Jennifer's Surprise: Chapter 4


Chapter 4
Mark’s balls may have been drained for now, but they were already stirring as he looked at his mother lying on the bed. She was looking right at him with her brown eyes through those librarian’s glasses. That mousy look gave her natural good looks something wildly erotic to him, aside from her body and position of course. Jennifer, mousy or not, was lying on the bed looking like a wanton slut, just the way she wanted to be, and with the people she wanted to be a slut with. Her son waiting for her, and her husband sitting in the chair whacking his meat. The mother of two supported her upper body on her elbows, her tits gleaming in the light, and her legs were spread and lifted, bent at the knees. Jennifer had a perverted “fuck your mother” look on her smiling face as she exposed her hairy cunt with it’s pink, sopping wet slit to her own son. “Don’t just look at it, as much as I like it. Come and taste it, honey. Stick your tongue in mother’s cunt and eat me out,” Jennifer oozed like an anticipative whore. Mark smelled his mother’s cunt from feet away. No surprise there since she’d been funking up the air where she went since she received that phone call this afternoon. But it was even more pungent now. He moved forward, and laid a warm hand on each of his mother’s inner thighs, pushing them apart even further. The movement caused Jennifer’s labia to spread simultaneously and her pink gash widened itself, leaking little streams of mommy cunt juice into the crack of her ass, and running over her pucker. The little pink clit stick its beautiful head, and the pubic hair directly around her slit was matted against her skin.

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   It looked so funky and tasty to Mark he could no longer control himself. He was going to taste the forbidden place of his own mother. Mark dove forward with his face, buried his face in her sticky crotch and rotated it into her dripping wet cunt. He wanted his mother’s juices everywhere; all over his face. Jennifer moaned and giggled at the same time as her son made his face wet with her fuck juice. He reveled in the smell and the feel of the warm sticky wetness on his face and then he licked everywhere. The taste of his mother’s juices attacked his taste buds as his tongue investigated the taste and feel of every place of her snatch. The bush of pubic hair, the clit, the thick outer lips, the labia, the pink slit, even her asshole. He wanted to taste it all and know what it felt like under his tongue. Jennifer curled her toes and bit her lower lip as she felt her son’s tongue on all her secret, forbidden places. Places that any “normal” mother would spent her life hiding from her children. She enjoyed it all. The enjoyed with his hot breath washing over her privates, his tongue and lips on her clit, dipping into her slit, and even her son’s tongue delving momentarily into her ass crack. It was so deliciously nasty and depraved and she loved every minute of it. “Oh shit, baby.

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   You make your mother feel so fucking hot. Lick it. Taste it. Lick and taste your mother’s hot wet cunt. ”Mark was tasting it from the moment his tongue had touched her crotch. He put his index fingers on her labia and spread her cunt wide open, exposing her pink gash more with its contracting pussy guts. It looked like a rose and Mark teased it with his tongue, then started dragging the flat of his tongue through her tasty gash, from asshole to clit, over and over again, slurping Jennifer’s waterfall of cuntal syrup out and going back for more. “Oh Fuck. Jesus Christ. That’s it, son. Lick my cunt. Lick your mother’s hot cunt. Lick my slit, taste my hot juices. Make me cum on your hot tongue. Make my pussy cum all over your face, baby.

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  ”Tim had left his chair and was now on his knees at the foot of the bed, where Jennifer’s head was resting. He was pawing at her fleshy tits and whispered nasty words into her ear. “Do you like my surprise, baby? Do you like that your son, our son, is eating you out?”“Fuck yeah,” Jennifer sighed in response. “I fucking love it. Its the best surprise you could have ever given me. Out of all the thing you could have surprised me with, you gave me this one. I love it. My son is between my legs and eating me out. Tasting my juices. Tasting his own mother’s cunt. He’s so good, Tim. His tongue is so good on my fuck slit. ”“Put your thighs on his shoulders, baby. Put your thighs on his shoulders and hump your cunt in his face. Fuck your son’s mouth with your twat, baby.

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   Feed him your fuck juices. ”Jennifer didn’t have to be told twice. She put her legs over his shoulders and locked them around his upper back. Then she started humping her son’s face, forcing her own drooling pussy tighter against his face, her slit tighter against his mouth and tongue. Tim from his position enjoyed the view. He saw two beautiful tits, and further away he saw a big brown bush of pubic hair and his son’s face behind it like a sun setting from the horizon. His nose buried in his mother’s triangle of fur. “Oh…. oh…. Fuck,” Jennifer whimpered as she continued fucking Mark’s face with her loins. She humped up at him, lifting her ass from the bed to do so, using her legs on his back as a platform. She rotated her pelvis, rotating her juicy cunt into Mark’s face as he dipped his tongue into her opening. “Oh yes, baby. Stick it in. Stick your tongue in my hole.

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   Tongue-fuck me baby. Tongue-fuck your mother’s cunt. Fuck my cunt with your fucking tongue. Stick it in all the way. ”Driven on by his mother’s increasingly lewd choice of words, Mark forced his tongue into her tight, sucking pussy opening. Her cunt muscles sucked and pulled on his tongue as he drove it deeper and deeper into her pussy guts with each thrust. He bobbed his head and mashed his mouth between her cunt lips time and again, until he couldn’t get his tongue inside any further. This way he fucked his mother in the cunt for a while as she continued humping her crotch at his bobbing head. It made for a really hot and somewhat violent pussy eating. As Mark’s tongue drew back he drew back strands of sticky pussy juices with it, which lowered between the two points of his tongue and her cunt like a thread of glue and then broke, before Mark thrust his tongue back into his mother’s snatch again. Within a matter of short time chin and neck were a sticky mess as were Jennifer’s ass cheeks and the mattress underneath.
    Mark then fused his mouth between her lips as hard and deep as he could and started slurping and sucking into her gash, sucking the fluids right out of her cunt. With muffled suction noises he feasted on the odorous beaver as Jennifer held her ass in the air and her crotched tightly squashed against his face. “Aaaahhhhhhh,” she squealed in passion as she was being savagely sucked out. “My clit, baby.

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       Suck my clit. I want to cum in your face. Please, baby. Suck my clit and make me cum in your mouth. Make your mother cum in your fucking mouth. ”Mark drew his mouth from her slit, his mouth, cheeks and chin completely wet with his mother’s fragrant juices. He looked into her glassed eyes and started lapping at her pink clit with the tip of his tongue as Jennifer’s lower body convulsed with each touch. “I will, mom,” Mark said as he looked her in the eye. “I’ll suck your clit and I’ll keep sucking it until you cum in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want you to cum harder than you’ve ever cum, right in my face, right in my mouth. ”“I will. I will. Just do it, baby. Just take my clit in your mouth and suck it.

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      ”Mark laid his lips over her little man-in-the-boat and started sucking it. He sucked on the little nub as inside his mouth his tongue kept toying with it. The tip of his tongue lapped at it, while his lips were sucking the clit hood inside his mouth. Then he let it go, before sucking it inside again. Time and time again. Sucking the clit hood inside and letting it wetly slip out again, while his tongue lapped at her clit. Mark slurped and licked and Jennifer’s body was shaking, her ass never touched the mattress again. She used the strength of her legs on her son’s back to keep her ass lifted and her cunt at his mouth and humped as he sucked. “Ohh shittttttt,” Jennifer growled from the back of her throat with an animal like voice. “Suck meeeeeeeee. I’m…. . I’m gonna cummmmm…. Mark…. Your mother….

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      I’m gonna cum right in your fucking mouth. I’m gonna cum, baby. *slurp* Aaaahh… Here I cuuuuummmmm. ”Jennifer’s body stiffened and her cunt bashed hard into her son’s mouth. He knew why. So he sucked her clit into his mouth and kept it there as he licked away at it inside his mouth. He felt his chin getting wetter and realized his mother was cumming, her juices forcefully running out of her gash and coating everything along the way. His chin got washed as did the crack of her ass, and her juices were streaming down her tightly squeezed butt cheeks, until they were dripping down to the mattress. Jennifer made a lot of noise, but nothing was coherent anymore, and she let go of her secretions for a while until finally her ass lowered and stickily rested on the bed again. She had her eyes closed and her arms around her husband’s neck as she panted. Meanwhile Mark licked the wetness of her juices from her gash as her loins spasm'd and the slit quivered around his tongue. He licked her juices from the cheeks of her ass and after he was done, he got on top of Jennifer and after she had opened her eyes and found herself staring into the eyes of her son, they kissed. They shared a passionate lip-locked tongue kiss to taste each other’s mouths, breathing into it and connected again in that place where a mother was not supposed to ever find her own son. And they knew they were far from done for the night. .

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      . .


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