Jim Finally Nails His Daughter


The added stress on his marriage was of no help either. It was a strain that would be felt for the rest of their marriage. Sex became erratic, then infrequent, then hardly at all. By the time Clair celebrated her 10th birthday, her parents were sleeping is separate beds. By her 12th, Jim had been involved with two unsuccessful affairs, the last of which had cost a very good job. Rachel, unknowing the circumstances of his dismissal, stood by him, lending moral support, if not physical, in spite of his increased drinking. Jim teetered on the brink of depression, as job after job slipped through his fingers to younger men. At 39, he was fit, though not muscular; a pleasant looking man who was not quite forgettable. Rachel took a job at the Downtown Drug Mart that helped pay the bills, but at 38 she was starting to round out. Mid-life weight gain took its toll on her figure, Jim barely noticed. Clair, on the other hand was blooming into a beauty, which Jim couldn't help but notice. At her 14th birthday party, she was the belle of the ball. 5`9 A little tall for her age, but filling out beautifully, with high pointy breasts, slim hips, and a cute curvy little ass that was starting to attract all kinds of appreciative stairs from the boys in the 8th grade. The Drug Mart job was fine in the winter and spring, while Clair was in school, but with June came summer break, leaving Clair home all day with her father. Rachel was up and gone early leaving Jim to prepare breakfast for Clair. She would sleep in, usually lounging down to the kitchen at 18 or even later dressed in an oversized tee-shirt and panties that always seemed to be exposing parts of her anatomy that Jim just couldn't help seeing.

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   The seeing was what was turning him on, but it was good old fashion morals that kept him from touching. He wasn't sure just when he started lusting after his 18 year old daughter's body, but Jim knew a good thing when he saw it, and wanted some. Two weeks into the summer, Clair slept later than usual. 'Up late watching MTV, more than like' Jim thought, as he cooked and ate his breakfast. He was lying back on the sofa browsing the Morning News want ads with what he called his pre-PM eye opener (a gin and tonic) when Clair padded down the stairs. Her long sandy hair tossed and piled on her shoulders, framing her high cheek bones, big baby blue eyes, and perfect smile. The tee-shirt she had on was old, and worn, giving Jim a clear outline of her bra less young breasts. The hem of the shirt lay just below the panty line obstructing the view of her firm young ass. She shuffled sleepily across the room, pecking Jim on the cheek with a bleary, "'Mornin' daddy," on her way to the kitchen. She refused Jim's offer to make her some eggs, leaving him in the living room as she continued through the big arch, and into the kitchen. "That's OK daddy, I'll just have some corn flakes. "Jim downed the drink. Pouring another, (gin with a little tonic) then lay back again trying to focus on his want ads. His eyes wandering to the delicious young thing pottering around in the kitchen. Thankfully the big arch allowed an almost unobstructed view of the kitchen.

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   Clair went to the refrigerator, and bent to get the milk, giving Jim a tantalizing, if brief, view of the white panties covering her sweet little ass. Jim eyed her with growing interest, looking away only when she stood and turned to go to the cabinet. As she stretched on her toes to reach the Box in the cupboard, Jim was again given a quick glance of her firm young behind. The show she was putting on was starting to get him going. . . that and the polishing off of the second pre-PM eye opener. As he poured number three, (gin with hardly any tonic) he saw her turn, and bend to pick up something she had dropped, giving her horny father an easy look down the front of her T-shirt. The fleshy mounds of her breasts, peaked with the most adorable nipples nearly staggered him, as he went back to the sofa, and took up his paper again. He felt a stirring that alarmed him. Adjusting the paper down to cover his lap, and hide the growing bulge in is pants, Jim pretended to read, watching his little girl make her breakfast, then sit at the kitchen table, side on to him, to eat it. God I can't believe I am being turned on by my own daughter, Jim thought, as he surveyed her long tan legs, and lean frame. He wondered what it would be like to suckle those pert little titty's, or lick her juicy young pussy. Having not seen her naked since she was 8, Jim wondered if she had pubic hair yet, then marveled how much fun it would be to find out. It was then and there he decided he would find out.

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   The question was, 'How?'Her breakfast eaten and cleaned up, Clair stood and stretched, treating her father to yet another tantalizing scene that had his already rock hard cock, throbbing with lust. "Going up for a shower," she chirped as she skipped across in front of him, on her way to the stairs. Jim watched with growing lust, as her firm young tits bounced, and the shirt flashed her panties. He followed the sound of her as she went to her room, then the bathroom, and started the shower. "Its now or never," he murmured under his breath, downing number four, rising and heading up stairs. He crept to the bathroom door, slowly checking the door knob. Unlocked! A lecherous grin crossed his lips as he opened the door a crack, and peered in. Clair was in the shower, but the curtain was open just enough for Jim to spy on his little girl. To his wonder, he noticed she wasn't so little any more. Her breasts, though not large, were full, and as he watched her soap and rinse them, wondering again what it would be like to taste them. Clair continued to soap her flat belly, the shower spray cascading the bubbles down to her furry mound. Jim gasped, as she slowly lathered lower, eventually soaping her soft downy pubic hair, then spreading her legs, slowly washing her pussy. Jim's cock raged for release watching her wash her sweet little twat. Throbbing to the point of pain, he couldn't stand it any longer. Undoing his jeans, and pulling down his zipper, he released his manhood, taking a firm grip, to begin stroking himself.

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   His strokes were long and slow, watching her linger on her pussy. His breath and stroke becoming a little faster, he was suddenly struck with how long she was spending soaping that one special area. He stopped for a moment, listening to hear her breathing, speeding up, and growing shallow, as she washed herself. With a shock he realized that she wasn't washing herself. He could see the soap in the holder. She was fingering herself. This turned him on even more. He wasn't sure if it was lust or four drinks that early in the day, but he decided to chance it. Silently easing the door open, he crept into the bathroom, slipping out of his jeans, and shirt. Clair, lost in her own fantasies didn't notice him until he slid himself into the shower with her. Her immediate reaction was to scream!"Daddy? What are you doing? "Grabbing her arm, to prevent her from running, Jim breathed, "I was watching you and saw how you were playing with yourself!"The look on her face told it all. A mixture of pain, fear and shame that would melt the coldest heart. Jim dragged her into his arms, and held her by her hair with one hand, pulling back so she was looking into his face. The other hand was on her hot young ass, holding her tight to his body, his cock trapped between them. He was smiling a vicious horny grin.

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  "You were being a bad girl, weren't you?"She sputtered, struggling for an answer as she tried to wriggle free of his grip. His hands held firm. The slippery tub made footing difficult, causing her to struggle as much for balance as freedom. Her vain attempts at escape only served to excite him more, her hard belly rubbing his swollen member, urging him on. "You were being a horny little slut, weren't you!" he leered. His voice was powerful and violent in the enclosed space. His gin laced breath, hot in her face. "Go on. . . say it!""I-I-I was being. . . " she trailed off, her struggles growing weaker. "Say it," he warned, pulling her hair, and giving her ripe young butt a fierce pinch.

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  She yelped in pain, then blurted out, "Yes! I was being a slut!""A horny little slut," he reminded with a steely glare. "Yes, yes!" she cried. "I was being a horny little slut! Please don’t hurt me! Go now Daddy please!"Jim's hand, gripping her ass tight, inching between her legs, sliding along her wet skin, between her butt cheeks, and stretching his fingers into her hot pussy. In spite of the shower water, he could feel the heat emanating from her teased sex organ. "My, my," he grinned, "you are a hot little thing, aren't you?" He groped her ass with his powerful grip. Trying to hold her, and finger her at the same time, his other hand maintaining its firm grip on her hair, he knew he was in control. She opened her mouth, but Jim prevented her uttering a sound, as he mashed his lips to hers, filling her mouth with his tongue, stifling any cries she might make. To his surprise, her tongue darted into his mouth, and her struggles weakened. She spread her legs, allowing him better access, as her arms wrapped around his neck. They stood, locked in their private embrace, the shower streaming on them. Their lips parted, and she looked him in the eyes. " Oh yes," she purred, turned on by the feel of his fingers, mingled with the taste of gin on his mouth. "I was being a horny little slut all right. I was being your horny little slut. "Jim couldn't believe his ears.

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   He pulled her lips to his and kissed her with all his might. Their tongues dancing the waltz of lust and passion. His hand had found its resting place, his finger buried in the hot wetness of her pussy. He slid his finger into her, eliciting a gasp as he reached her blockage. Realizing with pride, that his little girl was still a virgin. With wicked lust he realized that was about to change. "Well, lets see just how horny you are," he whispered into her mouth. With his hand full of hair, he pulled down, dragging her to her knees. "Get on your knees, baby. Get on your knees and show daddy just how hot you are. "Clair obeyed instantly, sinking slowly until all 8 inches of his rock hard cock was pointing at her nose. "My god," she breathed. "It's so big. ""Have you ever sucked cock, baby?" he asked with a savage glint in his eyes. "N-no"Jim buried both his hands in her hair, pulling her towards his massive erection.

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   "Well its time you learned. Open your mouth and lick it," he ordered. Again, without hesitation, she obeyed, opening her mouth, and letting her tongue make tentative contact with the big mushroom head before her. Her hand was quick to find her pussy, allowing her to play with herself while she licked her father's dick, her tongue probing his pee hole. The whole thing was such a turn on!"That's it, baby," Jim cooed holding her head rigid. "Lick it good. Run you tongue over my big hard cock"Clair was not going to waste this fantasy come true. She had been masturbating since she was 10, thinking of being taken by her father, and now here he was, with his rock hard business, oozing pre-cum, right in her face. He had her just where she wanted him. Smiling to herself, she let her tongue lap at his tool, while her fingers started slow deliberate strokes on her hot wet twat. "Open your mouth," Jim commanded, firming his grip on her hair, and guiding his cock into her oral cavity. "Now suck on it, baby. Ooooo yea. . .

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   suck it good. " Looking down, he reveled in the sight of his 18 year-old daughter going down on him. "That's it, baby. Suck daddy's cock good! Make me cum! Make me cum in your mouth!"Clair sucked in as much as she could, but that was barely half of it. She gagged as she tried to take it all. Her free hand gripping him, she pumped as she sucked and licked his head. Jim couldn't believe what a good cock sucker his little girl was. She was so hot that he wanted to cum right there. He tried to control himself, and hold back. Clair felt his resistance, and leaned into the task of sucking her fathers cock. She rubbed her tongue against it, as she forced it as far back as she could. Clamping it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth while her hand stroked and pumped. Jim moaned loudly, feeling his balls growing heavy with his lust, knowing he would soon have to let it go. Looking down at his daughter, as she forced his cock deeper into her sweet little mouth, Jim felt a lusty pride in his talented little cock sucking daughter. Past her face, he saw her heaving little tits, the tiny nipples long and hard.

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   He had a lot of self control when it came to sex, but enough was enough. Clair felt his cock throb, and his hands pulling her in, forcing his cock deep into her mouth. Her lips mashed into the hand that was pumping him, so she let him go. "That's it baby, let daddy fuck your mouth! Mmm, that feels so good. Oh GOD!"The gag reflex was ready to kick in, when he groaned loudly, humping his cock into the back her mouth. She felt a hot splash in her mouth, filling it with a salty bitter taste. Her instinct was to swallow. When she did, his swollen rod drove deep into her throat, cutting off her air. He pulsed again, and she swallowed another gob of his hot jism. "That's it baby!" he cried, "Swallow my cum. Swallow it all. " Jim was in heaven. Her throat was clamped on him like a vice, pumping every drop out of him. He gripped her head, forcing his cock deeper, shooting another hot spurt. Her nose was rubbing into his knot of pubic hair, his balls slapping her chin.


  Clair's throat was stretched painfully, causing her to grunt, and choke on his sperm. She wanted to breathe, but could not, caught instead by her father's lust, his pulsating cock shooting load after load of cum down her throat. She decided that all she could do was swallow and ride out the storm. Jim was lost. He had never felt anything so good. Tightening his grip for one last push, he forced his cock in with one last savage thrust, and shot the last of his seed down his daughter's throat, feeling her swallow in response. His breath blasted out with the release of his incestuous up passions. Clair had weathered the storm. Her throat felt sore, but uninjured as his cock started to shrink and pull out. She gasped in a breath, savoring the lingering taste of his cock, and its contents. She looked up at him, as he let the water wash over him, and gave his cock one last long lick. It twitched in her mouth, then she let it go. "Oh god, baby. That was so good!""You aren't done yet, daddy," she grinned up at him. Grabbing his cock, she turned off the water, and lead him from the tub.

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   Taking a towel, she dried every inch of his body, lingering at his crotch, rubbing and patting his cock dry. The friction of the towel, mixed with the sight of his daughter servicing him as he had never been served before, had Jim's cock pulsing again. Filling up, as his erection came back for more. When he was dry, she tossed him the towel, and ordered him to dry her body. Jim wasted no time, starting with her slender neck, and strong shoulders, working down to her chest, taking her perky little tits in his towel covered hands, and marveling at how firm they felt. When they were dry, and put his mouth to one, sucking it in, and tonguing the nipple. Next he toweled off her firm tummy, drawing a circle around her belly button. He sank to his knees, running the towel down one long shapely leg, and up the other. She turned to allow him access to her back, and butt, which he dried with shaky hands, noting just how perfect her little ass looked, when it was eye level. Then she bent forward, her legs slightly apart, and spread her cheeks, exposing her hot little pussy to his view. Jim's cock throbbed again, as he dried her pussy, and anus. Dropping the towel, he leaned in and ran his tongue along her pussy, poking the tip between her cunt lips, taking his first taste of her sweet virgin hole. She moaned her approval, leaning her hot twat into his probing tongue. "Ooo daddy," she moaned, savoring the feel of his darting tongue on her. "Eat my hot cunt.

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   Lick it. Yeah. . . that's it!"Jim explored her with his tongue, teasing her clit, then stroking to her entrance, and letting the tip slide into her. She moaned loudly as he slid further south, and lapped at her anus. "That's it, daddy. Lick my ass hole! Fuck my ass hole with your tongue. "Jim, never one to decline an invitation, slipped his tongue into her hot little hole causing her to squeal with delight. She wiggled and moaned, as he fed on her sex. His cock, now fully erect again, he knew it was time to do what he had been wanting to do all along. Abandoning his anal probing, he stood up, and pulled her into his arms, lifting her, and heading for the bedroom. She was so light in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, and cuddling into him. He took her to his room, and laid her on his bed. She stretched back, spreading her legs, and pushing her chest in the air, directing her pointy titties right at him.

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   Smiling down at her, he knelt between her legs. Bending down, burying his face in her muff, probing his tongue into her pussy. He spread her legs further apart, then pulled his shaking hands into her crotch, spreading her cunt lips, the tip of one finger toying with her clit, while teased her anus with the other. He bought his mouth to her, sucking her pussy, letting his tongue French kissing her twat, exploring her virginity. "Oh daddy," she moaned. "That feels so good!""Do you want daddy to make it feel better?" he asked, pulling his tongue out of her hot wet sex. "Do you want daddy to fuck you with his cock?""Yes daddy. I want you to fuck me with it. I want to feel your cock in me!"Jim moved in for the kill. The thought of screwing his little girl had his cock raging again. Hard and ready, he held it in position over her spread crotch. A drool of pre-cum tipped his massive hard on, which he rubbed into her. He watched as his cock head became wet and covered with her juices. Lifting her legs, spreading them more, he bought the head down to her hole, poised at her entrance. She lay back on the bed, her hands absently toying with her nipples, her father sliding his cock up and down her slit.

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   "Fuck me daddy. I want your cock. I want it now. "Jim leaned forward, slowly letting the massive head enter his little girl. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly, moving her hips up to meet his probing meat. Jim leaned in easy, letting the head go as far as the hymen, but no farther. Clair was moaning and gasping with the sensations he was providing. She humped her hips at him, but he held back, teasing. She was so hot, her steaming pussy screaming for relief, she pinched her nipples and begged him to fuck her. Jim smiled at the prospect of deflowering his own beautiful daughter, but needed to warn her, "This might hurt for a minute baby, but I promise, it will feel so good after. ""I don't care," she moaned loudly. "I want it! I want it so bad!""You want it?""Oh yes daddy. I want your cock!"Jim had never been so turned on. The vice tight feel of her cunt on his cock head, combined with her hip thrusts and the sight of her heaving tits, had his balls filling up again. "You want daddy to fuck you, baby?""Oh yes!" she breathed.

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  "Then say it," he ordered, pulling his cock back slightly. "Fuck me daddy. I want your cock!""Shout it!" he urged. She wreathed beneath him, her breath coming in short hot gasps. "FUCK ME!" she cried. Jim was almost there. He knew she was ready, all he wanted to do was drive her over the edge. He gave his hips a push, the pressure on her twat, becoming unbearable. "Scream it!" he shouted. As she opened her mouth to scream for him, he pushed, leaning his entire weight on her. She screamed, not words, but a mingle of pain and surprise, the savage howl of pure animal lust. He felt her maidenhead resist, then give way, as his cock plunged deep into her pussy, stretching and filling her with his manhood. He immediately began to hump, thrusting deep into her, giving no time to recover. Clair grunted, as he filled her. The pain was like nothing she had ever felt, but it was over ridden by her need to cum.

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   She was so hot, and wet, that she barely noticed the trickle of blood run down her ass, as her father pumped his long hard cock deep into her. The pain began to subside, replaced by the most incredible feeling. His cock diving deep into her. "Ooh God you're tight" Jim moaned as he rode his daughter's hot little cunt. "Fuck it," Clair grunted, pinned under her fathers thrusting body. "Fuck it real good, daddy. "Jim's hips were picking up the pace, humping his rock hard manhood in and out of his 18 year-old daughter's tight fuck hole. She pinched and kneaded her nipples, grunting and moaning as he filled her totally. Jim leaned forward, pushing all his weight on her, pinning her to the bed, driving his cock as deep as he could, his balls slapping her tender little ass. Her legs wrapped around him, she pulled him in, urging him deeper. He heard her breath quicken, and the muscles of her pussy start to contract with her first real orgasm. The thought of his daughter cumming on his cock was all he needed. Driving his cock home, he moaned loudly “ Ughhhhhaaaaaaaaahwwww” as the first shot of sperm filled her twat, showering her womb with his seed. She cried out in her ecstasy, pushing her hips against him, taking every inch, every drop, and loving the feeling it gave her. Her body wracked with pleasure as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her.

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   She felt her father drive her down on the bed, then felt his cock grow and throb, her belly becoming hot wet and full of his spunk. Jim lay his full weight on her, letting his cock empty into her pussy, his breath hot and ragged. His lust almost spent, he let his cock shoot one last spit, then he relaxed. Clair was totally spent. She had had orgasms before, on her fingers, but never anything like this. Never wanting his cock to leave her, she held him in with her legs, felt his member shrink again, spent of its passion. "Oh daddy. That was soooo cool!" she breathed. "Yes baby slut," he answered, breathlessly. "You are such a good fuck. ""Can we do it again?""Any time, baby, any time you want. "Jim knew he would enjoy fucking his daughter, and with Rachel gone for 18 hours every day, he knew it would be a long, hot summer!.



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Mimo, że any city of Poland może wydawać się niewinnym miejscem, to jednak odkryjesz, że sprawy wyglądają kompletnie inaczej, gdy już, odwiedzisz ogłoszenia sex katowice.Mogę obiecać Ci, że to miejsce aż ocieka pożądaniem i może zaoferować wiele sposobów spędzenia czasu dla absolutnie każdego kolesia pragnącego spełnić swoje najbardziej niegrzeczne pragnienia i zrealizować najbardziej wyuzdane plany. Na szczęście mamy ponętne modelki z całego globu , które pomogą we wprowadzeniu tych wszystkich niegrzecznych marzeń w rzeczywistość. Zapraszamy Cię do obejrzenia i sprawdzenia ich CV, aby wybrać najbardziej niegrzeczną i najbardziej wspaniałą kurwę czekającą specjalnie na Ciebie. Długie doświadczenie i wieloletnie sukcesy na rynku ogłoszeń towarzyskich zapewniają, że ogłoszenia sex katowice są w stanie zrealizować wszystkie preferencje. Dlatego też wyrusz na poszukiwanie niesamowitych robótek ręcznych, podniecającego seksu oralnego, imponujących panienek do towarzystwa, zapierających dech w piersiach sesji analnych, dzikiego seksu grupowego, BDSM i wiele więcej. Nie krępuj się i wybierz najbardziej dogodną metodę płatności i nie martw się o swoją prywatność lub bezpieczeństwo, ponieważ nasz zespół profesjonalistów dołożył wszelkich starań, aby zapewnić całkowite zabezpieczenia i komfort wszystkim użytkownikom oferty towarzyskie poznań. Nie bądź onieśmielony i pokaż niegrzeczną stronę swojej osobowości, a w zamian doświadczaj tej długo oczekiwanej i całkowicie niezapomnianej satysfakcji seksualnej wraz z gorącymi damami z
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