John takes Control


Topic: John Takes controlLet me start off with Im a hispanic mom age 38 divorced for 18 years. Im standing at 5'2" and 125 pounds with a breast size 36c and a caramel tan, green eyes, and brunnett hair down my back. I haven't had sex in 3 years and im the horniest mom you will ever meet.
I have a son name John that is 18 years old he is pretty built he's 5'8" 160 pounds very built. Comming home from work on a friday night I walked in my front door and moaning and groanting coming from my sons room I knew he had a girlfriend but I didn't think they was having sex since they only been dating for 2 weeks. I walked pass my sons door and opened it quietly I saw John and Stacy fucking the shit out of each other so hard pounding the lights out of her. Watching my son and his girlfriend made my pussy so wet I closed the door and went to my room and took out my little toy hearing them only made me more horny then what I.
I ript off my clothes got into bed and started fucking myself with my vibrater the moaning and groants made me fuck myself harder and harder till I cummed all over my vibrater. I fell asleep but when I woke up I went to take a shower but I didn't notice John was in there and when I opened the door I saw him standing there staring at himself naked with his 7" cock exposed. I apologized and closed the door and waited for him to finish. I didn't want this to happen but for some reason seeing him naked made my pussy wet.
After I took a shower I ran to my room and masturbated myself to sleep. I woke up the next day and made breakfast. John came out in his boxers not seeming to care that his cock was coming out. I couldn't take it anymore my own son was driving me insane he teases me. I was sure I wanted his cock in me as soon as possible.

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   I started "accidently" brushing my arm against his cock watching how he kept getting hard. After we ate I decided to make things hot I went into my bed room and put on a bra and with a thong and nothing on top. I walked around the whole house like that. Then I started cleaning the living room where John was I kept bending down as much as possible infront of John and I can see from the corner of my eye that he was eyeing me.
He went to his room to grab a blacket but I noticed some action moving underneath in the crotch area. He kept starring at me and I noticed he started jerking off faster. I guess he had enough when he stood up and started walking towards me with his penis coming out boxers. "What are you doing John?" I replied. "Don't play dumb with me mom. You know me and you both know you put on you slutty offit for me and I saw you walk in on me and stacy, I also heard you in your room last night. Mom I want you and you want me so stop playing games and lets got to it. " John replied. He grabbed me and it was the first time I felt my pussy so wet. He started kissing me passionatly and rough I dropped to my knees pulled his boxers off and put my soft lips around his 7" lond 2" round cock. I sucked him so hard like if I was doin it for years he started groanting louder every minute.

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   He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me in deeper he started saying "Im cumming mom oHH Im cumming Fuck here it comes. " He shot loads and loads in my mouth and I swollowed it all. He layed me down on the floor and started massaging my cunt with that I grabbed his head and dugged it in my pink swollen pussy he started going crazy in there I felt like I was in heavin after five minutes of moaning I started screaming to him
"Im cumming baby fuck yesssss oHh mama is going to cum in your mouth ahhhh ohhhh. "
I pushed him in my pussy harder and I cam all over his face. After licking it all off he opened my legs and shoved his cock in my pussy. He told me I was so tight and he loved it. He was pounding me like a horny dog he was I started yelling "Fuck. . . . Fuck me baby, Fuck me so fucking much, ahhh, ohh harder baby, mmmm that feels so fucking good ohhhh!!" He started slamming his hard on cock in me. After a while he started groanting to me "Im cumming mom ohh Im cumming Fuck mom Im goin to cum my loads in you mom" "Yes babe cum in momma baby please ohhh" He slammed in me as hard as he could and finally loads after loads of cum went inside my. We fell to our feet and after I thought we was done he got back up and turned me around to all fours he vasalined his cock and started sticking it in my tight asshole I told hime I never did this before and he said it was even better.
I started screaming so loud my tight asshole felt like it was being split in half after about 3 inches in me he grabbed my waist and slammed the rest of him inside me I screamed like a bitch but after a few minutes and strokes I started feeling the pleasure of it he started speeding up his pase and I started moaning loader with every stroke I was in heavin I even forgot that I was fucking my own son I got lost in the moment he started pounding my asshole and I loved every minute of it after a while he cummed all in me and finally fell asleep on top of each other in the living room floor. The next morning we woke up in each others arms and went to take a shower together.

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   I washed off the dried cumm on his cock and he washed off all the dry cumm from my pussy and ass. From that moment I have had the best fuck buddy anyone can have. Yes he still has his girlfriend and no I don't get jealous because I know in the end of the day he goes to his momma. He's allowed to fuck me when ever he wants. Our little secret won't hurt no one.