Jason and his sister Abby part II


After my sister Abby gave me the blow job of my life, I went to my room, wondering how my little sister got so good at sex.   She wouldn’t tell me no matter how much I pressed so decided to give up – for now.


The next morning before school, I heard my sister taking her shower.   I always waited for her to finish but now I figured ‘what the fuck – we don’t have many secrets now’.  But to be fair, she has seen me totally naked; in fact, she had my cock in her sweet mouth and I haven’t seen her naked – only topless.   So I opened the bathroom door and saw the figure of my sister through the fogged out glass shower door.   I dropped my briefs and was now as naked as my sister and opened the glass door.


Startled, she shrieked, “don’t you knock?”


Even somewhat angry, my little sister was beautiful.   The water cascaded over her silken smooth body, dripping off her tits in a stream.   To my delight, she was completely hairless from the neck down and her fair skin glistened in the wetness.   I was already half hard to begin with, and the sight of her just made my cock grow and grow.  


“Can I join you?” I asked.


She didn’t say a word but grabbed my cock and pulled me into the shower.   Abby didn’t let go of my hardening cock and she started stroking it up and down.   I started to lean over to kiss her and she said, “We’ll be late for school.   Let’s get this over with,” as she kneeled down and put my fully erect cock in her mouth.

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When she was in a hurry, she was in a hurry!  Abby knew exactly what to do to get me off quickly.   She rubbed my balls and played with my asshole as she bounced her head up and down on my shaft, licking the tip of my cock head every once in a while.   It didn’t take long until I shot my morning load to the back of her throat.   This time she was ready for the force of my bursts and kept her mouth in place for all of my ejaculations.   But still, the amount of cum I spewed was still too much for her small mouth and it overflowed out of her mouth onto the shower floor.   She gulped down what she was able to keep in her mouth and said, “Well, I guess that’s breakfast for me. ”


We both laughed and now I got to kiss her.   I reached down to her crotch and started rubbing her smoothly shaved pussy.   Just as I managed to start rubbing her clit, she slapped my hand away and said, “Not so fast tiger.   You’ll have your chance,” and she turned off the water, got out and dried herself off.  


Another girl playing hard to get I thought to myself.   Well, fuck, it’s working!  I could have fucked her right then and there, but turned on the water to cold and my cock shrank.   I went off to school as usual.


When I came home from school that day, Mom said to me, “won’t you be a dear and drive your sister to the doctor’s so he can check out her sprained knee?  I would really appreciate it. ”


Not being one to argue with my mother, I hesitantly said, “Yeah, sure Mom.

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    Is she ready?”


Just as I said that, Abby appeared in a simple tee shirt and shorts with a black cloth brace on her knee.   I went over and put my arm around her since she was still limping a little bit.   I thought that was as good an excuse as any to get my hands on her.   She leaned into me and we both went out to the car and got in.  


On the way, she started teasing me and rubbing my thigh.   Of course I reacted just like she wanted me to and got rock hard in minutes.   She giggled and said, “You gonna walk into the doctor’s office like that?”


“No,” I said, “you made it, you fix it. ”


She reached over, grabbed my pants zipper and quickly zipped them down.   The she went in with her hand, found my solid cock and whipped it out through my briefs.   There I was, driving with my sister with her holding my hard on.

  Then she leaned over and started blowing me!  I swear I almost lost control of the car as she started licking my shaft.   It took all my attention to stay focused on the road as she did her business.   I’m glad it was a short trip, because just as I pulled into the parking lot and parked, I came in my sister’s mouth.   I think I would have surely lost control if I had been driving.


“You are truly a bad girl,” I said to my sweet sister as I spanked her on her firm soft ass.

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“No.   I’m a good girl,” she uttered as she was swallowing my load of cum.   “Do you have any gum?  I don’t want to smell like cum talking to the doctor. ” 


I gave her a stick of gum and said, “You’re doing so much better now.   You didn’t even waste a drop of cum this time. ”  I zipped up and we both went into the doctor’s building.   After the exam I asked Abby about her knee and she said that it was just a sprain and that she couldn’t play soccer for a few weeks.   On the way home I tried to give her a taste of her medicine and started petting her thigh and upwards toward her crotch.   Just as I started rubbing her pussy, she moved my hand back to her thigh.


“Why can you blow my dick and I can’t touch your cunt?” I said defensively.


“Because I’m a girl,” she said matter-of-factly.   Of course this made no sense but even I was old enough to realize that it is useless arguing with the female sex.   So I was content in rubbing her soft smooth inner thigh on the way home.  


We got home and I helped her upstairs as usual, my hand intentionally grabbing her tit from time to time.   At least she didn’t object to that.

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    Girls!  When we finally got to her room she said, “Why don’t you come by later tonight?  Around midnight.   I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me lately. ”  Then she gave me a deep kiss and patted the bulge in my pants.   “And no jerking off before then either.   I’ll know, you know,” and winked at me.


I left but kept wondering the whole evening what Abby had in mind.   I waited until the appointed hour of midnight.   Then I snuck down the hall and quietly opened Abby’s door.   She had the drapes open and the light from the full moon illuminated her room quite well.   I saw her sitting on the edge of her bed; clearly naked.


She stood up and said, “I wanted to be naked for you for the first time tonight, but you beat me to it in the shower.   That’s why I didn’t want you to play with my pussy yet.   But all is forgiven now. ”


Abby limped slightly as she walked towards me with her long hair cascading over her slender rounded shoulders.   Her tits were erect and firm as she moved.

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    She was such a vision of beauty to me.   I quickly dropped the robe I was wearing and joined her in nakedness.   She took my face in her hands then went up with her sweet lips and kissed me.   I kissed back and started feeling her firm tits and erect nipples.   My manhood was working overtime and I was as hard as a baseball bat.   Abby reached down and gently patted my erection.   Her soft hands touching my cock sent quivers of joy up my spine.   She took my hand and led me to the bed.   She lay down and I climbed on so I could be on top of her.   I started kissing her wonderful perky tits then her firm flat stomach.   Then I moved down to the treasure; Abby’s immaculately shaven pussy.  


My sister’s slit remained tightly closed even when I gently spread her legs apart.   I took my fingers and spread apart her soft outer labia lips.   Her wet clitoris shined in the moonlight as I began to lick it.   Abby moaned as I stuck my middle finger up her vagina and began thrusting it in and out.

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    Then I put in two fingers.   She was oozing with juices and tasted sweet on my tongue.  My cock was so hard that I’m sure I could have pounded a nail with it.  


I paused for a second then said, “Abby, do you want me to …”


“To what?” she asked.


“You know. ”


“That’s what we’re here for,” she said grinning.


“Yeah, but what if you get, you know. ”


“I am yours tonight Jason.   Do whatever you want with me. ”


I thought that I must have been dreaming when she said that.   But it was real.   She was wet and warm inside and she wanted me in her.   I shifted up so that my waist was with hers.   I had two girlfriends in my young life and had sex with both; but always with a condom.   This was a first for me and to be honest I was a little nervous.

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    But my lust took over and I grabbed my cock and aimed it at Abby’s smooth slit.   I rubbed her clit with the head of my pre-cum soaked dick head for a minute then moved it down a little to her hole.   I pushed in and her beautiful hairless pussy lips parted as my cock head disappeared in her.   I looked down and still thought I was dreaming.   My cock was in my little sister and she was letting me do it.   I pushed more until my whole shaft was inside her.   She was so tight but her youthful wetness made my cock slide in nicely.   I started thrusting slowly at first and then the more she started moaning, the faster I went.   I have never been a marathoner but I wanted to make this last as long as I could.   Mother Nature had other plans though.   With the bare backing along with my lovely sister moaning, I knew I couldn’t last long.


“I want to cum with you Jason,” she said between moans.   “Are you close?”


“Yes, Ab’s.   Almost there.   Just a little bit more.

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No more than a minute more and I exploded my day’s load of cum deep inside my Sister’s cervix.   I pounded and pounded with each ejaculation and I could feel her little body quiver with her own orgasms.  


I stopped thrusting and kissed her lovingly.   I let my cock stay in her until it got soft, then I pulled it out and a stream of cum followed it.  


Abby looked down and said, “That’s why I didn’t want you to jerk off earlier.   I wanted you to over fill my pussy hole.   I love seeing it coming out of me. ”  Then she took two fingers, stuck it up her wet vagina and scooped out some cum which she quickly licked and swallowed.  


“I wish I could sleep with you all night long Abby,” I said.


“Me too,” she said, “but I think we couldn’t get away with it. ”


“Yeah,” I said and reluctantly got up and started to go back to my room.


“Meet you in the shower in the morning.   Got something to show you. ” She said secretly.


I left her and wondered what she had in mind this time.

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====== PART III UP AND COMING ======