Jerking It, Then Mom


Topic: Momit was around 3:30 on a saturday afternoon.   my dad took my sisters to disneyland and i was home jerking it at the computer.   my mom was downstairs and i was feeling really naughty so i was looking at some really messed up shit.
i pulled up some forced sex vids and then some gay shit, and then i really wanted to watch some incest.   i pulled up a site and since im no good with computers i had to wank it to the incest previews.   i hate previews.  
anyway i was wanking it and i pulled out some hand lotion and rubbed it all over my 7 incher.   it was such a great wank.   i was so out of it that i didn't even hear my mom come in and she screamed and i jumped away hiding my cock.   she walked over to the computer and saw a son fucking his mom on the site.   she quickly apologized for not knocking and left.  
later that night i had avoided my mom the whole day.   later that night, i went downstairs in my gym shorts.   i decided to hop into the hot tub and just relax.   withing a few minutes my mom came out in a bikini and hopped in.   she said she was feeling a tub.

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it was very awkward.   i didn't know what to say and when i finally did she stopped me,
will, i just want you to know that what you were doing is very normal for a young man and that i dont judge you for watching porn.
thank? i said
but now.   as for what you were looking at.   i didnt know you had sexually thought about me.
well mom i. .
no its ok.   i was just surprised to see that.   i wont lie i have had sexual thoughts about you.
yeah.   see your father just is not the best in the bedroom, and ever since u started sleeping nude i have thought about you that way.   your penis is much much larger than your fathers u know.
oh. well thanks mom.

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    how do u know i sleep in he nude?
well i wont lie. i have crept into your room at night because i was very curious to know how big my baby boy was.
yes.   have you never snuck into my bedroom when i was sleeping?
no.   i am always afraid dad will wake up.
well i'll tell you what.   since dad and the girls are staying at disneyland tonight and tomorrow, you can sneak in for a peak.   i'll wear little for you.
and with that she got out of the tub and went to her room.   i couldnt believe what had just happened.   was my mom inviting me into her room to look at her naked?
as i got ready for bed all i could think about was my mom.   it was 10:00 and my mom was sleeping.   i decided that this would be my chance and that i might never get this opportunity again so i went into her room quietly and stood over her.   she was sleeping soundly and i decided i would pull up the sheets to see what she had on under there.
as i did she woke up and said,
i thought u werent coming.

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    like what you see?
she wasnt wearing a thing.
i thought i would learn from you.   and your right its much more comfortable.  
wow mom.   your breasts are so. . .
big? hot? sexy? u wanna feel them?
i reached down and rubbed her breasts and my hard on was killing me.   she noticed and said,
i want you to sleep in my bed tonight.   im lonely.
i climbed in the other side and slipped off my boxers.
slide your arms around me and cuddle with me.   thats what your dad used to do and i love it.
i slipped my arms around her and i was holding her breasts.   my cock was pushing on her back and she said,
this is really uncomfortable.

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    let me fix this.
she reached down and grabbed my cock and slowly adjusted.
      she slid my cock into her pussy and let out a large moan.   i couldnt believe what she had done.
    ahh much better.
    mom. . .
    oh man i havent had a cock this big in me since high school.   you wanna make this fun?
    ok.   then fuck me.   hard.   and talk dirty to me.
    i didnt wait to be asked again and immediatly started to fuck her.

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        i was fucking my mom! i couldnt believe it.   she moaned and screamed every time i shoved my cock into her wet pussy.   i grabbed her tits and then began rubbing her clit while i fucked her.
    OH my god. oh yeah.   fuck me will. fuck ur mom.
    oh mommy. ur pussy is so hot and tight.   oh god
    all of a sudden i felt a wave of liquid run over my cock.   my mom was squirting!  oh my god. that was amazing that i could make my mom do that.
    OH GOD!!! how did you do that?!?!?!?! OMG   
     oh god mom.   you are amazing. .

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      . . . . oh god. mom im gunna cum.
    cum in me. please. fucking cum in me.
    i had no condomn and i didnt want to get her pregnant.
    but mom. . .
    i know.   i want you to give me a baby.

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    i blew my load into her and groaned with pleasure.  
    oh my god will.   its soo warm. oh fuck
    we laid there and the next morning i woke up to my dick being sucked by her.   she sucked my cock and then made breakfast and she and i spent the whole day naked and having sex whenever we felt like it.   i slid my cock in her while she was doing the dishes.   i fucked her while we watched TV.   i even fucked her while she ate dinner.
    the next few day we didnt really have any chance to fuck since my dad and sisters were back.   but she came into my room one night and closed the door behind her.  
    sweetie, im sorry we havent been able to fuck but i have some news.   im pregnant.
    mom thats great.
    and its yours. i want to thank you for what you have given me and with that she slid down my gym shorts, lifted her night gown and sat on my cock and moaned as it went in her.

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        she kissed me and we made out and had sex right in my room with my dad and sisters across the hall.  
    all of a sudden the door openned and in walked my sister who gasped and said
    what are you two doin?!?!?!
    come here i'll show you, my mom said.