Jamie and Daddy


Jamie couldn’t wait to get home the next day--she just had to tell Paula the good news. I could hear her breathless conversation from the next room.
“Paula, it finally happened! Yes, I fucked him just like we planned, and it was wonderful. ”
‘Just like we planned?’ I thought to myself. ‘Paula’s been in on this too?’
Jamie continued “I came with his cock deep in my pussy after he took my cherry. Yeah, it hurt some, but after the pain passed, the feeling was wonderful. I never came so hard. My pussy actually squirted! Can you believe it?” Apparently Paula had questions for Jamie then, but Jamie started once more. “Yes, I asked him if you could come over one night for some two-on-ones, and he said yes. ” More silence, then Jamie asked me “Daddy, when can Paula come over?”
“Make it this weekend, maybe Friday night” I replied.
“Can you make it Friday, Paula?” Jamie asked her friend. Then “Friday it is! Later, girl. ”
Jamie turned around and gave me a big hug. “You won’t regret this, Daddy. Paula is so cool, and beautiful also. Just wait till you see her.

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Once again, I began thinking ‘What have I done? First, I took my baby girl’s cherry last night. Now, I have planned for her girlfriend to come over so that they can both fuck me. And fuck each other too!’ I could only imagine all the things that could go wrong here.
After alternating between worry and excitement for the next few days, I finally made it to Friday. Jamie was dressed in short shorts that showed off her long legs and a cut off T-shirt that left little to the imagination. When Paula arrived, I was surprised to see that she was much shorter than Jamie at 5’3”, and built even slimmer with only 34A boobs. She was also a few shades darker than Jamie, with shoulder-length black hair and a face that beauty contestants would kill for. If anything, her shorts were a bit shorter than Jamie’s, and her tube top was so tight, I wasn’t sure it wasn’t painted on. She too had large nipples that protruded through her top.
Both girls hugged each other, and Paula gave me a hug when we were introduced. And just as I expected, when they got in the house, they immediately retreated to Jamie’s bedroom, each talking so fast that only they could understand each other.
I decided to leave them alone, and settled in front of the TV to watch some basketball. I didn’t even notice them again until halftime. I was walking into the kitchen to get a drink, when I heard some strange noises coming from Jamie’s room. Her door was wide open, so that when I poked my head around the corner, I immediately came upon two beautiful naked women in a passionate 69.

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   Paula’s darker skin contrasted sexily with Jamie’s lighter tones as she lay beneath my daughter. Paula’s ass was small, but beautifully rounded, and Jamie had both hands under her ass as she sucked on her pussy. I could see a few long black pussy hairs on Paula’s cunt lips when Jamie pulled her head up for air. She saw me in the doorway stroking my cock, and just smiled. Then Jamie’s expression quickly changed from a smile to one of pure pleasure as Paula apparently was hitting just the right spots in Jamie’s pussy. Jamie then threw her head back as she came while Paula greedily drank in her pussy juice. After Jamie began coming back to earth, she attacked Paula’s pussy again, and when she zeroed in on her clit, Paula had her own cum. Jamie then stuck two fingers into Paula’s pussy and began moving in and out very slowly, bring her girlfriend back to the brink very quickly. Once again, Jamie attacked Paula’s clit, licking it hard back and forth, eliciting another cum from her. I could see Paula’s cum dribbling out of her pussy and onto the sheet. Jamie then began sucking Paula’s pussy, trying not to miss a drop of her juices.
Paula then said “God, Jamie! That was s-o-o-o good. I wonder if your father has heard us yet. ”
Jamie replied “Look at the door, then tell me what you think!” Paula looked around Jamie’s ass and saw me stroking my cock through my nightshorts, then smiled.
“I think that’s a yes” she concluded.

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   Paula then shifted to a sitting position, motioning me to join them. As soon as I walked over to the bed, she grabbed my shorts and slowly pulled them down past my cock, smiling all the while. When I was completely exposed, Paula said “Nice…this looks even better than Jamie had said. ” She began stroking my cock, coaxing it to its fullest length, as I watched her light brown hands work their magic.
When I thought I could stand no more, Paula inserted just the head into her mouth and let her tongue do its own magic tricks. Quickly she began moving her head up and down the length of my cock, and I could feel the cum begin to rise.
“Paula, I’m about to cum!” I warned her. I looked over at Jamie, and she had a finger buried in her cunt, slowly stroking herself as she watched the show. With my warning, Paula scooted forward toward me so that her ass was at the edge of the bed, leaned back, and spread her lovely legs wide, exposing her cunt to me. She lost no time in inserting my cock between her lips, then used her legs around my ass to pull herself forward, driving my cock in as far as it would go. There was no hymen, so my cock went all the way in.
Sensing her aggressiveness, I returned the favor by stroking my cock in and out of her cunt, slapping hard against her wet pussy lips. I reached down to her little tits and began stroking her long nipples with my right hand. My left hand was being occupied by Jamie-she had moved next to her friend in a similar position, but inserted two of my fingers into her cunt. I synchronized the movements of my cock with my fingers, fucking both girls at the same rate and pace.

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   Both became excited quickly, and I noticed a wet spot had formed on the sheet beneath both their asses. I increased the pace, and with Jamie, applied some pressure with my thumb to her clit, and she lifted her beautiful ass off the bed as her cum shot out of her pussy all over my hand and forearm. This sight spurred Paula’s own orgasm, and her cum leaked from her pussy and coated my cock and her pussy lips. My cum was next, and as I watched her tits jiggle with each stroke in her cunt, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, shooting load after load of cum all over her chest, boobs, and tummy. Paula reached out and spread it all over her body, licking it off her hand when she finished, while Jamie licked my cock clean of cum, then did the same to Paula’s pussy.
“Whew, that was intense!” Jamie said after we had caught our breath. “What do we do for an encore?”
Paula said “I think that next time your dad fucks us, he’s got to cum inside us. ”
“Agreed!” responded Jamie.
“And yes, I’m protected” said Paula as if she could read my mind. “And I took my own cherry a few years ago with a vibrator. Jamie and I have been having sex for a few months now, but I wanted to see what a man’s cock was like. ”
“And the verdict?” I asked.
“Heaven” Paula replied. “I just wish I’d done it sooner. But no problem…I’ll just have to make up for lost time, I guess…” Her smile said everything.

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“Daddy, my bed’s soaking wet now. How about we move to your bed?” suggested Jamie. We left our clothes where they were and moved to my room. When we got there, I asked “What do we do now?”
Jamie took the cue and laid on the bed, legs spread wide and hanging off the edge at the knees. Paula jumped between her legs and used her fingers to spread Jamie’s cunt lips wide, licking her bald cunt lips up and down before sucking on her flowering inner lips. Soon, her tongue was deep inside Jamie’s cunt, tasting all parts of her insides as though sampling wines. Jamie began wiggling as her cunt got wetter and she became more excited. I took this as an opportunity to move between Paula’s legs. I supported myself on my elbows as I took my first taste of Paula’s juicy cunt. I could smell her musky juices as my tongue neared its target, and once it was inside her, found her to be very sweet-tasting. When I quickly passed my tongue over her clit, I could sense her stiffen for a moment. When I licked her clit more slowly, I thought someone had turned a faucet on, as her cum began cascading from her pussy into my waiting mouth.
Paula then climbed onto the bed and onto Jamie’s face, looking directly at me. I stuck my already hard cock straight into Jamie’s pussy, and began stroking in and out with slow, deliberate motions. Jamie reached around her girlfriend, grabbing her ass, and pulling her harder onto her mouth.

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   When Jamie began sucking on Paula’s clit as I had done, Paula had another intense orgasm, and her second orgasm since we moved into my bedroom. I then increased the speed and intensity of my strokes in Jamie’s willing pussy, and soon she was having another spurting orgasm, soaking my cock hairs and the bed beneath her ass. With that, my own orgasm started, and I shot my load deep into my daughter’s pussy.
With two wonderful sexy females stark naked on the bed with me, my cock never lost its erection fully, so I then moved behind Paula and quickly inserted it into her hot folds, as she took the opportunity to clean Jamie’s pussy out with her tongue. Jamie also wanted in on the action, so she reached up and touched Paula’s clit with her finger. The longer I fucked Paula, the harder my cock became. I could feel Paula’s insides begin to spasm, then her pussy juices began dripping from her pussy as her entire body stiffened with the force of her orgasm. Jamie caught most of Paula’s cum with her mouth as I continued to fuck her. Finally, I had my second cum of the evening as my cock shot a load deep into Paula’s cunt. Sweat was pouring from me as her pussy worked to milk me dry. Finally, I pulled out, and Jamie reached up and started licking my cock, giving it a thorough cleaning. Then when Paula took Jamie’s clit between her lips and sucked one final hard time, Jamie exploded with another spraying cum, soaking Paula’s face.
“I could feel you cum in me, and it was wonderful!” proclaimed Paula. “We certainly need to make a habit of this, don’tcha think, Jamie?”
“Oh, yeah, I certainly think so” replied Jamie. “You wouldn’t object to that habit, would you, Daddy?”
“No, no objections here.

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   But Paula, won’t your parents ask any questions?”
She replied “They say that, since I’m an adult, I can live the lifestyle I choose, as long as I’m not hurting anybody.
    They’re cool with me being bi. But now, I‘m ready to go again. Anybody else game?”
    I knew that I needed a rest, so it looked like the girls were going to have to please each other without my help. Paula ran into the other room for a second, but came back in the room with her hands behind her back. She sat down on the bed again, then revealed her secret--a 5” long vibrator. Jamie squealed in glee as Paula handed it to her, saying “Do me first. ”
    Paula laid on her back, spread her legs, and started to pull on her nipples, moaning with pleasure already. Jamie positioned herself between Paula’s legs, staring right in between her wide-open pussy lips. Just for good measure, Jamie gave Paula’s pussy a long lick, causing Paula to squirm. Then Jamie started rubbing the dildo up and down Paula’s wet slit. As Jamie continued her stimulations, Paula’s inner lips began to spread apart, allowing the dildo to penetrate her pussy. Jamie pushed it in as far as she could, then turned the vibrations on low, adding to the pleasure Paula was already experiencing. As Jamie began in and out movements with the vibrator, Paula’s breathing became more rapid, and her face began to contort as she began the rise to orgasm. Finally, Jamie pulled the vibrator slowly out and concentrated on Paula’s clit.

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       At that moment, she also increased the vibration speed to high, and quickly Paula’s ass rose off the bed as she began cumming. Her juices began running out of her cunt and between her ass cheeks as she experienced wave after wave of orgasm. Jamie finally inserted the dildo back into Paula’s cunt, and one more orgasm was drawn from her. Jamie released the dildo as she turned the vibrations off, and Paula’s ass finally settled back onto the bed as she began to catch her breath once more.
    Then Jamie said “My turn!” and assumed a doggy position. Paula pulled the vibrator from her own pussy and immediately turned it on low. She didn’t have to wait for Jamie to get wet--that took care of itself while Jamie was using the vibrator on Paula. Jamie got up on her elbows and began fucking the dildo, and rubbed her nipples on the bed for additional stimulation. Paula pulled it from Jamie’s pussy, rubbed her clit gently with the vibrator, then reinserted it into her soaking wet folds. Jamie offered no resistance as the dildo slid in and out with ease. Shortly, Jamie’s breath caught, and she began spurting her cum, soaking Paula’s arm and chest. When Paula pulled it out, she too increased the speed of the vibrations, then suddenly applied a great deal of pressure to Jamie’s clit. Jamie nearly passed out from the increased stimulation, but her pussy came to life, squirting her cum out even harder this time. Paula had moved in closer by now, standing on her knees, and when Jamie spurted this time, Paula was soaked from her tummy to her knees. Jamie then turned around and hugged Paula, rubbing her own pussy juice on herself, and they exchanged a lengthy French kiss.

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       The contrast of their skin color only added to the sexiness of the scene before me.
    “I wish I could spurt like that, Jamie” said an obviously envious Paula. “It looks so sexy!”
    “But you don’t have the same mess to clean up that I do. It’s not all fun and games. ”
    “But it is fun and games getting to that point” replied Paula. She stopped for a second, then suddenly said “I love you both! Thanks for inviting me over tonight! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. ”
    “I think it’s been fun for all of us” I said. “Please feel free to ‘cum’ any time!”
    I thought we would be over for the night, but the girls had other ideas. We moved to the kitchen, found a couple of fruits and veggies, and made love to each other with them, exploring pussies and even assholes. In the living room, both girls took turn sucking and licking my cock. When Jamie began using her teeth to stimulate the head, I exploded with cum all over both of their faces, and again they Frenched long and hard, licking my cum off each other. Finally, I fucked each of them while they laid side by side on the couch, then turned them both over and, with their juices as lubrication, fucked both their assholes. We finally went into the shower together, washed each other off, and headed to my bed (after changing the sheets) for a long night’s rest.
    So a new chapter has opened up in my life. Jamie and I have sex with each other nearly daily, and with Paula every chance we get.

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       Jamie doesn’t seem to have any desire to see other boys, though she’s free to do so. This seems too good to be true, but I’ll just have to get over it.