Jennifer Surprise: Chapter 1


Chapter 1
Jennifer Smith couldn't wait to get home. The assistant sales-director got a phone call from her husband Tim during the day and she'd been feeling giddy ever since. It was a long working day, but Tim's phone call really made her feel better. She loved her husband very much, but in the last couple of years they've had their problems. Without either of them knowing it, they were both feeling dissatisfied with their sex-life, until at one point they had an argument which almost prompted a break-up, and they found out they had both been having the same problem. But ever since that moment they had been happy as can be, giving each other exactly what they unknowingly to their spouse had been craving all along. Taking their sexual frustration out on each other, in the most positive ways. They had two kids, a 19 year old son and a 21 year old daughter. Both of them had been out of the house recently, so with no one but each other around, they had to admit their marriage troubles, but thankfully it had worked out great. They were again having sex as if they just got married. Their marriage seemed renewed and they started telling each other a number of their sexual fantasies, something which they didn't even do in the beginning, when the sex itself was enough. As if they were getting to know each other all over again, they had been experimenting. And whereas they both became workaholics, now they both couldn't wait to get home again. So when Jennifer got a call from her husband at 2:32 pm, he told her he had a major surprise for her when she got home, something she would never believe was possible. He had let her on that it was something sexual, and this prompted Jennifer to start thinking about all the things she had been telling Tim lately, all the fantasies she'd had. All of them pretty wild and the kind of things that were not really doable.

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   Did Tim manage to get something worked out to fulfill one of these fantasies? The thought of what it could be had Jennifer creaming in her panties. She tried controlling herself as she was wearing a skirt and the odors of hot, wet cunt would not exactly go unnoticed. At least it was already getting late in the afternoon and Jennifer managed to confine herself to her office pretending to be really busy and telling her co-workers she couldn't be disturbed. God, she had to open a window, as the fragrance of her pussy was filling the office and aside from that, she felt the panties were soaked and she could feel the moistness of the material against her butt cheeks that were squashed flat under her weight as she sat on her chair. Having managed to hold out until 4:45 pm, she finished up in the office and got out. She wished everybody she came across a good day as she hurried to the exit, worried some of them might pick up the scent of a horny woman. She got in her car in the parking garage and drove home. Having finally come home, she closed the front door behind her and called out. "Tim??? Are you here???"A voice from above answered. "I'll be right down, Jenny. "With a move unbecoming a lady, Jennifer reached under her skirt and pulled the wet panties from her crotch and out of the crack of her ass. Whatever it was that Tim wanted to surprise her with, it better be soon as she wanted out of these nasty clothes and she really needed to be pounded hard. She'd been gushing for hours now and it had been more than enough. Tim came walking down the stairs with a grin on his face. He was so glad things were better between him and his wife.

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   He looked her over as she was standing in the hallway and realized he would have been an idiot of humongous proportions had he let her walk out of their marriage. Her perfect shaped body, despite being 39 years old, dressed in a business-woman's outfit. A Grey jacket with white blouse, a grey skirt, wearing light brown stockings underneath and black heels. Her brown hair in a knot with a few long strands hanging loose along her temples in front of her ears. And wearing those librarian type glasses. She was noticeably shifting on her feet. "Hi baby. How was work?""Oh fuck work, Tim. Tell me. What's my surprise?" Jennifer semi-demanded impatiently, again thinking quickly what it could be. Could it be the food games, could it be he asked two of his black friends to give his wife a good hard fucking, or maybe he planned on filming her as she masturbated and posting it on some internet site. What else could it be, some of those other fantasies were pretty much impossible. "Patience, patience, my dear," Tim said. "First I want you to do something for me. ""What is it?" Jennifer asked.

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   "Before I show you your surprise, I want you to put this on. "Tim reached inside his pockets and pulled out a black piece of cloth. "I want you to be blindfolded so the surprise will be saved until the very last moment. ""Oh come on, Tim. Don't do this to me. ""Sorry babe. No blindfold no surprise. I don't want you finding out what it is when you can still back out. I took a big chance getting this thing done for you and I want you to commit yourself. After all, you told me one night about this particular fantasy and I managed to make it a reality. I can't have you seeing what it is before hand and wimping out on me. So you'll have to put these on and do exactly as I say. "Jennifer begrudgingly agreed, knowing Tim would never do anything to hurt her in any way, so she put the blindfold on. "What now?" Jennifer asked as she stood blinded in the hallway. "Now you come upstairs with me and we'll take it from there.

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  "Tim took her by the hand and guided his wife up the stairs and into their bedroom. "Okay baby, we're here. Remember you have to do exactly as I tell you or it won't work. Do you understand?""Yes, I understand," Jennifer said with short breath, not knowing what or who was in the room with them. She had never been so self-aware yet aroused at the same time. She was pretty sure that if their were someone in the room with them, he, she or they would be able to smell her secretions. And that thought alone made her "secrete" even more profusely. "Honey," Tim said as he stood somewhere a few yards away, "why don't you slowly take of your jacket and blouse. "Without speaking, Jennifer unbuttoned her grey jacket until it came loose and she took them off, letting them drop. She now stood in her blouse. Her breasts seemed larger than life while her chest was heaving and her heart was pounding. No bra could hide the stiffness of her nipples right now, and it couldn't. Jennifer grabbed her blouse in her fingers, and slowly and carefully pulled it out of her skirt. She then slowly unbuttoned the blouse from bottom to top as nothing could be heard in the room but her heavy breathing. The last button was undone and the clothing hung loose.

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   The midsection of her white bra was visible as well as the tasty cleavage it caused. "Mmmm. . . That's great, hon," Tim spoke. "Just take the blouse of so I can see your beautiful tits while you're still wearing your bra. "Jennifer slid off her blouse and let it drop as the jacket before it. She now stood with her skirt, her stockings, her panties, her heels and her bra. Nipples almost bursting through the material. "By God, just look at those magnificent tits," Jennifer heard Tim say. Was he talking to himself, or to someone else?"They look so goddamn succulent. So supple. Nipples like pacifiers. "It was silent for just a moment, and then Tim spoke to her again. "Baby, Why don't you take off that skirt, and kick off those heels while you're at it.

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   No reason to be uncomfortable now. "Jennifer stepped out of her heels one by one, shoved them out of the way with her stocking-clad feet and then undid her skirt slowly. Her panties were so drenched by now they felt like a second, sticky, moist skin. And then the skirt dropped at her feet. She knew now that if there was a person or persons present beside her husband, they could now see her in her lingerie. She was now standing blindfolded, in her bra, her soaking panties, a garter belt, and a pair of nylons. No doubt the panties were so wet they must be almost see-through, clinging to her crotch, the slit must be pretty much outlined by the wet material. The mere thought of being exposed like this to a possible third person, a stranger, was having an even more arousing effect on her. If there was somebody, that somebody could not only smell her sex, but see her so intimately, and even more intimately in a few moment. "Just look at that," Jennifer heard her husband say. "Look at that body. Those tits, those legs, just look at that crotch. Those panties are so wet you can clearly see her pubic lips, those fat lips. Turn around, honey. Let me see your ass, your panty-clad ass.

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  "Jennifer turned around slowly, still not knowing what the hell was going to happen. "What a fucking hot ass, babe. The way those moist panties are clinging to your succulent ass cheeks. The way that material is partially pulled up in the crack of your ass. Those panties when you take them off would be a delicacy in themselves. ""Take off your bra now, honey. Let me see those gorgeous tits of yours. Those hard, fat fucking nipples. "Driven to greater lust by her husbands dirty language, Jennifer unclasped her bra, and dropped it, and felt her full breasts fall free, jiggling as they hung loose in their natural position, her nipples feeling as if they would pop off and shoot away. She decided to become a little pro-active, and responded. "Is that alright, baby? Can you get a good look at my hot tits now, hon? Do you see how hard and stiff my nipples are for you?""Oh fuck yes, baby. I can see alright. Just seeing them almost makes me go blind. ""You know, Jenny baby. Only one more to go.

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   You know what, don't you?""Yes, I do," Jennifer groaned, trembling on her feet, waiting in anticipation for the revelation of her surprise. "My panties. ""You're right, Jenny. Your panties. Your dripping wet panties. Take them off, honey. Peel them off your sticky pussy and show me your cunt. Show me what smells so good, baby. Drag that sodden thing down your legs and show me that nice juicy beaver. ""You want me to show it to you, baby?" Jennifer responded. "You want me to get rid of these wet panties and show you my cunt? I can't wait to show it to you. "Jennifer inserted her thumbs into the sides of the waistband, and slowly pushed it down her hips. The crotch stuck to hers until the very last minute, until they finally let loose and the weight of the drenched things made it fall down quicker than it normally would. She stepped out of them and now stood completely naked -bar the stockings- in front of her husband, and who else might be there. Her perfectly shaped tits hung with their nipples pointing straight forward.

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   And her fur-covered snatch, odorous, and tasty looking, was drooling along her inner thighs. "Just look at that fucking cunt," Tim spoke. "That juicy, dripping pussy. It looks so tasty, so eatable, so succulent. It looks like you could just dive in and suck for hours and still there would be plenty left. ""Okay, Jenny. I think its time. I think you can take your blindfold off now and see your surprise. I hope you like it as much as I think you do. You sure told me that time how much you wanted it. Take off that blindfold and see what it is. "Jennifer took of the blindfold, and the light were taking away her sight momentarily. She pinched her eyes, making them adjust until she could see normally again. Then she found her surprise. There was a guy lying on her bed, and it was not her husband.

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   The guy was stark naked, and he was lying on the bed in the kind of pose that Jennifer had confessed to her husband was the one that turned her on the most. The naked man was lying back, leaning on his elbows, his legs spread wide. His balls hung low in the hairy sack, hanging down between his thighs. His thick, powerful looking cock sticking straight up, its purple crown looking wide and fierce and glowing with pre-cum in the light. A full, thick bush of pubic hair at the base, hair that was growing abundantly. Jennifer looked up at his face as in some kind of distant reality she felt little streams of her juices rolling down her inner thighs. The naked man had a grin on his face. And then the naked man spoke:"Hi mom. "



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