Janice goes with her family



This is by Donald Janice's brother about a visit by him Christine (her sister), Lee (her brother in law) and Christopher

Wewere waiting outside in my car, parked outside number 45. She openedthe front door and waved. We hurried over and quietly through thefrontdoor. “Into the back room” Janice said. We went into the room, “Ihavetold David not to come downstairs until 12:30” she said.

Theroom was cramped, there was a treadmill with two sun chairs on itand amattress propped up behind it and the pine dining table in themiddleof the room. We moved the table to one side, beside the fire andset upthe video camera.

“Yourgoing to undress me first” Leesaid, “Where shall I start?” she replied“Trousers” he replied. Hepulled her close and kissed her, after asecond she responded and puther arms around him he pulled her close,hands firmly on her hips, shestared into his eyes and brought her handsdown his chest to his belt,unfastening it, undoing the button andpulling down Lee’s zipper, shesank to her knees and pulled down histrousers.

She knelt therea moment, eye level with his already bulging shorts. She slipped themdown and stared, at  hisalready solid cock, “suck it” he said. Shetook his cock in her handand licked the end at first with her tongue,then, swallowing the cock,half way down it, then back up, keeping thehead in her mouth, a momentof sucking, then again plunging down,further this time. She plungeddeep all the way down the length of hiscock, Lee grabbed her headholding her so that he remained deep in hermouth. She started suckinghard and bobbing her head up and down shekept it up for a couple ofminutes until with a groan Lee came. Swallowhe said and she did.

Janicestood up “Take your fleece, TShirt and bra off please” said Christine.

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  As Janice did that Chrisstripped to her knickers. She stood in frontof Janice and touched hernow bare breasts with her hands and then movedcloser and rubbed herown breasts against Janice’s. She moved her headforward and kissedJanice squarely on the mouth. Then Chris lowered herhead to Janice’snipples kissing them until they became hard. Then shemoved back toJanice’s mouth. Janice responded with an open mouth kiss. Iknelt downbehind Janice, put my arms around her and unfastened herjeans andpulled them down and then her white knickers. She stepped outof them. Iran my hand up the inside of her legs to her vagina, she wassoakingwet. I kissed her buttocks and ran my tongue over them. I movedaway. Janice had her mouth to Chris’s breasts. Janice knelt down andremovedChris’s knickers. “Lay on your back” Chris said. We watched asChrisparted Janice’s legs and put her tongue to the entrance to herbody.

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  Janice lay still while Chris went to work and then put her handson toChris’s head and panted as she climaxed. “Me now please” saidChris andthe two of them changed positions.

Then it was my turn,I tookmy shirt off “stand up I said” I was turned on by what I hadwatchedand ogled my sisters naked body. I grab her breasts, roughly andpinchher nipples harder than I intended and she gasped, they came hardso Isucked and nibbled them, she stared at me. “Would you like to cumagain?” “Please”. I ran my finger around her wet pussy, she smiledslightly I pushed a finger into her pussy, she moaned with delight as Ifinger fucked her, her legs quivered from pleasure. Her legs wereshaking uncontrollably, “Can I lay down, please?” she gasps, as I pushdeeper into her pussy with one finger, I guided a finger into her anusand worked both holes, she balcked for a moment then relaxed. I startedto massage her clit and put my finger deeper in her ass, she moaned andcame.

Wekissed I could taste Chris’s juices on herlips, she pulled my shortsand underpants down. I moved closer pressingmy erection against her andkissing again.

“CanI laydown please?” she gasped “Yeah of course” I replied, she lookedexhausted.
    She laid down on her back, legs slightly apart, totallynude.   Christopherknelt beside her and kissed her breasts and put hisfingers and thenmouth between her legs licking and stimulating her,while I kissed hermouth. Chris then moved away to give me space. Imoved on top of her myweight spreading her legs.

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       I felt her breastsagainst my chest, wekissed and I put my arms around her.

    Ididn’t say anything feeling my cock slip inside of her pussy. I laid myhead on her breasts and began pumping with a steady rhythm.  

    Istarted pumping faster as it began to feel better and better to me. Iheld her shoulders and pumped harder. She opened her legs wider and Ifelt her moving with me. I started pumping slowly then fucking herharder and harder as she moaned holding her head back with pleasure “ohcriceky” she said and climaxed. I kept my rhythm going giving it all Ihad. I sucked on her nipples too. She panted and placed her hands on mybuttocks, trying to pull me deeper in to her. I kept fucking andfuckinguntil I got a chill that shook me from head to toe whileejaculated mycum in her. I calmed down with her hands on my back.

    Whilethis was happening, Chris had stripped to his underpants. He layon thefloor on his back next to Janice, “take them of and straddleme” hesaid to her. Janice knelt beside him and pulled his underpantsoff.

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       Shestraddled him, took his dick in her hand and lowered her selfon to hiserection. Chris reached up and held her breasts and shestarted to moveup and down on his erection her breasts bouncing intime to hermovement. It went on until Chris came. She stood up and Ifelt betweenher legs she was wet with her own cum and Chris my cum asit trickledout. I kissed her again, “will you take me in your mouthplease” Iasked. She knelt down and I felt her tongue licking my dickand then shebegan to suck it and masturbate it with her hands. I feltmy self readyto come and tried to pull back but she held me while Isquirted in hermouth.

    Chrisand Chris began to becomeinterested in each other on the floor. So Leestarted getting Janice topose for pictures, some bent over the table,some knelt on it and somelaid on her back legs apart. We left at 12. 15.