Jason and his sister Abby part V


About a week had passed since my little sister told me that Ashley had her period, thus releasing me from possible fatherhood, I saw her walking home from school while I was driving towards home.   She had her long blonde hair tied up into a pony tail and it swayed across her back as she moved.   Her white blouse and short pink skirt made her look like such an innocent little eighth grader coming home from school.   But I, of course, knew better.


I pulled my car up next to her and said, “You need a lift Ashley?”


I think she was a little surprised that I stopped, but said, “Sure Jason.   That would be great!” and she got in.


We had not even spoken to each other since that day I popped her cherry, so I thought it was time to get reacquainted.   She was certainly a cute girl; slim but with long legs which were accented by her short skirt.   Ashley had braces which only made her seem so much cuter and more innocent to the casual observer.   She was my sister’s best friend and she immediately started some small talk with me.   It seemed that she had no grudge in me ignoring her for over a month ever since our sexual intercourse.


Out of the blue, though, she blurted out, “You know, my mother won’t be home for about two hours, so I’ll be home alone.   And I don’t like being alone. ”  She looked at me with her gorgeous deep blue eyes and batted her lashes.   Ashley didn’t ask a question, but I certainly knew what she wanted.


“Well, I guess I could keep you company for a while,” I said.

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“Great!” she exclaimed.   “We’ll find something to do I think,” and she left it at that.


In a short while, I pulled into her driveway, got out and walked to her door.   She walked in front of me and seemed to be swishing her hips a little more than usual, causing her lovely rounded firm ass to be the focusing point of my vision.   It certainly worked.   I didn’t really get a chance to feel her over much when I popped her cherry.   It happened too fast, but I could not change that.   Maybe, this time, we could go a little slower.  


She unlocked the front door and we went in.   I couldn’t help myself and reached out and patted her ass.   As I suspected, her ass was nice and firm, yet round and very feminine.   Her whole body was so toned due to her being on the gymnastics team.  


She giggled as I patted her again, but this time squeezed one of her delicious ass cheeks.


“You like?” she said as she turned around towards me.


“Very much, Ashley,” I responded.

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“I like you too,” she said as she reached down and started rubbing my crotch.   Her touch sent shivers up my spine in a good way.   I bent over a little and my lips touched hers softly.   I grabbed her ass cheeks and boosted her up to me and we kissed more passionately.

  Then she leaped a little and wrapped her legs around my waist as I supported her by her young firm ass.   She probably weighed only ninety pounds and I easily held her close to me.   I felt my cock stiffening in my pants as we swapped spit with our tongues.  


The combination of supporting Ashley and our making out got me hot and sweaty, so I walked over to the couch and let her down on it gently.   Then I took off my wet tee shirt.   She followed my lead and took off her white blouse, revealing her lacey bright pink bra.   I quickly went over to her, reached behind, and unfastened it.   It fell off of her and I started rubbing her tiny nubs.   Ashley was pretty flat chested, but she was still soft to the touch and certainly getting me excited.   We felt each other over for a while and it seemed that my zipper was going to bust with my fully hardened cock; so I stood up, unzipped my pants and let them fall to the ground.   My underpants quickly followed and I was standing totally naked and with a hard on in front of fourteen year old Ashley.

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She had seen my cock before, but it seemed that her eyes widened as she licked her full soft red lips.   Ashley then grabbed my rock hard cock and started licking my shaft and balls.   She put the head of my dick in her mouth and glided down but could only go about half way down before it hit the back of her throat.   Ashley took her hand and stroked the bottom half of my cock and fondled my hanging balls.  


After several minutes, I gently put my hands under her lovely wet armpits and stood her up.   Then I knelt down and pulled her pink skirt down to her feet.   She flicked her foot and they went flying away.   Now all she was wearing was a pink thong with little white flowers on the front.   It was damp and indented into her lovely slit.   I pulled them down exposing her cleanly shaven pussy.   I looked up at her and smiled.


“Abby said you liked it bald,” she said.


“Awww, Ashley, thanks.   But your landing strip was cute too,” I replied back and started licking her wetness from the sides of her soft creamy white labia lips.   We both then got down on the floor, me being on my back licking her gorgeous pussy and she on top of me sucking on my cock.

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    Her wet cunt with its beautiful clitoris and her lovely puckered asshole were directly above my tongue, and I was giving equal time in licking both of them.   She tasted so good and fresh.  


After many minutes of mutual licking and sucking, Ashley got up, turned around and sat on my stomach.   Then she said with no uncertainty, “I want you in me so bad,” and squatted over my hard cock.   I took my cock in my hand and stood it straight up so she could sit down on it and in her.


She slowly squatted down and spread her soft labia lips open to guide my hardness into herself.   I moved my cock the best aim I could so it would go right into her wet vagina.   I saw my cock head disappear in her luscious slit and on its way in her.   As she sat down on me, my cock felt the wetness and tightness of her young love canal.

  I watched inch by inch my cock go into her until she sat at the base of my dick.   Her vice like pussy muscles were now enveloped around my entire cock and I felt euphoric.    Then she started going up and down and riding my cock.   I could feel her getting herself off on my rod inside her.   She quivered every time she orgasmed which was bringing me closer and closer to mine.   After a while with her petite body bobbing up and down on my stiff cock, I could no longer hold on and blasted my whole load deep into her reproductive organs.

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    Ashley kept bobbing up and down even after I came and I saw my white cum streaming down my cock shaft as she kept riding me.   Finally, she had one big, last orgasm, cried in exhilaration and collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily.  


I kissed her between her pants and she calmed down.   My cock got softer and popped out of her smooth slit, bringing with it a gush of my cum along with her pussy juices.   Unlike my little sister Abby, she did not eat my cum and I didn’t force her to try it.   I figured in her own time she will like it.


We went to the shower to clean the sweat and mutual cum off of our bodies and I wanted to fuck Ashley one more time but she said, “Mom will be back any minute.   You better get out of here.   But there is always an open invitation. ”  And with that and a kiss, I drove home.


I got home and was in my bedroom when my little sister Abby came storming in.


“Were you fucking Ashley today?” she screamed at me.


“Why do you say that?”  I asked not-so-innocently.


“Well, you were two hours late in getting home and I tried to text Ashley for those two hours and she never responded.  So what were you doing?”  She exploded.

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“None of your business!” I yelled back.


“Yes it is!  She’s my girlfriend!” she snapped.


“I know you’re friends, but what does that have to do with it. ”


“I don’t think you understand big brother.   We are G-I-R-L friends,” Abby said slowly.   “We fuck each other. ”


“Oh,” I said.   “Well that’s different. ”


I didn’t know what else to say.   For one of the few times in my life, I was speechless.   I thought my little sister was done surprising me, and I was wrong again.





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