Jenny Part 2


I\'ll think about it," Jenny agreed. "And no matter what you won\'t close your closet doors?" John asked. "Unless you bring your friends over here anymore without telling me," Jenny said. "Really? You mean it?" John asked. "Will you masturbate?" Jenny asked. "Okay," John agreed. "Okay then," Jenny said. "Go ahead, start. "Blushing, John let his pants slide to the floor, his cock springing out and standing erect in front of him. As Jenny watched in amusement, John began to stroke his cock, holding it in his fist, stroking it back and forth. Jenny leaned forward to watch, her face only about a foot from his cock. John could see her cheeks flush as he continued to stroke himself, a drop of pre-cum forming on the end of his cock, dribbling from the slit in the end. Jenny\'s mouth was hanging open as she watched his cock swell to its biggest size, John barely able to get his fist around it. Jenny\'s breathing was ragged as John continued, feeling his balls begin to vibrate as his level of excitement rose. Then groaning, John\'s balls exploded, cum shooting from the end of his cock, hitting Jenny right in the middle of her face. Jenny gasped as John\'s cock erupted, cum shooting into her face.

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   As she attempted to move back, the next spurt of cum landed right in her mouth. John gasped as he saw his cum splashing in his sister\'s face, shocked like she was. His cock kept on spurting cum, though by now Jenny had moved back out of range. John saw her swallow, gulping down the shot of cum that had landed in her open mouth, as his orgasm subsided until there was just a big glop of cum on the end of his cock. "Wow, I had no idea," Jenny said, still surprised by what had happened. "You mean you\'ve never seen a cock before?" John asked, wiping the last of the cum from his cock. "No," Jenny said, shaking her head. "I can\'t believe how far it shoots," she said, wiping her face. "I\'m sorry," John said. "I didn\'t mean to shoot in your face. ""It tastes sort of salty," Jenny said, staring at his now limp cock. "What do you taste like?" John asked. "I\'ve seen you lick that thing after it was inside of your pussy. ""A little different," Jenny said. "Not as thick.

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   Would you like to taste?""Huh? Well, yes, I would," John answered, flustered. "But how?"Smiling, Jenny moved back over to the bed and got her dildo, licking the end of it. "Do you want a taste?" she asked. "Sure," John said, his cock twitching as he watched her licking the end of the dildo. Undoing her bluejeans, Jenny pushed them down and stepped out of them. As usual she was naked underneath and now John could see her pussy much more clearly, being only about a foot or so from it now. Sitting back down, Jenny spread her legs and began rubbing the dildo in her pussy. John\'s eyes were bugging out of his head as he watched his sister rubbing the dildo back and forth in her pussy. He couldn\'t believe how erotic it was right up close, the contrast between the black dildo and her white pussy framed with red curls and the deep pink interior. Then Jenny pushed the dildo into her pussy about half way, twirling it around inside of herself as John watched with his mouth hanging open. Jenny smiled as she watched her brother react to her frigging herself with her dildo, sliding it in and out of her pussy in front of him. Then pulling it from her pussy, Jenny held it up to him, all glistening with her pussy juices. "Go ahead, lick it," she encouraged, holding in front of his face. Sticking out his tongue, John flicked the end of the dildo, tasting the juices there. It was sort of musky, he thought.

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   Then Jenny pushed the dildo at him again, right in his face. Sticking out his tongue again to lick it, Jenny pushed it against his mouth. John then found himself sucking the head of Jenny\'s dildo, tasting her pussy juices smeared all over it. Then Jenny pulled the dildo away, again pushing it into her pussy, then bringing it up to her own mouth, sucking it in, slurping all of her juices from it. "Did you like it?" she asked, staring at John. "Yes," he stammered. "It\'s sweet and musky at the same time. ""I like it too," Jenny admitted. "Sometimes I wish I could lick myself just to taste my pussy juices. ""Wow," John said. "Haven\'t you ever tasted yourself?" Jenny asked. "No, I haven\'t," John admitted. "You should," Jenny said, "just to know. ""Maybe," John said. "Tonight, after everyone\'s gone to bed," Jenny said, "I\'ll come to your room and you masturbate and taste yourself.

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  ""Why?" John asked. "What for?""For me," Jenny said. "If you do, I\'ll give you my answer. ""Okay," John said, "deal. ""You\'d better go now," Jenny said. "I have to finish my homework. "Blushing, John pulled his pants up, trying to stuff his raging cock back into them. Jenny giggled as he struggled, sitting there with her dildo in her hand. When John got to his room he looked through the hole and saw that Jenny had pulled her jeans back on and was studying. That night after they had all gone to bed and John noticed that Jenny had turned her lights off, he heard a light knocking at his door and then Jenny came in wearing a bathrobe. "Go ahead," she said without any preamble. Embarrassed, John stood there and began to masturbate, his cock standing out in front of him. Jenny sat on the edge of the bed and watched, his cock just inches from her face. When John groaned as he began to cum, Jenny told him to catch it all in his hand. Quickly John\'s hand filled with cum as his balls emptied themselves.

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   When he finished cumming his entire palm was covered with cum. "Wow, I love watching you cum," Jenny said. "It\'s neat when it comes squirting out the end. Now go ahead, taste it," she said. Bringing his hand to his face, John licked the palm of his hand, tasting his own cum as Jenny watched intently. "It\'s different than yours," he said. "How?" Jenny asked. "I don\'t know. Not as sweet maybe," John said. "Let me taste it," Jenny said. "Here," John said, holding out his hand. Holding his hand in hers, Jenny leaned forward and dragged her tongue across the palm of his hand, licking the cum there. Then she licked it again and again, not stopping until all of it was gone. "I like the taste of your cum," she said after swallowing all of it. "It tastes sweet to me.

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   Do you want to compare?" she asked. "Sure," John said. Pulling her robe open, John saw that she was naked. Reaching between her legs, Jenny pulled the big black dildo from her pussy, glistening with her juices. Holding it out to him, John took it from her and began to lick it, slurping her juices from it. Finally he just opened his mouth and sucked it in, sliding it out and getting the last of her juices. "That\'s much better," John declared. "I love the taste of your pussy juices. ""Let me taste you again," Jenny said. "Hold your cock for me. "As John grasped his cock in his hand and squeezed it, Jenny leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of it, gently sucking it and getting the last of his cum before sitting up. "Wow," John said, rolling his eyes. "That felt great. ""It tastes nice too," Jenny said. "Better than this thing," she said, holding up her dildo.

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  "Can I taste you without the dildo?" John asked shyly. "You mean like I just did?" Jenny asked. "Sure, go ahead," she said, leaning back on her elbows and spreading her knees, opening her pussy to him. Getting on his knees, John leaned forward and stuck his tongue into her pussy, tasting her. Jenny gasped as she felt his tongue in her pussy. Then she began to cum uncontrollably when John slid his tongue up into her hole. Her whole body trembled as she came, and John just slurped and slurped at the juices that flowed from her hole, drinking her up until she stopped cumming. Then he looked up at her, his face flushed and pussy juice smeared all over his face. "I can\'t believe how delicious your pussy is," John said. "It\'s like nectar of the gods, ambrosia. ""I can\'t believe I came like that," Jenny said. "I thought I was going to die. ""So, what\'s your answer?" John said, standing up. "I\'ll do it," Jenny said, "as long as it\'s only you the first time. Then we\'ll talk about it.

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  ""Oh, great," John said, grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her to her feet. "You won\'t be sorry, I promise you," he said, hugging her. "Maybe," Jenny said. "We\'ll see. I have to go to bed now," she said, gathering up her dildo and hiding it under her robe. "We\'ll talk tomorrow. ""Okay," John said. "Tomorrow. And thanks, Jenny. ""This is so crazy," she said. "But my pussy feels so nice and I\'m glad it\'s not such a secret anymore. ""We\'re going to make lots of money," John assured her. "And it\'ll be fun too. ""See you in the morning," Jenny said. "Good-night.

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  ""Good-night, Jenny," John said as the door closed behind her. Looking through the hole, John could see that Jenny put the dildo under her mattress before turning out the light. He smiled as he thought of the possibilities and of how much he had enjoyed sucking her pussy as he fell asleep. The next morning when John woke up he smiled as he remembered his talk with his sister the day before. He couldn\'t believe he was getting away with it. Quickly going to his closet, John put his eye to the hole. At first he was surprised when he couldn\'t see anything, then his eyes adjusted and he realized that he was seeing Jenny\'s dildo sliding in and out of her pussy right in front of the hole. John almost died as he watched the dildo moving in and out of his sister\'s pussy. He ached to stick his tongue back in her and taste her. Furiously pounding his cock, John masturbated in a frenzy and quickly came, cum splashing wildly against the closet wall. Then he saw Jenny\'s eye at the hole staring back at him. "Did you cum yet?" she asked. "Yes," John answered. "It was great. ""I\'m glad you liked it," Jenny said.

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   "See you at breakfast. "John groaned as he got to his feet. Life was sure great, but it sure got complicated sometimes. On the way to school John and Jenny discussed his plans for making money, as the idea had begun to intrigue Jenny. When she realized how much money they could make from one person once or twice a week and then multiplied it by four or five people, well, then there was some real money there. That evening at dinner Jenny announced that her friend Shauna was going to be spending the night the next night so that they could study together. Jean and Jack said they didn\'t mind and John tried not to show his excitement. After John had gone to bed, there had been no show, Jenny\'s light had been off, he lay there unable to sleep thinking about the next night. He couldn\'t wait to see Shauna with Jenny. Suddenly his door opened and Jenny slipped into his room. John sat up as she came over to his bed, wearing her bathrobe. "What do you want?" he asked. "Will you suck my pussy again for me?" Jenny asked. "I really like it when you did it yesterday. ""Are you sure?" John asked, not believing his luck.


  "I\'ll suck your cock for you if you do," Jenny said. "My dildo doesn\'t cum for me. ""Well, okay. Sure," John said. "Okay then," Jenny said, jumping on the bed and laying back, her robe opening as she raised and spread her knees. John almost died when he saw his sister\'s pussy spread before his eyes. Quickly he dove in, fastening his mouth to her and trying to suck the whole thing into his mouth. Jenny gasped as she felt John\'s mouth and tongue attach to her pussy. This was by far the greatest feeling she had ever had. John licked and sucked like crazy, unable to get enough of it. Jenny was squirming on the bed as his tongue flicked in and out of her hole, teasing her. Then she bit off a scream as he lightly grabbed her clit between his teeth. Her orgasm cascaded from her pussy, shaking her entire body. John quickly glued his mouth to her hole, drinking up her juices as they flowed from her. Jenny couldn\'t believe how wonderful a feeling it was as she came and came all over John\'s face.

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   Finally she stopped cumming and still John was licking and sucking her pussy like crazy. Jenny could take no more and had to reach down and hold his head as she struggled to sit up. "God, John, you\'ll kill me if you don\'t stop," Jenny said. "That was so great. I can\'t believe how it makes me cum. ""I love the taste of your pussy," John said. "It\'s so sweet. ""Let me suck your cock now," Jenny said. "You bet," John said, pulling his shorts off. "The only reason I have that thing is because I didn\'t have a real one," Jenny said, reaching out and grasping his cock. "Oh, this feels so much better," she said, gently squeezing it in her hand. "It\'s so soft and warm. "John just grunted as Jenny continued to rub and massage his cock in her hand. Then Jenny leaned forward and licked the end of his cock where a drop of pre-cum had formed. John groaned as he felt her tongue on the tip of his cock.

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   Then Jenny opened her mouth and slid her mouth down on his cock, not stopping until it pushed against the back of her throat. Then she closed her mouth around his cock and gently sucked. John could feel her tongue sliding around his cock, tasting him. Then Jenny slowly slid her mouth back off of John\'s cock, stopping only when her lips smacked together as the head of his cock slid from her mouth. "It sure does taste yummy," Jenny said, once more sucking his cock into her mouth. John just lay there watching her as she continued to suck his cock, sliding her mouth up and down on it as she sucked. The entire time Jenny was gently rolling his balls around in her hand. John quickly felt himself approaching orgasm. Jenny too felt his cock swell as his orgasm began and jets of cum began to spurt into her mouth. Gripping his cock even tighter and pumping it, Jenny sucked and swallowed all of the cum that filled her mouth, sucking long after John had finished cumming in an attempt to get the last of the cum from his cock. "I like that," Jenny said, smacking her lips. "It\'s fun and feels good and then it tastes good too. ""It feels unbelievable," John said, still gasping from the intensity of his orgasm. "Well, good-night," Jenny said, getting to her feet, bending over to kiss his cock once more. "Good-night, Jenny," John said.

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   "And thanks. I can\'t wait until tomorrow night. ""I don\'t know what will happen," Jenny said. "We\'ve only talked about it before. ""I\'m sure it\'ll be great," John said. John just lay there smiling as Jenny left his room. If he died and went to heaven right now, John would feel that he had experienced the best life had to offer, he thought as he remembered how delicious Jenny\'s pussy had tasted. And then the feeling of her warm mouth sucking on his cock, what a night. The next day John had trouble concentrating on anything at school, so distracted was he by the upcoming evening. He even blew off Harry and Tom when they tried to talk to him about seeing another show, telling them that he\'d talk to them about it later. When heard Jenny\'s voice and another coming to the door of the house that afternoon after school, John could barely contain himself. When they came in the house, John was surprised. He had never met Shauna and hadn\'t realized that she was black. He thought she was very pretty and became even more excited as he thought of the evening. Throughout dinner they all made fun, light conversation, talking about school and boys and grades and the upcoming summer break.

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   After dinner Jenny excused herself and Shauna so that they could go study. John soon retired to his room, quickly checking the hole in the closet. He was disappointed to see that they really were sitting on the bed studying. He continuously checked the hole in the closet, only to be equally disappointed each time. Then he heard his parents saying good-night to everyone as they went to bed. Again checking the hole, John saw that they were gathering up their books and putting them away. As he watched, he saw Jenny pull out a nightgown and Shauna got one out of her bag. Holding his breath, he watched as they both began to undress. He couldn\'t believe how beautiful Shauna was as she removed her clothes. It was hard to make out any details because of the dark color of her skin, but John was turned on by the contrast as they stood side by side, comparing bodies with each other. Then he saw Jenny reach under the mattress and pull out her dildo and show it to Shauna. He could see Shauna laughing as Jenny showed her the dildo. Then Jenny sat down on the edge of the bed and began to play with her pussy as Shauna watched. John could see her fingers busy between her legs, rubbing herself and sliding her fingers up inside a few times. Then Shauna sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

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   John could see a bright pink interior of her pussy as her legs spread and he could feel his cock bursting to get out of his shorts. John quickly stripped off his shorts and began to masturbate as he watched Shauna playing with her pussy. He watched as she lay back and began pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly. Then he watched as Jenny picked up the dildo and began to rub her pussy with it while Shauna continued to play with herself. As he watched, Jenny slid the dildo into her pussy and began to slide it in and out in time with Shauna\'s fingers in her own pussy. Then she pulled it out of her pussy and offered it to Shauna. When Shauna hesitated, Jenny reached out and rubbed the head of the dildo against Shauna\'s clit while her fingers continued to slide in and out of her hole. Then Shauna removed her fingers from her pussy and Jenny began to rub the dildo around the entrance to her hole. While Shauna leaned back on her elbows and watched, Jenny slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy. Shauna gasped as the dildo filled her, throwing her head back and closing her eyes as Jenny slowly began to slide it in and out of her pussy. Shauna was writhing on the bed now, her back arching as Jenny fucked her with the dildo. Then Shauna shuddered, reaching down and grasping Jenny\'s hand and stopping her, the dildo still pushed up into her pussy, as she came. When Shauna finished cumming, Jenny slowly pulled the dildo from her pussy, gleaming with juices. As John watched, she brought it to her mouth and licked the end of it. Then she opened her mouth and sucked the dildo in, slurping all of the juices from it as she pulled it back out.

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   Shauna sat up, looking at Jenny in astonishment. When Jenny shrugged, John saw her put the dildo back into her own pussy, then pull it out and lick it off. Shauna just shook her head in amazement. They talked some, then Shauna took the dildo and pushed it just a little bit into her pussy. Then she raised it to her mouth and licked the end of it, swirling her tongue around it. Then Jenny lifted one knee, spreading her pussy open, and Shauna reached forward and pushed the dildo into Jenny\'s pussy a bit, then pulled it out. Again she raised it to her mouth and licked the end of it, cleaning the juices from it. John could see that they were having an animated conversation at this point as he continued to stroke his cock. Then he saw Jenny reach out and rub her hand in Shauna\'s pussy. His eyes opened wide when he saw Shauna reach out and begin to rub Jenny\'s pussy at the same time. He watched as they rubbed each other\'s pussies, each of them getting more and more excited. John was furiously pounding his cock now, watching them play with each other. Then he watched as Jenny gently pushed Shauna onto her back with her other hand while she continued to play with her pussy. John watched in shock as Jenny got between Shauna\'s legs and lowered her face to her pussy. John could just make out her tongue as her face was shoved into Shauna\'s pussy.

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   Shauna was writhing on the bed, her hands entangled in Jenny\'s hair as Jenny continued to lick and suck Shauna\'s pussy. After several minutes Shauna sat up, pushing Jenny away from her pussy, her face bright and her eyes shining. .



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