Jen's Trucking Trip with Uncle Jack Pt1


School finally let out, it was the end of March and I'd made it through to pick her up for her trip to go trucking with Uncle Jack. We were both so excited. After some discussion with Marty and Al, we decided that we didn't want Jen running around the truck stop by herself so she'd have to shower with me. I was nervous about this but after all she was only 12 now and it shouldn't be a problem. I mean she'd seen Al nude growing up. My fear was, the more we talked about it the more I was finding myself excited about the thought of showering together. "This couldn't be right" I told myself about the thoughts I was having. The thought of seeing Jen nude in the shower with me had made a sturring within my cock. When we got out to the truck we said all our goodbyes and loaded up and headed to the truck stop to get some fuel and then on to our first destination, Los Angeles, Ca. While we were at the truck stop I talked to Jen about showering together and she just laughed and said "Uncle Jack it's really no big deal, honest. " I reminded her that we'd be changing in the truck and in close quarters , also we'd be seeing each other possibly naked and she said "thats ok I understand its not like I haven't seen my dad or brother naked". We took off out of the truck stop and headed out to the interstate, "California here we come" I said to Jen excitedly. She said "this is going to be so much fun", I thought to myself, "looks like its me and Jen together . Becareful Jack ,keep the right head in the thinking mode". Well after about 30 miles Jen asked if she could sit on my lap and have me "help" her steer the big rig. I thought this would be fun for her so I said "sure come on over here" and she climbed into my lap wiggling her cute ass right on top of my currently limp cock.

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   All of a sudden it started to happen, my cock began to grow harder and harder as the truck bounced up and down and as she moved her ass on it . I thought "Oh my God she must feel it. She's got to feel it. It's so damn hard. I've got to get her off my lap before I cum in my pants right here". "Jen" I said, "how about we take a break?" "ok" she said moving off my lap. I tried to rearrange my cock and get comfortable without bringing attention to my problem and she just looked at me and said "that was fun Uncle Jack" with a big smile on her face looking straight into my lap. "Shit "I thought to myself ,"she felt my cock against her ass". After about 2 hours she got tired and said she was going to bed and I said "ok don't forget to change into your pj's". She just looked at me and said "I didn't bring any, can I borrow one of your t-shirts?" I just looked at her and said "sure". My truck is what they call a "Condo". It is open from front to back with curtains in between the driver section and the sleeper section. It is 7' high with a microwave, tv, dvd , vhs player and refridgerator. I'd bought a port-a -potty for Jen so if she needed to go somewhere out in the middle of nowhere she'd be able to go. Lets face it a guy can go anywhere but not a young girl.

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   Jen didn't close the curtains, she just took her shirt and pants off and started looking for a t-shirt. I turned around quickly to see what she was doing and just saw the most sweet, sexy almost completely naked girl I'd ever seen and instantly got hard. She finally found a t and stood right next to me putting it on. I thought I was going to die. Here she stood with her puffy little breasts staring me in the face and I'm trying to stay calm, cool and collected. Then after she'd put the t on she leaned down and said "thanks Uncle Jack for taking me with you". She then put her arms around my neck and kissed me and as the truck rocked, she put her right hand on my leg to steady herself, only my hardening cock was there also. She didnt say anything but I liked to died. She just smiled and said " I love you Uncle Jack". I told her that I loved her too and off to bed she went. I had at times jerked off going down the road at night when no one could see me. After a little bit I looked back and Jen was sound asleep. I pulled my cock out and I jacked off to find relief. I came long and hard with loads of cum shooting into the paper towel that I'd made sure was close by. Just to make sure I didnt get anything all over the dash or myself.

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   A little while later I heard some noise coming from the back and I thought maybe she was having a bad dream or something. I looked in the sleeper and "oh my God " it looked like she was rubbing her pussy through her panties. I stopped at the rest area so I could go back and see what was going on. Sure enough she was rubbing her pussy with her fingers. Her hand was in her panties and she was masturbating but she was alseep. It made me so hard but I thought "my God Jack, she's only 12" but the cock head won out over the brain and I pulled out my cock and stood there stroking my cock hoping to God that she didn't wake up while I had my cock out standing in front of her jacking off. She came hard and never woke up, just rolled over and I could feel my cock hardening and my balls tightening and quickly took a sock off and put it over my cock. My cum shot over and over harder than it had in a long time into my sock. It was all I could do not to scream in ecstacy. "My God" I thought "this is going to be a long month". Please be constructive in helping me as this is my first attempt at this and I will contiue with my husbands summer trip with his greatniece. thanks Lisa.