Jennifer's Surprise: Chapter 3


Chapter 3
As Jennifer’s tongue circled and slithered around the head of her son’s cock, she kept eye contact with him, connecting with her offspring in a place forbidden, a place where the minds of mother and son meet, not in the form of mother-son love, but in the form of pure, depraved, incestuous lust. A place where the boundaries of family vaporize, where the walls of taboo are broken down by a mother who wants nothing more than to fuck her own son and a son who wants to fuck his own mother. A place where even her husband and his father, Tim couldn’t get to. Jennifer drew back her tongue inside her mouth, gathered a tongue-full of foamy saliva, and then licked around the head of her son’s cock again. The warm spit covered the purple head and ran in warm, sticky cascades down his shaft, until it gathered on the top of her hand. She then used it to smear her son’s entire cock with her drool, using it as lubrication as she continued pumping Mark as she kept licking and tasting his crown. Jennifer drew back her head slowly, with the only thing connecting her tongue with the head of her son’s cock being a thick, white string of spit and precum. Mark looked at it and his cock twitched in his mother’s hand. “Oh Christ, mom,” he groaned as his eyes rolled up and he laid his head down. “Mmmm… You like that, don’t you baby? You like it when mommy spits and drools all over your nice hard cock while she jerks you off,” Jennifer lisped. “I love it, mom. Your mouth feels so good on my dick. So wet and hot. You’ve got a wet and hot sucking mouth and I love it on my cock. ”“I know you do, Mark. How would you like it if I shove that nice, big juicy cock in my mouth and suck you ‘till you cum? Would you like that, SON?”Jennifer put emphasis on that last word for extra effect as she tried sexing him up with not only her hand and mouth, but with her words as well.

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  “I would fucking love it, mom. I would love it if you would stick my cock in your mouth and suck me. Please suck my cock, mom. Suck me until I cum in your dirty mouth. ”“Mmmmm… I love it when you talk like that baby. It makes your mom feel really dirty, just how she likes to feel right now. Tell me more. Look right into my eyes and talk dirty to me, honey,” Jennifer oozed as her sticky hand made squishy sounds pumping her son’s hard tool. “Oh mom. I want you to be a dirty slut for your son and stick my cock in your mouth. Shove my meat in your mouth and suck off your own son. Cover my dick in your saliva, mom. Jerk me off and suck my cock until I squirt your dirty mouth full of my jizz, and then you can drink your son’s cum like a real slut mother. Suck me until I empty my balls down your throat. ”“I’ll do it, baby.

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   I’m gonna suck you and make you empty your balls in my mouth and then I’ll drink it all down. Just like a good slut mother is supposed to do for her son. ”Jennifer shoved her son’s cock into her mouth like a woman starved, and after moving her hand down to squeeze around the base, making his cock seem even harder and larger, she started bobbing her head up and down his dick like a chicken crazed on caffeine. Loud slurping noises filled the room as she had her red lips tightly wrapped around his shaft and forced her mouth up and down, taking him to her throat and back until her lips were just around the ridge of the cockhead. As she slurped and sucked, she then also twisted her head from left to right, continuously corkscrewing her mouth over Mark’s cock. Mark drew his knees apart and further up, floundering on the bed under the administrations of his mother’s heated, sucking, slurping mouth. Jennifer used the opportunity to reached her other hand underneath his buttocks and rub her thumb over his anus. Shiny with bubbling spit, Mark’s cock disappeared over and over again into the hot, wet cavity of his mother’s mouth, plunging against her throat, coating her palate and tongue with his precum. In between she took her mouth off his cock, planted her lower lip underneath the ridge of the head, dug her upper lip in the small ridge of his piss hole and sucked tightly on half of his crown as her tongue fluttered against the purple head on the side. Then she resumed the rough, wet and loud pistoning of her mouth over his cock. Mark grabbed his mother’s head with both hands, digging the tips of his fingers into the bun of brown hair on the back of her head. He loved the noises and feeling of her mouth and his dick and the feel of her thumb massaging his asshole. The experience made him wild and he felt his cum leaving his balls in surges. “Mom, I’m going to cum. I can’t hold back any longer.

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   I have to shoot. ”“Hmmm… hmmm…,” Jennifer moaned around the hardening dick, letting her son know she was ready for it. As if stuck with a knife, Mark screamed out. His mother had stuck her thumb all the way up his ass in one plunge and Jennifer opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as far as possible as she jerked her son to orgasm. She fingered his butt and pumped his cock as long ropes of white cum blasted into her mouth and across her tongue. Cumming as he’d never come before, he offloaded the juice from his balls into his mother’s mouth. His own mother’s mouth. No matter how many times he told himself, it still seemed a dream. Jennifer on the other hand, even though she felt as if dreaming, reveled in feeling her son’s spunk splashing against her tongue, and feeling it blast with power against the roof of her mouth. She would never have imagined she would be taking her own son’s jizz into her mouth and having her thumb up his butt. She was going to have to thank her husband later by giving him the fuck of all fucks later tonight. But for now, she wanted to experience all of this. Tasting her son’s cum, and feeling it slide down her throat. After Mark had shot all of his cock-juice into his mother’s mouth, Jennifer gathered it inside her mouth, made it splash around inside and after enjoying the taste of his spunk, let the sticky juices slide down her throat. “Mmm….

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   Your cum tastes so fucking good, baby,” Jennifer told her son, after which she licked his softening cock clean, licking her sticky fingers clean and finally pulling her thumb from his ass. As Mark puffed, Jennifer looked her son over. Laying flat on his back, his legs spread out, his reddish cock still relatively large, but soft laying on top of his nutsack with it’s empty balls. “I’m sorry, mom”, Mark said surprisingly in between puffs. “Why are you sorry, Mark?”“That I came so soon. I couldn’t help it. You sucked me so good. And the fact that you’re my mother and I’d always fantasized about fucking you, I just couldn’t hold out. ”“Well, Mark, just because you emptied your balls doesn’t mean we’re done by a long shot. As a matter of fact, I pretty sure you still have an appetite and that’s good for me. ”Mark got up a bit, leaning on his elbows. “What do you mean?”Jennifer moved her body around, so she was lying on her back. She spread her stocking clad legs wide and up, bent at the knees. She reached her arms down, making the tits squash against each other and the nipples bulge. Her hands down, her fingers moved through her thick brown bush, until with the tips of her fingers, she spread her labia wide open, and she showed a tasty looking, pink, juicy gash to her son.

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   And underneath her wrinkled, brown asshole was twitching. “I know what your cock tastes like and you came in my mouth,” Jennifer told her son with a smile on her face and she rubbed her fingers up and down her crotch. “Now its time for you to know what mommy’s cunt tastes like and for me to cum in your mouth. ”“That’s why I told you your appetite is good for me, baby. Come over her and eat me out. ”“Come and eat mommy’s cunt, baby. ”