted, someone I wanted to be the first. "

As Jordan was talking, Sebastian was looking at her as a woman. A sexy woman. He looked at her perfect round tight ass that was accentuated by her small waist and strong legs. She turned around and his gaze continued looking at her bare midriff. Jordan was an athletic girl as her taught abdomen revealed. His eyes moved up to her round firm globes of her breasts that strained against the light wool sweater she wore. He listened to her but watched her mouth as in slow motion as her full pouty lips started to make his cock stir.

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   He finally looked her in the eyes and at that moment desired her like no woman he ever fantasized about.

"Well? Don't freak out on me bro. I know it's weird, but I trust you, you are the only one I trust. Once we get this over with, I'll do the three of them and that will be that. You know, back to normal. " She smiled.

Sebastian sat on the couch not knowing what to say. His impulsive side told him to jump up and rip her clothes off. His rational mind said this was crazy. Brothers and sister just didn't do this type of thing. It was wrong. Everyone knew it was wrong, evil . . . bad.

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   She would get pregnant with a three legged baby and everyone would know it was inbreeding. All this was going through his head in the course of a nanosecond. All while his penis was growing and his mouth turned dry. He coughed.

Jordan was full of doubts as well. She knew incest was probably done a lot more than people admitted still it was a secret thing because it was a bad. She didn't want to corrupt her brother, but he was a man after all and all men can be seduced.

"Sebastian, you do find me . . . attractive, don't you?" She purposely called him by his name to distance the brother/sister relationship. She moved her hands slowly down her breasts to her hips and thighs, flexing her shoulders back. She then bit her lower lip in a mischievous smile.

"You're sure this is what you want. " He questioned.

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She walked to where he was sitting on the couch and kneeled before him.

"I realize now that this is exactly what I wanted. I trust you. You won't hurt me. "

Sebastian fought the desire to whip out his dick and shove it in her mouth. He cupped her cheek in his hand and imagined him pushing her head into his dick.

"Oh yeah. . . " he thought to himself, "oh I am going to teach you, I am going to fuck the shit out of you sis. " But instead he said, "It'll be okay sis, I'll be gentle, and you will be okay. "

He stood up, for a moment he lingered with her face lined up along the front of his pants. He took her by the shoulders and brought her to her feet. She started to say something but he put his right index finger to her lips. He softly brushed her hair with his left hand and then down the small of her back and lightly along her ass.

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   His finger lingered on her lips as he slowly traced it to her chin then down where he brushed the back of his hand against her left breast. Both hands around her waist turned her around and lifted the sweater over her head and off. He then cupped both her breasts in his hands as he nibbled her neck and earlobe.

Jordan leaned back into him. She realized it was going to happen. She was going to become a woman tonight. She was excited, scared and tantalized.

Sebastian scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. He undid her bra and while gently kissing her nipples unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, slowly moving them down her legs. He then stood at the edge of the bed pulling the jeans from her legs and taking in the fantastic figure before him. The only thing she had on was delicate thin white socks and a skimpy lace panty that just barely covered her sweet young pussy.

Jordan withered before him in anticipation. She watched as he removed his own t-shirt and pulled down his sweat pants revealing a tented pair of boxers. She stared ready to see his penis, but instead he leaned between her legs and kissed her belly.

Sebastian moved his tongue down her belly to the panty line and as he pulled them down, his tongue continued on the path to her virginal gate.

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Jordan moaned. She felt his tongue snaking its way through the folds of her labia. She closed her eyes feeling his tongue and his fingers tweaking her nipples. Soon she was in the throes of an orgasm.

Sebastian moved up on her body slowly, stopping to kiss each hard nipple of her breast. His cock rested on the soft trimmed mound of pubic hair as he his arms held him up looking down into her eyes.

Staring up at her brother she involuntarily gulped, knowing the moment was here. She thought about saying something, to encourage him. Then suddenly he brought his mouth to her lips and in a deep kiss she accepted his tongue as her pussy felt his penis pushing into the entrance.

Sebastian thought it weird to be kissing his sister in such a familiar way. Fucking was just something you did, but kissing like this felt more personal and more taboo, which is why he did it. He wanted to draw her attention away from his dick now slowly pushing its way to her hymen. As he felt the familiar cherry barrier, he slowly drew back and as he pushed forward he kissed her again, timing the thrust.

Jordan felt the sting and tear of her hymen while sucking in her brother's tongue. She winced and felt him stop the continue moving his penis fully within in her.

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Sebastian was aware of the tightness gripping his cock. He moved his hands around her body, caressing her tits, kissing her neck, moving from ear to ear to mouth and back to neck. He slowly increased his pace with each thrust, each time giving her more and more of his cock. He sensed her breathing becoming faster and shallow.

"Oh bro . . . yesss . . . oh yeah, your fucking me. Shit am fucking, we're fucking. Fuck me brother dear, fuck me yes. "

Sebastian wanted to pleasure her; he wanted her first time to be great. More importantly, he wanted it to be great because he wanted to continue fucking her after tonight.

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   He thought he could get her hooked on him fucking her. He wanted his sister to be a regular fuck for him. 'Damn what a body she had, what a fuck' he thought.

There was one problem. Not only was he fucking a fantastic looking young girl, but as his sister, it was turning him on even more so. So much so he was ready to blast his sperm into her. He wanted it to last longer. He tried to get it out of his mind but she kept moaning "fuck me bro, fuck your baby sister" and that was going to make him. . .

"Ughhhhhh shit . . . ahhhhhhh yeah . .


  . ohhhhhh" Sebastian panted out.

Jordan felt the splash of warm cum filling her up. She was breathing heavy, her pussy ached but she felt wonderful just the same. Sebastian rolled off her onto his back.

"Sorry sis, usually I last a lot longer, but . . . you . . . all this . . . just too much for me.

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  " He sighed.

"Nothing to apologize about, It was wonderful bro. " Jordan breathed and cuddled next to him. She felt aware of the mixture of blood and cooze dripping down her thigh.

Sebastian told her he would be ready to go again in a moment, but Jordan who felt her pussy ache just wanted to take a shower and go home. While she was in the shower Sebastian wondered if she really did enjoy it or was she just saying that to not hurt his feelings. He felt shaken. He wondered if he came to quick, if he should have fucked her to another orgasm by holding back longer. He knew he had to have another go at her. He drove her to the house, and on the way he convinced her that there was more for her to learn about sex. She was skeptical, but he convinced her he had a plan so that she might not have to actually have full sex with the three boys.

Jordan agreed to come to his apartment again tomorrow night for more "instruction. " She called the boys at the garage in the morning and told them she would fuck each of them once, as soon as the car was fixed before her parents got home. The boys hurriedly agreed.

Jordan was steps from Sebastian's front door.

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   This was embarrassing. Was she a bad person? She was forcing her brother to commit incest. Perhaps he had all day to think about it and was angry with her for making him sin. He lightly knocked on the door. She was thinking all this was a bad mistake and she should just leave when suddenly the door opened and she was pulled hard inside.

Sebastian pulled her in and slammed the apartment door. He quickly hugged her body against his and locked his lips to her. While pushing his tongue into her mouth his hands rolled across her tits and ass.

Before she arrived, Sebastian thought about what he should do. He thought his sister might feel ashamed, reluctant, or sorry she had sex. Given the chance for her to think logically, she would probably change her mind and back out. He decided a sex blitz would prevent all that.

While kissing her with her back against the living room wall, Sebastian reached his hand under her school skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She was getting wet.

Their kiss broke.

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   He smiled at her then took her by hand toward the bedroom. Jordan was glad to see her brother showed no remorse. She decided it was her turn to show him that she also wanted him.

She pushed him back on his bed and undressed. In no time she was naked and pulling off his jeans. She climbed on top of him and continued kissing him.

Sebastian was relieved to see his plan worked. She wanted it as much as he did. He grinded his cock against her pussy. He licked his fingers and manipulated them into her cunt. It wasn't necessary, she was already wet. He took his cock in his hand and shoved it into his sister's pussy.

Jordan was surprised how easily his cock entered into her and how nice it felt. She rocked her ass back and forth, sitting upright while her brother's hands caressed her nipples. Sebastian pumped his cock into her pussy.

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   This time, he was prepared to fuck her good. Jordan enjoyed being on top and controlling how fast and long she can fuck his cock. She alternated fast thumping to slow grind, finding what she enjoyed and what felt better to her. She had her orgasm and continued to move her ass against him.

Sebastian now slipped out of her pussy and pulled her around. She wanted to learn, well he was going to teach her. He pulled her up on her knees in doggy position. He admired her round firm, perfect ass and slid his cock into her pussy. He gripped her waist with both hands as he plowed into her.

Jordan was surprised and was wondering what was happening until she felt him enter her. She buried her face into the bed while her ass, stuck up while her brother fed his cock into her. She orgasmed again and then felt him orgasm as well.

Once again the collapsed and cuddled together.

"Oh my gosh, that was awesome. Fucking you feels so good.

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  " A breathless Jordan remarked.

Sebastian was glad to hear it. Now she was getting hooked and soon she will become a regular visitor to his bed. Now the rest of his idea needed to take place and Jordan provided the opening.

"So what is your idea with me and the boys from the garage?" She asked.

"Let's have a sandwich and I will explain it to you. "

Sebastian told her that she should invite Seth first. She should wear something sexy, sit him in the living room and give him a rum and coke. Then put on some music and dance sexy in front of him. Sebastian told her between he alcohol and her sexy outfit and dance, he probably will be ready to cum. All she had to do was show him some tit, undo his zipper and jerk him off.

"But what if he doesn't let me, what if he wants to fuck me?" She asked.

"Well, then give him a blow job. He probably is as inexperienced as you are and will cum right away. In fact he might get so embarrassed he will turn tail and leave.

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   The next day is will probably tell his buddies that he fucked you every such way. " Sebastian laughed.

"Gee, I don't even know how to do a blow job. "

Sebastian smiled. "That is what I am here for. Go change into your underwear, I'll put some music on and we will rehearse it all. "

Sebastian put on a favorite porn DVD of his showing Jordan different blow job techniques. He then had her train on his dick. At first he gave her step by step instruction, but soon it wasn't necessary as she was doing a good job emulating the porn stars on the DVD. Jordan was enjoying sucking her brothers dick, she especially enjoyed hearing him moan.

Sebastian leaned his head back on the couch. Never did he think he would be having sex with his sister. He never thought she was a virgin, in fact he just assumed she was like him, just having sex with whomever. That's why he suggested to her the easy way out was to just fuck the three boys.

For Sebastian, sex had nothing to do with love and relationships.

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   He saw women as objects to have sex with or objects you didn't have sex with old ladies, little girls, nuns, and relatives — these were women you didn't have sex with, all the others were fair game. When his sister dropped the bomb on him that she was a virgin, he was baffled. He couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to have sex. Sex after all was fun and harmless.

Watching his sister bobbing her head up and down on his cock, he realized that now his sister would understand. She will want to have sex a lot now and probably with a lot of guys. But most of all, she will want sex from him.

"Oh yeah sis, you're doing great" moaned Sebastian. "I am going to cum in your mouth, most girls I know like the taste and swallow it all, but some just hold it in their mouth and spit it out . . . okay here I go . . . uhhhhhhh.

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Jordan prepared for the cum to shoot in her mouth like a stream of water, instead his creamy jism came in spurts slowly filling her mouth and she just gulped it down. It was warm and salty and she didn't mind the taste at all. Jordan thought "why bother getting up to spit it out, when it would be easier to swallow it?"

Jordan looked up, licking her lips and smiling at the peaceful expression on her brother's face. She was thinking how wonderful he was to help her out. She assumed that her brother was finding it difficult to have sex with her. After all she thought, sex was about relationships and love, not something trivial. Here he was putting aside his values, just to help her out. She knew she had to make it worthwhile for him.

Sebastian, went over his plan with Jordan. She would seduce Seth and if necessary suck him to completion. As soon as that was done, she would send a text to him and he would happen to come by the house and Seth would run off. Jordan agreed that not having to fuck him would be ideal, and even President Clinton said a blow job was not sex.

The next day Jordan called over to the auto shop and told Seth to come by her house at 7o'clock for his "date. " That evening Seth was more nervous than he was ever before. He was taking deep breaths as he stood in front of Jordan's front door poised to ring the door bell when Jordan opened it and hurried him in.

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   Seth felt like he was a cartoon with his eyes leaping out of his sockets. Jordan was beautiful wearing a sexy red shear teddy that allowed him to make out her nipples. Jordan was able to tell that Seth was nervous, the sweat was beading on his forehead and he was gulping a lot. She led him to the couch where she had lit some candles and had some music playing. She started dancing slow to the music, every move was planned to excite him, and every bend of her body was done to enhance her tits or ass.

Jordan rested one hand on his thigh and the other moved down from his chest to fly. Jordan pulled the zipper down pulling his jeans down so that his cock became free. Jordan continued swaying to the music while stroking Seth's cock. Seth stared at Jordan's tit and decided since she was stroking him that he would be daring and squeeze a little nipple. When Jordan did react, he pawed at both of her breasts and then reached her red laced panties.

Jordan realized that Seth was trying to pull down her panties, so according to the plan she had to move to the next phase to prevent that. Jordan moved down to the floor between his legs and took Seth's cock into her mouth. Seth never had a blow job once before from an older hooker he and Kurt had purchased services from. But this was Jordan Cole and she was sucking his cock. Just when he was wondering if Jordan would swallow his cum, he shot his load and Jordan reached under the couch hitting the send button on her phone.

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Sebastian was sitting in the car outside the house when he got the text message. He flew out of the car and ran across the road to the house. He jangled the key into the door loudly and opened the door calling Jordan's name. As part of the plan he pretended to be shocked and angry yelling "what the hell is going on here?"

Jordan played her part screaming in embarrassment and running up the stairs to her room. Seth seeing the angry Sebastian, pulled up his trousers and headed for the door.

"Hey man, nothing going on, we errr . . . just . . . you know . . . we were just hanging out .


  . . we're just friends, you know . . . just hanging out . . . ooops, look at the time, I gotta go man. Tell Jordan I err, you know . . . see her later . . .

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   bye. " Seth then ran out the door.

Sebastian laughed and called for Jordan. Jordan peaked down the stairs, saw that Seth was gone and ran down, throwing herself to her brother.

"It worked, I didn't have to fuck him" Jordan smiled.

Sebastian pulled her toward him and hugged her, grabbing her ass in his hands. She was feeling a little horny herself and asked Sebastian if he would like to spend the night with her. Sebastian easily lifted her up in his arms and carried her up to her room.

The next day Jordan and Sebastian planned the same routine with Kurt. Kurt had heard from Seth how he Jordan had sucked and fucked him all night long and when she called to invite him, Kurt was ready to go.

Jordan opened the door to let Kurt in. She was expecting the evening to go the same way as last night except Kurt did not care for the dancing or foreplay.

As Jordan started her routine Kurt took off his t-shirt and kicked off his pants. Jordan was a little taken aback and asked Kurt to have a seat.

"Come on baby, damn you are built girl, come on and give me some" Kurt smiled.

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Kurt then turned Jordan around and pushed her head down into the couch with her ass up in the air. Kurt pulled down her panties and shoved two fingers into her cunt. Jordan was surprised and suddenly scared, she didn't know what to do, this wasn't the plan.

Jordan tried to get up but Kurt pushed her down and shoved his cock into her pussy. Kurt grabbed her hips and pumped his cock into her hard. Kurt cursed and laughed during his fucking. He reached and pulled Jordan's hair back and slapped her ass frequently, leaving a red imprint of his hand each time. Kurt liked being rough while fucking and judging from Jordan's response she was enjoying it as well. Kurt pulled out and spun Jordan around, falling on her back. Kurt pulled her legs up on his shoulders while jamming his cock back into her cunt. Kurt plowed into her hard this time slapping her tits and twisting her nipples. Jordan cried and moaned, she was hurt all over, yet she was having orgasm after orgasm.

Finally Kurt slammed into her pussy one last time, his cum erupting into her. They both collapsed breathing heavy. Jordan never had the chance to send the text message to Sebastian.

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   Sebastian for his part waited in the car for the text but nodded off. Kurt's car pulling away woke him up and Sebastian went to the house to see Jordan.

Jordan opened the door, dressed in a pink terrycloth robe.

"Sorry sis, I must have fallen asleep, you okay?"

"Yeah, no problem bro, I never even got a chance to send the text, I . . . we . . . not much happened. It's okay, really" Jordan sighed.

Sebastian was hoping to spend the night again. Fucking his sister last night in her bedroom, with her stuff animals and dolls watching them was a turn on for Sebastian. But Jordan quietly told her that she was tired and not up for it and turned him away. Sebastian was confused, wondering if Jordan was angry with him.

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Jordan was confused, wondering why she enjoyed the rough sex with Kurt so much.

Just before bed however, the phone rang. It was her parents. They were coming home tomorrow night.

Jordan went to school that morning in her cheerleader outfit since today was practice. After school and practice she went to the auto shop to see Devon. Once there she saw Mr. Tresman's car was completed, the boys did a great job; she could not tell that it had ever been damaged. Devon saw her checking out the car while he admired her cheerleader skirt highlighted her slim waist and nice legs. Jordan turned and spoke to him.

She explained that she couldn't have a date with him tonight because her parents were coming back and she needed to take the car back. Jordan promised that they would do it another night.

"Yeah so you say. How bout now?" Devon asked.

"You mean here? In the garage?"

"Sho thing.

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   Come on, I got a cot in the office, then you can take the car home. " Devon reasoned.

Jordan knew she was stuck. Well she might as well get it over with now than prolonging this nightmare. She gave her hand to Devon and he brought her to the back office. Once back there Jordan proceeded to follow the original plan and pulled down Devon's pants going to her knees and took his black cock into her mouth.

Devon was enjoying the blow job when the door opened and his father walked in.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Devon's father bellowed. Jordan pulled away from Devon's cock and tried to say something plausible but Devon spoke first.

"Dad, just me and Jordan . . . she's like a girl friend, sort of. Me and the boys fixed her car, as a favor. "

"What? Fixed her car for a sex? This aint no whore house boy.

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   We got a business her to run, we use money. No matter how fine she look. "

Devon needed something to give his father, and then it dawned on him. His father was divorced and hasn't been out on a date for a while.

"You're right dad, this is your business, how bout Jordan here, she'll fuck you too. "

"What? I never agreed to that" Jordan cried.

Devon's father looked at the striking white girl kneeling before her son in the cheerleader outfit.

"I never fucked a white chick before and I always wanted to fuck a cheerleader" replied Devon's dad.

Devon's dad, Walter, was a large heavy set man. Despite his girth however, he moved quickly and was able to get Jordan on her back and her panties off. On his part, Walter undid the buckle on his mechanic's jump suit and in one movement tossed it across the room.

"Wait, I never agreed to fuck your dad, you can't do this" mumbled Jordan.

"Yeah maybe not, but this is my fucking auto shop and if you want that vette out there, yo better gimme some sugar" bellowed Walter.

Jordan resigned herself realizing she needed that car back in the garage before her parents arrived and therefore caved in. Walter gave his cock a few quick stokes then shoved his cock into Jordan's waiting gate.

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Devon meanwhile was getting hard again and rubbed his cock around Jordan's lips. Jordan opened her mouth and sucked on Devon's cock while her father matched the stroke in her pussy. Both father and smiled, high fived each other as they then switched position.

Devon was enjoying fucking Jordan's pussy, even more so while she is sucking off his father. Jordan could hear Devon groaning and could feel the warmth of his sperm in her pussy. She starts sucking his father's cock faster, hoping to end this ordeal when she feels a cock again entering her. She tried to turn her head but Walter was holding her head pumping his cock through her lips. Finally he cums into her mouth and as she swallows his load she looks up to see Seth now in Devon's place fucking her.

"Yeah Jordan, we never did get to finish our evening. Mmmmm yeah you feel good" grunted Seth.

Jordan had to agree, as she felt herself reaching orgasm and bucked her pelvis to his rhythm. Seth pumped his cum into her cunt and climbed off the cot. Jordan lie on the cot with her cheerleader skirt bunched up around her waist. She slowly started up off the cot when she saw Kurt walk into the office.

Everyone else had already cleared out and Kurt was about to turn around a walk out thinking he missed all the action, when Jordan smiled and beckoned him with a finger to come over.

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   Jordan got on all fours and offered Kurt to fuck her. Kurt smiled and quickly pulled down his jeans and mounted Jordan. Again Kurt fucked Jordan with roughly and she responded with all abandon.

Jordan drove the corvette back to Tresman's home and parked it in the garage. On the way home she reflected on the series of events that turned her from a prude virgin to an incestuous orgy loving slut. She wondered how her life will change from now on. She couldn't go back to being the naïve high school girl she was. In fact she was thinking of fucking Kurt again, a lot more.

Jordan pulled the corvette into the garage she shut off the engine and as she got out of the car the garage lights came on and Mr. Tresman stood at the door.

"Well Miss Cole, did you enjoy driving my car" asked Tresman.

Jordan went pale. After everything she went through, she was caught red handed.

"I am sorry Mr. Tresman, my dad asked me to start the engine because he went out of town, I just took it out around the block, it's okay.

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   I know I shouldn't have, am really sorry" whined Jordan.

Mr. Tresman was 60 years old and looked the beautiful cheerleader over from head to toe, from ass to tits. He felt his cock stir. He wondered if a girl like that would fuck him. It was dangerous; she was really young and lived next door. He was also friends with her parents.

"Well I suppose, but I am going to have to tell your dad. "

"Oh no please . . . don't do that. My father will really be pissed at me. Please, I'll be grounded for weeks. Please don't Mr.

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   Tresman. "

"Well, I don't know. This is quite serious. "

"Please Mr. Tresman. " Jordan walked up to him and stared into his eyes. "Please Mr. Tresman. What can I do?"

Mr. Tresman could feel his cock straining against his trousers. He wondered if this young girl really offering herself to him?

Jordan gambled that this old man would give into her pouting and batting eyes. After all, it always worked on her father and Mr. Tresman was much older than him. He was like a grandpa. What kind of grandpa would say no to a little girl?

"Well maybe you can do something for me" Tresman smiled a wicked smile.



At first Jordan didn't understand his meeting but then he put his hand around her waist and pulled her against him. Jordan could feel his hard cock against her thigh. Tresman's other hand reached for her breast, pinching her nipples through her cheerleader top. At first Jordan was confused but then she realized, she would have to fuck him. She couldn't believe that an old man like Tresman would even want a young girl like her.

Jordan rubbed Tresmans bulge and then undid his pants. She bent to her knees and was surprised to see Tresman's cock was as large as the ones she saw in the porno flick. She tried to take it all in her mouth, running her tongue up and down his long shaft. Tresman grabbed her head and pulled it into his crotch. Jordan gagged as the cock slid down her throat. Tresman then fucked her mouth, treating her thick full lips as a pussy. Jordan tried to adapt, allowing her gag reflexes to relax and get into a rhythm. Jordan was getting turned on and wanted to feel his long cock in her pussy. She lifted her top off, pulled down her panties and bent over the corvette. Tresman eagerly shoved his cock into her warm pussy and fucked her hard.

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   He tried to last longer, but Tresman could feel the buildup of sperm, afraid of getting her pregnant he pulled his cock out and shot his cum on her face.

Jordan scooped up the sperm from face with her fingers and licked them clean.

"Thank you Mr. Tresman" she smiled. "Oh by the way, I am gonna have to borrow your car next Saturday night. I don't think you'll mind. . . will you?"

Jordan straightened herself up and cheerfully skipped home.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is a work of fiction. It is written for erotic entertainment. I hope in real life readers will treat people with dignity and respect. Blackmail, incest, revenge and hurting should remain the domain of fiction. Going against the norm can be very erotic, hopefully you think so, which is why I wrote this. Please email me your opinions on this story or my other stories.

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   Tell me what you like or don't. .