Jenny Part 4


"Okay, your turn now," Jenny said, snuggling right up next to Shauna and looking at John. Taking a deep breath, John dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, his cock standing out in front of him already hard from the excitement of seeing Shauna naked in front of him, her dark complection such a contrast to Jenny. Slowly John reached down and grasped his cock, squeezing it in his fist, and then began to slowly pump it. "No, stand right here in front of us," Jenny said. "We want to see it up close. "So John moved forward until his legs hit the end of the bed and his cock was sticking out in front of their faces, not two or three inches away. Shauna\'s eyes were wide open as she stared at John\'s cock standing erect right in front of her face. She looked at Jenny and Jenny smiled at her, looking from the cock back to her eyes. Then Shauna too smiled and stared at John\'s cock as he again began to slowly masturbate in front of them. John watched Shauna\'s face as he began to masturbate. He saw her eyes wide open and also that her mouth was hanging open as she watched him. Looking at his sister, he saw that she had one hand between her legs busy in her pussy as she watched him masturbate in front of them. He watched as she constantly licked her lips, wondering if she would dare to suck his cock for him now, in front of Shauna. The thought made him even more excited and he felt his balls beginning to churn in that old familiar feeling. Jenny realized that John was about to cum and leaned forward even more, her face just an inch or so from the end of John\'s cock. Suddenly John\'s cock jerked in his hand and cum came streaming out the end of it, flying by both their faces.

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   Shauna\'s eyes and mouth both opened wide as John\'s cock began to spurt cum. Then suddenly John pointed his cock directly at Shauna\'s face and cum splashed across her face and into her mouth. Then he turned his hips slightly and pointed his cock into Jenny\'s face, splashing cum on her face and giving a couple of squirts into her open mouth. Shauna was gasping as John\'s cum splashed on her face, then she tasted the salty taste of him cum as it shot into her mouth. She instinctively shut her mouth, swallowing as she did so, tasting John\'s cum even as he was pointing his cock into Jenny\'s face. She was surprised when Jenny just sat there and let him cum in her face, opening her mouth to catch it. When John finally stopped cumming, he just stood there, letting his cock dangle, a glob of cum still on the end of it. Jenny reached over and hugged Shauna. Then she took her face in her hands and licked the cum that was splashed across it. "Oh, Shauna, that was so exciting, wasn\'t it?" Jenny asked, swallowing and licking her lips. "It sure surprised me," Shauna agreed, glancing at John\'s cock hanging there, then up to smile at him. "It was fun to watch. ""Did you like the taste of his cum?" Jenny asked. "It was okay," Shauna answered, slightly embarrassed. "Lick it off my face for me, okay?" Jenny asked Shauna, leaning forward.

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  "Sure, okay," Shauna said, hesitantly licking Jenny\'s face, tasting John\'s cum again as she swallowed it. "What about this?" John asked, holding up his cock, a big glob of cum still on the end of it. "You have it, Shauna," Jenny said. "What?" Shauna said. "Go ahead, lick it off," Jenny encouraged her. "Why not?""Well, somebody better or I\'m leaving," John said, his cock slowly growing in his hand. "Go on, Shauna," Jenny said, "do it. ""I can\'t," Shauna said, shaking her head. "Sure you can," John said, reaching out and putting his hand behind her head and pushing his cock into her face. Startled, Shauna\'s mouth opened just enough for John to push the head of his cock into her mouth. He held the back of her head and felt her tongue licking the head of his cock. Letting go and stepping back, John watched as Shauna blinked her eyes, licking her lips and swallowing. "What was it like?" Jenny asked excitedly. "It was nice," Shauna stammered in a surprised voice. "It\'s so soft and warm.

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   I didn\'t think it would be, so hard and all. ""Suck it some more," John said, pushing his cock back at her face. "Go ahead, Shauna," Jenny encouraged. "Do it. "Uncertainly Shauna opened her mouth and let John slide his cock into it. When she felt it filling her mouth, Shauna closed her mouth around his cock and sucked on it like a tootsie roll. Then John slowly began to slide his cock back and forth in her mouth, slowly and gently fucking her face. Shauna reached up with one hand and grasped his cock, squeezing it in her hand as she continued to suck on it. John loved it, watching his cock sliding in and out of Shauna\'s chocolate brown face, her hand wrapped around his cock. Her mouth was soft and warm and she was sucking him in a wonderful way. Gently pushing her backwards, John knelt on the bed, straddling her face, his cock still in her mouth, while her feet dangled onto the floor. As she continued to suck his cock, Jenny got on her knees on the floor and pushed Shauna\'s legs apart and lowered her face into her dark pussy, sliding her tongue into her and licking and sucking her pussy while John fucked her face. Immediately Shauna began to moan and writhe on the bed, trying both to get away from Jenny\'s tongue in her pussy and John\'s cock in her mouth. But she was impaled on the bed with John sitting on her chest, and Jenny was firmly holding her legs apart. Her head began to spin from all the sensations and then her pussy spasmed in orgasm, flooding Jenny\'s face.

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   At the same time Jenny reached up between John\'s legs and grasped his balls in her hand, gently squeezing them. When John felt this, he immediately began to cum, dumping his load into Shauna\'s mouth. Without even thinking, Shauna swallowed John\'s cum, her whole body electrified by Jenny\'s tongue in her pussy drinking up her orgasm. Then Jenny stopped and got to her feet, pussy juices smeared across her face, and John got off of Shauna\'s chest, sitting on the bed next to her. "Wow, that was really great," John said. "I really liked that. ""I can\'t believe this just happened," Shauna said, sitting up. "It was wonderful," John said, leaning forward and kissing her on the mouth. Jenny was beaming as she watched John and Shauna sucking faces, kissing each other. When their arms wrapped around one another and they fell onto the bed, Jenny stepped in, pulling them apart. "Now you go back to your own room," she said, a smile on her face. Reluctantly John got to his feet, pulling his shorts on, and left the room. Jenny immediately fell on Shauna, diving into her pussy again and throwing her own leg over her face, giving Shauna the access she needed to begin sucking her pussy. John watched the whole show from his closet, furiously pounding his cock and wishing her were in there with them. The next morning when John woke up he quickly checked the hole in the closet and was pleased to see that Jenny and Shauna were right where they had been the night before, their faces plastered to each other\'s pussies.

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   Silently he slipped out of his room and down the hall to Jenny\'s room, letting himself in. Jenny was on top of Shauna, her head towards the door and Shauna\'s face was buried between Jenny\'s thighs. Moving to the end of the bed, letting his cock out of his shorts, John stood there for just a second before Jenny noticed him, looking up from sucking Shauna\'s pussy and smiling at him, her fingers still busy rubbing Shauna\'s clit. Dropping to his knees, John leaned forward to fasten his mouth on Shauna\'s pussy as Jenny made room for him. Immediately he drank in her musky aroma, sluicing his tongue in and out of her hole. Shauna responded by increasing her attack on Jenny\'s pussy while Jenny just lay there, rubbing Shauna\'s clit while John sucked her pussy. Finally both Shauna and Jenny began to cum, their pussies flowing. When Jenny finished cumming and Shauna had sucked all of her juices from her pussy, she rolled off of Shauna, leaving John kneeling between her legs sucking her pussy. Shauna looked down startled when Jenny rolled off of her and yet still managed to suck her pussy. She almost jumped off the bed when she saw that it was John between her legs sucking her pussy. "What are you doing?" she demanded, sitting up and pulling away from John\'s insistent tongue. "Breakfast," John said, smacking his lips and smiling at her. "Delicious pussy. ""Let\'s suck his cock," Jenny said, staring at John\'s cock standing up in front of them. As Shauna watched in astonishment, Jenny reached out and grabbed John\'s cock, pulling him towards her.

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   Shauna sat up and watched in shock as Jenny engulfed her brother\'s cock in her mouth, sucking it deeply into her throat. "Come on, help me," Jenny implored, teasing the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Hesitating at first, Shauna moved to sit next to Jenny, leaning forward and licking John\'s cock at the same time as Jenny. Quickly they were both licking and sucking his cock, driving him crazy. By the time he was ready to cum, Jenny and Shauna were locked in a kiss with his cock between their mouths. As he began to cum, John could feel both of their tongues on the tip of his cock as they sought to eat his cum. He thought he would die as they both sucked the head of his cock, competing for his cum. Finally there was no more and John stepped back a step, watching as Shauna and Jenny continued to kiss, swirling their tongues around in each other\'s mouths. "I\'ll see you later," John mumbled, pulling his shorts up and letting himself out of the room, his knees weak. At breakfast both Jenny and Shauna were like two sixteen-year-old schoolgirls, giggling and talking animatedly about school, not acting like anything untowards had occurred between them the night before and this morning. John smiled as he thought of how things had worked out even better than he had anticipated. Not only had they made some money, but he had had his cock sucked and had gotten to suck Shauna\'s pussy too. Life was grand sometimes, he thought. That afternoon walking home from school with Jenny, John told her his idea to really make some money. He explained that he could either sell a show of Jenny and Shauna together, or he could sell Jenny\'s pussy, letting his friends suck her pussy and pay for the privilege.

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  "Why don\'t I sell a show of you masturbating or you sucking the pussies of my friends for money?" Jenny asked. "That\'s fine with me," John said. "I just thought it might be a little easier doing it the other way, that\'s all. ""We should try to do both," Jenny observed, "get the best of both worlds. ""Do you think Shauna would agree?" John asked. "Well, you might have to suck her pussy for her for free," Jenny laughed. "But I bet I can convince her for you. "That evening at dinner Jean and Jack announced that they had a surprise for John and Jenny. As they listened expectantly, they explained that they were going to take them with them during the summer when they went to the camp in the mountains they usually went to each year with their best friends. They explained that the last year more of the couples had brought their older children with them and that they had decided to bring John and Jenny this year. "That\'s great," John said, jumping up from the table. "We won\'t have to stay here and do nothing again. ""You\'re really going to take us with you?" Jenny asked, not believing it. "That\'s right," Jack said, beaming with pleasure. "Oh, Dad, that\'s just great," Jenny said, getting up and hugging him.

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   "When do we go?" John asked excitedly. "Well, school ends in a month, so I thought we\'d go about a week later. What do you say?" Jack asked. "Yes!" John said, jumping up in the air. As they walked to school, John and Jenny discussed how they could make as much money as possible before they went away. They both decided to see what they could sell to their closest friends and compare notes later. On the way home John told her that Harry and Tom had both expressed real interest in watching Jenny and Shauna together and that he had told them it would cost them $30 each. He said that he had offered her pussy to eat for $50 but that they had said it would be too much. Jenny reported that she was working on something, but as of yet nothing. They agreed that the next afternoon after school before their parents got home would be the best time. When they got home John was so excited that he pulled Jenny\'s panties down from under her skirt and bent her over a kitchen table, sticking his tongue into her pussy. When he had gotten her good and wet he stood up and pulled his cock out, plunging it into her from behind. Jenny groaned and squirmed on his cock as he thrust into her, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. When he announced that he was about to cum, Jenny spun around and sucked his cock into her mouth just as he began to cum. John groaned as Jenny sucked his spurting cock, slurping the juices from it as she gulped his cum down her throat.

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   They had just finished rearranging their clothes when they heard their mother arriving home. The next afternoon John hurried home with Harry and Tom in tow, trying to get there before Jenny and Shauna arrived. They hadn\'t been there ten minutes before they heard them arrive, and secreting themselves in the closet they watched from the hole as they entered the bedroom. Almost immediately they began to undress, touching each other and caressing until they were both standing there naked. Harry and Tom traded places almost every minute, watching as Jenny and Shauna fell on the bed in a 69, their faces buried between their legs. "This is amazing," Harry said as he watched from the hole, his cock in his hand, slowly stroking himself. "They\'re just sucking each other\'s pussies. ""You could be sucking their pussies," John said as Tom took his place at the hole to watch. "Right," Harry said, staring at John. "I suppose you guarantee it?""You give me $50, I guarantee you can suck my sister\'s pussy," John said. "If not, no pay. It\'s simple, isn\'t it?""What about the other one?" Tom asked from the hole, beating his cock in his fist as he watched. "The same," John said, not even sure if he could pull it off. "You pay $25 I\'ll let you watch her suck my cock. ""No way," Harry said, nudging Tom aside and taking his place again at the hole in the wall.

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  "I\'ll tell you what," John said. "I\'ll bet you $25 she\'ll suck my cock. And if I win the bet, you each pay up $50 to suck some pussy. What do you say?""I\'ll take that bet," Harry said. "And if you can\'t deliver the pussy just in case you get a blowjob, we win the whole bet, $75, okay?""Fine," John said. "Tomorrow afternoon, then?""Fine," Harry said as Tom got to his feet. "They\'re getting dressed now," he said. "They sucked each other until they came, I think. It was great. ""You want to get in on the bet, Tom?" John asked. "Sure I will," Tom said. "Either way it sounds okay to me. ""Great," John said. "I\'ll take care of everything. "That night after everyone had gone to sleep, John snuck down to Jenny\'s room and let himself in.


   Straddling her face and sliding his cock into her open and willing mouth, John explained to her the deal he had struck with Harry and Tom. Jenny laughed and almost choked around his cock when he explained how he planned to get away with everything. When he started describing how they would both suck her pussy for her, Jenny increased the frenzy with which she was sucking his cock. Dumping his balls into her mouth, John quietly went back to his own room. The next afternoon John was waiting again with Harry and Tom when Jenny arrived home with Shauna. Watching from the hole as they again undressed, John waited until they were beginning to suck each other before he told Harry and Tom to watch carefully and left the closet and went down to Jenny\'s room. Watching from the closet, Harry and Tom could see that John\'s cock was sticking straight out in front of him as he entered the room and moved over to the bed. They could see Jenny\'s ass and pussy sticking at them as Shauna sucked her from underneath. When John moved over to the bed, he nudged Jenny\'s ass aside and took her place, letting his cock fall into Shauna\'s open and surprised mouth. She quickly began to suck him with gusto, trying to draw even more of him into her mouth each time. The whole time Jenny was still sucking her pussy, slurping away at the juices that were flowing as John fucked her face. Seeing that her head was hanging back off the bed, John pulled his cock from her mouth and helped her up, turning her so that her feet were hanging off the bed and remounted her face, again letting her suck his cock into her throat. Looking back over his shoulder, John motioned towards the closet with his hand, waving them to come into the room. When they did slowly open the door to Jenny\'s bedroom, Jenny was behind the door waiting. Quietly pulling them in yet still hiding behind the door, Jenny quietly closed the door before leading them over to the bed.

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   Turning to look at them, she saw that they were staring at Shauna\'s pink pussy between her black legs and also at her. She felt her nipples tighten as she anticipated getting her pussy sucked. Pointing to Shauna\'s pussy and then to her own, Jenny made it clear that they should make a choice. Immediately Tom dropped to his knees in front of Shauna\'s pussy, lowering his face towards her and inhaling deeply, smelling her pussy. Then he stuck out his tongue and tentatively began to lick and explore her pussy. When Jenny saw that he was well occupied, she lay down on the bed on her back next to Shauna and pulled her own knees up and apart, opening her pussy to Harry. Instantly Harry was in her pussy, his tongue pushing into her as he began to lick and slurp at the juices pooling between her legs. Shauna had tried to squirm free when Jenny lay down on the bed next to her, realizing that whoever was eating her pussy was someone she didn\'t even know. Finding that it was futile to move, she resigned herself to the tongue between her legs and returned to sucking John\'s cock. Finally John felt his balls stirring and began to cum in Shauna\'s mouth as she continued to suck him. She sucked and sucked until there was no more cum and then John got off her chest. "You guys switch now," John said, watching as Harry and Tom sucked pussy. Shauna tried to sit up, uncomfortable with what was happening, but John soothed her, convincing her to just enjoy it, that he would make sure nothing happened to her. Reluctantly Shauna lay back and tried to enjoy Harry\'s tongue now in her pussy, sucking her. Jenny was mewling as she humped against Tom\'s face as he sucked her pussy.

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   Tom was lapping like a cat at her pussy as she came, slurping the juices that ran from her pussy. Finally Shauna too gasped and began to cum, Harry\'s mouth glued to her pussy as he drank her cum. When she had finished cumming, John quickly herded Harry and Tom out of the room, not letting them even say anything. "Oh, Shauna, wasn\'t that nice?" Jenny asked, snuggling up next to her on the bed. "Having those boys suck our pussies and never even having to meet them or say anything, just service. I like that. ""I didn\'t think of it that way," Shauna laughed. "I was totally freaked out at first. But there is nothing like a tongue between your legs to make you forget almost anything, is there?""Do you like sucking John\'s cock?" Jenny asked. "That I really like," Shauna said. "Do you think any of our friends would like to have their pussies sucked?" Jenny asked. "What do you mean?" Shauna asked. "Well, I\'ll bet John would suck all the pussies we could bring him. We could even charge money, make it a real game," Jenny explained.

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