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Topic: Job experienceJob Experience.  
Sitting down on the sofa, I looked over at my dad as he played with the remote control trying to find something decent to watch.  
Stopping he put the remote control down then smiled “well honey, how did the interview go” my dad asked watching me think for a minute then answer.  
“I’m thinking about phoning back and explaining that I’m not interested” I said watching a look of confusion flash across his face.  
“Why the hell would you want to do that” he asked watching me drop my head and think.  
“Dad you wouldn’t understand” I said watching him give me another confused look then speak, “Try me” he added watching me debate with myself whether I should tell him something so personal.  
“Well you see, I was told that if I got the job, I would have to …. . Wash guys…. . you know…. . down there” I said watching a smile push across his face.  
My dad sat explaining that thousands of women done the very same job and it never seemed to bother them, he explained that my first one would be difficult to do, but once I had done it once, then there would be nothing to it.  
“But dad” I stopped feeling my face burn as I thought about making such an admission.  
“Dad, I’ve never even touched a guy like that, what if I can’t, then run out embarrassed.

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   I will make a fool of myself and get sacked for sure” I said watching him smile.  
“When you do it for the first time you will be watching someone else, they will let you watch a few times before you have to do it for real” Dad words sounded reassuring but didn’t do the trick and he knew it.  
“Listen, how many times have you seen me naked in the shower? You didn’t run out then” Dad added as I recalled my first feelings of lust watching my dad shower as I brushed my teeth getting ready for school.  
“But seeing it is one thing, actually doing it is another story entirely” I added watching him nod then think.  
For the next half an hour my dad and I sat talking about touching a guy, about sex, something that I had never experienced in my 18 years of life, the closest I had managed was letting a guy slip his fingers inside me, when I was drunk.  
Ever time I tried to pluck up the courage to touch a guy, my shyness kicked in; the rest of the night saw me lying on my back letting a guy rub himself against me through my panties.  
The amount of panties that I had to throw away because of boys, it was unbelievable.  
“Listen baby, you haven’t got the job yet so don’t worry about it” my dad added then grabbed the remote again as I sat trying to think about the worst case scenario.  
The following day Rose the home manager phoned when I was out and explained that I had got the job and to report to the home the following Monday for an induction.  
My dad sat explaining then watched the fear on my face.  
“Listen baby, I was thinking about what you said the other night. ” My dad stopped and looked at me as I sat forward wondering what he was about to suggest.  
“Before I go on you have to promise not to breathe a word of this to your mum” Dad said with a worried look on his face as I sat nodding then said “Sure”.  
“Okay I guess a few years ago I should have had a talk with you about the birds and the bees, my mum had the same talk with me and believe me it helped” Dad said with a wry smile watching me nod.  
“But as I didn’t it’s a little too late now, but what I did think was” Dad stopped and watched me sit on the edge of the sofa.

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“Maybe I could help you with your washing problem” Dad said watching me give him a strange look.  
“How?” I asked still unsure what was coming then watching him shift uncomfortably on his chair.  
“Well trainee hairdressers have people that they can practise on, I thought that maybe if you wanted, I could let you practise on me a few times before you start” Dad said nervously watching me finally get his point.  
“You mean you would let me……. . wash you” I asked slightly shocked at his offer but it suddenly hit me that it made sense.  
“Well yeah, that’s if you wanted to” Dad added then watched me think about it and nod.  
“But how would we…” I stopped realising that he probably already had that planned too.  
“Well your mum is at the bingo tonight, if I went upstairs and lay on the bed, then you could get a basin of water and a cloth, then do what they do in the home” Dad said seeming embarrassed by his admission.  
“Way cool dad, you mean you would actually let me” I said watching him nod then look out the window.  
“Sshhh, your mum’s coming we’ll talk later” dad said as he flicked over to a rerun of soccer.  
My mum came in then headed straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner, within an hour she was climbing the stairs to go for a shower and get changed for bingo.  
“Well, do you want to or not” dad whispered watching me nod then sit forward.  
“I was thinking, I must warn you, when you touch a guy, he might……rise to the occasion” dad said with a wry smile watching me nod.  
“Do you think you can handle washing a guy that has risen” He asked watching me think about it and nod.

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“Okay once I have dropped your mum off I will come back and head up the stairs and put on pyjamas, you get the water and stuff then head up” Dad said as I gave him a smile then thanked him. “Dad you’re the best” I said then bounced upstairs and put on my music before collapsing on the bed and picturing the scene of me pulling down his pyjamas.  
Seeing his cock start to rise with every touch of my delicate little fingers, suddenly he was hard and I had the cloth wrapped around him.  
It was then that I noticed that I was enjoying the thought a little too much. My panties were sticking to me and I was wetting up nicely. Before I knew what was happening I had my hand under my skirt pulling my panties to the side then thrusting sharply at my clit.  
Five minutes later I was moaning desperately, “Oh yeah do it harder” I hissed feeling my body finally burst with pleasure as my orgasm hit.  
“Fuck that was my dad I was thinking about” I thought pulling my skirt down and standing up to fix myself as the guilt washed over me.  
Yet something told me, dad or not, it was one of the most intense orgasms I could remember.  
By 7pm dad was throwing on his jacket and guiding mum out of the door as I sat nervously waiting. Half an hour later he was back and popped his head round the door.  
“Should I go and get changed” dad asked watching me smile and nod. “I’ll be up in five minutes” I shouted listening to him head up the stairs.  

A few minutes later my basin was filled with a cloth and shower gel in it, I grabbed a towel then headed upstairs turning into my dad’s room.  
“Dad are you really sure” I asked with a wry smile watching him nod then ask me the same thing.

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   I nodded then sat the basin on the floor.  
“okay first you and the other person will have to lift the old person but I will lift myself and you pull down my bottoms” Dad said watching me nod then watch him lift his hips off the bed as I slipped my hands forward nervously and grabbed at the pyjama’s.  
In one clean move they were down at his knees as I sat looking at him soft cock then suddenly feeling a jolt of pleasure spasm through my pussy.  
“Okay first you have to get used to touching it” dad said watching me nod.  
“put your hand on it, and just touch it” dad said as I looked into his eyes.  
“How should I touch it” I asked watching him smile.  
“Anyway you want, just get used to touching it” he said watching me look back down at his limp cock then slip my hand over and push my fingers against it giving it a shove.  
It didn’t take long before my dad was starting to rise to the occasion, I sat pressing it, feeling it, squeezing it between my fingers. Feeling my panties start to stick to me again.  
Dad slipped his hand onto my then closed my soft hand around his hard cock then smiled at me.  
“I’m going to teach you something that you will never need in work, but I think you should know it anyway” dad said then started pushing my hand up and down his cock gently as I slowly worked his now hard cock, taking in the fullness of his size.  
My dad must have been a good eight inches, and sitting stroking his cock was making my pussy burn like a fire.  
“Okay then, grab the cloth and wipe it around the whole thing, then push your finger under the head and wipe around there too” My dad said watching me lean down and grab the cloth and rinse it out then do as he asked.  
“Oh baby, that’s the way” Dad hissed as I looked up watching him shut his eyes and rest his head back on the wall.  
“oh your so gentle, that is really good” he moaned as I rubbed under his fat purple head gently then watching his hand slip down to his cock and rest beside his balls.

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“Now try and dry it” he hissed opening his eyes watching me turn away and place the cloth in the basin then grab the towel from the floor.  
As I turned around I sat watching his hand slowly work his hard cock gently.  
Wrapping my hand around his, dad pulled his hand away as I picked up where he left off continuing to stroke him gently as I dapped his cock with the edge of the towel.  
“Oh darling, that is really nice, thanx” he groaned as I finished drying him then continued to stroke his hard cock.  
By now my pussy was like a river, feeling a spasm ever few seconds as my mind flashed pictures of me bending forward and placing my mouth over his cock then trying to suck him gently.  
I looked up at dad for a brief second as our eyes caught through the lust filled air.  
“Lucy are you enjoying doing that” dad asked watching me nod and continue to pump his hard cock.  
“Can I check for myself” dad hissed, I knew what he meant and wanted it so badly.  
Letting go of his cock, I turned and kneeled on the bed watching my dad’s hand wander up my skirt then brush against my white panties.  
“Oh yeah, you are enjoying that” he groaned pushing my panties to the side then stabbing a finger into my pussy.  
“Oh dad” I moaned delighted at the feeling of his finger wriggle inside me.
    “Will you let me have a taste of my little girl” Dad moaned as I watched his other hand wrap around his cock.  
    In a flash I was off the bed pulling off my panties as dad sat up then beckoned me to lie on the bed.  
    I sat on the edge of the bed then pulled my legs up as he slipped between my legs and started to stroke my wet lips gently.  
    “Oh yes daddy” I whimpered feeling his finger push through then find my hard clit.

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    “Ooooh daddy” I moaned as his finger seemed to work me perfectly then felt it be replaced by something much better.  
    “Oooh yes daddy do it” I groaned feeling him lap his tongue firmly against my clit, wriggling it over my clit then down to my pussy taking some of my juices then heading back to my clit again.  
    “Oooh daddy faster” I groaned feeling my orgasm start to build in my body, in an instant dad’s tongue seemed to go into overdrive as I thrashed about on the bed screaming with I groaned feeling my orgasm hit with unstoppable force as my pussy clamped hoping to feel a cock to squeeze.  
    “Oh baby, was that nice” dad groaned then dropping his tongue back to my pussy taking some more of my juices 
    All I could do was lie and gasp at the hot air, unable to move with delight.  
    “Baby, I need to fuck you, can i, please” dad groaned then grabbed my hips pulling me down to him as I watched him guide his eight inches of pleasure to my pussy.  
    A small nudge as my pussy walls relented allowing him to squeeze inside me.  
    “oh baby you are so tight” Dad groaned then continued to push more of his cock into me. I lay there watching him smile feeling him trying to penetrate my womb.  
    “Fuck dad, that’s big” I groaned feeling him finally come to rest against me then pull back and push in again.  
    “Come on Lucy, let me see your boobs” my dad groaned then started to pump evenly as my pussy started to lubricate again.  
    Grabbing at my top and bra, I pulled then up quickly then lay enjoying him pump gently inside me.  
    “Oh baby, you were needing this, weren’t you” my dad hissed watching me smile and nod.  
    “You know, mum goes to bingo twice a week, we should have our own fun too” Dad said watching me nod.  
    “I’ll teach you to suck my big cock, you would like that wouldn’t you” he said starting to increase the pace watching me nod.  
    “Oh yes daddy, I want to” I groaned feeling my pussy start regular gentle contractions.

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    “Just as long as you let me try and push it into your sweet little throat” Dad hissed as he started to slap himself against me harder.  

    “Oh daddy, yes daddy” I groaned watching the effect my answers were having.  
    “oh daddy” I groaned feeling my pussy contract then start the build up to another orgasm.  
    “Oh I want to fuck your tight little ass too” Dad groaned then started to pump for his life as I listened to his cock plunge into me.  
    “Oh daddy, I’m Cumming” I groaned feeling my pussy grip his large cock then send my orgasm bursting through my Dad groaned as I felt him shoot a burst of warm cum into my pussy followed by another then another.  
    “Oh yes” I groaned lying on the bed unable to believe the effect his large cock had just had on my body.  
    Dad stood thrusting into me for another 30 seconds then pulled his cock out and stood up then looked at me.  
    “Baby, I have to know” dad said standing holding his still hard cock.  
    “Just a little suck” he said watching me sit up then look at his glistening cock.  
    “Please baby just a quick suck” he hissed, pushing my head forward I dropped my mouth to his cock surprised that the taste wasn’t actually bad at all.  
    Within seconds dad had grabbed my blonde hair and was pumping my mouth.  
    “Oh fuck baby, your mouth is great” he moaned then stopped dead pulling away and smiling at me.  
    “I want to save that for another time” he grinned watching me nod.  
    Dad and I got dressed then headed downstairs, sitting talking about what we had just done.  
    I sat explaining that I didn’t care what anyone thought; I had to have that experience again then looked at him.

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    “Dad if you don’t have sex with me on Thursday when mum’s at bingo” I stopped and smiled. I’ll tell her everything” I added watching him smile.  
    “Don’t worry baby, I have every intention of keeping my girl satisfied in that department” he said with a grin then turned to the box and sat watching the sport.  

    I couldn't wait till Thursday.



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