Jennifer's Surprise: Chapter 6


Chapter 6
It had been days since Jennifer got her surprise from Tim, her husband. And what a lovely surprise it was. Jennifer had been called by her husband at work and told to get home as soon as she could, hinting that what was waiting for her was one of her sexual fantasies come true. As Jennifer finished work that day to the best of her abilities, all that went through her mind was what it could be, from the several fantasies she had admitted to having.
It turned out the be the one fantasy that Jennifer figured to be the least possible, and maybe because of that fact, also the most erotic to her. It was her own 19 year old son Mark that had been lying completely naked on her marital bed, and had been witnessing his mother naughtily strip teasing when she was still blind folded and still had no idea what was happening.
Normally, Jennifer would have been absolutely shocked at such a sight, and maybe fled from the house in a hysterical outcry. But in reality, she turned out to be hypnotized the moment she saw her own son lying there, completely naked and with a very juicy looking cock ready for action.
The moment she saw it, she knew her fantasy would indeed come true and she would have no will power to deny herself this treat.
They had sucked, licked and fucked that evening, for hours; and they had said very nasty things to each other. Sexual things; perverted things. They never let go of the fact that they were mother and son but they actually used that information to whip each other up to even higher levels of arousal. And all that while her husband, his father, was watching and jacking off.
The day after, and the day after that, Jennifer and Mark continued fucking each other silly.
They had fucked in missionary again, and they had also fucked in the doggie style position, in the cowgirl position (Jennifer riding on top facing Mark), the reverse cowgirl position (Jennifer riding on top facing his feet), and they had fucked in the spoon position. They had even fucked while standing, with Mark holding his mother up with his arms underneath her legs and Jennifer holding on to him around the neck like a monkey.

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   Tim had at one point stuffed his cock in Jennifer’s mouth as his son was again busy pounding her without mercy.
Today, Mark was yet again fucking Jennifer in doggie style, when a new proposition was made.
As his hips were smashing into his mother’s ass, and his rock hard cock was drilling into Jennifer’s buttery, dripping cunt like a piston, Mark heard his mother say the words.
“Please Mark. I want you to fuck my ass, baby. Please shove your cock up my butt. ”
Mark stopped pounding, and for a split second felt a yet not experienced level of perversity course through his body. Fuck his mother in the ass? Not in her cunt, but in her butt? How perverted would that be? Not to just have hot monkey sex with his own mom, but to actually stick his cock in that most intimate of holes. His mother wanted him there, to have him fuck her there.
He looked down at his mother, on hands and knees, sweating. He looked at the juicy, plump, round buttocks pressed against his hips and he looked between her cheeks, at the pucker of his mother’s ass. It winked at him.
The brown, wrinkled anus of his mother was winking at him as if inviting him to give it a try.
Suddenly he knew that he did not just want to fuck it; to stick his cock in it and screw his mother in the butt.
No, his increased interested in it told him he needed to know more about it.

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   He needed to feel it with his fingers, he needed to smell it, maybe even taste it. The idea of fusing his lips to his mother’s most intimate hole sent a thunderous shiver down his body, as if struck by 220 Volts of electricity.
“You want me to fuck your ass, mom?”
“You want me to stick my cock in that tight butt of yours and drill my fat dick in and out, just like I’ve been doing to your cunt?”
“Oh God, fuck yesss…”
“Your own son, mom. Are you saying you want your own son, your own flesh and blood, to fuck your asshole? To shove his meat up your shitter and pound it hard?”
“Baby, please…”
“Tell me, mom. Tell me if you’re saying that you want your OWN SON, your OWN FLESH AND BLOOD, to fuck your ASSHOLE. That you want your OWN SON to shove his fat dick up your shitter and pound it hard. ”
Jennifer understood what her son wanted from her; that he wanted her to express as succinct as possible in words what her feelings were. If she could express what she felt, how hot she felt, he wanted her to find the words to use to express it.
“Christ yes. I do. I want my own son to shove his juicy, fat fucking cock up my horny shit hole and to fuck his mother in the ass harder than he’s ever fucked anything before. ”
“Well mom, I don’t think you’re quite ready for it yet. Your asshole is not quite ready for such a relentless pounding, mom. What do you suppose I could do to prepare it for such a hard pounding; to make sure it will be able to handle it?”
“I don’t know what you mean, baby?”
“Oh, but I think you do, mom. I think if you just think about it for a second, you know what I could do to make sure your ass is ready, to make sure it won’t get…chafed, or something like that.

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   Something to make it slicker, more slippery. You know what that could be, don’t you mom?”
“Maybe…You could…”
“What, mom? I could what? What could I do? Tell me. ”
“Lick it…” Jennifer groaned and shivered as she said the words, knowing what they meant and how depraved it was.
“Lick what, mom? You’ll have to be more specific. What do you want me to lick to make your ass ready?”
“My asshole, Mark. Goddamn it. Yessss… I want you to lick my asshole and make it wet so you can slide your cock in it and fuck me hard. Stick your tongue up your whore-mother’s butt and make it slippery. ”
“If that’s what you think is best, mom. If you want your own son to stick his tongue up your ass then that’s what I’ll have to do. ”
Mark retreated and his cock came out of his mother’s cunt with an audible slurp, her red hot slit hanging open lewdly and a thick drop of pussy juice clinging to her clit, tickling it. Her asshole twitching in anticipation, Jennifer reached back with both hands while resting her upper body on her head and shoulders, and grabbed a meaty buttock in each hand, pulling them wide apart and stretching the humid crack of her ass. She panted into the pillow as she somehow ‘felt’ her son move into position. She felt it by the draft that his movements caused against her hyper sensitive snatch and the sudden appearance of his hot breath against her crotch area.
The notion of being so utterly, nastily exposed to her very own son, his face near her naked cunt and ass, made Jennifer’s slit quiver.

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   To have the odors of her two most intimate orifices available to her own offspring made her feel deliciously wanton. Her son could do anything he wanted to his own mother’s pussy and butt. He could touch them, smell them, taste them, and fuck them. As far as Jennifer was concerned, her pussy and ass belonged to him whenever they were having sex.
Again a shiver went through her sweating body at the thought of it. ‘Her cunt and ass belong to her own son to do with as he pleases,’ Jennifer thought over and over again and reveled in the perversity of it. Feeling Mark’s hot breath wash over her sensitive and worn out cunt and against the humid crack of her ass made her feel sexual beyond imagination.
‘Stick it in,’ was all that went through her mind at one point. ‘Stick your tongue up my butt. Stick your tongue up your mother’s butt. ’
But Mark was in no hurry. He was enjoying the moment for his own pleasure. He smelled his mother’s cunt, its rose shaped opening contracting and relaxing and a bead of juice clinging lazily to her pink, swollen clit. He smelled the funky, intoxicating odor of her ass. At the height of passion Mark always understood what dogs found appealing about sniffing ass.

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The wrinkled anus of his mother contracted and relaxed as her pussy opening did simultaneously. As it contracted it pulled the dark, soft skin around her anus to the middle and the sphincter muscles bulged into a pucker. Then it relaxed until the slightest of openings was visible, giving a hint of its pink inside.
Mark smelled and sniffed like a horny dog; he smelled his mother’s ass, breathing in the perverse scent of her butt and loving it. On the other end Jennifer bit her lower lip and grabbed hands full of pillow, knowing her son was smelling her down there, taking in the essence coming from her asshole.
She squeezed her sphincter deliberately, inviting him. Inviting him to do anything he wanted.
She could lay there and have her son smell her ass for hours, but she hoped he would start touching it soon. It didn’t matter to her at that point if he would start touching it with his finger, his tongue or his cock. As long as he would touch it, and make the itch go away; to make her feel hot and whorish for having her son make some kind of skin contact with that nasty hole.
It was right at that moment that Mark gave her what she craved, by firmly planting his wet tongue right on top of her bung. Her head snapped back in a sudden surge of lust as she first felt the wetness and softness of her son’s tongue pushing against her sensitive asshole. She clawed into her buttocks as she felt his warm facial cheeks pushing against her own hind cheeks, his hot breath coursing through the valley of her ass cleft, and his slick and slippery tongue circling around her anus. He tasted her now, Jennifer thought. He was actually tasting his own mother’s ass.

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   Jennifer sighed and bit into the pillow, pulling at it with her teeth, as she lost herself in passion with this new feeling and perversity. Her toes curled and her asshole snapped, trying to suck at the flat surface of her son’s tongue as it lathered out a layer of spit onto Jennifer’s pucker.
“Ohhhh…. Goddddd…” Jennifer cried hoarsely into the pillow. “Oh baby, that feels so fucking good. Lick my ass, oh fuck. ”
Jennifer pulled her knees further up underneath her, making her round butt stick out more. She bent her lower back, spread her legs underneath and ground her ass back and up as to open up her crotch area even more to her son, hoping he wouldn’t miss any spot.
Mark was now licking from bottom to top through her butt cleft as if licking an ice cream cone. Starting at her cunt, he dragged the flat of his tongue upward until he ended up near her tailbone, leaving a thick trail of spit in the odorous crack of her ass. Jennifer could feel a cold draft against the wetness between her butt cheeks whenever Mark would momentarily take his face from between her quivering globes. But then she again felt the hotness of his breath and the wet warmth of his tongue washing over her needy anus.
“Do you like it, mom? Do you like feeling your son’s tongue licking your hot juicy ass? Do you like to feel me licking the crack of your ass? Such a nasty woman you are, mom. Pushing your ass back into your son’s face, wanting to feel his tongue against your naked butt hole. ”
“Jesus, Mark.

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   You lick my fucking asshole so good. Please keep doing it. Keep licking your mother’s asshole. Taste it, baby. Taste mommy’s shit hole. Your tongue feels so fucking hot on my ass. ”
“Do you want me to fuck it, mom? With my tongue? Do you want me to fuck your asshole with my tongue, mom? Drill my tongue deep into your butt and fuck it hard and fast and deep?”
“Oh fuck, yesss. Fuck my butt with your mouth, baby. With your tongue. Stick that tongue deep in my asshole, honey. Tongue fuck my ass, baby. Please. ”
“Pull your ass wide apart, mom,” Mark ordered his mother. Jennifer did so, and her crack stretched out widely as did her anus which slightly opened up to expose the pink caverns inside.
Mark pointed his tongue and drilled it into his mother’s ass tunnel as deep as it would go, which was not very deep at this point, but deep enough to make Jennifer thrash on the bed as she felt her son’s tongue invade her bowels.

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   Accompanied with the squishing sounds of a spit-lubricated tongue forcing itself into a tight anus, Mark speared into his mother’s shit pipe again and again, somehow being able to dig deeper and deeper with each thrust, his saliva acting as a guiding lubricant. At one point the retreat of his tongue would come with the sounds of a small plop as the vacuum was broken, and his mother’s asshole would gape open and slowly close right until it was stretched out again by a new invasion of his tongue. Mark’s face forced itself tightly between Jennifer’s warm globes again and again, his nose pressed flatly against the humid crack of her ass, and his tongue would disappear deeper and deeper into his mother’s backdoor, which itself was helping by sucking his tongue deeper as it entered.
“Fuck my fucking asshole with your tongue, Mark,” Jennifer screamed. “Butt fuck me with your nasty tongue. Drill it in, baby. Drill it in deep. Eat my juicy fucking ass, honey. Eat out mommy’s nasty ass like a good boy. Oh fuckkkk…It’s going so deep. Rim me good, baby. Rim your mother good. Can you feel my ass sucking on it, Mark? Can you feel my butt sucking your tongue in?”
Jennifer was beside herself with wanton lust and was spewing the most perverse obscenities she could manage to come up with. The pillow was soaked were her mouth was biting and licking it, and soaking up the drool that was dripping from her mouth as she floundered in her own cesspool of incestuous depravity.
Mark pulled his tongue from her gaping anus and spat into it, the wad of white, foamy spit running into the pink caverns behind her opening.

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“You want my tongue in your ass, mom?” Mark asked mysteriously.
“Oh Mark, you know I do. Please stick it back in. ”
“Why don’t you work for it now, mom?” Mark said with a grin on his face.
“I’m gonna stick my tongue out, and you fuck it by humping my mouth with your ass. Fuck your own ass on my tongue, mom. ”
“Oh, you’re mean, Mark. But I don’t care. As long as you stick out your tongue as far as you can, I’ll fuck it. If you want I’ll hump your face like a real mother slut. ”
“I’m gonna stick my tongue out, mom. And if you want my tongue up your ass you better work that butt up against my face. ”
“I will,” Jennifer groaned lustfully. “I’ll fuck your face with my ass. Just stretch that tongue out as far as possible so I can feel it as deep as possible up my asshole.

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As husband and father Tim was jacking off and watching in a chair somewhere in the room where he was usually forgotten by his wife and son as they played out their nasty fantasies, the perverted spectacle became ever transgressive. How could you describe the action of a mother on hands and knees, and naked on her marital bed, moving her body back and forth as fast as she could to fuck her own butt hole on her very own son’s stationary, outstretched tongue? It was beyond merely the obscenity of a woman craving an ass rimming by working her own rump back and forth into a man’s face. It was also beyond the depravity of a mother having her shitter eaten out by her own son. It was a combination of both which is more than the sum of its parts. A mother, who craves to feel of her very own son’s tongue tunneling into her ass pucker so much that she moans as she moves her own ass into her son’s steady face just so she can get to feel that pointed tongue spearing into her wanting backdoor. A mother doing all the work to get her son’s tongue inside her bowels.
“Oh God, oh God…” Jennifer whined as she bumped her ass into her son’s face. Her plump butt cheeks loudly slapped into Mark’s cheeks and his spit laden tongue drilled into her tight ass tunnel as Jennifer forced her odorous crack against his mouth.
“Keep your tongue out, baby. Keep it out far so I can fuck my butt with it. I wanna feel your tongue inside my shit-box so deeply I can’t stand it. Can you feel my asshole squeeze your tongue, honey? Can you feel mommy’s ass envelop and squeeze around your tongue?”
Mark, having more than he could take, wrapped his arms around his mother’s thighs, pulled her ass as tightly into his face as he could, and used all the power his wet tongue could muster up to drill itself as deeply into his mother’s anal caverns as it would go. Jennifer humped and rotated her butt against her son’s face, and alternately squeezed and relaxed her sphincter muscles around his forcefully invading tongue. Muffled slurping sounds emanated from between Mark’s mouth and his mother’s invaded, sucking shit hole.
Mark’s tongue came from the gaping, slowly closing asshole with a slights plop and he told his mother to keep her ass stretched open, after which the 19 year old son spat a fat glob of warm spit onto his mother’s twitching anus.


With a lustful grimace on her face, Jennifer tightly grabbed a soft butt globe in each hand and stretched her crack and asshole wide open, waiting for what was to come.
And she knew what was to come when she when her son’s mushroom shaped cock knob pressing against the wrinkled rim of her asshole.
“OH FUCK, YEAH…” Jennifer screamed partially into her pillow, waiting for her son to invade her asshole with his fat cock.