Jays Spring Break


It was spring break and all of my friends had gone on vacations with their families, except mine. I had nothing to look forward to expect when my aunt Judy visiting for 2 days. My dad was on a two week business trip to New York, so it was just me and my mom.
‘Jay why don’t we go to the mall and shop for some new swim trunks for you’ my mom asked as she combed my hair. I looked up at her dark black hair and blue eyes ‘sure’ I said and got up to get into nicer looking clothes. ‘Great, I’ll be waiting downstairs’. Are family had gotten a pool last summer and we just got it filled last week so Mom wanted to try it out. My mom walked out of the room and I got ready.
We got to the mall and looked around for a little while until Mom spotted a store that I thought was cool. We walked in and started to look around. ‘Just find me in the store when you’re finished’ Mom said and she walked away.
After about 18 minutes I found a couple of pairs that fit. I walked to the women’s side of the store and found my mother looking at some short skirts. ‘I little small don’t you think’ I laughed. Mom laughed, ‘stay there I have to try on some things’ Mom demanded and walked into the dressing room. A couple of minutes later Mom walked out ‘what do you think’ she asked.

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   She had a bright pink bikini held by two straps, one around the neck and the other around her back. The most shocking thing though was that her nipples were almost showing and it was skin tight. She had on a super small white see-through skirt that shows the pink bikini bottom. My mouth opened in shock, Mom never wore hot stuff like this before. ‘That good’ she asked, I realized that this was my mother and I couldn’t think she was hot. ‘You can’t wear that, you’re like 40’ I said, ‘so, nobody except you and your father will see it’. Mom did a sexy spin and got changed into her original jeans and loose light blue shirt. We purchased the clothes and walked out into the mall again.
A couple of minutes later we saw a store that sold all the sexy bras and thongs and other hot stuff, ‘can we stop here quick’ Mom asked. I had only been in there once with an old girlfriend and some of my other friends. Before I could answer Mom had already walked straight into the store without me. As soon as I found her, she turned around, ‘what do you think of this’ she asked. ‘Mom’ I almost shouted ‘that’s a g-string’ ‘So no one is going to see it except your father and you’ Mom replied ‘now help me find some more cute ones like this’. I followed Mom as she picked out three g-strings and a pair of white sandals. ‘Alright let’s go’ she said.

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Right when got home Mom asked ‘you up for a swim’.   I told her that I didn’t feel like it but maybe tomorrow when Aunt Judy came over. I tried getting the picture of my mom in her new clothes out of my mind as I watched some TV. A couple of hours later I walked downstairs to see my mom sitting on a chair reading a book. ‘How was your swim’ I asked. ‘Good’ she said as she followed me to the kitchen. ‘It would have been better’ she paused ‘if you where there’ Mom said as she pushed against my leg. ‘I’m going to go upstairs wake me up when Judy gets here’ I said and rushed to the stairs.
‘Wake up’ Mom said, I opened my eyes to see Mom in the clothes I was used to seeing her in, jean shorts and a t-shirt. ‘Judy just pulled in’ she said ‘hurry and come downstairs. I quick got dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and ran downstairs. I popped a boner right on the spot as Judy turned around. Judy was my 34 year old aunt; she had blonde hair, a dark tan, huge ass, and D-cup breasts. “Jay’ Judy yelled and ran and gave me a big hug, her breasts hit my chest and my hard-on pressed right next to her pussy. ‘Oh shit’ I thought, ‘she must have felt my cock’ as Judy let go.

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   Judy didn’t say anything and I followed my Mom and Judy into the kitchen to talk.
After about an hour of talking my Mom asked if we wanted to get something to eat. We went to an Italian restaurant and sat down. I thought Mom had cooled down since last night until I felt a hand on my leg. I looked at my mother as she casually drank her water and moved her hand closer to my dick. I tried to stay calm as Mom inched closer and closer to my now hard cock. Suddenly, Mom grabbed my cock with her hand, I jumped up. ‘Jay, are you alright’ Judy asked. “Yeah, I just have to use the bathroom’ I said and rushed to the bathroom trying to hide my hard-on.
Once I got back to the table we ordered and ate. I was surprised that Mom didn’t try to anything at the table. We finished and went home.
Judy asked if we wanted to have a swim in the pool. Mom said she would love to, I quickly made an excuse that I had a migraine. I went into my parent’s room as I saw Mom and Judy walk out the back door.

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   Mom had her new pink bikini on, but I eyed Judy the whole time. Judy had on a white bikini just as tight as my mothers. I pulled up a chair as I watched Judy’s tits jiggle while they walked to the diving board. I stroked furiously as I watched Judy spring up on the diving board. ‘Holy shit’ I said as her breasts almost hit her own face. I watched her wet boobs shin in the sunlight every time she stood up. My 7-inch cock couldn’t take it as I watched Judy dive into the water once again. Cum sprang from my cock all over the floor as I envisioned Judy’s bouncing melons over and over again. I opened my eyes and looked down at the pool, Mom was staring right at me, I jumped off the chair and ran out of the room, I knew I had been caught.  
About 25 minutes later, Mom and Judy walked into my room, ‘were going to the mall, we’ll be back soon’ Mom said, ‘I hope you feel better’ Judy said as they walked out of the room. I watched as Mom’s car pulled out of the driveway and sped off. Suddenly, I had a great idea. I walked into the guest room where Judy was staying and opened her briefcase. I didn’t have to look far, ‘No way’ I said out loud. I pulled 2 thongs to my face.

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   I took a sniff and lay down on bed.
    I put the gold colored thong around my dick and quickly started to slide the thong up and down my cock. The thought of my aunt in a thong made pre-cum drip onto the thong. I took the black thong and placed it on top of the gold one. I envisioned my aunt’s breasts my pussy touching my mouth. I new I was going to cum right there so I took the gold thong and placed the front right on the head of my dick. Cum squirted all over the thong, I soon fell asleep.
    ‘We’re home’ Mom yelled from downstairs. I quickly woke up and saw the thongs lying next to me. Forgetting cum was still on the gold one I threw them in the briefcase. I hid away from Mom so that she wouldn’t try anything weird in front of Judy. Eventually, I feel asleep around 10.
    At 12 Mom came into my room and woke me up, ‘honey, come with me’ she said. ‘For what’ I asked ‘let me show you’ she said and grabbed my hand and threw me out of bed and down the hall. I then heard screams coming from inside of Judy’s room.

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       Mom pushed my eye to the key-hole. Judy was lying on the bed with the gold thong I had came in right in her face and she had 3 fingers buried in her bald pussy. ‘Oh goddddd, oh godddddd’ Judy screamed. I jumped as Mom pulled out my hard cock and started stroking. I looked at her; she had black silk pajama bottoms and a pink camisole. ‘Oh fuck, I don’t care anymore’ I whispered and gave my Mom a big wet kiss on the lips. Mom slipped her tongue in my mouth as she continued to jerk me off. After several minutes of kissing I looked back threw the keyhole. Judy was now screaming ‘shitttttttttt, fuckkkkkkk meeeee Jayyyyyyyyy’ Judy yelled, I came after I heard my name. Judy surprised me even more as she pulled out her fingers a long jet of liquid squirted out of her pussy, past the bed and all over the floor. I feel backwards onto the floor making a loud crash.   ‘Oh shit, she’s getting up’ Mom said and pulled me off the ground. We ran into Mom’s room and jumped into the bed as Judy’s door open ‘hello, Carol, Jay are you guys awake’ Judy said. We heard Judy’s door close and we both laughed. Mom kissed me right on the lips and pulled away quickly.

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       I grabbed her and kissed her back, she stuck her tongue in my mouth and I did the same to her. After a couple of minutes of kissing I stuck my hand in her black pajama bottoms and put 2 fingers in her sopping wet cunt. She grunted a little as I started to finger fuck her. Mom got up and threw her pajama bottoms off and jumped on the bed. She had a small patch of dark hair above her pussy, I liked up and down her cunt. ‘Oh yeah, that’s it Jay’ Mom moaned as she ground her pussy into my tongue. I licked her sweet juices and stuck 2 fingers back in her pussy. Her hips were slamming against my mouth, making my jaw hurt. ‘Oh fuuuuuuuck’ She almost screamed as her juices flowed out of her pussy. I lapped her juices up and continued to play with her pussy. Mom sat up and pulled down my shorts and boxers and started to jerk me off. . . I pulled off her camisole while Mom licked my dick up and down. Mom got my whole 7 inches into her mouth easily and started to suck.

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       I held her head against my chest until she choked on my cock. I pulled her off and Mom got down on her hands and knees. I quickly positioned myself and pushed into my Mom’s cunt. ‘Oh, fuck yeah’ Mom said ‘fuck me until I scream’. I slammed my cock hard into her cunt. Mom grabbed the sheets and moaned in delight. I squeezed Mom’s small brown nipples between my fingers. Mom was squealing as her orgasm sprayed all over my dick, instantly my balls tightened up and streams of cum shot into my Mom’s pussy. Remembering that Mom couldn’t have kids I popped my cock out and lay next to mother. She kissed my forehead as I fell asleep.   



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