Jason and his sister Abby part IV


I couldn’t get to sleep.   What a day it had been.   First, my sister, Abby, had given me my first golden shower and I loved it.   Then my resourceful little sister invited her best friend, Ashley, over to the house so I could deflower her, which I happily did.   It was getting to be midnight and Mom and Dad had gone to bed so I thought I could sneak into Abby’s room and thank her for such an eventful day.   Maybe the day wasn’t over yet I hoped.   I was naked so I threw on a robe and went to Abby’s room.   I slowly opened the door and heard my little sister’s quiet breathing in her bed.


“Abby, Abby,” I whispered, “Are you awake?”


She mumbled a little and said, “I am now.   What’s wrong Jason?”


“Nothing’s wrong Sis.   I just wanted to thank you for today.   You know, how you got to let Ashley let me cum in her,” I replied and got into bed beside her.


She laughed a little and said, “I saw the expression on your face when she wanted to stop and I knew I had to do something.   I knew you wanted a full complete fuck, so I thought fast.   So, big brother, how was it to fuck Ashley?  Was she better than me?”


“Well …. “ Just as I said that I knew I shouldn’t have hesitated and she jokingly punched me in the arm.

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    “Just kidding, Sis.   You know you’re the best.   But Ashley’s little blonde landing strip did tickle my nose when I was licking her clit,” I laughed.


“So do you want me to grow one?”


“No, Ab’s.   I love you bald,” and reached down and started rubbing her smooth slit.


“So what else did you like about her?” she inquired.   I almost felt a bit of jealousy, but she was the one that got me into this! 


But, I still replied, “She seemed very limber.   Is she on the soccer team with you?”


“No, she’s a gymnast.   That’s why she can do splits that would tear a normal person in half,” she giggled.   “Also, that’s why she has no tits.   She has almost no body fat I think. ”


“She did seem quite fit,” I said.


“So you do like her more than me!” she cried.   “She’s a better fuck and she tickles you and she feels better and she can spread her legs so damn wide. ”


I knew I had to stop this quickly, so I said, “Abby.

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    I love you dearly.   You know that.   Ashley is your best friend and we did her a wonderful favor.   She was just different than you, not better. ”


“Ok.   I know.   I have stupid thoughts sometimes,” Abby said.


I kissed her and she kissed back.   All was back to normal as I reached down to spread her soft pussy lips and sink two fingers deep into her love hole.   She was getting very wet and I used her juices to rub on her hardening clitoris.   Then I took my cock and slid it slowly between her silky hairless labia lips and into her warm wet vagina.   Abby squeezed my cock with her internal pussy muscles as I slowly thrusted in and out of her.   The faster I pumped inside her the more intense she started moaning.   I was able to last longer and longer each time I fucked my little sister, and I think she appreciated that; I certainly did.   I got her to have two orgasms before I couldn’t hold on any longer and ejaculated inside my little fourteen year old sister.

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    I pulled out of her pussy and she bent over, grabbed my half hard cock and shoved it in her mouth.   She sucked every last drop of my semen from my dick and then licked my entire shaft clean.


“I love going to sleep knowing that your hot cum is inside me,” she said and kissed me.   “Still up for the morning shower, right?”


“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I said and left for my bedroom.


I woke the next morning with my usual hard on and went to the bathroom.   Abby was in the shower but when I joined her, her skin was glistening more than normal.   It took me a second to realize that she was completely covered with baby oil.   I started rubbing her and it was an extremely erotic sensation.   Then she took the bottle of oil, splashed some more on her hands and started rubbing it on me.   I must have fondled every inch of her precious soft little body and then I got to her ass.   Abby’s ass was firm yet very rounded and feminine.   I snuck my fingers between her luscious ass cheeks and found her sweet asshole.   With both of us being so oiled up, I stuck a finger up her anus with ease.   Abby had blocked my efforts in the past to play with her asshole, but now she seemed to enjoy it so I continued.   I gently spun her around so her back was facing me and stuck two fingers in her puckered dirt hole.

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    I rotated them inside her then pulled them out and her pink hole closed up tight again.   My cock was bigger than my two fingers, but I decided to try to penetrate her asshole with my dick.   After all, I was all oiled up and I had just oiled up the insides of her colon, so it was now or never.


I grabbed my rock hard dick and started sliding it up and down the crack in her gorgeous glistening ass.   My cock head touched the indentation of her asshole and I tried to push in but her hole was too tight, so I took two oiled up fingers and went into her anus, quickly pulled out and then tried to push my cock in.   Using some force, my bulging dick head finally got past her asshole and into her colon with a pop.   Abby groaned a little with my penetration, but was not resisting.   Now that the biggest part of my cock was in Abby, it should be easy from here; or so I thought.   My cock must not have been lubricated enough because I could go only half way in my little sister’s asshole before the resistance was too great to go on.   I pulled my cock out of her ass and decided to give her rectum a little time to recover so I moved down to her beautiful hairless slit.   My cock glided into her tight little vagina easily, but I was still determined to get my whole cock into Abby’s ass.   I fucked my sister for a few minutes and congratulated myself in being able not to cum too soon.   I took my cock out of my sister’s pussy and added extra oil on my cock and fingered her asshole with some.


Then I tried again, and it was better.   I pushed my cock head into Abby’s anus and it went in a little easier.

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    It seemed she had relaxed her asshole a little more.   I continued pushing my dick into her bowels and slowly I managed to get all of my eight inches into my little sister’s intestines.   My cock felt like it was in a vise with her strong rectal muscles squeezing it, trying to expel it like a load of shit.   I started to pump her slowly at first and then faster as her muscles relaxed.   She moaned with pleasure as I moved in and out of her asshole.   I took my cock out and put it again in her sweet wet pussy and pumped her vagina for a few minutes until I finally thought that I was going to cum.   But just before I did, I took my dick out of Abby’s smooth wet slit and once again penetrated her pink puckered abused asshole.   I was so close to cumming that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer; and I was right.   Only a few more thrusts in Abby’s tight shit hole and I let loose the entire contents of my balls into her.   She must have felt that I was cumming inside of her because all of a sudden she was squeezing my dick with her colon muscles, trying to get every last drop of my spew from my cock.


I pulled my cock out my little sister’s asshole and a stream of brownish discharge consisting of my cum and her feces came out.   Without even having a chance to wash off my cock, Abby took it and thrust it into her mouth, licking her entire anal residue off.   She was such a little dirty slut I thought to myself and such a pleasure to fuck.   Abby stood up, pulled my head close to hers and kissed me with an open mouth.   I tasted her own shit on her tongue but didn’t even mind since it came out of her spectacular asshole.

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“That was fucking hot,” she said.  “I didn’t think I would like it up my ass, but I loved it!  Especially when you were taking turns from my pussy to my asshole. ”


“Glad you liked it Sis,” I responded, “I love being inside you so much,” and we kissed some more and washed ourselves up then took off for school.


A couple of weeks went by.   Abby and I had daily sex and she found out that her favorite position was me fucking her “ass to pussy” while she was in the doggie position.   It certainly was not up to me to go against her wishes, so I humbly obliged.  


Then one day Abby burst into my bedroom, which was unusual because I usually went to hers if we wanted to fuck, and she had a big smile on her face and said, “Congratulations Big Brother, you won’t be a father.   Ashley had her period. ”


I was a little shocked and said, “I thought you had taken care of that already?”


“I never said that,” she quipped back, “you assumed that.   No, Ashley was not on birth control when you popped her cherry.   She is now, but not then. ”


“Well, I guess it was better that I didn’t know that,” I answered back.   So I dodged a bullet on that one.


“You did say that you liked fucking her, right?” Abby questioned.


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    What are you getting at?”


“That’s all I wanted to know my big lover,” and she went over and kissed me and left my room.   I knew that look in her eye.   She had something planned but I didn’t know if it was good or bad.   Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.



============  PART V IN THE WORKS ===========